Smoke's Wincest Adventures

Aug 12th, 2014
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  1. >You sit outside at the porch. The moons out. It's rather warm considering that's it's this late in the year...
  2. >The question that haunts you, that keeps you up at night, is running through your mind over and over again like a broken record.
  3. >How?... How did things change so much?
  4. >After your parents divorced, it was decided that you had to live with your mom. Not that you really had any say. Nor did you really care
  5. >In fact. You were glad for it. Not having to see your sisters annoying face for months at a time was perfect.
  6. >Now, after your mother succumbed to her weak heart. You were forced to move back in with your deadbeat father and that overconfident bitch that was your older sister.
  8. >Saying that you hated the situation you had been dealt would be an understatement.
  9. >You had a great life back in the warm east coast.
  10. >Sun literally 360 days a year
  11. >That was luxury for you. Considering you hailed from the fucking north.
  12. >So here you are. Stuck on the porch on an old shack. almost an hour drive away from the nearest store.
  13. >How your father managed to live out here is beyond you.
  14. >Truthfully. Being pulled away from the warmth you loved, and even leaving behind the best high school imaginable, your friends included. Was not the cause of your issues.
  15. >No, you had a bigger problem.
  16. >When you came home. The last thing. The absolutely last fucking thing on your mind.
  17. >Was how your sister was doing.
  18. >Gods know you always hated her guts.
  19. >She was worse than older brothers, you swore to God.
  20. >Thought getting wrestled by your brother was bad? Try a girl half your size doing it... And winning.
  21. >Always with that damn smirk on her face.
  22. >Like she was better than you, and knew it.
  23. >This... this was the sister you had grown up with.
  24. >Not the girl you met when you came home.
  25. >She couldn't be...
  26. >Your little sister was a tiny Tasmanian devil.
  27. >This girl? She was... Beautiful...
  28. >Oh God Damn It Why?
  30. >... You can't actually say you didn't know why it had turned out like it did.
  31. >In a sense, you had brought this on yourself.
  32. >When you first moved in with your mom, and started a new school you were barely entering puberty.
  33. >Interest for girls was at an all time high.
  34. >And all those damn "wrestling" matches with your big sister was a sore point for you. A threat to your masculinity.
  35. >Problem was. You had gotten a taste for it. Girls being stronger than you was becoming an exciting thought.
  36. >Your damn sister had beaten you so much it had turned into some sort of fucking masochist syndrome. You liked it. And you wanted it.
  37. >So of course, when you started out in your new school, the girls that attracted you were the athletic ones. The tomboys.
  38. >Girls with backbone and attitude was a major turn on.
  39. >School was fine, as were your grades. The best part though, was that the school was set up to provide the best possible possibilities for students pursuing an athletic goal.
  40. >They had almost every sort of arrangement known to man.
  41. >Boxing halls, Tennis court, Baseball field, Football fields. They had it all.
  42. >Considering that the countries star athletes tended to graduate from there didn't really come as a surprise.
  43. >You yourself was not a bad athlete. In fact, You were a pretty damn good pitcher.
  44. >So girls was not really an issue. You had had several girlfriends.
  45. >None were good enough though. Now you knew why... None were her.
  47. >That's... that's the wrong thing to think.
  48. >Who fucking cares if she's finally grown into a woman.
  49. >Who gives a fuck if she's suddenly got hips that would have most guys sunglasses crack.
  50. >... Who... who gives a shit whether she's got the most sensual lips you've ever seen...
  51. >'Gah! Fucking stop it brain! What the hell...'
  52. >... A cold shower ain't gonna fucking fix this...
  53. >Looking over at the horizon you notice that the sky is slowly turning red.
  54. >Dawn... You've been sitting out here going over this damn question over and over again for hours.
  55. >When did it get so late... or rather, early?
  56. >Sighing to yourself you resign yourself to a short nap before undoubtedly being pestered awake by your sister.
  57. >It's a blessing at least, that school does not start up again for another two weeks. You had time to acclimatize.
  58. >Day rhythm? what sort of foreign concept is that?
  59. >You get up from the cliche rocking chair and move towards the entrance to the shack.
  60. >It's really not much more than a shack.
  61. >Honestly... It's one story tall. No basement. Just a wooden structure creaking in the wind.
  62. >It contains a whooping 4 rooms. 2 sleeping rooms, a kitchen/living room and a bathroom with a sorry excuse of a shower.
  63. >The shower is not much more than a sink built into the wall with some homemade tubing.
  64. >Typical dad. Always cutting corners if he thinks he can save a bent penny on it.
  65. >Damn cheapskate.
  66. >As you reach for the handle of the door, you are surprised as it swings open.
