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  1. Legend of Link blind race
  3. Relatively new Zelda romhack with very good reviews. As far as I know, it's completed. I have not looked into much of this at all (because it is a blind), and I have no idea how long it'll take.
  5. Download link :
  6. < Hack webpage
  7. < Download emulator + prepatched hack
  9. In the DL link I have included a FCEUX version that appears to work with the game (according to the readme, you just need to confirm the intro cutscene works). All hotkeys have been disabled, but you will need to set up your controller if you decide to use this emulator. Otherwise, feel free to try your own emulator.
  11. Read the readme. It covers some stuff about dying and being able to combine certain item selections. The readme says that you can save by:
  12.         1) Dying
  13.         2) Pressing B in inventory
  14.         3) Mapping Up+A to second controller
  16. 1+2 should be enough I think. Manually save stating might be safe, just use good judgment. I wouldn't want to see people lose out on saving for a dumb reason.
  18. I watched the intro cutscene. It is amazing.
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