Chapter 07

Dec 12th, 2017
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  1. >The elevator goes up not so quick but either so slow
  2. >Perfectly smooth how is supposed to be
  3. >The necklace that Shade gave you and you don’t any distraction from your thoughts
  4. >Those photos of Green Hornet reminded you of your childhood and how everything went to the hell due to the whims of destiny
  5. >The sole idea of ruin that small and happy filly’s life concerns you
  6. >And your concern is quite obvious due to the swirl you hang in your neck
  7. >”You look kinda sad, how are you feeling?”
  8. “Yes… I’m worried”
  9. >”Why?”
  10. “Well… I don’t know if this is a good idea. What if I make a mistake and I ruin innocent lives?”
  11. >She ponds for a while ”I don’t think that you’re gonna do such a thing. If Sunset choose you it must have been for a good reason”
  12. >You just sight
  13. “If you say so…”
  14. >A beep announces that you arrived and the door slowly opens letting in the sunlight inside
  15. >You walk outside with Lyra
  16. “I have to admit, I’m still impressed by the scenery of this world”
  17. >”Yeah, it’s a nice place”
  18. “It was weird to use that elevator without getting inju-”
  19. >”Anom! Watch out!” screams Lyra but before you can react something small and hard hits you
  20. >You fall on the floor and then you pass out
  21. >...
  22. >You open your eyes with some confusion. You see a blurred blue head with two giant eyes and an orange square in the middle
  23. >”Are you OK? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you” it sounds like a scared little girl
  24. >You just shake your head and then you make a quick jump to stand on two legs.
  25. “Who was?” and you throw some punches in the air
  26. >”Anom-” and you put your hoof in Lyra mouth before she can say anything else
  27. “Shhh… the enemy must be hiding somewhere”
  28. >The only person (or horse in this case) you can see other than Lyra is an orange filly pegasus with a blue helmet on her head, a saddlebag, and a scooter
  29. >That pegasus looks kinda nervous “In fact… it was me”
  30. >Wait for a second
  31. >You know who she is
  32. >”I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was distracted…”
  33. “Hey…” and you bend your neck doing a little crack sound “I would be lying if I say that you are the first girl who hit on me” and you wig your eyebrow
  34. >Scootalo doesn’t understand your joke but Lyra in the other hand clears her throat
  35. “I mean… you need a little more than that to hurt me. My name is Anom, and you are?”
  36. >”Scootalo…” she still looks a bit embarrassed
  37. >The scooter that shocked you it’s made of wood and has a metal handle and four plastic wheels. It reminds you of a skateboard you had in your childhood
  38. “Wow, this looks so cool!”
  39. >”Really?... I mean, I know. I did it myself!” and she now is pretty proud of her handcrafted sport equipment
  40. “Can… I try it?” you want to know if you still have the touch to ride it
  41. >”You know how to use it?”
  42. “Sure! Some time ago I was an excellent skater, it’s a piece of cake”
  43. >”Okay, but before…” and she puts her helmet on your head “safety first”
  44. >You accommodate the helmet because it’s covering your eyes and then you feel a weird weight on your back… Is it a saddlebag?
  45. >Kinda weird how you forgot that you had one, it felt so natural the whole time.
  46. “Whatever, check it out!”
  47. >And you lay your front legs on the handle and then you propose the skateboard with a kick on the ground
  48. >You move very slowly a few meters and then you lose the balance face-planting on the floor
  49. >Scootalo try to hide her laugh as she helps you to stand again
  50. >”That… wasn’t very good”
  51. “Yeah”
  52. >”You said that you were a good skater”
  53. >Maybe you had to remember that that “time ago” was almost 10 years ago, without to mention that you have a new body with a different balance than before.
  54. “I exaggerated… I always wanted to have a skate and learn to use it, I guess it’s not for me…” you try to justify your lack of talent in something that even a kid can do better
  55. >”Don’t be so pessimistic, you only need to learn to use it”
  56. “Yeah, I guess so” you laugh awkwardly
  57. >”You.. are new here, don’t you?”
  58. “What gave me away?”
  59. >”Well, to begin with, your accent it’s kinda different from anypony I have ever known and I never saw you before”
  60. “I guess you know everybody in this town…”
  61. >”It’s not a big city, it’s easy to have seen everypony at least once. By the way, you just made it more obvious”
  62. >”How so?”
  63. “Nopony here says ‘everybody’, where are you from?”
  64. >”Mmm…”
  65. >Think! You try to remember the map that you saw at Sunset’s office to know what to say. It must be a place that sounds to be like Buenos Aires but nobody in the show has ever mentioned too much.
  66. “Ba… Baltimare!”
  67. >”Baltimare?” she ponds for a while “I never heard about there…”
  68. >Fair enough
  69. >”Hey! I have an idea, would you like to take a city tour with me?”
  70. “It would be fun, but why?”
  71. >”Because it’s one of my duties like a Cutie Mark Crusader and who knows, maybe we could find out your talent, gaining your cutie mark would be a great way to start your life here”
  72. >Damn kids and their enthusiasm, you don’t know whether to be happy for her positivism or embarrassed for her simple way to think. But, it worth a shot to relax for a while of your through
  73. “Sounds cool…” you turn your head to Lyra who looks happy to see you less depressed than before in the elevator “Can I go? Pretty pleeeeease” you make your best puppy eyes
  74. >”Okay Anom, but try to behave”
  75. “What are you talking about? I’m a good gentle… colt” you can’t say that word without a cringe.
  76. >She raises an eyebrow and then she sighs “I’m gonna trust you. By the way, Bonbon and I we were going to a see a junior ballet function in the city theater at afternoon, we could meet there”
  77. >You nod and she strokes your mane, as your face gets red like a tomato
  78. “Lyra! Not in front of she, you’re embarrassing me”
  79. >She just grins “Oh, really? I’m so sorry~”
  80. >Is she making it on purpose?
  81. >Whatever, you’re gonna get your revenge but for now, she just leaves
  84. ----
  86. >With Lyra gone out, you are alone with that cute pegasus
  87. >”So, where we should go first? The Sugarcube Corner or maybe the Friendship Castle It's pretty cool, you know?”
  88. >Any of that sounds good, but you don't want to be a nuisance, she sure had to do something else to do before hitting you.
