"Mortified Modeling" ~Complete

Apr 20th, 2017
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  1. >"I really think this is the perfect opportunity for you Miss Rarity, i understand if this was not the type of modeling you had in mind but you understand how tough it can be to get into the business."
  2. >If Fluttershy can be a model so can you.
  3. >That's what you'd told your self a few weeks ago when you'd tried to pull a few strings with your contacts in canterlot to get your first shoot.
  4. >But things had quickly proved more difficult than you had originally thought.
  5. >Everyone thinks they have what it takes to model, the truth is dear fluttershy had simply been very very lucky.
  6. >After weeks of trying to set up something one of your contacts had finally come through but it was not quite what you'd had in mind.
  7. >Lingerie modeling.
  8. >Not that you were denying you had the figure for it but it was just a little more intimate than how you'd imagined your first gig going.
  9. >You were currently being given a tour of the studio by a middle aged mare, Mrs. Strict Shot.
  10. >It was professional certainly.
  11. >Sure there were several mares prancing around in some frilly panties and garters that made you blush a little but nothing wildly untoward.
  12. >Shaking your head back to the conversation and away from that one mares cute flanks being photographed in her tight little black panties you turn back to Strict Shot.
  13. "Well you are right it is not what i had in mind but I suppose sometimes a mare has to do what a mare has to do."
  14. >"Oh wonderful i had really hoped to work with you Miss Rarity you have the most marvelous figure for this kind of work!"
  15. "Oh you are too kind darling!"
  16. >"I mean it not every mare has the body shape you do Rarity much less the flanks."
  17. >You give a polite laugh to cover your embarrassment.
  18. >Of course you knew why you'd been picked for this line of work, it had a lot to do with your overall looks but most the reason was shall we say behind you, but it still made you flush to hear her say it so boldly.
  19. "Well yes I do my best to stay in shape darling! So when can we start?"
  20. >"If you were up to it i was thinking we could do some practise shoots today actually?"
  21. "Oh so sudden. I suppose I actually don't have any plans for the day besides this. Oh why not let's steam ahead dear!"
  22. >"That's just what i wanted to hear, let me just go set a few things up you stay here and relax. I'll be back in a few minutes tops!"
  23. >With that the slightly older mare trots away with a spring in her step.
  24. >This was all going so fast, you had only planned on stopping by now you're about to be doing your first professional photo shoot!
  25. >Well a practise shot but still it was a start.
  26. >Letting your attention wander you find yourself watching the mare currently occupying the studio you were in.
  27. >You try not to blush too much when you see the rather lewd position she's arranged herself in.
  28. >Her tight black with white trimmed panties barely covered her shapely behind as she bent over a counter to reach some spices in the rack above her.
  29. >It occurred you to you that that would soon be your derriere on display clad in only panties and tantalizingly framed in garters.
  30. >Oh my the way she wiggled...
  31. >Would they want you to do that?
  32. >You suppose you could but it seemed so provocative...
  33. >You simply can't look away as she wiggles her tushy even more for the camera.
  34. >The more you look at the cuter it is, plump round firm and even a tinge red.
  35. >It almost looked like a little blush had been applied to her lower cheeks, you wondered if there was such a thing as bottom makeup?
  36. >You supposed you'd be finding out soon enough.
  37. >"Shes quite cute isn't she?"
  38. >You jump and have the good grace to look a bit embarrassed at having been caught checking out another mares bottom.
  39. "Ah yes as you say, I guess I simply couldn't look away haha."
  40. >"Worry not sweetie that will be you soon enough, the envy of mares and stallions everywhere! This way please."
  41. >Leading you down a few halls you arrive at a separate studio soon enough.
  42. >"Now I know you know how to pose but I just want to get you used to being in front of the camera. Your changing room is right over there and I've already set aside an outfit for you. Just come out here when you are ready."
  43. >Nodding your understanding you try to look confident as you trot to your changing room.
