Bedtime Bumbles

Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  2. >Today was going to be a big day
  3. >Perhaps one of the bigger of your life
  4. >When you finally turned from a kissless, hugless, sweaty nerd to a full grown, tough, strong, sweaty mare
  5. >For months you had been putting this off
  6. >Making excuses, losing courage at the last moment and hiding under your blanket with your books and dildo collection
  7. >But no more
  8. >You were going to do it today!
  9. >No more excuses!
  10. >No more chickening out!
  11. >You were tough!
  12. >You were strong!
  13. >You could do ANYTHING!
  14. "U-Um, Anon?"
  15. >Anon's room was pretty much what you expected a stallion's room to be
  16. >Neat with a messy space here and there, with some socking lewd clothing sticking out at random places
  17. >It was pretty much like your older brother's room when he had lived back with you and your parents in Canterlot
  18. >There was even a small yet steadily growing dragonpony army--painted of course-- sitting on a table in the corner of the room
  19. >The one thing different was that everything in Anon's room was quite a bit bigger
  20. >That and the human had absolutely no posters of superstars and pop singers hanged up on his halls
  21. >But you weren't looking at the walls, or the table, or even at the socks and underwear that had been stragetically placed around the room just to fluster you and any other mare that dared to enter Anon's room
  22. >No...
  23. >At that moment, your eyes were glued to Anon's bed
  25. >It was a nice bed, a big one too
  26. >The thing was nearly a size and a half bigger than your bed in your bedroom, and that was saying something too since you had a pretty big bed
  27. >There, lying under his blue bedsheets, his eyes closed and his hair all messy, was Anon himself
  28. >Half an hour ago the human had decided to go to bed, and you, being the tough, hard-boiled mare that you were, had decided to join him
  29. >You were going to join him, snuggle ALL night, and THEN in the morning you could go and tell Applejack that you had IN FACT slept with a stallion!
  30. >And sure, it wasn't the kind of sleeping in a sexual tense, but you could only hope that the farmer's build in lie-detector wouldn't be able to pick up on the foible
  31. >Hopefully
  32. "A-Anon? Anon are you awake?" you asked, keeping your voice low as you fiddled with the pillow in your hooves
  33. >You were almost positive that he was awake
  34. >From the data that you had gathered in the last two months, you knew that it took Anon at least forty-five minutes before he was fully honked out
  35. >And no, you weren't "stalking" him
  36. >You were merely collecting data
  37. >...Without him knowing...
  38. "Anon. Anon?" you said, taking a catious step into the room
  39. >You stopped, your ears perking up
  40. >Anon didn't so much as twitch, his breathing slow and steady
  41. >He might have already been asleep...
  42. >You chewed on your lip, rocking back and forth
  43. >If he was asleep, what the hay were you going to do?
  44. >You had been working up the courage to come in here for weeks
  45. >You couldn't just leave!
  46. >If you did you might not be able to come back in here!
  47. >But you couldn't just crawl into his bed
  48. >You might have been pathetic but you weren't a cuddle-rapists
  50. >Maybe you could just wake him up?
  51. >Or use that dreamwalking spell that Luna had taught you to just ask him in his dreams?
  52. >Standing there until he woke up might also be a good idea
  53. >Colts got up every hour or two to go to the bathroom anyway, right?
  54. >As you frantically thought about what the hay you were going to do, you were slowly but surely backing up toward the door
  55. >While your mind was milling things over, your body already knew what you were going to do
  56. >Twilight Sparkle, the mare that had helped save the world so many times that she had been turned into an alicorn, was going to chicken out
  57. >You were going to chicken out, run to your room, lock the door, and proceed to cry and masterbate for the rest of the--
  58. >"Whadda want, Twiggles?" a sleepy voice murmured
  59. >You froze in place
  60. >Eyes wide, you looked back over at Anon
  61. >The big stallion still had his eyes closed, but you could see some tension in his body
  62. "Anon?" you said
  63. >Anon yawned
  64. >"Yeah, I'm up," he said.
