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Gen Prime v Mental Giant (Carnival of the Mind)

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  1. GeneralFreedom: For the last few days, several members of Gen Prime have experienced strange dreams. They find themselves in a twisted carnival full of mocking voices, monstrous clowns and dangerous games! Though the dreams don't linger and it's hard to remember what happened in them, they have an impact, leaving those that experience them tired and drained! This night though, the dream is much more... vivid than it should be and the team finds itself all gathered at the carnival at the same time...
  3. Palanius: Does his best not to show any hints of emotion, his mask helps out on that front. He carefully studies his surroundings taking in the nightmarish scenes and trying to make some sense of the layout
  5. machinegunblues: Rob finds himself stumbling through a great darkness towards the light and music of the carnival. The shapes of the tents, the eerie noises, all tug at some vague familiarity lodged deep in his hindbrain. "Fuck me, I've been here before.." Then he spies the familiar faces from the waking world. "I've been here. But never with you guys. What the fuck?"
  7. gijoespouse2: Cait is in feline form, running as laughter echoed hauntingly behind him.  Distraught, seeking escape, he comes hauling ass around the corner of a tent, and is forced to come to a screeching halt as he spies his fellow teammates, many of whom he'd only met in passing.  "...are you all real? Or are you part of this nightmare too?"
  9. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon seems more out of it than usual, the usually calm and collected cyborg seems confused, like she's in a situation she hadn't prepared for. "Where is this."
  11. SomethingWitty: Raikiri is tense right out of the gate - she's suffered through these dreams for the past few days, and though it never becomes an easier experience, the routine has settled in. Now that it's different... well, in her tired mind, it makes a lot of sense to prepare to go on the offensive. Lightning crackles around her hands, up and down her arms. She takes a few steps back, trying to keep everyone in her line of sight. "Why are /you/ all here now. What are you trying to do?" She calls, the latter aimed at, seemingly, the sky.
  13. machinegunblues: Rob turns to Cait like, immediately, the second he gives some hint that he's not a stranger here himself. "You've seen this creepshow before?"
  15. GeneralFreedom: "Come one, come all! See the horrifying serpent woman! Marvel at the one ton man! Thrill as the boneless man squeezes himself into a toothpaste tube!" A voice calls out, coming seemingly from>
  17. gijoespouse2: "I.....I don't know....and yet..."  He doesn't finish the sentence, as the voice calls out.
  19. Palanius: Looks between his team mates with suspicious eyes before turning to face the voice.
  21. machinegunblues: He whispered back to Cait, knowing that feeling.. pretty much exactly at the moment: "Me too."
  23. GeneralFreedom: everywhere at once. It laughs, a taunting sound. "Watch in horror as the newest teen team is turned into an ex-team!" Around them, faceless patrons shuffle by, mostly ignoring the heroes. The carnies running the games and booths turn to watch them with eager eyes, big fake smiles on their faces. Their eyes are malicious.
  25. Palanius: Reaches for his pockets to see if he carries any weapons with him in this dream world, shifty eyes darting between the carnies.
  27. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon begins charging her powerful plasma cannon. "I don't like this place." she says simply. She begins looking at the group of carnies. "I'm going to shoot them."
  29. GeneralFreedom: Arac reaches into his pockets and pulls out a handful of spiders and snakes! Some of which have human faces... In the corner of their vision the team would also notice things stalking them. Demonic> things in clown makeup. Their laughter is quiet... for now.
  31. SomethingWitty: "Could you not put this off for a week," Raikiri continues, her voice more a low growl to herself. "I have a calculus test tomorrow, and now I have to spend my evening dealing with /this/?"
  33. gijoespouse2: The cat's back arches, his way too wide, way too toothy grin bearing fangs as he turns to face the closest demon.  "Stay back!" he spats.
  35. Palanius: Throws the critters aside with a twitchy scowl, it seems he's left with nothing but his brains. Not that it seems much worth around here.
  37. machinegunblues: Psyke-Out rubs his temples and tries to get his wits about him. "Go ahead," he says to Cannon. "Blow 'em to fucking bits. They're not -real- real, this is.. I wish I had something more specific than 'high level parapsychic fuckery'." Seeing Arac's predicament he tries it himself, reaching for one of the telekine-optimized blades he keeps up his sleeve.
