From Hell To Home 7

Dec 9th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >It was another lazy Friday
  3. >After a long, wonderful day at work you found yourself sitting on your an Sunset's couch
  4. >Your bacon haired roommate was sitting next to you
  5. >Both of you had your feet propped up on the coffee table in front of you
  6. >Between your feet laid an empty pizza box
  7. >You were splayed out on the couch as much as your large frame allowed, a bowl of popcorn in your lap and your eyes glued to the TV
  8. >Sunset had her side pressed against yours, her head resting on your shoulder
  9. >A large, bright pink cup was nestled between her thighs
  10. >There was the mother of all curly straws coming from the cup that made it all the way up to Sunset's face
  11. >She was sipping on the cup's contents, staring at the TV with the same unflinching attention at you were
  12. >Other than the TV and the sounds of hot air being pushed through the vents, the apartment was completely silent
  13. >Not that you minded
  14. >You were warm, your belly was full, and you had a pretty girl drapping herself all over you
  15. >So, all-in-all, it was a pretty good night
  16. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Sunset let go of her straw
  17. >She licked her lips, taking a deep breath and she shifted her weight on the couch
  18. >"This movie is awful," she said to no one in particular
  19. >You nodded
  20. "Yeah, it is pretty awful," you agreed. "It isn't as bad as that comedy one you made us watch last week though."
  21. >The two of you went quiet for a moment, watching your TV screen
  22. >There was a women wearing a penguin costume trying to hit on a dolphin
  23. >You had no idea why...
  24. >This was supposed to be a fantasy thing...
  26. >In fact, wasn't this movie animated like five minutes ago...
  27. >Your attention was pulled away from the TV by a ring
  28. >Both you and Sunset looked down at your pajamas
  29. "Hmm. That's me," you said, lifting your arm from Sunset's shoulder and reaching into your pocket
  30. >Pulling out your phone, you inspected the screen
  31. >Huh...
  32. >Someone sent you a message on Clapshat...
  34. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  36. >Be Celestia
  37. >This was a bad idea
  38. "Chrysalis, this is a bad idea."
  39. >You were sitting in your livingroom
  40. >It was late, and after a long, hard week at school you and Chrysalis had found yourself eating far too much Chinese food and drinking too much wine
  41. >Luna, being the lightweight that she was, had passed out an hour ago
  42. >You, being the wonderful sister that you were, had placed a blanket over her
  43. >Chrysalis, being the pain in the butt she was, had taken it upon herself to scribble all over her face with magic marker
  44. >But that wasn't important!
  45. >Well, it would be important tomorrow because Luna was probably not gonna be too happy about having cunts all over her face, but there was something WAY more important
  46. >Somehow, Chrysalis had managed to get ahold of your phone
  47. >While this normally wouldn't have been a problem, your friend had taken it upon herself to sent a message to a particular person
  48. >Someone that you hadn't the courage to contact after talking to him the first time
  49. >"You won't get anywhere if you just sit around like a bitch, Cel," Chrysalis said, kicking her feet up. "And besides, I just sent him a hello."
  50. >You licked your very dry lips
  51. >You knew that you were being silly
  52. >Chrysalis was right, it was just a hello
  53. >But...
  55. >You stared down at your phone, feeling your stomach tighten
  56. >What if he didn't respond?
  57. >What if he send you a message telling you to leave him alone?
  58. >What if he didn't even remember who you were?
  59. >From what you've been told, most guys have HUNDREDS of followers on these apps
  60. >You might just be a drop in the--
  61. >You jumped as you phone buzzed before trying to snatch the phone out of Chrysalis's hand
  62. >She easily dodged your swip, taking on your phone's screen
  63. >"He said hello too," she said. "He also hopes that you're having a good weekend."
  64. >You don't know why, but the news relieves some of the tightness in your gut
  65. "O-Oh, well good. Now why don't you--CHRYSALIS!"
  66. >Chrysalis, ignoring you, began typing something
  67. >You tried grabbing your phone, only to get a foot pressing against your chest
  68. "Calm your tits, sis. I'm just asking him what he's doing," she said
  69. "Y-You're being too pushy!" you said, fighting against the foot holding you at bay. "He's going to--"
  70. >The phone buzzed again
  71. >Chrysalis, giving you a wink, tapped your phone a few times
  72. >"He says that he's watching a movie. The cutie also asked you what you're doing."