  65. >Your gaze snapped to the door
  66. >A irrational, crazed part of you thought about making a run for it
  67. >Hopefully, if you did that Anon would just think you being in his room would just be a weird dream and he wouldn't think about it again
  68. >But you quickly repressed the idea
  69. >No...
  70. >You were going to be a mare today dammit!
  71. >A MARE!
  72. >With a deep breath and a ruffle of your feathers, you took a step toward the human
  73. "A-Anon, know you've b-been having a hard time sleeping l-lately because of how c-cold it is in this castle, so I thought I'd c-come in here and..."
  75. >You took a few short, quick breaths to help negate the nauseous feeling that was welling up in the back of your throat
  76. >You then dryly swallowed and puffed your chest out
  77. "...a-and I was wondering if you m-might like somepony to sleep w-with. To h-help keep you warm. Not for any s-sexual reasons of course."
  78. >As you forced out the last few words you felt your stomach immediately tighten
  79. >You knew that Anon was as laid back as a stallion could be but you were positive that you were pushing it
  80. >If you didn't watch it you'd have an upset, screaming stallion to deal with
  81. >And you didn't want that
  82. >Oh Celestia above did you not want that...
  83. >Anon's nose scrunched up a bit as he shifted in his bed
  84. >"You want to sleep with me?" he asked
  85. >You very nearly jumped out of your fur
  86. "J-Just to help keep you warm!" you said a little too loudly. "I k-know how cold you get w-with fur, so I'd t-thought I'd come here a-and o-offer. If you w-want I mean..."
  87. >You braced yourself, ready for yelling or accusations
  88. >Just please no crying!
  89. >You couldn't standing when stallions started crying, especially if YOU were the one making them cry!
  90. >A hand popped out from underneath Anon's blankets
  91. >The human scratched his chin before yawning again
  92. >He said nothing for several horrid, gut-wrenching seconds before, without warning he tossed the covers off of himself
  93. >Your heart skipped a beat when you saw that he was just wearing his underwear
  94. >W-Wew filly...
  95. >"Yeah, I could use some extra warmth," he mumbled. "I have like six blankets on and it's still fucking freezing in here..."
  96. >Your heart leapt to your throat as he waved you other
  97. >"Come on, hop in if you want."
  98. >Again the urge to make a dash toward the door surfaced
  99. >You also eyes the window, wondering just how cut up you'd get if you jumped out of that sucker
  101. >Bile crept up to the back of your throat, forcing you to swallow
  102. >Come on Twilight
  103. >You can do this
  104. >You. Can. Do. This!"
  105. "A-Alright. If you r-really want me t-to..."
  106. >Trying not to think to hard about what you were going to do--because you'd probably dive out of the window if you did--you made your way over to Anon's bed
  107. >Placing your pillow onto the bed, you gave yourself a just sniff check to if you stunk or not before hopping up onto the bed
  108. "A-Alright, just t-tell me if I'm doing anything t-that makes you--eep!"
  109. >The moment you laid down Anon threw the covers over you
  110. >A second after that you felt the human's arms grab onto you
  111. >You nearly launched yourself in surprise
  112. >Anon, sighing, tightened his grip on you before you could let out another squeak
  113. >The distance between the two of you disappeared, and before you totally realized what was going on you found your muzzle buried in the human's neck
  114. >"There we go," Anon said as you enhaled sharply, your body going ramrod stiff. "Now I won't be freezing my balls off anymore..."
  115. >You started to squirm as Anon muzzled the top of your head
  116. >His hands--which were shockingly cold, just like the rest of his smooth, mostly furless body-- slid up your sides and toward your back
  117. >While this wouldn't have been a problem if you had been a unicorn--okay, if would have been a problem since no stallion had ever held you like this because you were a kissless virgin-- you were an alicorn
  118. >With wings
  119. >Very sensative wings
  120. >Without a second thought, both of Anon's hands found their way under your wings, just near your wing pits in fact
  121. >Your eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as you felt a rush of pleasure explode throughout your body
  122. >Oh gosh!
  123. >Ohmybuckinggosh!