  39. CapsLockRAGE: "You mean I wont kill anyone here?" The team then witnesses something. An almost sadistic grin stretches across her face, She aims and fires her cannon at the nearest enemy. Probably the demon lurking about, This shot is different then what the team is used to, the blast is a huge, focused shot, It goes off with a bright explosion when it reaches the area she fired at.
  41. SomethingWitty: "Waste your time with the rabble if you please - meanwhile, I will take the fight to the ringleader. The Bearded Man... no doubt the architect of our nightmares."
  43. GeneralFreedom: The knife drawn has a childish clown theme. And appears to be made of cardboard. Cannon's shot, though impressive looking, explodes into confetti instead of actually harming anyone. "My word! Kids these days are so... violent. And unimpressive! No match for someone such as I. Not in a million years!" That irritating, mocking laugh sounds again. "What you need is to have some fun!" The demon clowns begin staggering towards them, twitching and laughing madly!
  45. SomethingWitty: "If we disable him, we will be freed, will we not?" Raikiri directs the question to Psyke-Out, the person who seems to be most familiar with the situation.
  47. CapsLockRAGE: "This is not optimal." she says, watching her confetti blast.
  49. machinegunblues: "..oh, yeah. Also, don't be surprised if the whole place runs on weird-ass dream logic."
  51. Palanius: Goes in for a powerful kick to one of the clowns knee joint, normally a blow that would be very painful and dislodge the knee.
  53. gijoespouse2: Cait hisses.  "In which direction do we go?  You lead, and I shall follow.  I have no desire to remain here."  seeing as how his team's efforts have met with failure, he doesn't lob attacks just now.
  55. CapsLockRAGE: "I do not do fun." she says. "We should do as Raikiri suggested and find who is doing this. I recommend using physical attacks until we can identify how to use our abilities here."
  57. SomethingWitty: "Then let us be done with - agh, darn it, we wasted too much time!" Raikiri whines, distressed that her easy victory is being denied by a mass of evil clowns. She just wants to be out of here already!
  59. GeneralFreedom: Arac's kick is effective... in a way. It knocks the clown's leg clean off! The demon looks sad for a moment, then starts laughing maniacally before launching a one-legged dropkick at him! One of the other clowns scoops up the leg and leaps for Cannon to swing it like a club! The rest of the clowns lurch towards the other members of the team to try to pull them down and claw at them! They're all shockingly strong!
  61. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon brings her arm up, for now, turning it back into a hand and not her usual cannon setting. She drops slightly, and begins to charge right through the clowns with her cyborg strength.
  63. SomethingWitty: To that end, she completely ignores Cannon's advice and, with every ounce of her being devoted to carving a path through the clowny menace - Raikiri lobs a bolt of lightning right at the horde approaching her!
  65. machinegunblues: Psyke-Out stands his ground, allowing several of the creatures to come within arms reach. All the while, the hollows of his eyes glow with a faint, eerie purple light. Just as they're about to try and tear him apart, his back arches and he levitates a foot off the ground. Simultaneously, a powerful burst of telekinetic force explodes from his body from every angle, hoping to send the clown creatures flying, if not worse.
  67. Palanius: Is taken back somewhat by the effectiveness of his kick and almost get kicked full force in the chest. He swirls around the attack, getting slightly bruised by his slow response. He doesn't wait around for his counterattack though as he kneels down and grabs the clowns neck in a armlock, giving it a strong twist and pull to break it's neck.
  69. gijoespouse2: Cait's body ripples out of sight as he calls up a veil of invisibility.  He attempts to slip off during the chaos, hoping to find a direction that at least seems promising.  He'd try to sniff things if that is even a thing in this nightmare.
  71. GeneralFreedom: A few of the clowns get knocked aside by Cannon, but the leg swinging latches onto her and keeps bashing her with its makeshift club! Raikiri finds herself shooting unimpressive sparks instead of lightning and gets dogpiled by the cackling creeps! Psyke's power has an interesting effect. It cause the clowns not only to get thrown back, but also makes them shimmer bizarrely. Arac twists the clown's head right off, but it remains connected by a gory, but colorful, length of rope! It decapitated head bites down on his arm! Cait slips away from the battle but it still feels like something is following him... something bestial and dangerous. He mostly smells cotton candy, but there's something in the distance. Something different...