  89. “I don't know… what were you to do anyway? You know, before meeting me”
  90. >”I was about to practice some bungee jumping”
  91. “Sweet! Would you mind… if I accompany you?”
  92. >”Mmm… ok”
  93. >The both of you walk through the city
  94. >”So, are you Lyra’s family?”
  95. “She's my aunt”
  96. >”Oh I see, she looks very nice”
  97. “Certainly she is, by the way, you mentioned to be a member of the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’ where are the other ones?”
  98. >It’s quite strange how she was alone, they were together most time on the show
  99. “Yeah… we decided to take different paths today to try something else”
  100. >That sounds familiar…
  101. ”I guess is right… if you spend too much time with somebo… pony you end up getting tired of his company”
  102. >”Tired? That does not make any sense, we are great friends after all”
  103. “Yeah, but sometimes you need to get your own time to think clearly or even enjoy thing on your own”
  104. >She now looks a little sad, damn, maybe you need to be less straight-up. They are really close to each other
  105. >What if you separate them?
  106. >No!
  107. >You can be responsible for break up a so great team of fillies who are so helpful to everyone around and are so happy together
  108. >You need to say something to let her hopes up
  109. “Look at the bright side, the next time you'll see them again, you are gonna have something interesting to talk about”
  110. >But when you look at her again, you can't see her. You are in an apple orchard and you hear a scream in the distance “Anon! Over here” Scootalo is far away and you run up to her
  111. >She looks happy and that’s a relief. Her youthful and cheerful mind can only be depressed for existential questions for so long. You certainly envy her
  112. “Where we are? Is this Sweet Apple Acres?”
  113. >”Yes” she cocks an eyebrow “how do you know it”
  114. >Damm
  115. “Mmm… Lyra told me about”
  116. >”Ah ok”
  117. “Why are we here? You came here to pick apples?”
  118. >”To do some bungee jumping, how you forgot?”
  119. “Oh right!”
  120. >”Just follow me”
  121. >And she leaves her skateboard to began to climb the three.
  122. >Wait a second… how she is gonna do it with hooves, HOW YOU ARE GONNA DO IT WITH FUCKING HOOVES?!
  123. >She does it without any trouble, but you on the other side…
  124. “Hmm… do you know how to climb, right?”
  125. >”I’m on it!”
  126. >After an embarrassing while of trial and error, you realize how to do it.
  127. >At morning when you tried to… do that… you learned how these hooves can be like little pads and inflate in determined areas of your flog to manipulate stuff.
  128. >Them even can adapt to the wrinkle of the tree
  129. >That’s quite strange, but it would be more strange that the evolution process didn’t lead to a dominant species to be able to manipulate tools without fancy magic
  130. >With that you finally climb that damn tree
  131. >It’s a new kind of experience using this body control
  132. >You has an evil grin thinking how many fun you’re gonna have with these hooves
  133. >No, no. Fucking naughty mind, stop having this kind of thoughts, you’re with a filly now
  134. >I like fillies~
  135. >I said shut-up!
  136. >”Hey, why so many troubles down there?”
  137. “Hmmm… Baltimare doesn’t have trees, I didn’t climb one in a while”
  138. >”Oh I see, well let’s do this”
  139. >With you up on the tree, she takes off her saddle bag and takes out a vest and a flexible cord. She ties one extreme of the cord on the tree branch where you two are and the other extreme at the vest back. She then she puts on the vest.
  140. >”Okay, pay attention and watch” and she just jumps off and you watch in owe to the ground.
  141. >Scootalo comes back to the branch immediately “It was pretty easy”
  142. “Yeah, you’re pretty good at this”
  143. >”It’s not that hard, in fact, it was my first time. Wanna try?”
  144. >Her first time? Well, his talent is to make extreme sports but you… no. This could be dangerous, your body is too new to try this kind of stuff
  145. “I don’t know if is a good idea… don’t you want to do it again?”
  146. >”Come on, what are you? A scaredy cat?” she has a smug smile
  147. “What? First of all, cats are cool as hell and secondly… give that helmet and vest, I’m gonna teach you who I’m, silly filly~”
  148. >Ready to jump you see at the bottom and you gulp “There’s any problem?” she screams from the other side
  149. “Not at all, this is easy peasy” and you jump with your eyes closed.
  150. >You open them to see the floor coming to you and you scream like Tom the cat to then go back to the branch, but instead of that, you jump over the tree and then going to the sides making you rolling around the branch like some crazy needle clock. Finally, you are wrapped by the cord back where did you jump.
  151. >Upside on the branch Scootalo is doing her best try to not laugh at you without success and finally laughing her ass off.
  152. “Hey, it was not funny! I did it on purpose” you have an unamused face but her laughs catch you and you can’t help but join her.
  153. >”Do you need a hoof?” she asks you after she wakes to you.
  154. “It would be helpful” you feel a bit embarrassed for needing her help.
  155. >She unwraps you with caution to don’t making you failing on the floor.
  156. >After you are free again you thanks her
  157. “Thank you for the help, hehe, what do you want to do now?”
  158. >”I don’t know, any idea?” and a growl from your stomach catches both of your attention
  159. “What about some food? I skipped breakfast today”
  160. >”We could go back to the town and eat something…”
  161. “Wait for a second, it’s not necessary…” and you look inside your saddlebag “I still have the sandwiches that Bonbon made this morning… do you want one?”
  162. “Sure!” and you give her one of the sandwiches.
  163. >She sits on the branch as you lay your back on the trunk of the tree eating your meal.
  164. “A nice view, a delicious food and a cool friend, what else I could ask for?”
  165. >She makes a little laugh in answer
  166. “What's so funny?”
  167. >”You are so weird…”
  168. “Weird?”
  169. >“I mean a good way, I don't know how to say it”
  170. ”Thank God, I was expecting the worst”
  171. >”But…” She ponds for a while “You're kinda clumsy”
  172. “Yeah…”
  173. >“I mean, it didn't have passed a day since we meet us and you had already three accidents”
  174. ”Hey, the first one it wasn't my fault if I recall correctly…”
  175. >”Point taken, but still, it's weird how you have so much bad luck…”
  176. “Oh, knew that I only could hide my curse for so long…”
  177. >”Curse?”
  178. “I didn't want to talk about the subject, but you'll see when I was born a powerful evil wizard cursed me to have bad luck…” and you sigh looking down
  179. >She gasps “seriously? I'm sorry?”