  125. >You squirmed, both desperately wanting to say someting and keeping as quiet as possible so as not to scare Anon
  126. >Your back legs twitched as Anon's fingers began to lightly scratch the area around your wing joints
  127. >As he did that he also pressed himself downward, partially pinning you to the bed
  128. "B-Buck..." you whispered, your face turning bright red as you buried your face into the human's neck
  129. >Anon let out a quiet hum
  130. >"There we go. Now I got my own little hot water bottle," he said, his breathing slowing down
  131. >Horor and excitement began to well up inside of you
  132. >Anon, as tired as he no doubt was, had no idea what he was doing
  133. >He didn't know how good those scratches felt
  134. >He probably also didn't know how much being pressed up to a nice-smelling, big stallion was exciting you
  135. >It honestly made you feel like you were somehow taking advantage of him
  136. >Like it was your fault that he was doing this to you
  137. >Still, that didn't stop your body from reacting
  138. >You could feel your tail starting to raise
  139. >To your shame, you felt the heat starting to build up in your loins
  140. >Your eyes crossed as you felt the back of Anon's hands drag across your feathers as he continued to scratch you
  141. >Your body wiggled backward so that your rump connected to one of the few warm parts of his body
  142. >His groin
  143. >Your breathing hitched when you felt it
  144. >His stallionhood, soft and limp, was pressed up against your buttcheek, right next to your cutiemark
  145. >Ohgoshohgoshohgoshohgoshohgoshohgosh!
  146. >Your back arched as another rush of pleasure crashed through you
  147. >You could feel your marehood spasm, coating your legs in precum
  149. >Your wings tried to extend but Anon held them down, the stallion holding you close as he continued to sleepily molest you
  150. >You groaned into Anon's shoulder as he hit a particularly sensative spot
  151. >Your hips jerked, and your thighs grew ever wetter
  152. >Ohbuckingshit!
  153. >Justignoreitfilly!
  154. >ForCelestia'ssakedon'tyoubuckingdoanythingstupid!
  155. >You did your best to think of a way out of this
  156. >A spell, some phrase or lesson that would make you forget those hands of his
  157. >And how nice he smelled...
  158. >And how much you liked him pressed up against you...
  159. >And his s-stallionhood just rubbing against your b-but like it--"
  160. >Anon sighed into your mane
  161. >The fur on the back of your neck stood on end as you felt him turn his head a bit
  162. >At first, you thought he was just moving
  163. >But then you felt a hot, moist breath in your ear
  164. >A second later you felt teeth
  165. >The tip of your horn glowed
  166. >Shutting your eyes as tightly as you could, you cast a noise nullifying spell around your head and SCREAMED as you felt the pleasure you were feeling turn into pure, blissful heat
  167. >Your body twitched and jerked as you started to cum
  168. >You could feel yourself soaking Anon's bedsheets, your legs
  169. >By Luna's big, fat teats, you were pretty sure you were coating Anon's legs
  170. >You bit your bottom lip so hard that you could taste blood
  171. >A part of you felt truly horrified
  172. >A stallion had barely touched you and you had just cum like some cunt-less loser
  173. >But another bigger part of you couldn't help but notice just how nice it felt being pressed up against Anon
  174. >And how nice the flowery shampoo and soap he used smelled
  175. >And how much you wished you could feel the stallionhood rubbing against your butt harden
  177. >Thankfully--though Anon did his best to keep you cumming forever, scratching your back through your orgasm-- you did eventually regain your senses
  178. >You were breathing hard and so red that ponies wouldn't have been able to tell you and Big Mac apart from a distance
  179. >You could also feel your heart pounding in your chest
  180. >The smell of sex was already starting to seep through the blankets
  181. >You, almost too terrified to breath, could do nothing
  182. >Anon was under no restrictions however
  183. >Still scratching your back, sending bolts of pleasure racing up your hyper-sensative body, Anon chuckled in your ear
  184. >"I knew you ponies were quick shots but I think that was a bit much, Twi," he said, buring his face into your mane
  185. >You somehow managed to blush a little harder, covering your face with both hooves
  186. >B-Buck...
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