  73. SomethingWitty: Raikiri holds her hands up to her face, completely astounded by the fact that her powers didn't work, despite just seeing that Cannon's blast had much the same result. She doesn't have much time to ruminate on the matter, however - very suddenly she's drowning in a sea of clown. She screams wordlessly, one hand punching around wildly (still crackling with electricity), while the other desperately struggling to keep her mask glued to her face. Much like the clowns, she is also quite a bit stronger than she looks - it comes with being related to divinity!
  75. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon covers her head, tanking the club shots, though not without some level of difficulty. She  trashes a bit, before attempting to rush over to Raikiri in order assist her, and plow through them as as well.
  77. Palanius: Thanks to his suit being designed to withstand stabbings and cuts Arac is spared any nasty bite wound, it still hurts as hell though. He jams his fingers into the clowns eyes trying to pull it loose. If successful he would throw the head away into nearest nightmarish carnival vendor.
  79. gijoespouse2: Cait's hackles are raised, sensing more than anything that he is being pursued.  He starts to follow the odd scent...and then he hears Raikiri's scream.  With a growl, he turns back, racing into battle field again.  His body ripples as the veil drops, then it contorts, grows until he's the size of a panther.  With a roar, he attempts to take down one of clowns dogpiling Raikiri, bringing fangs and claws to bear.
  81. machinegunblues: "It's fucking with out powers!" Though not so much his, apparently. "If you need a weapon, try stuff in the environment!" As if to demonstrate this, he rips a support pole from one of the smaller tents. The rod launches, propelled by telekinetic force, at the invisible horror currently stalking Cait. Invisible to all but him, apparently. Everything seems to show up more brightly on his psychic sonar here than it did even in real life.
  83. GeneralFreedom: Raikiri's fists mostly throw pretty sparks, but she does hold her own with the insane clown posse. It's a losing battle, but luckily Cannon and Cait are there to help! The clubbing clown, still clinging doggedly, blows into the leg he's carrying it and it inflates! He jumps and slams the massive foot down on Cannon. While it acts like a balloon, it certainly doesn't feel like one! As Arac gouges out the clown's eyes they burst into razor sharp confetti shrapnel! The vendor ducks the flying head and it slams into a stack of milk bottles! "Good job, you win a prize!" The vendor pulls a morose looking stuffed bear off a hook and tosses it towards the team. It quickly animes, sprouting extra long claws as it lunges for Cait! Psyke's hurled spear strikes some kind of stalking animal and forcing it to reveal itself! It looks like a bear with elephant feet and a tiger's tail. But it has Bom-Pom's face! "Why do you all suck so bad? GOD!" The lumbers towards him, bleeding a colorful goop from its wound! "If you weren't such LOSERS you wouldn't be in this mess!"
  85. All during the fight... the team is feeling weaker. Tired. Something is very wrong.
  87. machinegunblues: He's taken aback by this, for a split second. But he's familiar with this kind of psychic warfare. "Fuckin' amateur.." He backs up. He's not sure he can just blast this thing away, but.. what luck. One of those 'pop the balloon' games, complete with darts. A fistful of the sharp and pointies raises into the air, and hurtles towards the Bom-Beast's face as if fired from some particularly fiendish shotgun.
  89. Palanius: Frowns to himself as he activates his own cloaking device, he doesn't have much to bring to this battle without any gear. He uses his wrist-mounted hookshots to swing away searching the vendors. One of them might have some sort of gun he can use.
  91. CapsLockRAGE: "Are you alright Raikiri." Cannon calls to her, throwing clowns around. Then giving a yawn, despite being in the middle of combat. "I feel fatigued, we're being drained."
  93. gijoespouse2: Cait is not dodging as deftly as he normally would, and teddy bear's claws rake long furrows into his hide.  He yowls in pain, then furiously rounds on the stuffed beast.  The growing fatigue has him much more in a fight-or-flight state of mind.  Even though he was feeling weaker, there's no lacking in ferocity there.
  95. SomethingWitty: Raikiri sure doesn't feel that much more tired - it's probably hidden under her own anger. "I'm FINE!" She shouts, drawing her legs back up towards her chest and kicking straight forward into a clown, giving her some space to climb up to her feet. She slaps angrily across another clown's face - and staggers into the blow, as her body reacts where her mind refuses to do so. Apparently having not learned her lesson, Raikiri raises her hands to the sky, trying to call lightning strikes from the sky to blow the clowns away.
