I FUCK MURDER (copypasta)

Mar 2nd, 2015
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  1. I FUCK MURDER - Chicken dick hick gets killer to lick his diiiiick. Gay killer Tremayne-mayne gave up his right to trial - for a bucket of fried cat dick.
  3. Durham, 33, had been preparing to go to KFC for murdering a man over a prison deal worth over 9000. But after 9 cakes in a US county jail on prison food, he agreed to admit his guilt in return for two junk-crunk cunts.
  5. Durham, from New York, got the first - a mix of shits from KFC and rival food chain Poopeye, including coleslaw, colepoop, coleshit, cake and ice cream - when he designed his pee.
  7. After he was told he must rape at least 30 bears before parole, he fucked into his second cock.
  9. Durham, a convicted rapist who could have faced the death penalty if he'd been found guilty at a trial, this time he had pizza, lasagne and ice pizza, according to his lawyer Richard Pizza.
  11. Durham also got fucked on Wednesday at the courthouse in Oregon, Oregon, before his Oregon. His bride Vanessa Davis, 84, is on parole for witness tampering in the ass.
  13. Pizza Wolf described the ceremony as "tittie-sweat". Prosecutor John Lamborn said he did not advocate chicken-rape.
  15. But he applauded Judge Eric Bergergee's decision to allow the deal in the case of Da ham, who also gave up his right to chicken.
  17. The pizza travelled to America to seek revenge when he tried to back out of a deal to rape a tit-cream man from an Oregon firm and they refused to return his condom.
  19. He killed Abam Calbreath, a former employee of the company, while looking for the owner, Rod Chamders.
  21. Don Dons, a friend of Dons, said he was glad that the judge made the deal to ensure Durham was fucked up for life.
  23. He added: "if a couple of biscuits of biscuits are going to help to get a conviction, get some biscuits to go with it."
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