Apr 26th, 2020
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  1. The 186th movie "Deep Ocean Current"
  3.  The second film in the "Pokemon" movie is an adventure play.
  4.  Although there was a shiny incident, the audience rating after the resumption was not bad, and there was expectation that "Mewtwo's Counterattack" would be a hit, regardless of the content.
  5.  However, the reality is a huge hit that far exceeded expectations.
  6.  It was unexpected, and there was a view that if it was a Pokemon original exhilarating adventure play, it would have hit more, and there was also a voice that the so-called "crying tears" was the cause of the hit.
  7.  Since the theme was "self-existence," there was almost no interpretation of the reason for the hit.
  8.  As a theme of the anime to be shown to the world, I brought up the "question for self-existence", and I never thought that it would hit in Europe and America.
  9.  In the first place, a heavy, dark, and exhilarating animation script such as "Mewtwo's Counterattack" seems to have been repeatedly insulted from the upper layers unless there was a shiny case.
  10.  Therefore, the second work decided to aim at the exhilarating feeling of the original adventure and action drama.
  11.  Even for me, in the next work of "Mewtwo's Counterattack", the extended episode of the theme that is heavy for myself, such as "Question of self-existence" is tough or troublesome ... at least "Mewtwo's Counterattack" In order to bear the weight of the theme of ", I was drinking 30 bottles of alcohol and dozens of boxes of tranquilizers (commercially available) that were stopped by the doctor, so I was physically limited.
  12.  Unnecessarily, at that time, I was able to adjust the way I took alcohol and drugs, so I was using it to put together the messy thoughts of what to do, what to do and what to do. I wasn't so drunk that I had no reason.
  13.  I'm still called by a psychiatrist who specializes in alcohol as a person who doesn't really know if he's a real alcoholist, a drug addict, or pretending to be it.
  14.  No matter how much you drink, you will feel a little chattering, but I have never had a strange idea.
  15.  I haven't had any fights, and when I drank with a woman, I had no so-called confusing thoughts, and I never argued with the power of alcohol.
  16.  When you quarrel with a woman, you shouldn't be surprised if a little sake is added to create an atmosphere.
  17.  When I realize that I am in danger, I can stop drinking and medicine. There are also no withdrawal symptoms that occur when so-called drugs run out.
  18.  Usually, patients with addiction cannot stop drinking or taking medicine by themselves. There are many people who desperately commit themselves to suicide, or even get mentally abnormal.
  19.  The average life expectancy of an alcoholic person is 52 years old. Be careful if you have anxiety about alcoholism.
  20.  Alcohol is the worst toxic substance compared to banned drugs, and it's officially approved.
  21.  Another official poison is tobacco, but I can't stop it no matter how much I try to stop it.
  22.  So it is certain that it is tobacco addiction.
  23.  As an aside, even if you are not addicted, the problem is that you lose your appetite if you drink alcohol or a stabilizer (commercially available).
  24.  Occasionally, I take nutritional supplements, but when I research materials, think about things, and write out manuscripts, I sometimes spend only 2 days with Pocari Sweat.
  25.  If you add alcohol, medicine, or cigarettes to it, your physical strength will not last.
  26.  If you write two scripts like "Mewtwo's Counterattack" in succession, you could starve to death in this satiated era.
  27.  So I thought it would be difficult to take action in an adventure and action drama that would work in the world, but I thought it would not change my mood.
  28.  However, this is the second work whose theme is "Questions for Self-Existence."
  29.  If I don't have a certain theme, I can't settle down.
  30.  The theme was done quickly.
  31.  After "self-existence" is "coexistence of each self-existence".
  32.  But how do you turn it into an adventure play? Moreover, the main stage this time is the sea.
  33.  The "deep ocean current" immediately came to my mind.
  34.  The deep ocean current is the ocean current that flows in the super deep ocean that goes around the world over 2000 years. When I talk about this ocean current, I can write about one new book, so I will omit the explanation here.
