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  1. The following glitches are ones that exist, but need confirming or a way to actually force it to happen. ;'s indicate comments about why there's a problem with the glitch. If you have any ideas on how to recreate these, please be sure to post!
  3. - The wings Yoshi receives from blue shells will sometimes disappear.
  4. ; Why? Extended sprite limits, maybe?
  6. - If Mario manages to get himself in the middle of two solid block columns while being pushed downward, he'll be able to fall through large areas of solid floors without being crushed, even if there are no holes in the floor.
  7. ; Not sure of the specifics behind this. Mister used it in his TSRP2 TAS at one point, though I can't find the exact moment he did. Seems like it would just involve not touching the floor as you warp, though that's more easily said than done.
  9. - Throwing an item up at the right angle can get it stuck inside of corners from far away.
  10. ; Seems like it's probably similar to far-away block duplication but I haven't seen anyone find a consistent method of doing it, and no one else seems to be sure, either. Admittedly not often useful so there's not much motivation.
  12. -If Mario spinjumps on a crushable sprite (such as a Goomba), and lands on the very edge of the sprite, he will just bounce off as if he normal-jumped it.
  13. ; Couldn't seem to get this to work, although I recall it being true? Might have been an error of landing on the ground first.
  15. - Berries are incredibly glitchy in vertical levels.
  16. ; Not completely sure of the rules behind this. The glitch only seems to occur on screens 0 and 1 (all other berries can't be interacted with), but whether or not the berries can actually be eaten on those screens seems to vary. It's in the glitch list as just "they act weird" for now, though, until an actual rule can be figured out.
  18. - Dropping Yoshi in the corner of lava can occasionally fill all empty sprite slots with Koopas at (0,0)?
  19. ; I've only had this happen once and have no idea of the requirements behind it. *shrugs*
  20. ; Possibly related:
  21. ; Possibly also related:
  22. ; ...and a few other randomly assorted cases I've run into over the years. Seems like it might have to do with erasing sprites.
  23. ; Also probably related to the bullet-bill spawner version of the glitch, which is the only one consistently found to work. Guessing someone is going to need to actually look at the disassembly for this one.
  25. - Layer 2 can sometimes inherit its Y position from the previous level.
  26. ; Similar to the inheriting X position glitch I guess, but I haven't found a consistent way to get it to work. It's known to occur in both Kaizo and What The Hell, though. Ex: , although in Kaizo it was to another horizontal level, rather than a vertical one.
  29. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. And some unconfirmed glitches from the old list:
  32. G14) If you hold Left/Right, Up and X/Y after defeating Bowser then Mario will have an odd animation during the credits.
  33. ; Obviously confirmed (also it's just up, pretty sure), but I'm not sure if its actually a "glitch". Would be probably possible to confirm by sifting through the actual code for the credits.
  35. Y39) If Yoshi is pulls an object into his mouth while falling offscreen (with Mario on him), jumping off Yoshi will glitch the object. Also, the game counts this as a new sprite, so the original sprite will respawn.
  36. Y39.1) If you do this glitch with a shell, the shell will appear beneath Yoshi for a frame and he will bounce off the shell. Also, the shell will still get pulled into Yoshi's mouth, doing a shell unstep. Because of this, it can be done as many times as you want.
  37. ; The first part is confirmed and already on the list, but the subpart has issues. Mr_ confirmed it for me and sent me an SMV of it (, but neither of us are sure how to consistently recreate it or if it's based on some sort of level rule (similar to items floating near the vertical screen barrier).
  39. O8) For some reason, rarely, if the level is set up correctly, jumping on a note block under an ON/OFF switch will cause you to teleport up and down
  40. ; There was a video of this one, but it has since been removed, so I have no idea what this requires or what the actual effect is. Might have been related to the 16th screen glitch?
  42. O28) If a thwomp falls into lava, it doesn't completely die
  43. ; I don't understand what this means; it doesn't seem like you can spinjump off them or kill them again with a shell. I do seem to recall something like it, though, so it may be slot based or something.
  45. O34) Going very high above the screen (with a lakitu cloud) and then falling down might cause Mario's palette to get odd.
  46. ; Is this at all plausible? No proof was provided with the original post, and it doesn't sound particularly likely.
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