Ginger Experiments by woox (BigMac/Applejack)

Jan 14th, 2017
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  1. Ginger Experiments by woox
  3. ---
  5. >Applejack was at her teenage. (same age shown in When apple lies episode)
  6. >It all started when she overheard 3 old mares talking inside a train.
  7. >one of them went on and on talking about her new tea recipe made from gingeroot.
  8. >the other two got bored of her bragging.
  9. >enough of your gingeroot. why don't you just shove it inside your butt like u used to.
  10. >that babbling old mare stopped talking and her cheeks start blushing.
  11. >they other 2 laughed at her.
  12. >you know when she was young she used to cut the tip of the ginger root and she ... *whisper *Whisper
  13. >oh no . they laughed.
  14. >and she was enjoying it ?
  15. >yea and they laughed again.
  16. >the other one was embarrassed. and looked away. "meh good old days." she said.
  17. >curiosity got the best of applejack and decided to try it.
  18. >one day Granny smith was out to visit one of the apple family out town.
  20. >she stole one of the ginger they were planting and went inside the barn.
  21. >she peeled the tip of the gingeroot . creating a cone shaped tip.
  22. >she lied on the floor of the barn. she spread her legs to raise her butt up.
  23. >while holding the ginger in her front hoof.
  24. >she grab it to her back to be inserted inside.
  25. >the tip of the ginger root touched her butt. she clenched it as a reflex.
  26. >the peeled tip got inserted in.
  27. >then she tried to push it in. but then her butt pushed it back.
  28. >the ginger juices was lubricating her. making it easier to be inserted.
  29. >she took a deep breath and shoved it in.
  30. >it went smoothly inside and got stuck there by the neck she made.
  31. >at first it felt like a butt plug.
  32. >few moment later the burning sensation started.
  33. >her butt hole start twitching.
  34. >she clenched her butt.
  35. >but by doing that she squeezed the juices out of the roots.
  36. >It started to burn her even more.
  37. >it was the good kind of hormonal burning sensation.
  38. >she let out an mmmm sound.
  39. >at that moment big mac stormed inside the barn.
  40. >she eeeped! and hid behind a haystack that was lying in on of the corners.
  41. >big mac went straight toward that haystack.
  42. >oh no no noo .
  43. >he turned around and laid on the hay stack.
  44. >phew. I thought he was coming for me.
  45. >but what is he doing in the barn alone?
  46. >she removed her hat and took a little cat like peak at him.
  47. >He was laying there with a book in his hoof. 'oh hes just reading..
  48. >oh rotten apple. he's gonna be here for awhile.
  49. >what am I gonna do...
  52. A : she jump at him and scared him.
  53. B : she remain there. and wait.
  54. C : she go out tell him about the ginger root that is stuck inside her butt, and she was masturbating to the sensation and kinda needs more privacy.
  56. >apple Jack remaind motionless for few seconds.
  57. >the uncontrollably twitching of her butt caused the burning sensation and her hormones .
  58. >The ginger root inside her gave her a boost of pleasuring feelings.
  59. >she moved her hips up and down creating a slow humping movement.
  60. >she started breathing heavly.
  61. >she was kinda sweaty , and her cheeks were turning red.
  62. >she was aroused alright but she couldn't do anything about it.
  63. >dang it Mac. how long are you gonna stay there.
  64. >Mac, flipped the page and continue reading.
  65. >her pussy was itching for a touch.
  66. >she moved one of her hooves between her back legs.
  67. >she touched herself.
  68. >her horsey pussy gone wild reacting to her hoof.
  69. >it started to wink and clench hard and uncontrollable.
  70. >the pleasure was too much for her. she couldn't resist touching herself more.
  71. >as long as I don't make a sound he wont notice.
  72. >what if he noticed what would he do to me.
  73. >that would be so humiliating.
  74. >she bit her lips and clopped more.
  75. >she was out of breath. she needed more air, and started to breath from her mouth.
  76. pant# pant# pant#
  77. >oh shoot this is getting out of control, I should stop.
  78. >her body wasn't responding to her commands and her hooves continued scratching.
  79. >I need to stop sstoop , mooveing my my.
  80. MMmmmmf
  81. >she did it , she let out a moan.
  82. >this snapped her out of it. and stopped moving.
  83. >her bother heard it.
  84. >Whos there ?
  85. >he closed the book and stood up looking in the back.
  86. >it's me.
  87. >applejack what are you doing back there, and how long you've been...
  88. >he saw her wet hoof and her mare juices that was dripping of in between her legs.
  89. >hey! were you masturbating in the barn ?
  90. >her face was flushed red. she looked away from him and said no.