  97. GeneralFreedom: "If I'm an amateur, why am I winning, simpleton?" The ringmaster cackles. Psyke's darts strike the Bom-Pom bear and its face pops and turns into a deflated mess! "He's right! Why did I even think you guys could do... ANYTHING!?" It barrels right into Psyke! Arac finds a smiling vendor hosting a shooting gallery. "Ready to try your luck, son?" He politely hands over a rifle. Cait tears up the bear and it says in a weak, whispery voice. "You were never my friend, I hate you." Raikiri's lightning storm brings down a rain of fizzling sparkles, like a very poor firework display! She's plenty open for a clown car that drives towards her! Inside the team can see an unknown number of clowns grotesquely compressed inside! A few pop out to join the madman's melee! The clown cannon throws sails high into the air, complete with a cartoon whistling sound. After a moment it drops back down on her, the foot its wielding as a weapon has expanded even further...
  99. CapsLockRAGE: "Raikiri, calm down, your not good to anyone like this." She calls out still being slammed by the clubbing clown. Eventually she takes a knee, not able to continue to tank the shots, She reaches up and attempts to throw him off.
  101. machinegunblues: The fatigue's getting him to. He's getting a bit fried. As such his reaction to the pouncing creature is to raise his arms forward. His psi-blades blaze forth from them in a fiery purple, set to impale the creature on its forward course. In ordinary circumstances they'd drain a living person's mental energy. Here, with one form of unreality meeting another, he had no idea of the reaction.
  103. Palanius: He might as well try play by this worlds rules, it's not like it could turn any worse, can it? He accepts the rifle and positions himself at the shooting range. Artificial adrenaline pumping through his body thanks to his cybernetic augmentations keeps him cool and steady, for now.
  105. gijoespouse2: The fatigue is getting to him, and with a gasp he shrinks in size, sort of a haunted expression on his kitteh face.  He spies the danger heading Raikiri's way, and calls out, "Look out!"
  107. SomethingWitty: Raikiri clenches her fists together angrily, sparks shooting out harmlessly from her hands and into the air. The powers she's typically so proud of, now completely useless.
  109. She huffs in frustration, slamming her fists down on the air - though with fortuitous timing, they come down on the hood of the clown car instead, smashing against the dream metal. Unfortunately she is also just standing there, in front of a speeding car.
  111. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon curses, she grabs at the clown, again, and starts to savagely attempt to slam him back and fourth by it's foot.
  113. GeneralFreedom: The Bearpom smashes right into Psyke, sending them both hurtling across the ground from the force. However, the blades to yield results. The nightmare corpse laying on top of him becomes a husk, then turns to purple ash and blows away in the wind. Arac lines up his shots and it looks like they'll hit, but in true nightmare fashion they all fall just outside of where he's aiming. "Ooh, tough break, kid! Try again," the carnie grins toothily. Maybe there's a chance it will work? The clown Cannon is fighting laughs giddily as its turned into pulp. The pulp doesn't stay down though. It rises up and strikes at her like a slushy, oozing horror barely held together! Raikiri is sent flying by the car but she also destroys it with her fists. This just causes the car to open and splash more demon clowns around the area... "Are you all having a good time? I'm having a good time! It's so amazing to watch my inferiors flail helplessly against fate!" This fight isn't working out.
  115. CapsLockRAGE: "We're getting no-where, The enemy isn't something we can fight by normal means. We need another tactic." Cannon says, stepping to the side and jumping away from the clown slush. "I am out of Ideas."
  117. SomethingWitty: Raikiri comes to a shocking realization after she's sent rocketing through the sky by the clown car. She can /fly/. Why is she sitting here dealing with these stupid clowns when she can just go up and around? Gathering herself, she pushes as hard as she can to put a hard stop to her backwards momentum, righting herself in the air so she can start soaring towards the big top. "Just go around! He wants us to fight and die - but I am going to savage him, instead!"