  35.  If you are interested, please search the internet.
  36.  If you want to know more about it, there should be a specialized library with a specialized book.
  37.  Roughly speaking, there is a theory that it controls the world's weather, is rich in nutrients, and has become a source of life on Earth.
  38.  The reason why I know this ocean current is because I wrote a novel for a descendant girl of the royal family of the marine nation called "Eternal Firena" in almost 10 years ... it didn't hit much, One out of all nine volumes was serialized in Animage, which was converted into a paperback, which lasted for 10 years, reaching 9 volumes, and then became a video animation or NES game.
  39.  The maritime nation was conscious of Carthage in the Roman era. Needless to say, the country that was also a trading country was conscious of Japan. As a country that will eventually die ...
  40.  She is raised as a man and a gladiator to hide her royal status.
  41.  Most of the people were slaughtered when Cartago was destroyed. Both women and children.
  42.  If he were to survive, he had to be brought up as a gladiator, a slave, as a strong boy and had a show of killing each other as a show.
  43.  Her life and death were always back to back, and she thought she could die at any time, or even better die.
  44.  However, people dying for some reason tell her like a will, "You live."
  45.  The dying people feel the life force that cannot be expressed in her.
  46.  However, he thinks, "I can die at any time."
  47.  However, the image of the sea that I saw when I was an infant was vividly left in her. The sea created life. Although she didn't realize it, her life force was still alive.
  48.  The last of the novel ends where she decides to "live".
  49.  Needless to say, the theme of this novel is "live!" And "the vitality of the sea."
  50.  After that, "Ikiro!" Was used as a catch-copy for an anime movie. The theme of the anime was not "Living!"
  51.  In order to write this novel, I moved from Shibuya, Tokyo, to a JR station near the sea in Japan, Hayakawa, where Odawara Port is located, and I ended up living there for 20 years.
  52.  Since this novel has continued for 9 volumes, various themes come to the fore.
  53.  However, the basics are the story of the power that created the life of the sea, which made the planet Earth a star full of life, and the story of a woman who decided to "live" on the irreplaceable star.
  54.  There were criticisms that the novel, "Knight of the Ribbon" or "Belbara," was not enough, and that it was impossible for a girl to grow up and live as a man.
  55.  However, I wanted the protagonist, who was determined to live and had the ability to produce life (?)
  56.  The sea I see is a woman. No matter how stormy the sea was, the sea had to be a life-giving motherhood in this novel.
  57.  However, this hero does not say a word, "I want to give birth to a child because I am a woman."
  58.  "I live," she said only.
  59.  In order to write such a novel, while looking at the sea of ​​Hayakawa every day, I searched a lot about the "sea."
  60.  From the imaginary ocean to the current state of the ocean ...
  61.  Therefore, I was aware of the existence of the "deep ocean current" as an important element of the novel.
  62.  However, the word "deep ocean current" does not appear in the novel.
  63.  The characters in this novel cannot know the "deep ocean current." I just feel that the mysterious power of life is deep inside the sea.
  64.  However, as a writer, I continued to think about the existence of the "Deep Ocean Current" and wrote novels.
  65.  Then, the opportunity to draw the "deep ocean current" itself came in the second Pokemon movie on the sea.
  66.  Luckily, at that time, deep sea water as drinking water was beginning to be talked about.
  67.  At that time, Kochi Prefecture was the only place in Japan that could draw deep sea water.
  68.  Incidentally, Kochi was his wife's hometown.
  69.  We decided to order bottled deep ocean running water.
  70.  Hakone is right next to Odawara, and the water is never bad.
  71.  At such a place, the family who purposely ordered water from Kochi might seem quite luxurious.
  72.  However, I wanted to drink deep ocean running water for at least a year, not water from rivers or reservoirs.
  73.  taste? My taste wasn't much different from the water in Odawara.
