GreentextSavant - Rarity and the Magic Dress

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. Rarity and the Magic Dress.
  2. >Rarity never thought she would come fact to face with a magic dress.
  3. >She stays up in her room, sorting her astronomical amount of clothes. Humming the same tune from the other story to herself.
  4. >Goes through her boot collection, goes through her blouse collection, her pants collection, her skirt collection, her other boot collection, her high heels collection...
  5. >Starts to make a mess in her room. Clothes lay everywhere on the floor like grass on the great plains.
  6. >But as Rarity goes through her dress collection, she notices something strange about one of the dresses she tossed on top of the other clothes.
  7. >It glistens in the morning sun, being in the path of the rays of light coming through the window.
  8. >The thing catches Rarity's attention, drawing her over and prompting her to pick it up.
  9. >It's a beautiful white and gold dress, a dress that Rarity does not remember buying.
  10. >She automatically worries that it may belong to someone else.
  11. >With a flick of her wrist, she tosses it onto the bed and plans to put it in lost and found when she goes shopping for more clothes later on this afternoon.
  12. >Eventually goes back to her dress collection after thinking too hard about it.
  13. >...
  14. >Something's wrong.
  15. >Rarity double and triple checks her collection for a certain black and blue dress she specifically remembers buying.
  16. >It's nowhere to be found.
  17. >Rarity looks back to the white and gold dress on the bed.
  18. >It's pretty obvious what happened; she must have accidentally taken one of Sweetie Belle's dresses while Sweetie accidentally took hers.
  19. >No big deal, she'll just ask Sweetie to check the collection she has in her room.
  20. >All she has to do is wait for Sweetie to get home.
  21. >That shouldn't take too long.
  22. >The hours go by, and it's around noon. Rarity is finally nearing the end of her inspection of her massive wardrobe.
  23. >She makes a list on a slip of paper, listing all of the new items she wants to find while spending the rest of the day at the mall buying clothes until it closes.
  24. >Rarity gets her purse and takes the dress on the bed with her to see from the mall records if she had bought it from there.
  25. >But before she does this, she pays a visit to Sweetie's room.
  26. >Sweetie Belle answers to the knock on her door. "Come in!"
  27. >Rarity enters the room, and sees Sweetie Belle on the computer with the lights off.
  28. >Besides the dim computer screen, the only light source is from the hallway right behind Rarity.
  29. >"Sweetie, I have a question. Is this dress yours?"
  30. >She holds it up in front of her sister.
  31. >Sweetie takes a long look at the black and blue dress.
  32. >"I remember that you said that you liked to wear white and gold, and I happen to be missing my black and blue dress from my room."
  33. >Sweetie makes the most confused face, seeing Rarity holding the very dress she said she's missing in her hands.
  34. >But she's too impatient to address this matter right now. "That doesn't look like mine. And black and blue aren't my colors anyway." She gives a lazy answer and waits for her sister to say okay and leave.
  35. >"That's... sort of what I thought." Rarity wonders to herself. "I imagine you wouldn't take a black and blue dress up to your room anyway. Oh well, thanks anyway."
  36. >"No prob, sis."
  37. >"By the way, I'm heading to the mall, would you like me to bring you back some ice cream?"
  38. >Sweetie Belle silently groans.
  39. >"Uh, no thanks. Mom said I'm not supposed to have too many sweets until my cavities are gone."
  40. >Rarity sighs. "Oh! Right, I completely forgot about that."
  41. >Sweetie actually lied. She already knows that Rarity would buy the ice cream and then carry it around for three more hours while she buys clothes.
  42. >She'd then return home with a fresh bowl of forgotten ice cream soup at room temperature for Sweetie Belle to promptly pour down the kitchen sink.
  43. >Rarity goes to her car and backs out of the driveway, making sure there is enough money in her wallet to buy anything she needs.
  44. >There's like, 2,000 dollars in there.
  45. >Rarity goes back in and gets another 1,500 just in case a new clothing trend is in.
  46. >She then drives over to the mall.
  47. >Enters the front doors and immediately can't choose where she wants to go first. There are just os many things for her to choose from.
  48. >She goes to the shoe section first.
  49. >...
  50. >An hour and a half later, Rarity rolls her cart around the aisles. The cart is heavy and jam-packed with newly bought items.
  51. >Rarity has the white and gold dress on the outer rim to take to customer service.
  52. >She goes there.
  53. >"Ah! Miss Rarity! Glad to see you back... again." Greets the clerk.
  54. >"Oh you know me, darling. Always a regular here." She pulls the dress up to the counter. "I have a couple of questions about this dress."
  55. >Rarity asks the clerk to check the receipts again and again, but the dress apparently wasn't sold at the mall at all.
  56. >There is no solution from addressing the clerk about this either, and Rarity walks away with her confused eyes on the dress.
  57. >She goes around the mall buying more new clothes. Seeking out every sale she can find.
  58. >Rarity soon enters a dimly lit store.
  59. >She winks at the cool guys wearing their leather jackets and sunglasses in here. Generously giving them her attention.
  60. >But she looks down the the mystery dress on the rim of the cart and gasps.
  61. >It's black and blue now!
  62. >Rarity picks it up and recognizes the design; it's the dress she had been missing.
  63. >How in the world did it change colors?
  64. >She finishes shopping and hauls her large collection of newly bought clothes home.
  65. >The back bumper of the car screeches on the road as she drives; the lid of the trunk can hardly handle this.
  66. >Rarity pulls in to her driveway, and the combined masses of the clothes in her trunk and the clothes in her closet are near eachother enough to start gravitating together.
  67. >The densities of the clothes clusters pull the closet door off the hinges and Rarity's car into the air.
  68. >They crash together, combining their mass into one hyper-dense ball of fabric.
  69. >It collapses into itself under its own weight and contracts into a singularity.
  70. >The Rarity singularity.
  71. >It forms a supermassive black hole that swallows the entire solar system.
  72. End.
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