  180. “You totally fell for it…”…” you snicker with a shit-eating grin
  181. >She slightly punches your shoulder “I was pretending…”
  182. “Of course…”
  183. >”Hey I should go back with the girls, want to come?”
  184. “I’m not sure, I don’t want to be a nuisance”
  185. >She starts to climb down the three as keep sitting without moving
  186. “I don’t think so, but there’s a problem…”
  187. >”And that's it..?”
  188. “That you can’t catch me!” and she gets on the skateboard to run
  189. >You hop off the branch to trot to her “Hey! It’s not fair! Wait for me!”
  190. >The running feels so good, the wind waves your mane and tale and instinctively you start to flap your wings.
  191. >The place is pretty good looking, you see the sun rays go through the tree leaves impregnating the almost wild but dainty vegetation. The Cyclades sound fills the air with some birds as well
  192. >As you’re lost in your throughs you hear a scream “Having problems to keep my pace?”
  193. >You return to the real world to accelerate and you finally reach her, but she already stopped
  194. >And behind her, there’s a small white tree house with hearts on the windows. Definitely, this is the CMC clubhouse.
  195. “Here I’m!”
  196. >”Why you took so long?”
  197. “I was admiring the scenery,” you say with certain irony tone in your voice
  198. >”Hi!” a squeaky voice screams behind you
  199. >When you turn your head to see the origin of that sounds, you see a small white unicorn filly with lavender curls
  200. >”Hi Scootaloo... “ And then she glances you in confusion “Hi…” and she looks at the orange pegasus “Who is he?”
  201. ,
  202. --
  203. >”This is Anom, he's new here”
  204. “New?”
  205. >Scootaloo nods “He's from Baltimare, he just moved here”
  206. >”Baltimare mmm?”
  207. “Yes! That's right, what's your name?”
  208. >”I'm Sweetie Belle…” and she trots a little seeing with curiosity at your virgin butt cheek, trying without success to no catch your attention. You know what it means, but the best you can do is play around with it and act a little
  209. “Why are you seeing my flank like that?” you move your tail to hide your cheek and making a shy expression
  210. >”Me? I was just seeing something…” she says looking to the sides
  211. “You mean… it’s because… my flank  is…” and you look at the floor with sternness “fat?”
  212. >The white filly puts a confused expression “What?”
  213. “I know, I know… it’s so big and meaty” and you put a hoof in your forehead closing your eyes to look sad saying that.
  214. >”No… No…”
  215. “It disgusts you?”
  216. >”What? No...”
  217. “So, why you looked like that… Do you like it?” and you wiggle your eyebrow
  218. >”No!” she says unamused
  219. “Come on Sweetie, you can touch it if you want. It doesn’t bite” and you blink her
  220. >”Anom!” exclaims Scootalo bothered
  221. “What happens, do you also want?”
  222. >”No! She was looking at your flank because is… white”
  223. “Ohh… I see”
  224. >”It makes you feel bad to talk about that?”
  225. “What you mean? It just a draw in your bu… back.... It doesn’t mean anything but what are you destined to be. I mean, what’s the worst it could happen? Have a wrong one and have a miserable life and the possibility to be isolated because you have a meaningless talent? Or even worst, don’t have one at all and being a useless pony without friends, family or life’s sense?”
  226. >For some reason the sole idea of having a white flank it clicked how important it’s to have that stupid icon in your butt.
  227. >Scootalo approaches you “Hey, don’t worry, sooner or later you’re gonna get your cutie mark”
  228. >”Yes! That’s we are for. We as The Cutie Mark Crusaders have the mission to find and discover everypony talent” continues Sweetie Belle
  229. >It’s pretty hard to feel sad with these fillies around
  230. >MLPG posters would trade their souls to be in my shoes right now
  231. >But there’s a solid fact, you’re not a “natural” equestrian pony and there’s an important chance that you’re not to get one
  232. >Maybe you’re taking this too seriously, you need to ask Shade about the whole deal
  233. >At least in the process to get one you have some fun and meet new friends
  234. >”Hey, where’s Apple Bloom?” asks Scootalo to the unicorn
  235. >”I don’t know… maybe we should check the clubhouse” pounds Sweetie
  236. >With that, the three of you climb the stairs
  237. >Inside the clubhouse it’s dark and you can only see the apple filly sit in a corner a giving you the back
  238. >Apple Bloom turns her head to the girls and you “Havin’ fun with your new friend?”.
  239. >She doesn’t look happy at all, in fact, she looks annoyed.
  240. >Who shat in her cereal? You just appeared here.
  241. >Maybe you should do an effort to remember if this was in an episode.
  242. >”Hey Applebloom? Do you mind if I open the window, it looks kinda scary…”
  243. “Yes… did she kill anyone?”
  244. >Scootalo open a curtain and the walls and roof are full and full of papers, each one drawn with a red marker of ponies crossed out.
  245. >You turn your face to the angry pony
  246. “So... where did you hide the bodies?” you ask to the apple horsie as the fillies give you an awkward expression.
  247. >You can barely remember where have you seen this.
  248. >It doesn’t help that you saw almost every episode of this season drunk because at this point you only cared about the lore important ones and you didn’t pay too much attention to the slice of life kind of episodes.
  249. >Let's see… there was one where the Crusaders tried to get their marks but they already had them, then they… made a concert and… mmm….
  250. >Then they met a colt and they... danced together?
  251. >Yes?
  252. >No… there was more… Applebloom got crazy?
  253. >Because…
  254. >Crap you have no time for this, you have to act quick
  255. “No, I swear”
  256. >”He just appeared here, I met him in Ponyville.” Scootalo tries to calm her friend
  257. >And Sweetie Belle adds “He’s a little weird...”
  258. >”It must be because he’s from Baltimare” ponds for a while Scootaloo
  259. >Sweetie Bell gasps “I heard that most ponies there wear pants, it’s that true Anom?”
  260. “Hmmm… It is but I disagree with that because our bu-- flanks deserve to be free without any fabric repression”
  261. >”You must feel weird without pants…” ponds Sweety
  262. “Yeah, a bit. But I always wanted to walk around without any clothes without getting weird stares at me. And between you and me, It would be a shame if you had to hide that cute back” you wink her, she gives you an expression of confusion
  263. >”Anyways, Apple Bloom why are you in such a bad mood, you usually are more joyfully to meet new recruits”
  264. >She sighs “I know I know, I guess I flew off the handle. Y’all see. I was horsin’ around doing all kind of activities and it was so frustratin’! I felt out of place most of the time. I even tried to learn dance and I was a disaster. There I met a colt who was great dance, but he was scared to act to be on stage in some dance show”
  265. “You mean the one at the city theater?”