  119. machinegunblues: Psyke doubles over and wretches on his side. Destroying the monster also drained it, and took in whatever darkness animated it. It was like the opposite effect of what happened when he used his blades on people. Then he sees Raikiri rocketing towards the ringmaster. Shit, why hadn't he thought of that? "RIght behind ya!" He gathers his mental reserves, imagining his next movements in his mind and performs a stunt he'd never have been able to pull in the waking world - using his power to LAUNCH himself in a massive, building-clearing, flying leap towards her target.
  121. gijoespouse2: Cait growls, then takes off, fleeing the battle as he follows his flying teammates from the ground.  He'd keep an eye (nose?) out for that weird scent as well.
  123. Palanius: Well, he tried playing by the rules. Arac suddenly aims the gun straight for the carnies face and pulls the trigger pointblank. Hopefully blowing that shiteating grin right off of him.
  125. GeneralFreedom: "Of course you have no ideas you empty headed fool!" The ringmaster bellows at Cannon. The ground splits and a zombie strongman wielding a triangular weight pulls itself out and takes a swing at her! From up high Raikiri can see the main tent in the distance, lit up brilliantly! Unfortunately someone down below is shooting off cannons at her! These cannons seem to be loaded with explosive clowns! Psyke also finds himself under attack by these very unfunny projectiles while Cait still has to dodge shambling clown monsters (that aren't exploding). The smell is coming from the big top! Arac shoots the man's head off and he staggers around headlessly. "Ahh, a wise guy, eh?" A gun sprouts from the stump of his neck and starts returning fire at the cyborg!
  127. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon gets slammed by the dumbbell, she blocks, but it's got enough force to knock her flying, she disappears behind some booths, Is she unconscious? Who knows.
  129. SomethingWitty: Raikiri does a... somewhat fair job, of just narrowly dodging a lot of the clowns sailing at her. But one lucky bigfooted bastard collides with her, when she dodges left and right into its path. The explosion blots out her small portion of the sky, leaving behind a cloud of black that lingers - and a Raikiri that goes sailing right out of it, not under her own control this time but propelled by the explosion. She'll still likely be arriving at the big top, but rather than landing in front of it she'll likely hurtle right into the cloth that makes up the roof.
  131. machinegunblues: Psyke-out swats his open palmed hands in the direction of the flying clownbombs, telekine force-waves swatting the projectiles out of the air and into the ground - where hopefully they'll detonate to appropriate devastation of their surroundings. His leap carries him onto the canvas roof as well, though he hits its a bit more roughly than Raik. "Going down?" His psy-blades extend and slash at the cloth beneath them. Normally they don't affect non-living things, but the whole carnival was a psychic construct in the first place..
  133. gijoespouse2: Cait uses his smaller size to his advantage, ducking between the legs of clowns, veering around them, basically just trying to outmaneuver them in his bid to get to the big top.  He'd try to use his opponents' momentum and size against them.
  135. Palanius: Leaps to the side behind cover from the incoming fire, one of the bullets striking him in the leg. He curses out loud as his suit works it's wonders and seals the wounded area. He got a gun that seems to work reasonably well at least. Medical nanobots rushes to heal the wound but for now Arac is crippled and have to rely on his grappling hooks to move around. He swings his way to an elevated position and tries to give Cait some suppressing fire as the cat darts his way through the clowns
  137. GeneralFreedom: Despite the big top being lit up from the outside, on the inside it's dark. Raikiri crashes right into the ground in pitch black with the only sound in the area being a soft, ominous murmur. As the rest of the group arrives the whole place lights up! Misrably scrawny circus animals shriek in terror while clowns juggle separated body parts. In the stands are incredibly creepy faceless patrons, who begin wailing instead of cheering! In the middle of it all is the ringmaster, a giant of a man in red with a top hat and wild facial hair. In one hand he wields a huge, steel topped cane. "Ladies aaaaaaand gentlemen! The Mental Giant is proud to present Gen Prime! The main course... Oh, I mean, main event!" He gestures forward and the horrified animals surge towards the team! The cackling clowns wait in the wings. Their teeth are bloodied, long and sharp!
  139. SomethingWitty: Raikiri sits up, covered in a few more bumps and bruises and quite a bit more soot than when she started the evening. "I am going to fail my test so bad..." She murmurs, raising a hand to her forehead... to discover that her mask is gone! She pats her face a few more times, then starts to crawl across the floor, looking for the headgear. "Nonono, where is it - GET BACK!" She roars, her voice booming like thunder as she backhands a malnourished bear looking for a nutritious chunk of teenager.