  44. >Your changing room! You're a real model now!
  45. >Closing the door behind you you only take a moment to happily trot in place at having finally made it
  46. >You knew you could do it! Now to dazzle your new employers with the best practise shoot they've ever seen!
  47. >You only blush a little as you hold up what Strict Shot had laid out for you.
  48. >It was a pair of black silky high rise panties complete with some lovely flowery lace around the legs and waist line.
  49. >The garter belt was even more lace that seemed determined to frame the seat in just the right way to draw attention to it while holding up the stockings.
  50. >You gulped, You'd seen stallions out there doing the lightning...
  51. >They'd see you prancing around like a mare about to present herself... could you really do this?
  52. >Shaking your head you do your best to steel your resolve.
  53. >This was your big chance and if it had to start with a little embarrassment then so be it!
  54. >A few minutes later you were checking yourself in the mirror.
  55. >Strict Shot had chosen well for you, the black on white white coat was a striking contrast and frankly your derriere just barely fit giving the panties a wonderful if embarrassing full look.
  56. >A knock at the door draws your attention away from your backside.
  57. "Oh yes yes come in!"
  58. >Strict Shot walks in and closes the door behind her before giving you a long up and down.
  59. >Her critical gaze makes you blush as she walks circles around you even pulling a stocking here and there to make some final adjustments.
  60. >"Yes yes this looks great Rarity you are just perfect for this."
  61. "Oh darling you are too kind."
  62. >Brushing off your comment she stops in front of you to address your face instead of your rump.
  63. >"You look wonderful! Now just do your final plumping and be out in say 5? 10 minutes?"
  64. >Plumping?
  65. >What the devil is that?
  66. >You try to act professional but you have no idea what could take 10 more minutes, your hair looks divine does it not?
  67. "Oh umm yes of course the uhh plumping..."
  68. >"Tools are in the closet and the room is rather well insulated so feel free to do a good job! Not that your bottom isn't cute enough but every mare can use a bit of help."
  69. >Tools? You are so confused and it must show on your face.
  70. >"Oh dear you have no idea what I'm talking about do you?..."
  71. "I must admit you have me at a disadvantage..."
  72. >"My apologies you just seemed to well informed I though you must have talked to another model before or something."
  73. >Walking over to the closet Strict Shot throws it open, what you see inside makes your knees go weak!
  74. >Brushes! Paddles! Belts! Canes! Straps!
  75. >Backing away from the horrifying display your rump bumps into the far wall.
  76. >It seems the closet contains every possible instrument of bottom based discipline you can imagine! Some of the paddles are huge! Even the brushes make your knees weak in fear of feeling their wrath!
  77. >"Just relax Rarity relax!"
  78. >You must have looked terrified if the look Stern Shot gave you was any indication.
  79. >She positioned herself between you and the implements of backside destruction to block your view.
  80. >"Rarity listen to me. Mares in this industry well they need a competitive edge. Having a shapely bottom is important but most mares want any advantage they can get."
  81. >You try to look at her and not the cabinet giving you flashbacks of your teen years over your mother's knee.
  82. >"Forgive me for saying so but based on your reaction you know what this kind of stuff is used for is that right?"
  83. >You give an embarrassed head nod.
  84. >"Ok ok that's good that's great having experience helps a lot I promise."
  85. >Trotting to your side she brushes up against you encouragingly, you soon find yourself being lead closer to the closet you can't take your eyes off.
  86. >"Just breath Rarity it's going to be ok i promise."
  87. >Your vision is still locked forward on one particularly old looking wooden paddle you swear your mom used to own, oh gosh how it had worn you out!
  88. >Stern Shot keeps talking from beside you in a gentle and reassuring tone.
  89. >"Did your mother use one of these Rarity?"
  90. >You catch yourself nodding and blush in embarrassment, you hadn't even mean to answer her it had just happened.