  266. >”How… did you know” asks the yellow apple filly.
  267. “Because my auntie Lyra told me to meet her there with Bonbon at afternoon”
  268. >Sweetie Belle ponds for a while “Maybe we could go there to help him out!”
  269. >”Yes! He maybe he needs a little kick to do achieve his talent” Scootaloo cries “Crusaders in action!” and the three of them runs out of the house.
  270. >You follow them through the city
  271. >Again, it feels so satisfying trotting with these hooves.
  272. >Minutes later the girls and you finally reach the theater
  273. >Once inside, you see some fillies and colts dancing on the stage and a rule 63’s Scootaloo version looking at owe the stage, which has some fillies and colts dancing.
  274. >Hey! You know this colt, you had seen him in some mlpg posts and por-- art.
  275. >He must be the main character of this ‘episode’, right?
  276. >”Tender!” exclaims Applebloom “Why ain’t you on the backstages preparing to dance on stage?”
  277. >The orange colt looks at the floor with sadness “I can’t…”
  278. >Applebloom gasps “Why?”
  279. >”Because… It’s too scary! I told you, I’m scared to fail and make a fool in front of everypony around here… what if I trip on or I do a make a mistake…”
  280. >Then a stallion and a mare from the public stand and waves to the colt “Hey son we can’t expect to you, we are sure that you’re gonna make a great show!” says with joy the stallion, “We love you cutie!” adds the mare.
  281. >He ducks on the floor with fear and panic “No! My parents! What if I let them down? I can’t! I can’t!”
  282. >”Are you nuts? You are the best dancer I ever saw… sorry for don’t help you with your problems. I was too full of myself to even listen” she sighs “and I guess I was a bit meanie with you Anom…”
  283. “Huh? What you mean?”
  284. >”When I met you back there, I was a bit crazy, can you forgive me?”
  285. “It’s not necessary, I heard worst things about me a long time ago. But right now… we maybe should focus on that faggy colt”
  286. >”Faggy?”
  287. “I mean scared... scared colt”
  288. >And then she goes back to the orange pony
  289. >”Do you think he too is from Baltimare?” asks Sweetie Bells
  290. “What do you mean”
  291. >She points at this back “Look!”
  292. “The pants? I don’t think so, the rest of the dancers use them too…”
  293. >She giggles “I didn’t notice that…”
  294. >Scootalo pounds her chin “I don’t know if it’s a good idea  to wear uniforms to make a physical activity, the clothes restrict in a way the movement”
  295. “Without to mention the sweet pony buns I love so much”
  296. >Sweetie Bell looks you with confusion but before she can say anything Applebloom comes to the girls and you “We need some help here” she says.
  297. >Scootalo asks “How so?”
  298. >”Well Y'all see, Tender wasn’t decided to be on stage so he needs a new costume and backdrop”
  299. >Sweetie Bell ponds for a while “Mmm… I could use a little of what I learned from my sister to make him an outfit”
  300. >”And I’m sure that my bungee skills would be handful as well”
  301. >You want to be part of this because you feel like there’s something that they are not taking account for some reason, so you raise your hoof with excitement
  302. “Hey girls! I wanna help too!”
  303. >”Mmm. Ay dunno, how you want to?” asks Apple Broom with a doubt in her face
  304. “Mmmm… I think that he needs a little training I feel”
  305. >”Training? He’s one of the best dancers around…”
  306. >You walk up to the nervous colt “You don’t understand my sweet apple, I don’t mean here” and you point at his hoof “I mean here” and you move your hoof to her chest
  307. >Obviously, Tender doesn’t comprehend what’s going on “Hello? Who are you…?”
  308. >You put your hoof in her muzzle “Shhh… The answers are going to come at the right moment, young grasshopper”
  309. >Sweetie Bell talks with a low voice to Scootaloo “Where did you find this colt, it’s kinda weird”
  310. “Girls, don’t worry about him. We need a little colt talk”
  311. >The white unicorn doesn’t look very satisfied with your cooperation “I think you’re the one who needs help”
  312. >You laugh at response “Haha, I always enjoy to joke a little”
  313. >”I wasn’t...”
  314. >However Scootalo shows a bit more confident of your intentions “Come on, Tender looks too nervous to be on stage and Anom could be like a good motivator, he could help him to be more confident”
  315. >”Okay...” and she rolls her eyes
  316. >You put a band wrist on your head and a whistle on your mouth, then you turn your face to the orange colt “Come on boy, show me your moves!”
  317. >He moves his head to the sides “I.. can’t… too many ponies!”
  318. >For Christ's sake, he’s a total faggot
  319. “Right… let’s go outside”
  321. >And the both of you walks out the theater
  322. “The coast is clear”
  323. >He sighs for a moment but then starts to dance and boy, he’s fucking talented! He swing her hooves with a majestic tenacity and following a complex patron of steps that would destroy a DDR dance pad. But if wasn’t enough he moves from his spot next to you to a light pole and spin around it ala Singin’ in the rain style.
  324. >You drop the whistle from your mouth keeping your eyes wide opened, but then you shake your head “It was good… but I don’t understand why are you so feared of fail, it’s obvious that you don’t have any problem with dancing”
  325. >He drops his ears “I don’t know. Sure I can do it good now, but what if I fall on my legs or I forgot the steps at the stage?” and then he starts to hyperventilate.
  326. >You put your arm on his neck
  327. “That’s not going to happen… I have an idea”
  328. >“What is?” he says keeping his anguish
  329. >”Close your eyes and listen me carefully”
  330. >And he does “Okay, now what?”
  331. “Just imagine you being on the stage, in the spotlight”
  332. >”No! I can’t move”
  333. “Why?”
  334. >”They are staring on me!”
  335. “That’s right, you know why?”
  336. >”Because…”
  337. “Because they are waiting to see a majestic show”
  338. >“I can’t…”
  339. “Of course you can…”
  340. >”No… they know… that I’m a failure”
  341. “A failure?”
