Prey Ch.22

Apr 7th, 2018
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  1. Prey Ch.22 Google Translation {Thought} [Narration]
  2. FMC:Serin The orphan who is trained at the mansion to be the greatest modern day "Courtesan"
  3. MC:Jung Hyuk The gardener who falls in love with Serin
  4. Supports: Uncle The one who adopt Serin at the age of 8 after her parents die and bring her in the mansion
  5. Teacher Jae Lee (Red hair) Serin mentor and a former entertainer for VIP costumers has an unrequited love against the Uncle
  7. Chapter start MC finally left the mansion leaving a letter for Serin {An excuse} {That time when I see the video of Serin I wanna get rid of it because of anger} {But after seeing Serin reaction I regret it} {Yeah we do sex but maybe the concept of are Love is different}
  8. {There is no more hope for me and Serin} {I cannot bear to see her fucking other man} {I want to leave this place with her but I know she wouldn't do that} {With my job I cant guarantee her future} {and doing this is the only way for me to show how she is important} Teacher read the letter MC left and read it {I love you so much leaving you is hard for me} {I'm sorry} {Be happy in the future}
  9. {I will never forget you Serin it was short but you really make me happy thank you goodbye} Teacher report it with the Uncle
  11. At the uncle room Serin talks with him about canceling her vacation telling she wants to work more Uncle tells her that in the future works she maybe facing much terrible men Serin even hearing this agree Uncle ask her if she is confident Uncle look at her and think {Hmm, my anticipation is a little different} Uncle tells Serin I will do that you can leave now and He think {What is she thinking?} {Are you reveling because He left you?} {Well I don't care as long as that guy is gone} Uncle pick his phone and called someone and suddenly Serin bump with her teacher and paper fall in the floor Serin pick it and notice something thinking {What? is this} Serin see the resume of the MC Teacher tells her "let me do it" but Serin insist of helping her after finishing picking the paper she look at her teacher holding the piece of paper about Jung Hyuk
  13. [And time flies. It seemed to be arranged so quietly]
  15. At Serin room Teacher giving her a lesson asking her Why she want to be on top while her performance is not even close on the top 10 best asking her don't you get it? Serin tells her "but its possible right" Teacher ask her "how" Inserting a flashback Teacher and MC at the bed
  16.  {You love someone how can you keep your standing thinking of him} Serin tells her I'm okay,When I and uncle go outside last time you didn't heard something new? Teacher "wonder" and Serin suddenly grope her breast saying "Let me show you something"
  17. Teacher flustered asking her "What are you doing" Serin start to lick her flustered teacher telling her to "Stop now" but Serin touch her  there and Teacher goes "ahhh stop it" Serin kiss her teacher kiss her back Serin reveal her wet down there and tell her "You lie I make you so wet teacher" Serin thought {You let your disciple make you wet and what worst we are both woman}
  18. Serin whisper on her "Where can I go now can you see it?"
  20. Prey Ch.22 End
  21. App base not accurate.
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