Japanese P2P Tutorial

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  1. - This is an archive of the software covered in this document.
  4. Make sure you're familiar with port forwarding before attempting this.
  6. This will mostly be about Share since it's the most confusing. Share also has a problem running in 64bit Windows, so you'll need share_ex2_loader or something similar. Winny is practically dead for me, but if you get a connection, that's good. WinMX is an English network, but it might still have something.
  8. All of these require "nodes" to connect to anything:
  10. (these sites come and go)
  12. These should be fairly simple to enter into the text files or program itself, except Amoeba. That one requires finding some blank page in the options that says "Cloud" and then "Connection", and there's an orange button in the top right that should say "paste" when you hover over it. When you download it, go to the folder "Core" then "Interface".
  14. After you extract Share EX2 into a folder, the .txt files in the English folder should replace the ones in the standard folder.
  16. Next is Share's "clusters". My current five (maximum allowed) are "18禁", "ゲーム", "ソフト", "Share" and "zip". These are basically generic search terms that you come across in file names since most of the files are somewhat organized. Other "clusters" you could try are "rar", "bin" and "iso", but the ones I use are good enough. I use the "Share" tag to see if it finds plugins and previous versions, although it's generic enough to pick up other connections. Here's a list of what you'll find in the file names of most PC games on the network:
  17. "18禁ゲーム" - "18 Prohibited Game" (porn game)
  18. "PCゲーム" - "PC Game" (usually means mainstream/licensed)
  19. "同人ゲーム" - "Doujin Game" (indie)
  20. "同人ソフト" - "Doujin Software"
  22. The 2 "doujin" ones may or may not be porn games as it isn't specified sometimes. Use of these as search terms on anything from Share to the eD2k network will bring up a lot of results. I use Shareaza since it also covers other networks, but it's hard to find a working server list for ed2k; search the eMule/Shareaza forums.
  24. Next are the "Triggers", but if you're familiar with ed2k links and magnet links, it's basically the same. For Share, you might come across an entry on a hash database like, (preferred) or on with a thing like this: e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd. That's a SHA1 hash for What you do is copy it, then go to the "Trigger" tab, click "add trigger" and paste that into the "hash" field. You can ignore all the other fields if you want. The others use a slightly different hash system, but it's basically the same. Things may take months to connect, so be aware of this.
  26. Now we deal with Share's search function & the untranslated plugins, RendaKun and JibikiKun. The search is basically a generic Google search; it pulls up one page of results and then stops. This should really only be used if the hash database listed above goes down. When you click the tab for the thing you're searching for, it searches it again, which removes anything that it can no longer pick up. This is where JibikiKun is useful as it records all of the search results from all the open tabs into one window. In the top left is a button next to a trash can icon. That's the start/stop button, and the trash can erases the results. The second option in the first drop-down tab exports the results into a text file, the first option is to open a pre-existing text file to continue where you left off, and the last one closes the window. You'll be doing this a lot to check the text file for hashes as other options are confusing, especially right-clicking the entries. RendaKun exists to automate the searching in 5+ second intervals. It will either search one query if the middle checkbox is not ticked or it will do all open queries if it's ticked. The box with the number determines the time between switching tabs, but I don't know what the other option does.
  28. With Perfect Dark, you're most likely going to want to use the cracked version as I'm pretty sure this makes it easier to connect without the download limit.
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