Dec 28th, 2016
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  1. Metroid
  2. (Jumpchain-compatiable CYOA)
  3. By HeavensAnon Version 0.1
  4. A Ravenous Abyss +200 a hunting we will go
  5. in a Coveted +300 who has got three bodies, unlimited pain tolerance, and a mind that cannot be read? This guy! They each get me and I go free. Everyone is happy.
  6. Space Pirate -100
  7. Find My Way-100 adventure!
  8. Justice Will Prevail-100 justice!
  9. Hit & Run Free for Space Pirate raid and run is fun
  10. Cranial Improvements Free for Space Pirate . I have common sense Now!? I have no idea how I'm going to write for this!
  11. Slice and Splice -200 discount for space pirate . Oh this is handy with my genetic knowledge and the zurg tools.
  12. Science Tubing-300 discount for space pirate I've been stacking this, gotta fit all those technology perks together.
  13. WARNING, WARNING -600 I'm a violence/tank spec jumper who wants social change. Of course I'm taking this!
  14. Convert 600 CP into 600 SP
  15. What’s Old Is New Again: import Orrus hunting rig- 100 . I haven't used this thing in a while even with the enhanced guns , let's make this worthwhile.
  16. Life Support Free , only one life tank, I'm going to have to find more.
  17. Internal HUD [Free] . These are always handy
  18. Suit Up- 200 now I don't have to go through all the trouble of finagling Tokusatsu-tech I can just build power armor and plug this into it.
  19. Biosuit-200 I am my armor now.
  20. Gravity-200 very nice trick.
  21. The Coffin System Free for Space Pirate this will have its uses for others If not for me, prosthetics can be made a much better with this.
  22. Light-600 so this armor is in fact an alternate form right? So I guess I'm immune to reality warping and sets of physical laws that are the antithesis of life Now.
  23. Fusion: perfected genesis frog -300 discount for space pirate essentially, I now have an entire set of dimensions/timelines as an alternate form.
  24. Arm Cannon System [Free] nice
  25. Power Beam [Free] the basic gun
  26. Charge Beam-100 something to do with all that energy from being a universe/set of universes, Homestuck is weird....
  27. Scan Visor [Free] goes well with my other various senses.
  28. Intel Connection -100 been meeting to update my Internet connection.
  29. Morph Ball-200 as if people wouldn't go to this jump specifically to get this!
  30. Spaceship [Free] God damn this thing is ugly
  31. Recharge Station: in warehouse Free
  32. the plan: space adventure, that's it . Lots and lots of space adventure!
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