  74.  What was even more fortunate was that around that time, NHK aired a document on the theme of "Deep Ocean Current".
  75.  A great Pokemon game maker happened to be very interested in it by chance.
  76.  The story that Pokemon plays an active part on the theme of "Deep Ocean Current" ... So, the go-ahead of the second Pokemon movie came out.
  77.  But what is the deep ocean current? However, it was the main reception method.
  78.  I had no choice but to take a bottle of "Deep Ocean Flowing Water" and said, "This is the water, so please drink." I remember feeling that I was selling "Deep Ocean Flowing Water".
  79.  However, at that time, I hadn't decided what kind of adventure and play it would be.
  80.  If you say that you want to make "coexistence" the main theme, you are told not to put in small things, and "coexistence" means "nakayoshi". It is said that it will not be an adventure play.
  81.  In addition, there is no new Pokemon game, so there is no way for a new Pokemon to appear.
  82.  The phantom Pokemon, Mew and Mewtwo, appeared in the first movie.
  83.  In addition, a phantom Pokemon called Houou glimpses in the first episode of the TV version, but if it is a game in production, it seems that he is overwhelmed by a dull Pokemon living in a temple somewhere.
  84.  It's not a Pokemon that can be used in the protagonist class.
  85.  However, although not as much as Mew and Mewtwo, there were three two-line Pokémon remaining.
  86.  Compared to other Pokemon, it was a little too strong, so there were too few hands for the Pokemon trainer to get or to battle, and it remained unusable.
  87.  That is fire, thunder, and freezer.
  88.  It seems that all of them are violent, and it seems to be a story like a clash of three major monsters.
  89.  As you can see from the examples of monster movies so far, when a strong monster comes out and starts a fight, there is no human place to go and it becomes a monster professional wrestling movie.
  90.  Even if the self-defense force comes out by the law, it is useless.
  91.  I think adventure movies are interesting because bloody people are adventuring.
  92.  Kaneko's version of "Gamera" seems to have dealt with it well, but it feels like the cuteness of the beautiful girls who appear in it is fooled.
  93.  So, in the second Pokemon movie, Pikachu played an active role, which is too much for the three major monsters, and Pikachu's success is new to the TV version.
  94.  To do this, I thought I needed a Pokemon that had a completely different personality than the Three Great Monsters, but was as good as the Three Great Monsters.
  95.  Unlike the other three major Pokemon, it must be able to have some relationship with humans.
  96.  If we can get involved, we can create a place where humans can play an active role.
  97.  I thought that the existence of such a Pokemon was necessary ... Rather, I was thinking from the beginning.
  98.  It is a Pokemon that symbolizes the "deep ocean current" that is the source of life, including humans.
  99.  In the "Deep Ocean Current", it is not a picture because it is the flow of water.
  100.  Even if the ocean current has some will, it is difficult to express it in motion.
  101.  After all, Pokemon, which is a symbol of "deep ocean current", is needed.
  102.  But, however. There are no Pokemon that did not appear in the game in "Pokemon" so far.
  103.  In other words, it is an original Pokemon dedicated to movies.
  104.  Is it allowed?
  105.  “I want to put out the original Pokemon that live in the deep ocean current for this movie.”
  106.  When I thought that the opposition popped up, it was OK.
  107.  It seems that both the staff and the upper production team were concerned about the lack of Pokemon that could withstand the second movie.
  108.  And the meaning of the deep ocean current in the script I'm trying to write may not have come to the forefront.
  109.  Therefore, I may have felt that I needed a flashy original Pokemon.
  110.  I think it was the first time that you didn't refute my opinion.
  111.  It was surprising that the screenwriter who planned to write a short film for the movie decided that the original Pokemon appeared too easily, "It was good. With this, it seems that the second movie was made. He said, "but it's not so easy. The problem is yet to come."