  342. >”Yes, the public… is laughing at me!”
  343. *Tssk* *Tssk “They’re dead wrong, because you’re gonna shine tonight”
  344. >”No, they are right” and he start to drop tear through his closed eye
  345. “No, no, take it easy!”
  346. >And he opens his eyes with fear, sweating and exhaling fast.
  347. “I think we should take another approach” and you pound for a while
  348. >A light bulb pops on the top on your head cause you had a great idea
  349. “I got it! Wait me here!”
  350. >He nods and you run searching for a shop in particular and you find it, The Carrousel Boutique.
  351. >You enter inside it making ring that little bell at the over the door. Instantly a familiar white unicorn appears in front of you “Hello and welcome-”
  352. “Yeah yeah I know, can I rent a dress?”
  353. >She doesn’t say nothing for a moment “Mmm… of course, for who?”
  354. “For me madame… where do you have them?” and she point at a corner of the shop, you look through the different ones.
  355. “Great! This one matches perfectly with my eyes, but I think it makes look my butt bigger”
  356. >It’s a light green wrap dress with a with white sewist
  357. >”I think…” she says confused with the whole situation.
  358. “Hey, can you borrow me lipstick and a brush?”
  359. >”Sure…”
  360. >Quickly, you paint your lips and brush your mane
  361. “Maybe I’m not Miss Universe but it’s going to work”
  362. >”Work for what? Do you need to talk about something darling” says Rarity preoccupied.
  363. “What? No! I’m just helping out a friend”
  364. >”OK, If you say so. But remember if you need any help you can always come back…”
  365. “Don’t worry Rara, I’m just right” and you gave her some bits and you run back to the coward colt.
  366. >Once there, you get close to him
  367.  “Teehee~ why hello there…” and Tender turn his head to take an expression of confusion.
  368. >”Anom? What are you doing?”
  369. ”Anom? Who’s he? My name is Glamour Amor~ and I came here to ask you to be my dance partner at the graduation party” and you wink him
  370. >“What are you doing” and he start to giggle “Why the dress and that” now he laughs louder “the lipstick! You look like a clown” and he burst in laugh
  371. “That’s how treat a lady?” and you slap him with a handbag on his face, making he falls on the floor “So you learn”
  372. >He stands up again ”Why was that for?” he now is bothered
  373. “Sorry sorry, I let go myself…”
  374. >You take off your dress and clean your face
  375. >”Anyways thank you for try, but I’m a lost cause.”
  376. “Of course not, you only need to relax a little”
  377. >”I don’t know, maybe I should quit and stop making you and girls lose your time…”
  378. “No, listen me-”
  379. >But then a green mare and a orange stallion gets close to us, the Tender Taps parent.
  380. >“Hey! How is doing our little spout?” asks the mare
  381. >“Me? Good” says Tender with a fake smile
  382. >“Do you feel insecure? You can abandon if you don’t feel good about this” suggest his father
  383. “Of course he not! He’s going to doing great!”
  384. >”In fact I was about to-”
  385. >”Are you a new friend of him?” ask the stallion
  386. “You could say it” and you wink Tender
  387. >”That’s good to know” the mare gets close to you “He has some issues meeting other ponies. By the way my name’s Silly Prances and he’s Foxtrot”
  388. >The stallion nods
  389. “Good to know, my name is Anom by the way”
  390. >Tender looks to the sides embarrassed and blushed
  391. >”However, have a good time you two” says the stallion before the couple leaving the place
  392. >Tender let out a sigh “Sometimes I wish they leave me alone for a while”
  393. “Do you hate them?”
  394. >”Not at all, but they don’t stop to follow me wherever I go”
  395. >Maybe this is the problem, helicopter parents
  396. “I think I know what’s the problem. Close your eyes again”
  397. >”Are you sure?”
  398. “Yes”
  399. >“Okay... “
  400. ”Now, you’re in the stage, but this time nobo- nopony is around”
  401. >“Yes, Just me… dancing…”
  402. ”It makes you feel better?”
  403. >“Yea- Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?”
  404. “Mmm… no, they-”
  405. >”Leave me alone, you… stupid, stupid, AAAAH!! Sorry I didn’t mean to scream you” and he starts to sob with his eyes closed.
  406. >Maybe he needs some show of affection, so you unfold one of your wings to envelope him under it.
  407. >He calms a little “Do you think I’m a mean colt?”
  408. “What you mean?”
  409. >”I think that.. that… I hate my parents. I shouldn’t, they only wants the best for me” he lets out a sigh “I feel like I’m ungrateful”
  410. “Mmm… You’re wrong and right at the same time”
  411. >”How so?”
  412. “Well, you’re right to hate your parents right now, but you’re also wrong for that. Did you tell them about what you feel?”
  413. “Mmm… I was about to do it”
  414. >”Since when exactly?”
  415. “Some time ago…”
  416. >”Well, you just have to be honest with them and tell them what you feel”
  417. “It’s not necesary…”
  418. >”It is and you know it”
  419. >He sighs and open slowly his eyes. He turns his head to his back
  420. >When he sees your wing there, his face gets red as a tomato
  421. >”What are you doing…” he says somehow annoyed
  422. “I was trying to comfort you” and you wiggle your eyebrows
  423. >”Humm… thanks I guess, but it’s not necessary” and he moves out from your wing
  424. “It annoyed you?”
  425. >”Yes, I mean no… I don’t want to talk about that”
  426. “Ok, I don’t see the problem of having some good bro time”
  427. >Before he can say anything Applebloom comes from the theater
  428. >“Hey how are y’all doin’?”
  429. >”Great! I’m ready!” he sweats as he says that
  430. >Could it be? He’s gonna do it?
  431. >Obviously yes, you’re a fucking good sensei
  432. >Miyagi would be proud of you
  433. >The both of you come inside the theater where the rest of the filly trio is waiting
  434. >”Hey, how it was?” ask the white unicorn
  435. ”It was pretty good, he’s one of the best dancer around. He had the moves but not the mood”
  436. >”Great, I did him a costume to wear at stage” and Sweetie Belle levitates from behind some orange and purple rags.
  437. “Great, where it’s? Inside this rags?”
  438. >”What rags?”
  439. “You mean, this pieces of fabric”
  440. >”These are the costumes…”
  441. “What? He would look better without this… in fact he doesn’t needs to wear nothing at all, the world needs to witness his great coltness!!”