  141. machinegunblues: Another opportunity to test the limits of his powers within the space. His psy blade narrows, extends, and finds itself in his hand - no longer a blade, but a whip. "What, nightmare murderclowns ain't grounds for an extension?" He wields the glowing, purple whip at an errant lion - first lashing to keep it back, then striking back and forth in wide arcs to rip through it and any other critters in its path.
  143. gijoespouse2: Cait grunts in pain as he shifts in size, taking on panther form again.  He lets out a challenging roar, before going in to tangle up with an emaciated looking tiger.
  145. Palanius: "Shit" Arac still limps from his leg wound. He fires his hookshot up at the ceiling aiming for one of the columns holding the tent up. He clings to this position where at least he should be safe from the starving animals. His adrenaline is starting to run low and the exhaustion is beginning to set in. He takes his rifle and aims for the giant ringleader, shooting at his eyes.
  147. GeneralFreedom: The poor bear goes flying, leaving room for an elephant to raise up and stomp down on Raikiri! Psyke's mental whip seems very effective at keeping the animals at bay, allowing him some breathing room! Cait gets into a serious cat fight with the starving circus animal, finding it brittle but at the same time utterly, mindlessly savage as it bites into him! The ringmaster, Mental Giant, smirks as Arac's shots ring out and expertly twirls his cane, sending each shot ricocheting away. "Is that all you've got? This was so much easier than I thought it was going to be!" He gestures and a swarm of skeletal acrobats begins swinging through the air towards Arac! They attempt to grab him, toss him back and forth and pummel him! Psyke would notice there's definitely something off about the ringmaster. His presence is odd. Constantly in flux. He also feels like a real person instead of a construct, of course. Cait's senses would pick up something similar. His scent pattern doesn't come from where it should. Like it's smaller or lower to the ground...
  149. SomethingWitty: Raikiri continues her search for her mask, a search that's cut off very quickly when a pachyderm decides to try and turn her into a pancake. She raises her hands over her head, catching the elephant's foot and pushing up to keep it from crushing her flat. As she struggles with the elephant's foot, a few small changes start to come about - nails slowly growing into claws, her skin turning a bit more dusky. She lets out a small shout of surprise and, desperate to get back to tracking down her headpiece, she swings with all her might, heaving the elephant towards the Mental Giant.
  151. machinegunblues: Psyke gets pounced, the lion biting into his arm. The thick leather of his coat keeps its teeth from doing severe damage, but fuck did it hurt regardless. Exerting his will upon his weapon, the back end of the whip turns into a spike, which he plunges into the animal's eye-socket. Leaving it for dead, he comes above the fray by levitating off the ground well out of any of their reach. "Take out the ringmaster. Everything here's projections but he's as real as us."
  153. gijoespouse2: Cait yowls in pain as the tiger bites him.  He responds by attempting to wrestle it to the ground, trying to lock his jaws on the back of the creature's neck and put it out of its misery.  If his jaws lock on, he wouldn't let go until it was down for the count.  His eyes lock on what his senses tell him, but he can't act on it right this second.
  155. Palanius: Swinging from pillar to pillar, Arac engages the acrobats in a high stake airborne duel as he takes flying potshots midair in between landings, a task that would prove challenging even for his augmented superbrain.
  157. GeneralFreedom: The Giant touches the incoming elephant and it turns into purple ash on contact. "Pitiful," he tsks. He taps his cane on the ground and a team of starving horses grows wings and lunges towards Psyke! "No one is safe. Not here, not in the real world! I'm not unreasonable though... admit you're defeated and I will end this nightmare!" A manic grin spreads across his face as his clown legions descend on Cait and Raikiri while the acrobatics cackle and laugh, enjoying their midair battle with Arac. They seem to have endless energy and their skeletal arms have surprising power, much like the clowns.
  159. SomethingWitty: Any hope of tracking that mask down is lost when a clown stampede stretches out in the ring before her. She's forced to just deal with it - as she starts beating and pummeling away at clowns, her facial features change, widening and becoming more pronounced, more... well, ugly. Her skin continues darkening in hue, passing from sunburned to just straight up red - just like her father, like Arac would no doubt recognize. "You have ruined my evenings - and my grade! - and now this! You will end this nightmare when I smash you to a pulp, and not a moment sooner!" She bellows, reaching at a clown to pick it up and smash it down into the ground on top of another, and snapping her head forward to headbutt a third with the newly-forming horns on her forehead.
