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How to make a Garden of Eternity

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Apr 17th, 2015
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  1. In order to create a section to ensure all manners of energies and power, we are going to create a series of waters and trees to fuel our Gardens.
  3. Unholy Heights has a 'Let's Make It Bigger' perk that lets you expand the space inside a place... we won't use it on the warehouse, no. We'll be using it on a small shack or something we'll make for the sake of it, then spend quite a bit of time practicing to make it bigger on the inside. At minimum expect to spend a few hours every day for a thousand years, JUST to be sure. Dirt you can get from anywhere, so long as you make sure to tend to it.
  5. Harvest Moon's 'Blessing of Goddess' to give you sprites to tend to things will make things much easier, and with imparting upon them FFXI's Crystal Farming skill (along with Crystal-related manipulation skills from Avernum and Geneforge) they will be able to use the magic of crystals in order to cultivate and harvest the most magical of fruits and crops.
  7. When we get to Tenchi Muyo, The Living Technology perk and Smiling Goddess Leaves perk to grant you a 1st Generation Jurai Seed becomes the CORNERSTONE of our plan. The basis which we work with.
  9. A heavily modified Geneforge for accuracy will be crucial in order to modify and clone the seed in question, for we don't want descendents for lower-grade trees. We want a total of four 1st Gen Trees, to be placed in a room. This tree will be modified with the following:
  11. -Eywa Trees (JC Avatar)
  12. -Sapient Pearwood (Discworld)
  13. -Seed of Yggdrasil (FF13-3)
  14. -Branch of a World Tree (Tales of Symphonia)
  15. -Health-increasing fruit (Shadows of the Colossus)
  16. -Traits of the stamina-increasing white lizard tails (Shadows of the Colossus)
  17. -S2 Core (Evangelion)
  18. -Gourmet Cells (Toriko)
  20. These will mean that they have a second source of superdimensional energy to work with, will be capable of channeling magic, will produce their own mana, AND can link up with each other in order to share energies and processing power, in order to become one massive supercomputer. By utilizing the Living Technology perk, I can use Demigod Atelier from Asura's Wrath to modify the Jurian functions and add so they will each have their own Mantra Reactor and the ability to channel Mantra as well... and thanks to the Yggdrasil tree from FF13-3, they can feed off of emotions (and by proxy, Mantra) to grow and store that additional energy. Their fruit will also be able to permanently increase the vitality and well-being of any who feeds upon it, as well as ensuring it is at the top nutritional potential or even slowly capable of evolving a person.
  22. We will not stop there, however.
  24. Octiron from Discworld, Fairy Garden from Changeling: The Lost, and the Tomb of Sucellus from the Age of Ice will ensure there is an abundance of magical radiation, glamour (which further works with emotion and will fuel the trees), and a great deal of Life-based mana. Anything will be able to grow there... anything. The Hanging Gardens from Civilization will only guarantee that this will be the case. Putting around facets of Psitanium will ensure anyone who walks into the Gardens will eventually develop psionic potential as well. Traces of Nitramene will be present to stabilize the effects of all these energies and provide a safe environment for anyone arrive and develop, thanks to the stabilizing properties of Vita-Radiation.
  26. We will also use samples and collections of the atmosphere from the Light of Terra Gaia-Class world, along with the powdered Wraithbone and the synchronizing with the Psitanium to ensure the same effects are achieved, thanks to the Psycho-Science perk of Psychonauts. This will also make sure anyone who enters this dimension will be graceful, more healthy, and be made MORE as a result. The fruit will be bountiful, water will be as nectar, and it will be a paradise.
  28. Various Magitech perks will allow you to construct various, eco-friendly items in the Garden so that you may tend to things as you see fit. Furthermore, Jurai Trees can "have an internal folded dimensional space is tailored to the owner, and is usually large enough to support plants, animals and bodies of water. It’s about the size of a large city park, with most of the amenities woven into the clarketech nature environment." and by taking advantage of this the space inside the shack will be made larger and more comfortable for the trees to grow.