  442. >”What in tarnation are you talking about, he needs to wear something to improve his look, don’t you know nothing about entertainment?”
  443. “Mmm.. of course I know!”
  444. >”Hey you two, cool off” exclaims Scootalo, bothered by the fight
  445. “Okay… I guess it’s worth the shot, hey Tender come here”
  446. >He comes next to you “Yes?”
  447. “Put on this, Sweetie Bell made it especially for you. It doesn’t matter how ugly looks you must wear it” and you roll your eyes in annoyance.
  448. >”Of course it’s not perfect, I had to made it in less of an hour”
  449. “Fair enough… taking into consideration that, it doesn’t look that bad”
  450. >As you and Sweetie Belle keeps talking, Tender puts the costume.
  451. >”Hey” Tender tries to catch our attention “How do I look?”
  452. >You take a glance at him, he looks like a little mapuche with that costume… he looks so cute!
  453. >You wonder how could you look with it, nah, the costume only works with him, it still pretty bad looking
  454. >A mare approaches to you and Tender “Okay Tender, are you ready to be on stage?”
  455. >He makes an awkward smile and nods slowly
  456. “Have luck my boy, through you don’t need it anyways”
  457. >As he was going behind curtains you slap his butt and then he stops and turn his face
  458. >”Hey!” he protests
  459. “Go! Go! There’s no time to doubt” and you move the orange to be on stage
  460. >Scootalo and Sweetie looks you confused by that
  461. >”Mmm, why you… slapped his flank?” Scootalo asks
  462. “To give him luck and confidence, of course. My old friends did that to me every time I was on my school acts… the good old times” and you look up for a moment
  463. >Applebloom comes close to the rest of the CMCs and you. She’s dirty with some fresh paint and her mane is disheveled
  464. >”Well, in time to the act, the scenery is ready” says the appul filly “So, how y’all doin’”
  465. >”Pretty well, but Anom…”
  466. “Yes Sweetie?”
  467. >”How did and Tender did it out there?”
  468. “Well lads, I wasn’t easy. To begin with, he doesn’t realize how good he’s and it’s in part fault of his parents”
  469. >”His parents?” Scootalo asks
  470. “Yes, they’re overprotective with him, I only hope that they don’t make anything stupid like cheering him at the middle of his act or something like that…”
  471. >”Mmm…” Scootalo pounds for a while “I have an idea… Wait me for a moment”
  472. “Do you need any help?”
  473. >”No!” she screams “I mean no thanks, just wait me and trust on me”
  474. “Ok…” you raise an eyebrow. You wonder what she’s gonna do…
  475. >”See you later!” and she trots away
  476.  >”I think he looks happier now” Applebloom looks at the stage behind a curtain
  477. “Just like I taught him”
  478. >”Yes, he’s about to dance it seems” adds Sweetie Bell
  479. “That’s my boy!”
  480. >”Now it’s prettified.. and sweeting”
  481. “Of course, without me he wouldn’t even… WHAT”
  482. >”Oh oh” says Applebroom
  483. “HEY WHAT’S-” you scream but Apple and Sweetie tapes your mouth with their hooves
  484. >You takes away their hooves with your ones
  485. “I can’t believe, why he doesn’t even try? What’s his problem?!”
  486. >”Calm down, he must be trying to do it, it’s hard to him”
  487. >No! Something is going wrong! You need to remember how this fucking episode ended…
  488. >You can only remember Applebloom dancing on stage with the same costume…
  489. >That only means one thing…
  490. >It’s pretty obvious
  491. >In the episode the little Applehorse was jealous because she rejected like a girlfriend and he chose Diamond Tiara instead
  492. >And then she decided to dance too, to compete against him and humiliate him
  493. >So, he showed how better than she is and he forgotten his fears to shine!
  494. >Or it was an anime...
  495. >Or a fanfiction…
  496. >Well, let’s take a try
  497. “Applebloom, listen me!”
  498. >”Yes Anom?”
  499. “Listen me, I have an idea. You need to dance with him on stage”
  500. >She ponds for a while “Oh, I get you! You want to making him feels better having me on stage too, so he can feel more confidence?”
  501. “Mmm… yes! That’s the idea of course mon amie… in fact we should both be on stage, he needs a lot of confidence”
  502. >”So you two are going to join him on stage?” asks the white unicorn
  503. >You and AB nod in answer
  504. >”Luckily I have made two costumes too before”
  505. “Mmm… are you implying that moi should use that piece of… I mean.. that cloth?”
  506. >”Come on Anom, if we are going to be on stage with him, we need to wear the same”
  507. “I don’t know, I don’t want to ruin my aspect...”
  508. >AB and SB exchange both smug smiles and SB winks
  509. >”I don’t think y’ar gonna look bad, in fact you would be pretty cool with that”
  510. >”I agree with you Applebloom, fillies really love this kind of clothes, after all we are on wooden season”
  511. “Really?”
  512. >Both nod
  513. >”Oh yeah, not even me can resist the refinated aspect of a good suited colt” as she says that, she makes you bedroom eyes.
  514. “Alright girl, I can’t let down any future fan of me. Bring it on”
  515. >And with that, Sweetie bring the costumes to you and Applebloom
  516. >You and her put them and are ready to go on stage
  517. >”Let’s do it!”
  518. “Yeah my little apple, let’s break it down!”
  519. >Both of you go on stage and then you get closer to Tender who is still petrified like a stone as Applebloom starts to dance in front of the stage
  520. >”What? What are you doing here?”
  521. “We came to help you…”
  522. >”I… I don’t need any help, I’m fine, see?”
  523. “At least this is a ‘being frozen like a statue’ competence, I don’t think so”
  524. >”I’m scared…”
  525. “Why?”
  526. >”I told you, look at the public”
  527. “They look pretty calm…”
  528. >”No, they are judging me with their darting eyes!”
  529. >The only weird thing that you can see, it’s Scootaloo talking with Tender’s parents
  530. “I don’t see anything like that, in fact I’m going to give you a lesson about confidence…”
  531. >And you walk behind him to start to dance… not so greatly
  532. >You has the grace of a drunken pig but you don’t care
  533. >“Anom! What are you doing?”
  534. “Dancing, cause it’s fun!”