  67. >'Bro?'
  69. >'S-Sis? W-What are you doing up so early?' Dammit boner, Not now! Bad freakedy fucking timing.
  70. >... Who can blame you. Tank top, bra less. with tight hot pants... There is a God. And the fucker made this Goddess you sister.
  71. >'What? I always get up this early, Gotta do that morning dash y'know. Keeps me on my toes and is a great way to start the day. You went to a damn athlete school yourself, isn't that why your up now too?'
  72. >Huh, That was a surprisingly good reason... also surprising. Considering she sleeps half the day away. Then again... this might be why.
  73. >Also, she just gave you a convenient excuse for why you was up early. Thanks sis.
  74. >'Uh, Yeah. Was just taking in some fresh air before I was gonna change to something lighter.'
  75. >Wearing denim pants for a run is not a good idea... just, just don't... Ever.
  76. >'Hurry up then, I want to see if you can keep up!' She smirks that damn cocky smile at me again and starts stretching.
  77. >Good thing too. The smile that used to piss you off so much at a younger age, now did things to your heart that made you wonder if you hadn't already gone for a morning run.
  78. >Also, before boner decided that he needs to move into a bigger apartment you're going to stop staring at your sisters ass and change.
  79. >Moving inside the house you quickly move to the bathroom and dunk your face into the sink to cool down. It would have been a good thing if you put water into there first you dumb shit.
  80. >*Clack* Sonnofa-
  82. >Biiiiiiiiitch... That fucking hurt.
  83. >You rub your forehead while filling the sink.
  84. >Looking in the mirror you see that there was no permanent damage. Hopefully it wouldn't swell up.
  85. >You get out of the day old clothing and throw it into a corner while splashing your face with some water.
  86. >The good side to having your face meet porcelain at near terminal velocity is the fact that little pitch has gone back to sleep.
  87. >Funny how intense fucking pain applied to the face can get your body out of the mood.
  88. >Then again, kinda surprising you didn't get even harder considering... well... fuck it. It's gone, that's all that matters.
  89. >Standing there in your boxer you realize that like the dumb shit you are you forgot to bring some clothing to change into.
  90. >All your lighter training clothes are packed down in boxes in your room.
  91. >Well... You say your room, but considering it's a 2 bedroom shack it's not like you sleep there alone.
  92. >Of course, one would normally think that with as grown up kids as his your dad would do the smart thing and separate you for privacy's sake.
  93. >Fuck no. Not that egotistical bastard. He had to take the biggest bedroom all for himself.
  94. >'Not my fucking problem the bitch's heart failed' he had said. Like she had it coming or something.
  95. >You are really going to kill him one day. One of these days.
  96. >So the room sharing is simple. You and your sister share the second, smaller bedroom.
  97. >At least there is two beds... small favors you guess...
  98. >You sigh to yourself and head towards your bedroom to pack out some clothing to wear.
  99. >Fate had other plans and your sister was standing in the kitchen with a protein shake in her hand.
  100. >Checking you out, if you were to take an educated guess. Proof being the roaming eyes.
  101. >'Heh, nice bod bro. Good to see you haven't gone soft in the heat.'
  103. >Stay calm dammit. Don't let her get inside your head. No, not that head either... Dammit.
  104. >'You didn't really think I'd slack off just because I moved, did ya sis?'
  105. >Keeping up a front was harder than you realized. That damn tank top was more revealing than you'd like.
  106. >She wasn't big, but damn if they weren't the perfect shape and so perky.
  107. >You idly wonder if you could beat your dick into submission. Then the irony of that statement hit you and you groan.
  108. >'I gotta unpack my stuff to find my training clothes sis. Just, give me 5 minutes all right?'
  109. >'Sure, bro. Not like I got anything better to do than wait for your sorry ass all day.'
  110. >Curse her and that snarky attitude. Seriously.
  111. >Why did it have to turn you on so damn much.
  112. >Fucking masochism.
  113. >You head over to your bedroom and start looking for one of the packages you know contained clothing.
  114. >Luckily enough you find some sweat pants in the second package, no shirts though.
  115. >Figuring it's warm enough anyway you decide to fuck it and run bare top.
  116. >After pulling on your sweatpants you head back out into the kitchen, seeing your sister already having gone back outside.
  117. >Opening the fridge you grab a carrot and munch it while going back out on the porch.
  118. >The sun had gone a ways already and was clearing the mountain range on the horizon.
  119. >Your sister was on the front lawn running in place, working up some heat.
  120. >while the temperature was pretty good for this time of year, it was still a bit chilly in such light clothing as you and your sister had opted for.
  121. >Was that... Oh God. Stiff nipples...
  122. >Fucking boner...
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