  91. >"That's good that's great Rarity most models in this business were the same."
  92. >Finally shaking your head and breaking eye contact with the offending paddle you turn to face Strict Shot with a bright red face.
  93. "So I'm to understand by 'plumping' you mean...?"
  94. >"Sounds like you know what i mean already heh."
  95. >She gives you a friendly grin you try to return but you probably still looked scared.
  96. "I'm afraid I do... All too well..."
  97. >"You of course don't have to do it if you don't want Rarity but it's best to get used to this kind of thing early. You'll never make it far without a little help back there unfortunately."
  98. >She flicks her tail and hits you in the seat of your panties causing you to jump a little then laugh nervously.
  99. "Oh my this is a lot to take in. I suppose that explains the bit of red on that last mare i thought was makeup..."
  100. >"Oh Sterling? Yes she uses a paddle and has always had great results with it. If there's too much red we just take it out in editing. It's much easier to adjust color then add volume if that makes any sense to you."
  101. >You don't know much about magical picture editing but you suppose that made sense.
  102. >That mare had been paddled!
  103. >And then went right to a photo shoot and smiled!
  104. >Taking a deep breath you look back at the wall of bad memories.
  105. "She must be a very tough mare..."
  106. >"Yes is a tough industry, you have to build up a bit of tolerance to it since you still need to smile for your shoot and not ruin your makeup. Rarity if you aren't up to this i understand."
  107. "No no i can do this it's all just a bit of a shock is all."
  108. >Strict smiles at you and gives you a firm pat on the back.
  109. >"Thats a good mare i know you had what it takes! Now look you're going to need some training, I'm guess it's been awhile since your mom used this?"
  110. >She floated over the brush you'd been eying in her magic bringing it right in front of you.
  111. "A umm a few years yes..."
  112. >It's so big please tell me shes not planning on using that...
  113. >"How many Rarity? Sorry but I need specifics."
  114. "Oh my really? just a couple years to be honest..."
  115. >"2 years ago? That's good you are probably still tough back there."
  116. >She takes the opportunity to swing the brush through the air making you back away in fear.
  117. >"Come here Rarity I know it's scary but let's see where you stand in all this."
  118. >Hopping up onto the straight back chair Stern Shot pats her lap while the brush floats beside her.
  119. >Everything inside you was screaming at you to run for your life but you managed to choke back your fear.
  120. >Walking up to her side you hesitate, you can't just bend over this mare lap like a filly you just met her!
  121. >As if sensing your hesitation Strict Shot lights up her horn and takes a firm magical grip on your ear.
  122. >"I know I know it's weird but trust me you'll get used to it."
  123. "Ah ow ow!"
  124. >Ignoring your squeals Strict Shot drags you over her lap with the skill of a mare who's done this hundreds of times before.
  125. >"Don't worry i'll start you off light and we'll see how well you handle it ok?"
  126. >Before you can even think of an answer you gasp as feel her hoof rubbing the tight seat of your panties.
  127. >Just as you open your mouth to protest you feel the hoof rise then slam back down with shocking force!
  128. "Ouch!"
  129. >"Yeah I'm sorry but ouches are part of the job Rarity."
  130. >Not missing a beat Stern brings her hoof down again just as quickly 3 more times.
  131. >Her pace has you gasping as she works to cover your derriere one spank at a time!
  132. >"If you really want me to stop just say 'Coconut' ok?"
  133. "OW ow ow!"
  134. >"Perfect your doing really great!"
  135. >At least she had given you an out but you knew if you ditched now this would be the end of it.
  136. >Then again when she didn't show any sign of stopping or even slowing at 10 smacks your bottom demanded you consider all options!
  137. >"You are doing so well Rarity! Most fillies are doing must worse by now but your going strong!"
  138. >It gave you some satisfaction knowing all that time over mother's lap was paying off but Oh MY YOUR SEAT!