  535. >You keep shaking your head and ass as you walk from a side to the other
  536. “I don’t want to be rude, but… you are not so good…”
  537. >”I know right? I wish I had an inch of you talent dude, but at least it makes happy to move around, I’m a free spirit!”
  538. >Some of the ponies at the public giggles a little
  539. >”They’re laughing at you! Stop please!”
  540. “Only if you dance~”
  541. >”No!”
  542. “Well, the show’s mine then…”
  543. >”Yours? It’s my act!”
  544. >Mmm… it seems that your keikaku it’s working
  545. >”Maybe I’m bad, but at least I do something else than being scared about what could be wrong” and you boop his nose ‘Oh look at me I’m so fragile and sorrowful…’”
  546. >His face changes from a frightened one to a most aggressive and proud one
  547. >”I’m going to show you who is fragile…” and he trots away with a regile aspect
  548. >He now is on the middle of the stage and you can feel his determination and you keep dancing because you enjoy to do it
  549. >As he starts to dance you feel something on one of your hind leg… it must be a snake!
  550. >You try to shake it out but it doesn’t work, the damn reptile slide up!
  551. >You start to running on circles
  552. >Meanwhile Tender Taps still dances, he’s very concentrated to see you
  553. >Some of the foals notes you and they starts to laugh
  554. >You suddenly hear a poof sound, like if something heavy fell on the floor
  555. >And you notice how that snake it was just a piece of rope
  556. >A big piece
  557. >So big that continues to behind the curtains
  558. >You wonder where it leads
  559. >And unfortunately you’re about to get the answer
  560. >The rope starts to get more stiff until it drops you
  561. >Now you’re starting to go up as you try grab the floor with not avail
  562. >As you go up you scream in terror, even with that Tender is still dancing and the adult ponies ignore you keeping their eyes at him
  563. >Except by two mares from that public
  564. >”I wonder how Anom is doing” asks Bonbon to her best friend
  565. >”Look!” and Lyra points at you
  566. >”What in tarnation? Is that him?”
  567. >And the both of them let their chairs and runs toward the scenery
  568. >Meanwhile you finally reach the top of the mechanism, it’s one of those thing with a wheel with a sack of sand and a rope
  569. >This part of the theater it’s kinda dark
  570. >You can only see the floor of the theater down to you
  571. >”Hey” somebody says
  572. “Who is there?” you ask as you keep slowly spinning
  573. >”Just an admirer of fine arts” says a voice which sounds like a less emotional version of Bart Simpson
  574. “Weird place to look the show I must say…”
  575. >You can only see a silhouette of a small unicorn colt over a stage catwalk
  576. >”Hey, do you need any help? You seem to be in some… struggles”
  577. “Take a guess”
  578. >”Okay… put your hooves here…”
  579. >And you lay your front hooves on the stage catwalk edge
  580. >After a short while, the rope starts to glow with a golden light and moves with you over the bridge, then the rope unravels from your forelegs
  581. “Wow, you made that?”
  582. >”In effect”
  583. “Who you are?”
  584. >”You could say an old friend…”
  585. “I don’t think I had listen your voice before... What’s your name?”
  586. >”You can call me HF by now, but inevitably we are going to meet again”
  587. “What do you mean? Wait a second… that smell, you are-”
  588. “Anom!” screams a feminine voice coming from the extreme of the bridge.
  589. >You turn your face there to see who is
  590. >Is Bonbon and Lyra coming to you
  591. “Hey! Look who found…”
  592. >And you turn your face again to your side
  593. >He just disappeared
  594. >Before you can say anything Lyra and Bonbon are next to you
  595. >“Anom! What happened?”
  596. “I-”
  597. >A white glow comes out from the stage
  598. >You move your head to see what is going on
  599. >Tender is levitating
  600. >Could it be…?
  601. >He’s getting his butt stamped!
  602. >You feel kinda proud of him
  603. >He got it
  604. >He reached his destiny
  605. >As he get down to the floor you waves him
  606. >”You made it! Congratulations”
  607. >The orange colt notices you and looks at you with confusion
  608. >”Anom? How did you got there?” he screams
  609. “It’s a long story…”
  610. >”Are you OK?” asks Bonbon “We maybe should go to the hospital…” and she examines your head.
  611. “Nah, I’m fine. It’s necessary more than a rope to hurt me”
  612. >”If you say so…” she answers
  613. “And Lyra, remember that ‘invention of my imagination’?”
  614. >”Yes…”
  615. “He just paid me a visit right now” you say with a smuggest face
  616. >”What!?” Bonbon gulp “Did he tried to hurt you?”
  617. “No! In fact he helped me…”
  618. >”What you know about him?” asks Lyra
  619. >You pound for a while
  620. “Well, he was a small colt, unicorn and his name was… HF”
  621. >”HF… I see”
  622. >“Don’t you know him Bonbon?” Lyra asks to Bonnie
  623. >”Yes, I think”
  624. “I’m in troubles? Is he dangerous”
  625. >”I don't think so, but I’m relieved that he’s doing fine…” and she sighs looking at the distance.
  626. >After you reach the end of the stair the CMCs, except for Scootaloo; and Tender come to you.
  627. >”Anon! What happened in there?” Asks Sweetie
  628. >”Yes, how got up there? I felt from the stage and when I stand up again, you got trapped in those ropes…” adds Applebloom
  629. “Well, one thing led to another and the first thing I remember was hanging up on the ceiling” you pound for a while “Speaking of which, I saw Scootalo in the public talking with Tender parents”
  630. >You suddenly realize it, she did a lot for the mission.
  631. “Of Course” you raise a hoof “Scoots it’s a genius!”
  632. >”What you mean?” Tender asks confused at your statement
  633. “Don’t you see it? That’s why your parents didn’t bother you, she was distracting them”
  634. >”In fact…” a familiar voice behind you speaks “I was talking with them”
  635. >You turn yourself to see the orange filly with the two ponies you were talking about
  636. >”Mom! Dad! I… did it good?”
  637. >”Better than good, sweetie you clearly surpassed our expectations” says Silly Prances
  638. >”Seriously? Hehe” and he rubs his neck a bit embarrassed
  639. >”Yes but... you should talk about how do you feel with us more frequently” retorts his Foxtrot
  640. >”I know, but I was feared I could make you feel bad if I said that you bothered me…”
  641. >”What? No…” his mother giggles a little “We knew it… we even agreed to keep quiet the whole show”
  642. >”Seriously?”