  112.  I didn't want to make a professional wrestling movie about the four great monsters Pokemon.
  113.  The original Pokemon, whose design and name have not been decided, was called X for the time being.
  114.  Therefore, the title of the poster was for a while written as "X bomb".
  116.    to be continued
  118. ● I was yesterday (anyone can write a screenplay rather than a recent report) The
  120.  mistake in the title of my name did not mean that there was any malicious intent.
  121.  Careless Smith is in charge of the title, but it has been broadcast nationwide.
  122.  Even if the person in charge apologized to me, this does not mean that my feelings have subsided.
  123.  The fact that it was broadcast is generally accepted by the public.
  124.  When I asked the broadcasting station to broadcast an apology sentence, and the TV station in Kenzenmae, which was not supposed to broadcast the lie, would end up, I am sorry for the apology of the producer in charge of the program.
  125.  The chief executive, that is, the president of the TV station, apologizes.
  126.  I can't do that.
  127.  I didn't really want to be a screenwriter.
  128.  However, it is certain that the mistaken work came to my mind just because I was willing to write it as a scriptwriter with this one.
  129.  I was young and bloody at the time.
  130.  From now on, I don't have to come as a scriptwriter ... I'll appeal to everyone from TV stations to production companies.
  131.  Actually, when I was in elementary school, my composition was selected and the name was published in a large newspaper, and there was a description of what I called my text.
  132.  However, it was the text of the winner of the junior high school division.
  133.  I put in a protest phone.
  134.  "I'm sorry. I'll post an amended article tomorrow, so please refrain from that
  135.  ."
  136.  However, there was no correction article.
  137.  The people at the award ceremony were happy.
  138.  However, there was a girl who looked like crying.
  139.  He was a winner of the middle school department.
  140.  The composition of junior high school students was mistaken for the composition of elementary school students.
  141.  As an elementary school student, I don't feel good because I was mistaken for a junior high school student's composition, but it may be unavoidable.
  142.  However, a junior high school student, who was very good at writing, was mistaken for her own writing by the younger one.
  143.  It won't be good because I won the prize.
  144.  Even more than 40 years later, I can't forget the girl's face.
  145.  If I was that girl, I would never write a composition again.
  146.  The big newspaper disregarded the copyright and human rights of junior high school girls and elementary school boys, and ignored the mistake.
  147.  My only aftereffect is that the newspaper only sees TV columns.
  148.  I'm a fan of Hanshin, so I buy daily sports only when I buy Hanshin.
  149.  In the TV news, the part where the announcer described the facts is half doubted.
  150.  I don't believe the commenters' opinions.
  152.  No one would grudge about the mistake in the title name.
  153.  I don't want to pursue anyone's responsibility.
  154.  However, I could not forgive the irresponsible constitution of the media.
  155.  However, there was a person who moved toward a solution faster than I was mistaken.
  156.  It's faster than me, so I'm really short.
  157.  That person was a senior who introduced me to an animation production company.
  159.    × × ×
  161.  By the way, the other day, a member of Japan Federation of Screenwriters has pointed out that my copyright statement is incorrect.
  162.  A few times ago , I wrote that it is your own responsibility to make a contract to buy the screenplay, but it may be a loss, but it seems that your own hand is not good.
  163.  In the first place, members of the Japan Federation of Screenwriters should not make purchase contracts. It is unacceptable to make a purchase contract.
  164.  I've never seen a purchase contract for a script, so I feel like I saw it a long time ago, but now it's getting tougher. It may have been so from the beginning, but ...
  165.  In other words, the person who makes a contract to buy the script is not qualified as a member of the Japan Association of Screenwriters.
  166.  If you think about it, if a member of the organization that collects the copyright fee signs the purchase contract, you certainly do not need to be a member. Even the annual membership fee of the Japan Federation of Screenwriters is not cheap ...
  167.  Anyway, the members should not make a purchase contract on their own.
  168.  We apologize for the mistake in the previous column .
  170.    to be continued
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