The Veil Project - Forges Perspective

Oct 15th, 2013
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  1. The Veil
  4. My definition of the veil
  6. Definition - a force that separates the astral from the physical
  9. my theory on what creates it:
  11. ambient consciousness creates the veil to protect it while it "incubates" or "grows" within a person. this would be considered a theory on "growing the soul" while on earth.
  14. Theories that i have heard on what creates it:
  16. four constructs that "anchor" it in place to four sites on earth, usually defined as the pyramids, stonehenge, or some other ancient site.
  18. The sun and any other stars projects the veil energetically over everything its light reaches to
  20. something at the center of the universe (where the big bang would have occurred) projects the veil onto the universe itself
  22. the layer between two different dimensions, different veils between each different dimension.
  24. the firmament, or hard layer of the heavens that separate the earth from the skies
  27. My theory on what will happen if its broken:
  29. the earth becomes another layer of the astral, and it becomes subjugated to our local astral and everything that entails. In my opinion it will involve a lot of entities, gods, demons, and other humans wreaking havoc on each other.
  32. theories i have heard on what would happen if its broken:
  34. this universe being such a lower vibration of the astral or any "higher" planes will burn as its ambient vibration raises to compensate for a merger with another universe of a higher vibration. see theory on what the astral is
  36. Mass enlightenment takes the planet to another level of human evolution.
  38. magick becomes easier, no merger takes place, and people can shoot fireballs.
  41. Theories on how to breech the veil
  43. Mass Enlightenment will probably lead to so many small perforations in the veil by so many people practicing that the veil will fall layer by layer over time, this is obviously an organic yet inefficient method.
  45. a group that targets thinning the veil while another group targets manifesting a single breech in the "thin spot"
  49. the rest of this document will just be my observation of the veil and its function based on my experiments and experience with it.
  51. The veil this document references is the force or construct that separates the astral plane of existence from this plane of existence. the astral being the place where ones soul goes after death. it is considered a "higher plane of existence". i believe the astral is where the soul/consciousness truly resides, and is in its natural state. with this being the case, if the veil is removed, the most likely outcome in my opinion would be a "soft destruction" of the physical. in essence, we will become our higher selves, and we would have with that everything it entails. With this merger, it is also safe to assume the raw consciousness of every entity, godform, and demon, is now directly exposed to humanity in their natural states. this is an obvious concern for the safety of not only each individual, but humanity as a whole. more than likely, the underdeveloped consciousnesses of humanity as a whole will be directly unable to defend themselves against these threats. The current plan i have for this is a large number of golem thoughtforms designed to create a protective network for humanity. this method will only work assuming the theory i follow is correct.
  53. The consistency of the veil when working with it seems to be similar to a combination of a Non-Newtonian liquid, oil over top of water, and a semi-permeable barrier. when more effort is put into thinning the veil, there is an exponentially smaller increase in effect. the more effort that you put in, the smaller increase in effect compared to the last increase in effort. when applying pressure to thin the veil, it stretches rather than being solid, but the further it stretches the more solid of a barrier it becomes.
  55. i also think the veil might be multi-layered, and after the first one falls, the other layers will be easier to collapse in turn. breaking the first layer will allow more energy and will to effect our world as one less layer is keeping it from doing so, which should allow for a larger increase in physical reaction. the problem with this idea is each layer would be programmed completely differently and would probably require starting from scratch to breach the next layer of the veil. if this theory is true, its also worth assuming groups in the past have downed layers of the veil before, and that probably is what leads people to believe that the veil is falling naturally, as it is getting weaker over time with more and more groups thinning or downing the veil layers. a multi-layered veil theory seems to coincide with the idea of the Firmament and many other old texts that describe layered heavens, each being less and less fantastic until we reach the earth, or layered hells with the same pattern.
  58. my theory on what the astral is would be the natural state of the consciousness. some say the entire astral is just consciousness, which would explain why the claims of matter transporation always ends in carbon ash on the other side, but it could also tie into the theory that the astral is such a higher vibration that it is vastly warmer than this universe, and such interaction with the astral on a material level would cause a very large increase in heat.
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