  643. >Both of them nod
  644. >”But you know what makes you really proud?” says his mother
  645. “That he got his butt marked?”
  646. >Sweetie Bell bangs your head
  647. >“That… and also, that you got good friends to help you to get over your fears” Tender’s mother answers.
  648. >”Hey, I have an idea, what if we take a picture to remember this moment?” suggests Foxtrot
  649. >He ponds for a while “Hey you” and he points at you “Do you want to take it”
  650. “Yes!... I mean, of course I would be grateful to be of help for you…”
  651. >He gives you a camera, an old style one. It’s a bit heavy but nothing you can’t manage to hold.
  652. >”Maybe you should use the tripod” suggests Silly Prances as she notes how you tremble and sweat
  653. “Ye-yeah good i-idea”
  654. >You unwrap the tripod down the camera and holds the device on the floor
  655. >You’re ready to take the picture and the whole family shares a grupal hug
  656. >Fucking lord, they look so adorable together sharing this moment
  657. >Easily you could envy this feeling of a joined family but instead you just feel empathy for them
  658. “Okay, when you’re ready say whis- cheese!”
  659. >The three of them scream the key word and you take the photograph
  660. >Flash!
  663. >With the photo already taken, the whole family leaves the place, but not without before greeting you and the crusaders
  664. >Before Tender get out of the theater you want to advise him a little
  665. “Hey Tender, wait up!”
  666. >The orange colt turns his heads to you
  667. >“Hmmm… yes?”
  668. “Did you learn something today?”
  669. >”I guess, I need to be more assertive and be honest about what I feel”
  670. ”Yes and…?”
  671. >”I dunno…”
  672. “Move your boot!”
  673. >”What?”
  674. “You heard me!”
  675. >”Ok, I guess…” and he laughs awkwardly. “Well I have to go, goodbye”
  676. “Chauu!”
  677. >You wave him as he and his family leaves the building
  678. >Now you’re alone with the CMC while Lyra and Bonbon are talking with other ponies.
  679. >You let out a sigh, there it was a long day. You really met new people and surelly learnt about this insane harmonic world a bit more.
  680. >The crusaders get closer to you
  681. >”So, we were talkin’ about you and we agreed that you should be part of our group”
  682. “What? Why? I didn’t do too much to deserve it…” you say a bit nervous
  683. >”Are you crazy?” replies Scootaloo “You helped Tender to get over his own fears and you even you made yourself a fool on the way”
  684. “Ok, but… there are some rules to be a member? Like ending anybody who opposes to our message?”
  685. >”No, not at all. But you need to do something…” adds Sweetie Bell
  686. “And what is?”
  687. >”Stop talking about your flank!”
  688. “I thought this group was about that…”
  689. >”We are the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’, not the ‘Booty Hunters’...” she responds
  690. “Ok, I understand” you reply with a brush in your face
  691. >Lyra and Bonbon approach to you
  692. >”We’re going back home, do you want too?” asks Bonbon
  693. >You yawn in answer to her offer
  694. >You’re kinda tired. You wonder if it was due to the long day you had and your colt body giving up
  695. >A good dinner and bed sounds like a tempting idea
  696. “Sure, but before going home can I say goodbye to the girls?”
  697. >”No problem, we’re waiting you here” she responds
  698. >You get close the Crusaders, they’re talking and giggling
  699. “Hey Girls, I’m going back home and I really wanted to thank you for leaving me to be with you today…”
  700. >”Well, you really are a strange colt” says Applebloom
  701. >”Yeah and sometimes you drove us crazy for petty reasons” adds Sweetie Bell
  702. >”But in the end you only want to help everypony and don’t be alone” concludes Scootaloo
  703. >You don’t know what to say, their naivneses is something that you can’t still believe
  704. “I… I…” you still have no words to speak
  705. >You start to water and you try with no avail to close your eyes to hide the fact that you’re crying
  706. >You just hug and kiss on the cheek each one of them
  707. >They really doesn’t say nothing for a while, just clean their cheeks with their hooves
  708. >”Mmm… where you had been on Prance?” Asks Sweetie Bell
  709. “No, why?”
  710. >”Because I had read that only ponies from there kiss friends”
  711. “Oh, sorry about that! Mmm… Where I’m from it’s a normal etiquette to say goodbye to close friends and family. I hope I hadn’t bothered you…”
  712. >Well shit, this is embarrassing. This remind you the time when you traveled to USA and did the same thing with an online friend you just met.
  713. >”I dunno, I think it was cute” says Applebloom
  714. >”Nah It was dumb” says Scootaloo with a little blush in her face
  715. “Hey Scoots, you look embarrassed. Did you like it? I can give you another one if you want…” you say with a devilish smug
  716. >”Like it? Keep dreaming squirt. However, have a good time”
  717. “So, goodbye girls”
  718. >Suddenly you remember the bag you have in your saddle bag.
  719. “Hey Sweetie Bell, take this”
  720. >You give her a white paper bag
  721. >”What it's?”
  722. “It’s a dress, I rented it from your sister's place”
  723. >She takes it with her magic, with a confused face
  724. >”Why you rented a dress?”
  725. ”It was part of a plan to help Tender”
  726. >“Ah of course…”
  727. “Well, now really goodbye…”
  728. >They say the same and you leave the theater along your caretakers
  729. >You’re really tired
  730. >You went to Discord’s place, the SMILE’s base and also being with the CMCs
  731. >Lyra notices how you trot clumsy and takes you with her magic to put you on her back
  732. “Mom, this is not necessary, I can walk by myself”
  733. >You’re really tired to even notice that how you called Lyra and immediately pass out.
  734. >As you are in the dreams realm (figuratively speaking, Luna didn’t pay you a visit today) Lyra and Bonbon doesn’t say much
  735. >They reach home and Lyra leaves you on your bed “Anom?”
  736. >You don’t wake up completely, you open your eyes a little
  737. “Yes?”
  738. >”Dinner is going to be in around an hour” she says from the door flame
  739. “Okay, thanks” and you keep sleeping
  740. >This was the first time in years to you to going bed so early, but you need a nap
  741. >Zzz...
  742. >Zzz...
  743. >”Hey wake up sleeping beauty”
  744. >”Are you listening me?”
  745. >Zzz…
  746. “Discord?”
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