  139. "Ah ah ow ouch please please not so hard!"
  140. >"Shhhhh just focus on the goal Rarity. I can already see your bottom filling out your making great progress!"
  141. "I can't please I'm going to cry!"
  142. >"That's ok this is just a test to gauge your endurance. SMACK SMACK SMACK! From here we can figure out what works best for you to get the plumpest bottom!"
  143. >Hearing you were allowed to cry didn't help your resolve not to cry one bit and the tears soon start to build up in your eyes, your poor makeup!
  144. "But ow please ahhh the shoottt ehhh!"
  145. >"Don't worry we'll still have the shoot, think of this as a crash course in modeling! Sometimes you just gotta do what it takes!"
  146. >Your bottom is full on burning now and the thick black panties aren't helping with the heat issue at all!
  147. >If Stern is offended by the kicking your doing now she doesn't show it so you kick and squirm even harder!
  148. >Her firm grip on your never wavers though, this was an experienced mare!
  149. >Finally giving your bottom a break you collapse panting over Stern's lap.
  150. >"Good girl good girl..."
  151. >She takes to patting your back and rubbing the seat of your panties, it makes you blush but it's worlds better than what she was just doing.
  152. >You almost relax til you feel her magic pinch the waistband of your new panties.
  153. >Hearing you gasp and struggle to look back up at her and your bottom she gives you a little shrug.
  154. >"Sorry but I've got to see the results."
  155. >Giving you no choice in the matter she quickly yanks the seat of your panties to your thighs making you flush bright red.
  156. >She holds you firm as you squirm trying to hide your everything from the older mares critical gaze.
  157. >"Rarity this is great no bruising at all just a healthy shade of red!"
  158. >She pats your bottom in humiliating congratulations.
  159. >"You have a very tough seat young mare your mother must have kept it quite red until very recently!"
  160. >If you could blush any redder you'd catch on fire.
  161. "I... well she... umm... thank you?..."
  162. >"You were born for this industry Rarity. I'd never forgive myself if I let a filly like you miss her opportunity."
  163. >Yanking your panties back up you breath a sigh of relief, at least it's over!
  164. >"Normally I'd give a new filly a break but your so tough i want to get you up to speed as quickly as possible sweetie."
  165. >Your heart stops cold.
  166. >No no she couldn't mean...
  167. >Your fears are answered when you feel the cold tab of hardwood on your already very warm bottom!
  168. "No no wait please isn't that enough!"
  169. >"It can be if you want Rarity but trust me this is perfect for you! Just use the safe word if you want out though!"
  170. >Raising the hairbrush high you can only watch in terror as it crashes into your poor little panties.
  171. >If you had been yelping before you are screaming now!
  172. "AHHHHH NO NO STOP!!!"
  173. >What was that damn safe word!?!?!?
  175. >"Just use the safeword Rarity! I'm so proud of you you're doing so great!"
  177. >"You are doing as well as sterling as shes a pro dear! You could go all the way in this industry! You're so swollen and still no safeword!"
  178. >Your bottom felt like it was twice the size it should be but you hoped it was all in your mind.
  179. >Then again it was hard to focus on anything with the brutal spanking you were receiving only getting worse and worse!
  180. >What was that safeword!?!!
  181. "AHHHHH Bananna!!"
  182. >The spankings continued.
  183. >You're gonna die here! Spanked to death!
  184. >You could have sworn it was some kind of fruit and your hiney could take no more!
  185. "Strawberry!!! Apple!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!
  186. >"Thats right let it all out Rarity! You still aren't bruised so we can go as long as you think you can handle it!"
  188. >Did you do it?
  189. >She horrible brushing had stopped! Oh thank Celestia!
  190. >Your celebration is cut short as instead of letting you up Stern yanks down the seat of your panties again!
  191. >"Sorry Rarity but I've really gotta see my work from here out. I've never had an amateur make it this far to be honest."
