Villain's Duty, Skeleton

Mar 30th, 2013
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  1. Villain's Duty
  2. post movie fic
  4. Reports of the AI in Hero's Duty causing bugs and errors in the program
  5. patch installed including new enemies and a final boss via an Ethernet connection
  7. Calhoun not knowing what sort of patch it is, is initially eager to receive more hands on her game
  8. Get's Vespix who seems to be very smug and arrogant at first due to her tone of voice
  9. Later it is shown that this is just her default tone and she never even noticed, actually quite embarrassed by this revelation
  10. Follows Ralph to Bad-Anon and some other bonding bits ensue with the rest of the cast, even a little bit with Calhoun
  12. New Machine is brought to arcade; it's a Modern or Refurbished Turbo Time machine
  14. Most of the Arcade is uneasy about this new Turbo at best, the worst have to be restrained in his presence, Vespix having no prior experience reaches out.
  16. The New Turbo Time Cabinet is very popular with players, complaints about lack of game time for others abound and many assume Turbo 2k is only behaving because he’s popular; propaganda supporting this seems to spread all around the Arcade
  18. Vespix’s already tenuous friendships begin to fracture due to her proximity, determination to defend him and refusal to understand why they have a grudge to begin with, not helps by her disregarding Calhoun's memories as fake, (They never really happened, he never existed, its all just a story the devs put in your head to make you like this)
  20. It reaches a head when the other badguys have to kick her out of Bad-Anon to keep their image clean
  22. Fed up and with nowhere to go after hours she sulks in the station, only to notice sonic sneaking into her game
  24. He seems to be examining the Ethernet connection she was brought in on
  26. Lifting and asking him what he’s doing, Sonic takes it as a threat due to her tone, Calhoun enters and Sonic claims that She’s trying to kill him
  28. Calhoun’s trust already stretched very thin, assumes the worst and fires, Vespix Drop’s Sonic and bolts
  30. Vespix goes to the only one who trusts her, Tubro 2k,
  32. They very carefully follow sonic (Vespix pulling a harbinger on one of her smaller bugs) to his game to find out what’s going on, his game is in the emulator cabinet, which is a hub all to itself, in this any games in the cabinet count as the same game for respawn rules (if a Megaman character dies in Mario, he’s okay) it is also how many otherwise console exclusive/obscure arcade release characters are in the arcade
  34. During the tracking Vespix and Turbo Talk, Vespix venting her exasperation with Calhoun and everyone else's distrust, and Calhoun's fixation on her fake memories, Turbo points out that being rather new himself his back-story is mostly all he has, and that Fake or not, "They're real to me, and to her", this leads Vespix to realize she was being far crueler than she relized
  36. Meanwhile the original group (Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and Calhoun) are trying to find them so they can answer/pay for their crimes, Vanellope seems to think she’s the Hero, Ralph is her sidekick, with Felix and Calhoun as those two guys, and that Vespix and Turbo are a Villainous Duumvirate, Calhoun is more conflicted than she is willing to admit, constantly trying to forget the more humanizing moments she had with vespix, trying to focus on the fact that she's trying to protect Felix, Felix and Ralph are more conflicted, Ralph believes that the new Turbo is responsible and is stringing the newcomer along, while Felix is the only one willing to give them both a chance
  38. Meanwhile Vespix and Turbo discover that not all is well in sonic’s games, they all seem to worship sonic far too much, and they seem to be the ones distributing the propaganda
  40. Turbo confronts Sonic in a race, after sonic destroys the (seemingly only) remote cy-bug vespix was using
  42. It’s revealed that Vespix was actually hiding in Sugar Rush, inside the same caves the Cy-Bugs first nested in
  44. During the Race Sonic reveals that he’ thinks the Arcade is going to die soon and was trying to plot an escape route, when asked why he didn't tell anyone else he claims he didn't want to start a panic, Turbo refutes that all he seemed interested in doing was starting a panic, around him, as the race rages on, Vespix bursts out of Sugar Rush and desperately searches for the main group, finding and briefly scaring them in Turbo Time 2000, she effectively throws herself on their mercy, begging them and revealing to them that she has a second bug hidden on Turbo, she heard everything sonic said, Felix and Ralph barely manage to convince Vanellope and Calhoun to give them a chance, and they make a bee line for sonic
  46. The Race becomes more of a chase, with who’s chasing who ambiguous, all of the sonic characters keep trying to sabotage Turbo, and start succeeding when The hero’s arrive, they made a ruckus as they went with lots of people from other games following out of curiosity, and Vespix having hatched a small army of bugs
  48. Vanellope goes in on her cart initially to just catch Turbo but as she glitches forward she accidentally glitches sonic, his form distorts but nothing definite
  50. Sonic shows that it was no mere race/chase, but that he was making for all the chaos emeralds so he could kill Turbo, as he begins to go super, his form breaks down to reveal himself as Bubsy Bobcat, he had escaped his game long ago recognizing his lack of relevancy, he came to this copy of sonic and trapped the real sonic in a data void, with arcades becoming irrelevant in his mind he was planning to escape
  52. The Sonic characters still under his thrall, assist him, all out chaos ensues with the fight, Hero's and Villains from all over the emulation cabinet waging war against the Egg Fleet and Busby's thralls, including some creepy(pasta) things he had come across in his travels
  54. During the Fight Calhoun is Critically injured leading to this
  55. Vespix: I assure you that what I do next I purely to save you
  56. Calhoun: O'm not going to like this at all am I
  57. Vespix: I'm bracing for you to hate me more than I ever thought possible
  58. without warning Vespix has one of her bugs eat Calhoun, Causing her mind to overwrite the simple drone, Thoroughly displeased, she is assured that a Re-Spawn in her home game will fix it and she gets to have a hero moment with Felix who is notably unfazed by the transformation
  60. Super Bubsy seems unstoppable, on a full blown warpath to the internet connection in Hero's duty, followed by a bunch of larger robots from Sonic when he Times out, reverting to normal just in time to be smashed under a slain robot.
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