  73. >It took several seconds, but you eventually realized that you were no longer trying to grab for your phone
  74. >You were sitting on your couch, your arms hugging your chest, eyes wide
  75. >...
  76. >What should you have Chrysalis text him back?
  77. >You couldn't say that you were drinking like some frat girl
  78. >You needed to look mature
  79. >Man liked a mature woman
  80. >They liked mature, wealthy woman with their heads on straight and the desire to have many, many children with
  81. >...You think
  83. "Tell him that I'm..."
  84. >Your brow furrowed
  85. >Think...
  86. >THINK...
  87. "Tell him I'm, um... writing my dissertation for the PHD I'm getting!"
  88. >That'd impress him!
  89. >Nothing like a doctorate to get the men running!
  90. >Chrysalis gave you a look
  91. >Clicking her tongue, she began typing on your phone
  92. >"I'm busy trying on new underwear..."
  93. >...
  94. >What?
  95. >You dove on your friend, frantically trying to get your phone away from her
  96. >"Chrysalis! You better NOT have put that!" you growled
  97. >Chryslis grinned, wiggling and squirming as she continued to type away
  98. >"The bra I got is a bit too small though," she read aloud. "You wanna see it?"
  99. >A blush exploded across your face
  100. "CHRYSALIS!"
  101. >"Cause I wanna see your dick."
  102. "Give me back that phone!"
  103. >"Send pictures please. I need something to jill off with and I can't think of anything better than your big, sexy body, cuti--omph!"
  104. >You snatched your phone off your friend as she curled into herself, holding her gut
  105. >Frantically, you looked down at your phone
  106. >To your terror, you saw that Chrysalis had written down ALL of that
  107. >SHIT!
  108. >...
  109. >SHIT!
  110. "WhatamIgonnado?" you said, typing random things on your phone, trying to delete the massages
  111. >You needed to do something
  113. >If you didn't do something Anon would never want to talk to you again
  114. >Then you wouldn't get to know him
  115. >You never know what it felt like to have to lean up to kiss a man!
  116. >Or be the little spoon!
  117. >You'd never have guant children!
  118. >You nearly dropped your phone when it buzzed
  119. >It was another message from Anon
  120. >Oh no...
  121. >Biting your lip, you tapped on the little icon, mentally preparing yourself
  122. >Ohhhhh!
  123. >If Chrysalis ruined this for you you were never going to--
  124. >...
  125. >What...?
  126. >You looked down at the message, terror giving way to confusion
  127. >//Send newts first pls ;)//
  128. >Chrysalis, still holding her stomach, took a peek at your phone
  129. >"Well? What are you gonna do, Cel?" she asked, nudging your ribs
  130. >Do...?
  131. >What...
  132. >Why would...
  133. >Did...?
  134. >As your brain short-circuitedm another message popped up on your phone'
  135. >This time it wasn't from Anon
  136. >It was from someone named ShimSlamm69
  137. >Without thinking, you added the person to your friends, to see what she wanted
  138. >What you got were six very long very ANGRY messages
  139. >...
  140. >What?
  143. ~_~_~~_~_~_~_~
  145. >Be Anon again
  146. >"Oh I can't fucking BELIEVE someone would fucking...
  147. >Your popcorn was no longer sitting in your lap
  148. >In its place was a very upset horse girl
  149. >Sunset had her cheeks puffed up adorably as she looked down at her phone
  150. >The girl was typing a million miles an hour
  151. >Every once in awhile she'd grumble something angrily to herself, squirming in your lap
  153. >Sunny had seen the messages that you had gotten
  154. >She was, obviously, not very happy with the messages' contents, something which you found incredibly adorable
  155. >You might not be very happy that an opporunity to get yourself from free nudes was gone with the wind, but it was pleasantly surprising that your roommate was so protective of you
  156. >It was... nice to see that she cared about you this much to be worried about something as simple as this
  157. >It also wasn't a bad deal to have her in your lap, angry though she was...
  158. >Chuckling it yourself, you wrapped an arm around Sunset's middle, leaning her back so you could rest your chin on top of her head
  159. >Sunset didn't even seem to notice, too focused on chewing out the person that had sent you that message
  160. >You were gonna have to remember that username for the future...
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