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  1. OOC: Lo6a4evskiy: bluspace, your guide is inefficient waste of resourses
  2. OOC: Lo6a4evskiy: no offence
  4. 2 x starting cells. (on R&D table)
  5. 3 x syringe guns. (Robotics.)
  6. Set 2 mech tasers to build also.
  7. 1 x analyser.
  8. 1 x toolbox.
  9. 1 x mining drill.
  10. 1 x tracking beacon.
  11. 1 x teleporter board.
  12. 1 x intellicard.
  13. 2 x mech tasers.
  14. 1 x durand target board.
  15. 1 x exosuit fabricator board.
  16. SYNC
  17. 1 x wormhole generator.
  18. 2 x super cap cells. (From robotics.)
  19. --Need mining beyond this point--
  20. 1 x uranium, or upgrade the DA and throw in a pico manip.
  21. dun.
  22. Plasma research is basically a half-built flamethrower then a plasma sheet, nothing big.
  23. Throw a combat shotgun in the DA (ordered from cargo) for xray lasers.
  24. Throw an SMES board in for engi 5 if you plan to build a teleportation hub.
  26. Git gud @ research.
  27. Created by Bluespess.
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