  91. >No? what did we tell you about lying AppleJack.
  92. >go to your room you are grounded for a week.
  93. >A week ? but the summer road race is coming tomorrow ..
  94. >Enough! no arguing go to your room now!
  96. >she lowered her ears and nodded.
  97. >big mac sat down on the haystack crossing his hooves together, while glaring at her.
  98. >she lowered her tail trying to hide the buttplug. and slowly walked out of her hiding.
  99. >as she was passing him she stepped on her tail and lost her equilibrium.
  100. >she fell right across his lap.
  101. >He grabbed her from falling over her face.
  102. Silly applejack she is Still being clumsy as ever. Big mac thought to himself.
  103. >you ok ?
  104. >umm yes. she was sweating and panicking. her butt is exposed.
  105. >which immediately caught big mac's attention.
  106. >"What is that!"
  107. >Applejack grabbed her mane and covered her blushed face with it.
  108. >big mac took a closer look at it. he tried grabbing it with his hooves but it couldn't get a hold of it.
  109. >He moved his face to it. and grabbed the tip of it with his teeth.
  110. >his lips touched applejack.
  111. >a sensational Jolt of electricity ran through her body caused her to jump a bit.
  112. >the gingeroot was being pulled but it was kinda stuck. so he was kinda pulling her butt hole out.
  113. >The gave appleJack a mixed emotions. it made her do a silly expression.
  114. >her mouth was wide opened with her tongue slacking out.
  115. >he used his hooves to spread her open and pulled.
  116. >Pop! its out.
  117. >Then he spat it in his hoof to take a look at it.
  118. >He soon recognized what it is from the after taste.
  119. >that's ... that's Ginger. he said that while looking at the phallic shaped peeled ginger root.
  120. >dang it apple jack why are you acting like this.
  121. >you know better than not to waste our food.
  122. >and this is ginger , you know how hard it for us to get it?
  123. >why are you being this stupid ?
  124. >answer me.
  125. >She was way to embarrassed to talk.
  126. >her mind was kinda occupied with her still twitching butthole.
  127. >I don't think grounding you is enough.
  129. Big mac was thinking 'If only granny smith was here. she would know how to teach her a lesson. he then remembered the last thing she told him before going out ,
  130. "Mac you are grown stallion. so you gonna be in change and be the head stalion of the house."
  131. mac continued thinking 'well I guess I have to do it'
  132. >he raised his hoof and smacked his sister's butt.
  133. >apple Jack jumped in shock. she wasn't prepared for it.
  134. then another Smack! landed on her other cheek!
  135. >Aawo , what the hey are you doing?
  136. >spanking you isn't that obvious ?
  137. >A spanking ? I'm a grown mare you can't spank me
  138. >spanking is for little fillies.
  139. >Does a grown mare do what you just did ?
  140. >she went silent.
  141. >Thought so , you were acting like a filly and you should be punished like a filly.
  142. >but.
  143. >yes your butt gonna get it. and the pain will remind you of what you did.
  144. Smack! Smack! Smack!
  145. the spanking continued.
  146. >She wanted to argue about it , but she was kinda ashamed of what she did.
  147. Smack! Smack! Smack!
  148. Mac, continued smacking her butt cheeks.
  149. >AJ just laid there on his lap and took it.
  150. >wait... why am I not doing anything.... He can't just do this to me.
  151. >he is not my parent , he is just my brother.
  152. >he has no rights to do this.
  153. >furiously she pushed him away. wanting to get off his lap.
  154. >hold still. her brother said.
  155. >no , I wont gonna lay there and take it.
  156. >her rump moved away from her brother's thighs
  157. >Mac, felt a faint loss of his authority.
  158. >that got him pissed.
  160. >he firmly grabbed her waist securely and pulled her back into his lap.
  161. >no AppleJack, you have to accept my punishment.
  162. >you have no right to.
  163. >Yes I have. I'm your big brother.
  164. >but you are not in charge of me.
  165. >but I am, Granny Smith left me in charge of the whole farm. including you.
  166. >I don't agree with that.
  167. >sorry but you have no say in this matter.
  168. >how can granny put a good for nothing self righteous pony like you in charge that aint fair.
  169. >a vain snapped on big mac's forehead.
  170. >he firmed his grip on her waist. but applejack didn't sit there. she was squirming around still wanting to get off.
  171. >Hold still,
  172. >the squirming continued.
  173. >I said stop ...
  174. >applejack was still kicking and twisting her body around.
  175. >Mac decided to enforce his authority.
  176. Smack!
  177. he hit her really hard.
  178. >she gasped ! and held still for a moment.