  193. >"Just remember the safeword, I'll keep going til you use it! I don't want to cut you off when your on a roll like this!"
  194. >Before you can beg for more mercy your voice is replaced with a scream as the brush starts in on your bare bottom!
  195. >She said you were not bruised but you were starting to lose feelings in your lower cheeks! How could you not be!?!?
  196. >"I can't wait for this photoshoot Rarity! We can probably use these professionally you'll be so well prepared!"
  198. >A photo shoot with your face like this!?!? You'd be ruined!
  199. >"I just hope these panties still fit you when i'm done!"
  201. >The barrage does not let up but to your horror you notice a thick strap float out of the closet covered in Stern Shots distinct magic.
  202. >"Whew sorry but i'm getting tired Rarity. I know you want to do your best for the shoot though so let's pull out the big guns what do you say?"
  204. >"Good girl!"
  205. >You had thought your bottom was too numb to feel much pain anymore but Stern Shot quickly proved you wrong!
  206. >The strap left a burning line of fire across the bottom half of your rump that made the tears already ruining your makeup flow twice as fast!
  208. >Stern's dedication to her job is commendable but eventually even she has limits.
  209. >After a few more minutes of positively destroying your poor cheeks she finally puts the strap down on the small of your back.
  210. >Your collapse in a defeated heap across her lap as your bottom continues to feel phantom spanks that you know as purely in your head.
  211. >"Oh wow I'm sorry Rarity i had no idea you were such a professional! I'm just exhausted!"
  212. >You just pant over her lap as the magic takes a hold of the waistband of your panties again.
  213. >This time going the opposite direction Stern has a hard time fitting the previously tight panties over your unbelievably well disciplined cheeks.
  214. >The seams stretch and pop as she finally gets your panties back up though they look as if they are ready to burst at any moment.
  215. >"Amazing work Rarity!"
  216. >You can only grunt in acknowledgement with your voice so worn out from the screaming.
  217. >"Come on I know you're tired, celestia knows i am, but hop up we gotta get the pictures while you're still fresh!"
  218. >Too tired and sore too argue you slide off her lap and struggle to stand normally.
  219. >Rushing to your side to support you the older mare leads you out the door and back into the studio.
  220. >You had forgotten for a moment where you were. The bright lights make you squint your eyes as your guide leads you right where she wants you.
  221. >"Good girl here just lean over this."
  222. >Whatever this was it was nice and cold and hard.
  223. >Collapsing onto the surface, a table or counter of some sort? you close your eyes and relax.
  224. >You'd earned a good break after that ordeal!
  225. >Your relaxing break was immediately shattered when you head the cameras flash!
  226. >You were at a photo shoot!
  227. >You were probably the most well spanked mare in the city and they were taking pictures!!!
  228. >This isn't a lingerie shoot this is practically porn at this point!
  229. >Struggling to sit your upper body up you look around in a panic!
  230. >Camera's everywhere!
  231. >Right in your face, beside you, and so many behind you!
  232. >Stern had said they didn't want tear stained mares so why were so many camera's focused on your face!?!?
  233. >Your head swims as you try to figure out what's going on.
  234. >You'd been brought to a studio you'd never heard of.
  235. >Spanked within an inch of your life!
  236. >And now they were taking pictures of the results!?!
  237. >Had you been tricked???
  238. >Struggling to stand and get away you whimper when powerful magic forces you back down onto the table!
  239. >"No no stay still Rarity we just need a few more shots."
  240. "Please I've um I've changed my mind let me up!"
  241. >"We can't let all your hard work go to waste filly now just stay in place and raise your bottom."
  242. >You try to resist her magically pushing your lower back down and raising your seat but you're just so tired.
  243. >The camera's flash as you grimace and whimper in embarrassment.
  244. >Finally the flash's stop and you open your eyes to find stern looking at you with a huge grin.
  245. >"You. Were. Amazing!"
