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Welcome to the /hgg/ family of threads! Here are some basic guidelines!

  • DON'T POST UNCENSORED IMAGES. Read the helpful guide below for more information!
  • Don't insult each other's waifus! Likewise, don't avatarfag with your waifu! This isn't /tesg/.
  • Don't bring in drama from outside! Don't stir shit for no reason!
  • If you're going to use a name or a trip, make sure there's a reason for it!
  • Please refrain from roleplaying, circlejerking, or overly autistic behavior.

A note:
The death of /vhg/ and the popularity of AA2 caused /hgg/ to split into two threads in 2014:

  • /hgg/ proper, which is for the general discussion of eroge and nukige.
  • /hgg2d/, which is solely dedicated to discussing H RPGs and lewd action games like Violated Heroine, Dungeons & Prisoners, Maidensnow Eve and similar titles.

Instead of metaposting about the existence of the other threads, shut up and jerk off instead.

As a SFW board, /vg/ obviously has rules against people posting porn, and as a thread pertaining to the discussion of eroge, /hgg/ is always going to be on the fringe of those rules. Usually you can rely on common sense to determine if a picture can be posted without worrying about getting banned over it, but maybe you're an idiot and can't. If that's the case, here's a few handy tips!

1) Just because your picture doesn't outright show any naughty bits doesn't mean it's safe for work! Girls wearing nothing but tiny ribbons probably aren't something you should be posting.

2) Just because someone posted a lewd picture and didn't get banned doesn't mean that you won't if you do it too! Mods don't watch every single thread every hour of the day, so things are bound to slip through the cracks, but that doesn't imply consent. It's still rape, even if she says "okay".

3) Even if you properly censor an image, you might get banned anyway! There is often no logic to mod actions, so take that into account. Mods are fags, and janitors are worse.

If you feel your image is questionable, it probably is! If someone else does, too, and reports you for it, you'll probably get banned. Feel free to reconsider whether you need to post it at all. /hgg/ is about discussion, after all, not image dumps. If it's something important - for instance, showing off a cool mod, or demonstrating an issue with a game that you're trying to solve - post it on imgur and link to it in the thread.


Make sure you're running in Japanese system locale! This is the preferred method for ensuring the proper operation of and display of text in Japanese applications. AppLocale works but isn't recommended or supported. For more information, see:

If you're running in Japanese locale but you're still getting garbled text/mojibake in programs, GO TO REGION AND LANGUAGE AND CHANGE "FORMAT" TO JAPANESE. Stop posting this shit in the thread.

Please censor lewd images! Just spoilering them isn't enough! Blur out, mosaic, or put a cute picture over any naughty bits, or better yet upload to an external host like imgur. See the handy note above.

If you get an error message in a game, HIT CTRL+C ON THE ERROR MESSAGE to copy it to your clipboard. Run it through Google Translate, and if that doesn't help post it in the thread. DON'T TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE ERROR MESSAGE because that's fucking dumb.

MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE ARCHIVE IF YOU ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM. If you're playing something popular, chances are someone might have had the same issue in the past and it might have already been solved.

If you get an error starting a game made in RPG Maker, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PROPER RUN-TIME PACKAGE INSTALLED. The RMVX Ace RTP WILL NOT work with RMVX, and vice versa. You can get them all here:

Seriously if you post asking "why did D&P/VH/Virgin Island crash" and it turns out you didn't install the RTP or installed the wrong RTP you're going to be called a fucking idiot. Don't get mad about objective facts!

And most importantly - if you have to ask, it probably isn't translated! Run some simple searches on the name before posting, it saves everybody's time.


The first place you should probably look is the Visual Novel Database:
This is a big, big, big compendium of just about every VN and eroge ever released for any platform, from Windows to the PSP to the PC98. The tag system is very robust and allows you to search for pretty much anything you could ever want.

VNDB isn't a download site, though! If you find something neat you'll have to look around for it elsewhere, such as:

HongFire - Home of most big-name eroge translation and modding projects.

Sukebei - Torrent tracker, most reliable place to find new releases.

ULMF - Good for recent games, translation projects, and RPG Maker stuff especially.

ErogeDownload - Good for recently-released VNs and eroge from MangaGamer or JAST.

FuwaNovel - Good for fan-translated VNs and eroge.

Anime-Sharing - Pretty much the first place a torrent for a new game will be posted!

The Asenheim Project - Lots of old '80s and '90s eroge, some translated, that you can play online.

SANIC HEGEHOD - A huuuuuuge assortment of lots of different kinds of eroge.

Sagaoz - While not a place for finding eroge downloads, the site is a giant repository for complete save files.

Share EX2 - Japanese P2P program. A tutorial is linked below:

Additionally, For finding guides and walkthroughs, try googling 'game name + 攻略'.

The threads are always here, too, to answer any recommendations for specific things. Make sure to check out the Recommended Games pastebin for stuff that's currently popular!

Original Guide by ANONHGG:
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