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  1. metal gear msx glitch possibilities
  3. i think the best bet for a glitch in this game is getting OoB.
  5. I've seen an enemy go oob here:
  6. Looks like i screen transitioned the same frame as he was scripted to come on.
  8. this leads me to believe that if we could get snake to go oob, we could possibly screen transition on a wall we're not supposed to, and perhaps go to different rooms (speculation) or softlock or crash.
  10. the movement in the game doesnt really have a lot of options to help us get oob.
  11. the only things i can think of that move snake, independent of user input, are:
  13. * the wind barrier on roof 1
  14. * shooting an rc/nikita immobilizes snake
  15. * hind d recoil when you walk into it
  17. i think the best bet could be the wind barrier pushing snake oob. Ive tried buffering/mashing during the recoil animation, and from different spots. doesn't seem to have any effect on input. interestingly enough, you can get locked in the little cove in the top right of roof 1 next to the elevator with if you go in with the blast suit on then take it off.
  19. if i were to explore something, it'd be the wind barrier to try to get oob, then explore from there going right, a screen transition not currently possible.
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