  246. >Grabbing your face she squishes your cheeks and nuzzles your tear stained face.
  247. >"I thought you were a little frail thing who would back out as soon as she got sore but this is some of my best work ever!"
  248. >You gasp as an icepack is shoved into the seat of your panties without your consent!
  249. >"You'll need that for a few days I'm sure and keep the outfit you more than earned it!"
  250. >You probably also stretched it with your now huge butt...
  251. >"So we'll be in touch! I'm sure we'll make a killing off just these shots alone!"
  252. >The idea of her selling these pictures sets off dozens of alarms in your head but your exhaustion gets the better of you and you simply nod.
  253. >"There's a good girl! Now there's a private cart out back you go right back to your hotel room and rest do you understand? Keep ice on that moneymaker and keep and eye on your mail!"
  254. "I um yes i will... thank you for the opportunity...?"
  255. >Quickly ushered out the back you soon found your head still swimming in the backseat of a private chariot just as promised.
  256. >Had that really just happened?
  257. >Your bottom certainly felt like it had not been a dream, even sitting on the ice pack it burned with a fury.
  258. >Trying not to worry about the big picture you position yourself so your seat was in the air while the driver took you back to your hotel.
  259. >Thankfully he took you to the back entrance but it was still an extremely awkward mad dash to your room on the top floor wearing some very risque lingerie.
  260. >It didn't seem anyone had seen you as you slip into your room.
  261. >First things first, collapse on your bed for a few hours.
  262. >After the unplanned nap you still feel a burning in your panties, and not the good kind.
  263. >Shaking off the hopes it was all a dream for the second time you line up your plot in the mirror and slip off your new panties.
  264. >It looked like your mother had given you 5 spankings all in a row then one more for good measure...
  265. >And there were pictures...
  266. >Oh sweet celestia...
  268. 3 Weeks later
  269. ------------
  270. >After a very awkward train ride involving you realizing your only skirt was farrrrr too short for you liking you had made it home to ponyville.
  271. >It had taken several days for your bottom to recover but at least at home you had much longer and more covering clothing to wear around town.
  272. >You had not contacted Stern Shot again, you were just not sure what to say.
  273. >The whole experience had been so bizarre what could you say?
  274. >You really just hoped it would all disappear like it had never happened but you knew you were not so lucky.
  275. >Fate proved you right when you opened your mail today.
  276. >You were still aghast looking at the cover of the dirty magazine.
  277. >It was you of course.
  278. >Bent over a kitchen table with an older mare holding you down.
  279. >She had a large wooden brush in her magic and your panties barely even tried to hide the bright red status of your cheeks.
  280. >Somewhere in the back of your mind it occurred to you there had been some editing magic involved, Stern had not spanked you directly in front of the cameras, but it barely mattered.
  281. >It was 100% your panty and garter clad bottom just as stern had arranged you near the end, they had just added the motherly mare to spank you live.
  282. >They had not needed to add any redness to your derriere, the real results were bright enough.
  283. >Who all would see this? This this 'Bratty Mares Monthly'...
  284. >On the front it boasted of an exclusive session with the element of generosity.
  285. >It even had a bad pun about her bottom being generous.
  286. >You dared not open it and see inside, if they'd done the one there would be dozens more.
  287. >Should you call a lawyer? You didn't give permission for this.
  288. >The princesses? They could take care of it but oh gosh how awkward...
  289. >What if your parents saw? Or Spike? Or sweetie? Or Rainbow?!!
  290. >Right as the panic was setting in something else fell out of the envelope the magazine had come in.
  291. >Oh my thats a lot of zeros...
  292. >You'd never seen a check this big...
  293. >Looking back and forth from your bawling face and tight panties to the silly number of zeros on the check the gears in your head turn and turn and turn.
  294. >Maybe as long as Rainbow doesn't see it...
  296. Ps. Rainbow saw it just two days later when her subscription arrived...
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