The Next Cycle: Races: The Slynthids

Aug 21st, 2012
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  1. The Slynthids (AKA Void Born) are a cybernetic species with amphibious biology. Slynthids have lived in space ever since their home planet became uninhabitable as a result of their expanding sun. They live in large ships and space stations, however due to having time to plan the evacuation the Slynthids were able to anticipate the potential pitfalls of life in space and enact countermeasures, including the transport of as many flora and fauna as possible in fine-tuned bio-ships, Cybernetics with built in VIs to keep their immune systems strong, and a deliberately decentralized government. They currently have a few colonies for supplies, trade and as a means of building new ships, They have also earned a seat on the Tribunal, often providing the Citadel with one of their powerful fleets.
  3. The Slynthid home world of Vizzith received little sun light due to its multiple moons and rings, causing them to develop large, dark, light sensitive eyes; a holdover of this is that the environments on their ships are still considered very dark by most species standards. Slynthids also possess moist light grey skin, a circular mouth ringed with 6 tentacles, three fingers and three toes. Their life cycle starts off as one of about twenty mindless tadpoles, growing in a nursery tank; as they grow they eventually start gaining the capacity for rational thought. As they are born in clutches they are encouraged to spend their youth exploring.
  5. Slynthid government is divided into 3 official clans and one unofficial; each clan is a division of multiple extended family groups that they call Dynasties, it is regrettably common for a family to break off and become a small pirate fleet. It is then the rest of the clan’s job to deal with them. The Slynthids have carved themselves a niche as traders and merchants as well as a naval force, families often bringing prizes from a fight into the market places.
  7. Of the Clans are the Aloc, the Ispep, the Mroth, and the numerous Pirate Fleets that wear the moniker of the Blackstorm.
  9. Members of the Aloc clan are typically the most traditionalistic Clan; often opting to have the cosmetic affects of their cybernetics surgically concealed. As they are the most open to terrestrial life it typically falls on them to manage the colony worlds. Unlike the other clans, most of them are actually born on a planet. They believe in communal families, collectively raising all children as a duty to the Clan and family as a whole. They see their entire clan as their family.
  11. The Mroth Clan by contrast has become more insular, preferring face concealing garments like masks, veils, or simply never removing their combat helmets in public. They only show their faces to family members, and favor small two spouse families rearing their children themselves. They also have preference for flowing garments like gowns or long jackets, often wearing carbon composite weave versions on duty.
  13. The Ipsep Clan seems to be the most out going, often the ones to broker interspecies relations. They seem to have an odd obsession with garments covered in belts buckles and straps. They seem to prefer multi spouse families raising the young as a small but dedicated group. Members of the Ipsep clan are often found as merchants and diplomats, As a result they are often seen as the most influential of the three true clans.
  15. Slynthids have a dark and heavily armored aesthetic, often wearing helmets with swept crests and segmented joints on their tendrils; this appearance has caused numerous issues with The Vorcha inhabiting the resource rich Slynthid colony in the [Sol] System, due to an apparent resemblance to Vorcha folk demons.
  17. (Note [ ] means it's a translation)
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