Maternity Solutions, Inc

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  4. A group of generic FOE oc's break into a prewar research facility called Maternity Solutions, Inc. They wander through the ruined building finding little of value aside from medical supplies and a few books on child care that could be valuable.
  5. In the center of the building, they discover a completely untouched laboratory. Inside are autodocs, operating tables, and walls covered in diagrams of extremely pregnant mares. Suddenly, the lights go out. Cold mechanical arms grab each of them and strap them down to tables, before administering anesthesia.
  6. When they wake up, every one of them, even the stallions, are sporting huge, pregnant bellies. According to the diagrams, they're each carrying quadruplets based on the DNA of important pre-war scientists and soldiers. They can be safely carried indefinitely until it's safe to give birth, and certain genetic changes have taken place to make birthing a quick and clean process.
  7. They start heading towards the nearest settlement, hoping to find somepony to take care of their foals, but maternal instinct/scientific mindrape kicks in and convinces them to happily become parents.
  9. Their foals are genetically superior to most ponies in the wasteland. Smarter, faster, stronger. With lifespans measured in centuries, they grow up to rebuild the ruins, and create a new world even greater than the old one.
  11. The scientists and soldiers magically coded their minds into the embryos. They are carrying fully conscious foals, who are probably smarter than they are.
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