  161. machinegunblues: The whip returns to him, wraps itself into a spiral, and solidifies into a gigantic spiked shield like something out of an MMO. He propels himself forward with great speed, bashing and impaling his way through the spectral pegasi like a flying bulldozer. If impeded no further his trajectory takes him to the Ringmaster's platform, where he lands. Shield dismissed, he reaches for the tie of the blindfold. "You made such a fucking big mistake bring me here. You think you're scary, with your cheesy Syfy-Original creepshow?" The blindfold falls. He'd been truthful when he's told Bom his eyes were gone. But where one expected to see scar tissue where the sockets once were, instead there are simply.. holes. Two holes filled by nothing but a fathomless dark that seemed, impossibly, to go on forever. "I'm the scariest thing in here. And don't you forget it."
  163. gijoespouse2: Cait is forced to relinquish his hold on the tiger...as he turns tail and runs from the clowns.  He leads them on a merry chase, then suddenly skids to change directions, barely straight toward what he sensed before.  He'd attempt to barrel straight into the source of the scent he picked up.
  165. Palanius: The skeleton acrobats might have strength and stamina, but they don't have Arac's amazing processing power. Every second advanced mathematical equations are being solved in his head, every swing calculated down to the slimmest margin of error. What to the onlookers seem like a sporadic flight is actually a carefully detailed path, spiraling inwards closer and closer towards the ringmaster. In a split second act of deception Arac fire his second hookshot mid-swing at dazzling speed, sending him at a direct path toward the ringleaders right blindside. He fires of a burst of shits into his his target before slamming into the side of his head with a full body dropkick.
  167. (9:38:58 PM) GeneralFreedom: The clowns are endless. And hungry. Raikiri finds the creatures mostly trying to eat her! "Looks like we have a real monster on our hands, eh folks?" Mental Giant laughs. The crowd answers only with ghastly wails. He turns his attention to Psyke and simply smirks. "You kids are all so edgy these days. What you need, is a nice new pair of eyes." He pulls a pair from his coat and they zip towards Psyke, attempting to force themselves into his sockets! They would grant sight if they manage to burrow into his skull... but its definitely not a gift. Pure nightmare vision. Arac swings into the side of Mental Giant's head and promptly bounces off, like he hit a steel wall at full speed. "Funny. But..." Cait's attack does a little more. He staggers and for a moment his form flashes! There's a small secondary form that appears for a brief second before he rights himself. "Miserable flea bitten..." he grimaces and swings his cane at Cait with incredible force!
  169. SomethingWitty: Raikiri is fine with the monsters trying to eat her, but only if they're willing to chow down on a knuckle sandwich. Which is what she's tossing out left and right, smashing her fists into clown faces even as they score all sorts of nasty bites on her body. She just needs to clear a bit of ground... a slim opening for her to blast into the air, above the clowns without giving them to chance to cling onto her. She's tired of wasting her time on constructs - she wants a slice of the main course, the ringmaster himself.
  171. machinegunblues: Psyke-Out raises his hand, and an inertial barrier stops the eyeballs mid flight. A flick of his wrist, and they smack to the ground with a sickening *SPLAT*. The point had been to distract the man as much as frighten him, so he supposed he'd gotten that much right. The flickering of the man's physicality was visible to his psychic sonar. As he turns to deal with Cait, he re-extends his arm psi-blades and thrusts into the 'core' he'd seen when the ringmaster glitched out. The hollows of his eyes blaze with fuchsia fire.
  173. gijoespouse2: Cait is hit for full effect, tumbling to the ground.  Weakness and injury catch up as he involuntarily shrinks back to normal size.  "Aim...aim low!" he calls out to the others as he struggles to get back up on all fours.
