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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Pre match:
  2. Sub in the best conditioned GK, CB, RB and non medal CMFs
  3. For the 77 forward, check who is the best conditioned out of Please Dab La, Dallas Costing, Federal Law, Bomb Morocco and Godzilla Hygiene and following this list:
  4. >If Please Dab La is best conditioned, go to p1 and put him in
  5. >If Federal Law or Bomb Morocco is best conditioned, go to p2 and sub them in
  6. >If Dallas Costing is best conditioned, go to p3 and sub them in
  7. >If Godzilla Hygiene is best conditioned, go to p3, move Christian Roald Dahl and sub Godzilla into the CF spot
  8. Make sure the 77 forward is on FK Taker 2 and right corner, make sure the 77CB is set to join the attack and if Georgian Villiany is starting, set him as captain
  10. Sub time 60-70 (match up with whatever the other team wants if it's in that range, if not specified, sub at 65):
  11. Sub out the RB and the most tired non-medal CMF for the best subs and then follow the list above for the next best conditioned 77 forward and sub them on for whoever started
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