  179. >now I got your attention.
  180. >no , that was nothing , she continued squirming.
  181. >big mac got no choice. and let out a ferrous spanks one after another.
  182. Smack! smack! smack! smack!
  183. >the spanking was a little to much for her but she still holding it together.
  184. Smack smack smack
  185. >she felt a helpless , unable to get off and losing the battle to her brother.
  186. >AJ thought to her self 'dang it I cannot win against my brother anymore. here I am laying on his lap being treated like a little filly.
  187. >well I am just a little filly to him now. his muscular hoof grabbing me, and I am unable to shack it off.
  188. >He is strong, and sweaty. I can smell his sweat.
  189. >then suddenly snapped , oh noes what am I thinking he is my brother...
  190. >big mac continued to spank her but not as hard rate that he started. but he was also silent and just delivered the spanking. one spank after another...
  192. Smack smack smack
  193. >i cannot have dirty thoughts about my brother... who is currently spanking me ... hitting me on my butt... with his hoof... strong stallion hoof... touching my private parts... while looking at it.
  194. >as she was having these thoughts in her head, the spanking pain faded away.
  195. >she stopped kicking and fighting . and received her spanks.
  196. >she moved her rump with each spank matching the spanking rhythm .
  197. >her but thole was still twitching and burning...
  198. Smack!
  199. >she felt a sharp burning sensation running from her but thole. that feeling sank away with the stinging sensation she was feeling in her rump.
  200. >she was getting aroused by this.
  201. >she still didn't cum ealier.
  202. >she panicked.
  203. >she wanted to avoid anymore awkwardness .
  204. >if he continues she would probably lose it.
  205. >she was enduring so much stimulation.
  206. >she wanted it to end.
  207. >I'm..
  208. Smack ! smack!
  209. >I'm sorry brother..
  210. >he stopped.
  211. >you're sorry ?
  212. >yes, I am sorry ...
  213. >Mac was waiting for her to continue but she didn't say anything ..
  214. >sorry about what ?
  215. >he asked her that to make sure that she legitimately learned her lesson.
  216. >she blushed and hesitated... but she said
  217. >I am sorry for touching my self ...
  218. >and ?
  219. >and using the food as .. for..
  220. >and ... ?
  221. >Mac know how embarrassed and ashamed she was. but he really wanted her to think of what she did.
  222. >I am sorry for being irresponsible little filly and .. and.. being rude and unrespectful to you.
  223. >good. listen appleJack I don't want to do this to you again. you are a grown mare so be responsible for your own actions.
  224. >with a tear in her eyes she nodded.
  225. >no go to your room. you are still being grounded.
  226. >and she left the barn and went straight to her room.
  227. >she laid on her belly and stuffed her face on her pillow.
  229. >AJ you fool why did I that today of all other days. and my idiot brother had to butt in...
  230. >she started massaging her red well spanked butt.
  231. >I couldn't have waited 1 more day ... tomorrow he was going on a date and I would have been all alone...but no i was to eager to try it.
  232. >stupid ginger... I doubt that I will use it again.. but dang it Mac you had to embarrass me like that.
  233. >Pulling it out of my butt. and he had to use his mouth... he almost kissed my ...
  234. >she let out a sigh... her hooves went from massaging her butt to her pussy.
  235. >I'm such a shameless pony... Here I am touching myself again right after I was punished for it...
  236. >and she got herself busy that day. and didn't leave the room.
  238. at that moment Mac was still in the barn ...
  239. >whew that was kinda embarrassing. good thing she was so occupied with her punishment and didn't notice my boner.
  240. >he took a look at his spanking hoof. it was all wet with her love juice.
  241. >such a shameless little sister I have. getting all aroused from being spanked.
  242. >i hope I don't do this to applebloom thou . it's way too awkward.
  243. >he unconsciously sniffed his hoof.
  244. >I wonder If all other mares do this.
  245. >especially that blond unicorn.. the one cheerilee hooking me up with...
  246. >in his daydream fantasy he imagined that mare calling him.
  247. >what is it.
  248. >there she was standing there blushing with a naughty look on her face.
  249. >big and handsome mac , I need your help .
  250. >she turned around and showed him her butt.
  251. >there was a carrot stuffed inside her butthole . "help me its stuck and I cannot get it out."
  252. >Mac rolled his eyes and pulled it of
  253. she moaned in pleasure.
  254. >big mac I'm a naughty and horny little mare what are you gonna do about it.
  255. >Mac's dick went full boner mode.
  256. >he snapped out of his fantasy . dang it appleJack.
  257. >he want behind the haystack and start masturbating.
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