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  2. Rotation is going to prove very difficult to get into. Mjerrabane decks, the prime budget options for the format, simply aren't cutting it anymore, and there's no other class agnostic wincon in the format. Be on the lookout for budget decks, especially for GPs, but when it comes to crafting one deck for each class for dailies, do know that unlimited is going to be the better environment to work in.
  3.  As far as unlimited is concerned, there are a couple of solid budget evergreens you probably want to at least look into, especially if you're a returning player who owns old cards (the vial price of a deck is listed under コストif you aren't translating the page already):
  4. |
  6. Tips on how to best use these resources:
  7. - During month 1 and near nerfs/miniexpansions mainly use resources reporting gm lists, while in months 2 and 3 prefer looking into winstreak/tournament lists.
  8. (Explanation: during the first month of an expansion, or to a lesser extent right after nerfs/miniexpansions, grandmaster reaching decklists give the best idea of what is working in respect to the background of experimentation, as the amount of games played for getting a gm is good proof of the statistical reliability/validity of a list; the smaller sample size of winstreak lists on the other hand is more subject to the metagame not being settled and being experimented upon, hence it's recommended to take these latter lists with a grain of salt during the time periods mentioned above.
  9.   On the other hand in months 2 and 3, when gm lists get scarcer and more cookie cutter, winstreak lists become a good resource to look into to see how the deckbuilding panorama keeps "conversing" with the meta.
  10. - Tournaments are the most statistically powerful resource for collecting general scope information, like the state of the metagame/an archetype and its trends, but use your head when you reference one: the tournament format (x decks y bans) and the lineup that list is part of may, in a few cases, affect the card choice in ways that (may, in a few cases,) make that list worse for ladder use than its counterparts seen in winstreak/gm resources. As hinted, it's a very rare occurrence, seeing that there's no sideboard and that teching has particular nuances in shadowverse, but don't turn your brain off when taking a tournament list nonetheless.)
  12. ------------------------------
  14. >useful keywords for twitter searches:
  15.     シャドバ - shadowverse
  16.     ロイヤル - royal (sword)
  17.     ネクロ - necromancer (shadow)
  18.     エルフ - elf (forest)
  19.     ネメシス - nemesis (portal)
  20.     ドラゴン - dragon
  21.     ウィッチ - witch (rune)
  22.     ビショップ - bishop (haven)
  23.     ヴァンプ / ヴァンパイア - vampire (blood) / blood
  24.     連勝 - winstreak
  25.     グランドマスター / グラマス - grandmaster / GM (more used)
  26.     デッキ - deck
  29. >a twitter user who collects any successful twitter deck and shares it back
  32. >sites that posts winstreak twitter lists
  36. >unlimited | rotation archetype catalogues. The sites below also have a section collecting twitter lists, but as it's less comprehensive than that of the resources above, it's recommended to only use them for niche/old archetypes or, as explained in the section for new players, for their selection of budget lists:
  37. |
  38. |
  41. >a collection of JCG (a japanese tournament held with a periodic and fast frequency) reports compiled by hand by our hard working anon:
  43. the link below doesn't work anymore, keeping it up in case fireden eventually gets back to archiving /vg/ posts
  46. >straight from the source: scroll down to the news section, look up recent "results bulletin" articles, click the hyperlink found under rotation or unlimited tournaments' top4 standings > "tournament table" on the top right > any bracket you're interested in > leader icons for the decklists:
  49. >the RAGE site, another series of tournaments which is less frequent but more important than JCGs. You'll know if a tournament is about to happen from the thread and/or from the mobile client of the game having a winner prediction event:
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