Server Outage Explanations

Dec 28th, 2019
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  1. ** If you are having an in-game issue that requires support (replacing dinos, characters, tribe issue etc) please fill out a support ticket on as in-game issues will not be addressed using this form **
  3. Explanation of Issue Types::
  5. OFFLINE/DOWN/CRASHED: Server has crashed or is no longer appearing in server browser (please ensure you've searched for the server first. You can also confirm the status by searching on
  7. UNABLE TO CONNECT: (time out, could not retrieve address): The server is listed but when you try to connect to it you receive a timed out message or a could not retrieve address message.
  9. WAITING ON LOGIN LOCK: Attempting to connect to a server and you are receiving the "waiting on login lock" error. Only report with this option when you've waited approximately 15 minutes and still are unable to join
  11. KICKED BY BATTLEYE/PASSWORD PROTECTED: When playing the game you are kicked after a short period with the message "Kicked by BattlEye" or when viewing the server in the server browser it shows up with the password lock and requires a password to join.
  13. DISCONNECTING OR KICKING: You are being kicked from the server consistently (typically best to double check with other players to see if they're having the same issue).
  15. POOR PERFORMANCE/RUBBERBANDING/255 PING ISSUE: You are rubberbanding backward having to repeat actions over again, you are constantly receiving 255 ping, or the server is having lots of stalling preventing gameplay.
  17. TRANSFERS DISABLED/SERVER NOT CURRENT VERSION: Transfers are not enabled, preventing you from traveling to another server or downloading/uploading items or dinos. The server is on a lower version than the rest of the servers, not updated (often happens for Asia regions due to delay in deployment).
  19. FULL SERVER RESET TO DAY 1 (WIPED): The server has been reset to day 1 (usually happens after a server crash or on rare occasion, a patch deployment). **NOTE** This is not the same as losing a dino or getting wiped by a player/tribe.
  21. INCORRECT CONFIG: Examples.. The server name is called PvP but shows up as PvE in the server browser. The server name says The Island but the map is listed as something else in the server browser.
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