  175. Palanius: Arac's leg shatters with a visible crunch, blood poring from an open wound with a bone pipe sticking out. He cries out in pain as his emergency life support kicks into gear to keep him from loosing consciousness through the trauma. The one second reveal of the true target though was more then enough for him to lock his sensors on the target. He carefully aims his rifle and takes the shot at the man's center of mass
  177. GeneralFreedom: The Mental Giant groans and staggers back from the combined efforts, his body flickering wildly before becoming solid. "Enough! My will is supreme! This is my world and no inferiors will sully it!" His body rapidly expands, but it's a desperation move. The tiny shadow form within the body moves rapidly, making it harder to target but the damage is done now that his gimmick has been revealed! It doesn't make him any less dangerous, of course... The now more giant Giant begins to smash the ground around him, punching and kicking wildly!
  179. SomethingWitty: Raikiri manages to finally clear an area large enough for her to safely take off! She soars into the air, flying high above the army of clowns between her and the ringmaster and, just as quickly as she rocketed up, she starts to fall down in a sharp arc towards the Mental Giant's middle, bringing her elbow up to smash the little man on the inside.
  181. machinegunblues: Psyke raises his arm to strike again, but the now massive enemy psychic outclasses him in reach.. just a bit. Giant's false-form batters him aside with one massive hand, slamming him into a nearby support pole with a strangled cry.
  183. gijoespouse2: Cait limps, stumbles, and while that keeps him from getting smashed outright, it doesn't stop the shockwave from lifting him right up off the ground.  He bounces a few times, before his body finally stops.  He's not moving at this point, potentially KO'd.  Poor kitteh.
  185. Palanius: Hangs by one hook from the roof as his leg is basically useless at this point. In his other hand he holds his gun, it's not an ideal shooting position for sure, his arm is weak and tired, his body riddled by pain and exhaustion. Though through sheer determination his mind remains sharp as ever and his aim still deadly accurate. He empties his magazine into the giant, making sure every precious bullet left counts
  187. GeneralFreedom: "Ahaha! No one is a match for my mind! For my mental might! I am the Mental Giant! I..." His body cracks from the barrage of bullets. Unable to hold together, it provides no protection from Raikiri as the shadow form is literally knocked out of the giant! The giant body crumbles into purple ash as the figure hits the ground hard and rolls. "I... impossible! What a cheap shot!" He's definitely not a giant anymore, standing at around four feet tall.
  189.  Palanius: "Tall words..." Arac mumbles with a smile as he lowers himself to ground level, now using his gun as a makeshift crutch to support his broken leg.
  191. SomethingWitty: The Mental Giant may have been knocked out of the fight, but Raikiri isn't done with him yet. Pinning the man's shoulders to the ground with her knees, she reaches up and wraps her hands around her fully-formed horns. With a sharp tug and a loud crackle crack, they split off. As one, she swings them like clubs at either side of the tiny man's head, hopefully to knock him unconscious. "Gotta knock him out... before we end up with more clowns," She explains, the statement split in two by a loud yawn (during which she takes the opportunity to toss the horns aside).
  193. gijoespouse2: Cait lays there motionless for several moments...before finally getting up on all fours.  "Damnation..." he mutters as he limps his kitty butt over to the others.
  195. Palanius: Limps over towards Raikiri, putting a hand on her shoulder "You ok?"
  197. machinegunblues: Psyke staggers to his feet, and refastens his blindfold. The weird trick with the black holes in the head could be easily surprised as Rob taking advantage of the place's weird dream-logic.
  199. SomethingWitty: "Do NOT touch me," Raikiri warns, shrugging Arac's hand away and climbing back up to her feet. She turns her back to the gunkid, so he can't see her ugly form...
  201. GeneralFreedom: "A... ah! What are you dooof!" The Mental Giant yelps as he's battered into dreamland. There's an annoying ringing suddenly and the carnival begins to fall apart! In moments the heroes are falling out into a black void... and back into their own, more pleasant dreams...
  203. Palanius: Is about to speak up as the dreamland begins to crumble and they all fall apart.
  205. SomethingWitty: And then, just as she's ready to go search for her mask, the dream falls apart, and she returns to a much more relaxing dream about a waterfall but instead of water the water is ice cream.
  207. gijoespouse2: Cait finds himself falling for awhile...before landing on all fours in a familiar basement beneath an old run down arcade.  With a sigh, happy one at that, he settles into one of the beat up couches in the dream.
  209. (10:14:11 PM) GeneralFreedom: Sweet dreams Gen Prime... FOR NOW.
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