How to Request BL Licenses

Sep 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. How to Request BL from companies:
  3. Seven Seas:
  4. >Print and Digital
  5. >Monthly survey linked in OP
  6. >Suggestions for requests also linked in OP
  7. >Direct BL publishing links with Gentosha (RuTile), Akaneshinsha (Opera), WWWave (BL Screamo), Suiseisha (GlanzBL), Futabasha.
  8. >Have published non-BL from many companies.
  9. >Willing to do LN as well as manga
  10. >Do they actually give a fuck about BL though?
  12. Futekiya:
  13. >Digital (Potentially print-on-demand in the future)
  14. >"Although we do not formally accept title requests, we actively read and welcome your opinions on Twitter and on contact forms. Please understand that we may not respond to each request individually. Additionally, we sometimes ask on our Community Surveys which titles and genres you would like to see more of so please, keep an eye out"[]
  15. >They often respond to tweets and reply in more detail to polite DMs.
  16. >Direct publishing links with Shodensha (OnBLUE magazine), Home-sha, Group-zero, Julian Publishing, Parsola Inc., Thirdline
  17. >Happy to working with Doujinshi Artists (eg. Ayu Yamane, Makuno, mec, Nacolat)
  18. >Have released super-light novels
  19. >Outsource translations from Amimaru and have their own proofreaders.
  21. Renta:
  22. >Digital
  23. >Request form:
  24. >Unclear whether requests are followed up on or not.
  25. >Direct publishing links with a LOT of companies, most notably Takeshobo (Qpa magazine and others), Julian Publishing, SHU-CREAM POP, DeNIMO, Junet Co. LTD, HOUBUNSHA, KiR comics, Shodensha (OnBlue), Nihonbungeisha
  26. >Not print, but one of the easiest to buy and read from. [*Previously this said their image quality was bad, but they recently added a high quality option to all Manga. Remember to enable it.]
  27. >Seem to have picked up a few of DMG's old licenses.
  28. >Outsource translations from several companies including Amimaru
  30. SuBLime
  31. >Print and Digital
  32. >Request on twitter, through email or by commenting on their website
  33. >Relatively responsive, they do actually listen to what people want (though the buck stops with their somewhat picky editor)
  34. >With the power of VIZ behind them, they seem happy to work with pretty much any JP company.
  35. >seem to prefer series and mangaka which already have hype.
  36. >have rescued licenses from dead translations.
  37. >Editor can be a bit weird, have been shady with titles and mangaka names causing some stress to the mangakas they work with.
  39. Rotten Blossoms
  40. >very new doujinshi localization company
  41. >very responsive on social media
  42. >digital with plans for physical but also sell goods through yaoicrate
  43. >sell pdfs through their own website, also on Fakku
  44. [*TO DO: Who are they though?]
  46. Irodori Sakura
  47. >Digital
  48. >Focus on doujinshi/independent comics, they do both 18+ (uncensored and sold on Fakku.) and all audiences (sold on their own platform and Amazon Kindle/Comixology).
  49. >Very responsive to requests, have done surveys in the past and are active on social media.
  50. >Run by dread pirate On Takahashi.
  52. Kuma
  53. >Print and Digital
  54. >Part of Fakku
  55. >Very mysterious??? Extremely slow release cycle, very high quality.
  56. >They have licensed from Takeshobo and Futabasha before.
  57. [*TRIED: Twitter DM on April 27, not seen by September 28th.]
  59. Kodansha
  60. >Print and Digital
  61. >Only work with Kodansha titles (It's in the name)
  62. >Have a suggestion form.
  63. >Outsource translations from Amimaru
  65. Chaleuria
  66. >focused on Chinese BL/danmei novels
  67. >welcome recommendations over social media
  68. [*TO DO: Who are they though?]
  70. Yaoicat/Mangacat
  71. >Digital
  72. >Very new company, seem to be trying something like DMG where they license things and get fans to do the translations?
  73. >A bit dodgy on what licenses they are pursuing (Claimed on myreadingmanga to have Love Nest in the works. They did not.)
  74. >Mostly seem to host Julian Publishing titles with a couple of originals.
  75. >[*COMPLETE: talk with people who are translating for them about workflow and whether they get paid. The answer is "kind of," see the bottom of this paste for irrelevant details.]
  77. One Peace Books
  78. >Print and Digital
  79. >Open to Requests! []
  80. >Very small indie company, also publish from English to Japanese
  81. >Only seem to have done I Hear the Sunspot
  83. Yen Press
  84. >Print and Digital
  85. >Graphic novel imprint of major western publishing house Hachette
  86. >Partnership with Square Enix and Kadokawa
  87. >Have licensed some manhua in the past
  88. [*TO DO: Contact them about requests]
  90. Tokyopop
  91. >Print and Digital
  92. >Weird history where they almost died and are kind of having a revival. LOVExLOVE line is for their Romance, BL, and GL.
  93. >Connections with Gentosha, Mag Garden, Printemps Shuppan
  94. [*TO DO: Contact them about requests]
  96. June
  97. >Print and Digital
  98. >Very shady past, have fallen down on kickstarters recently. A few have recently been fulfilled, but years late.
  99. >Highly active and responsive on social media, but untrustworthy
  100. >They will probably respond to your request if you @ them on twitter, but it's unclear whether they're even licensing anything now.
  101. >Were partnered with DMG/DMI/DMP/DMWTFBBQ at one point. No idea now.
  102. [*TO DO: DM and email for more details]
  104. CoolMic
  105. >Digital (Potential print partnership with Seven Seas)
  106. >Seem to mainly work off their publishing links rather than taking suggestions
  107. >Owned by WWWave, put out pretty much every Glanz BL title and a lot of BL Screamo. Mostly smut.
  108. >Convert traditional manga to a webtoon format.
  109. >Outsource translations from Amimaru.
  111. Media-do
  112. >Print and Digital
  113. >Absolutely huge digital licensing and distribution company, covers a huge part of the ebook trade in Japan and is expanding heavily in the West.
  114. >No evidence suggests that it is possible to request from them, probably work more off sales data and statistics.
  115. >Direct BL publishing links with Printemps Shuppan (Canna), MediBang, TORICO Co. LTD
  116. >Have published non-BL from various places. Of highest interest is Akita Shoten (Kachi Comi).
  117. >Seem to have picked up several of DMG's old licenses
  119. MediBang/Julian Publishing
  120. >no quality control
  121. >you can read their work fucking everywhere
  122. >what the fuck
  124. [Insert name here]
  125. >There is a company that were planning to subtitle BLCD
  126. >I think they were working on one called twilight moon or something like that
  127. >Can't find them any more though
  128. [*TO DO: Actually find these motherfuckers.]
  130. Boring shit about yaoicat:
  131. >Translators are not directly paid for their work. A portion of a subscriber's monthly fee is allocated to each manga that subscriber views. Translators get 20% of that portion. The more manga a subscriber reads, the less goes to individual translators or mangakas. This has led translators to encourage viewers to ONLY read their own translated titles so their own portion of money gets bigger.
  132. >This is unusual and different to most digital models, which pay workers flat rates on commission and pay the Japanese licensees percentages based on views/coins/tickets/whatever.
  133. >This isn't relevant to licensing though, why are you reading this
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