  30. When Age of Ice rolls around, there will be a fifth tree in the center, in the form of the original Yggdrasil. This tree will be given the same traits and properties as the original four Jurai trees, thus ensuring it has all the channeling and growth properties of the four trees and will be able to connect with them. But it will not have its own personality, merely being made the equivalent of an external hard drive/networking system for the four trees (and the Digital Pun-Pun eventually) to work together, increase processing power, use the mighty energies to study something, and calculate tremendous things.
  32. This continues on, due to trees requiring water to grow and sunlight to flourish.
  34. Unholy Heights gives us a wallpaper to place on the ceiling, to ensure there will always be sun or moon when time passes by. That in of itself is easy enough, but we must ensure there is water. Trenches and pools must be dug. Around the square that is the four trees, there will be a square for four pools within the square the trees make that will never touch each other, but all of the trees will be capable of feeding from. These trenches/pools will be lined in Octiron and magical crystals to ensure they cannot seep into the ground, and the top portions will be laced with Nitramene... there will be three decent sized, perfectly smoothed out orbs of Nitramene around each 'pool' to further stabilize it and prevent contamination, with double checking via copious use of 'Tech Tree' from Civilization and 'Technician' from Alpha Centauri in order to ensure various theories can be mixed and matched.
  36. In the center of each pool there will be a core made of Artificial Blastia from Tales of Vesperia, encased within a container made of high-grade Nitramene (combining the properties of both items safely via copious research with the 'Technician' perk from Alpha Centauri and various Magitech perks) to ensure the Aer produced will not cause the surrounding environment or beings to be affected in a detrimental manner.
  38. Now it's time to do our water, and with that we will need the following:
  40. -Water of Life (Jurai Trees; can rapidly heal the drinker)
  41. -Bismarck's Blessing (FF13, any flora/fauna that comes into contact grows five times their normal size)
  42. -Amrita Supply (Etrian Odyssey; replenishes spiritual energy)
  43. -Chi (Lego- Legend of Chima; enough chi orbs infuses the waters)
  44. -Soul Smith (Dark Souls; lets you use spiritual energy instead of souls for things)
  45. -Spirit Font (Jade Empire; font of spiritual energy/chi)
  47. The Bismarck's Blessing water with the Chi and the Water of Life shall be used in every pool,, in equal proportions, to ensure they work together with the Artificial Blastia Core and keep the Trees in an abundance of health. However, the Amirta/Spiritual Energy/Spirit Font shall be saved for the fourth and final pool, underneath the Yggdrasil tree. There will also be a great infusion of spiritual energy using spirit energy from Yu Yu Yakusho, Bleach, and Dark Souls. The Tomb of Sucellus will also be placed in this area, so as to ensure the Life Mana and vitality it gives will be saturating the trees and any life within it. With the Yggdrasil tree giving off an abundance of Nature mana, the landscape and world itself will be very, VERY powerful and enriched.
  49. But in order to ensure our trees can SURVIVE the intense energies of these different sources, we need to make sure the Trees can absorb and manipulate as many varied energies as possible. We will need the following:
  51. -Hybrid/Jagan Eye (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  52. -Upgraded Geneforge (Geneforge)
  53. -Living Technology (Tenchi Muyo)
  54. -VWES (Megaman X)
  55. -Demigod Atelier (Asura's Wrath)
  56. -Miniaturization/Efficiency Tinker (Worm)
  57. -Jakara-type Spyrer Armor (Light of Terra)
  58. -Virus Creator (Megaman Battle Network)
  60. By using this combination, we analyze the energy-absorbing machinery of the Spyrer Armor and study it enough so that we may convert it and the Mantra technology into Living Technology, which will not only make it wood but make it compatible with the trees. The VWES added in will ensure it has extra adaptability, and with the Miniaturization/Efficiency power, we can make it small AND much more capable, giving no issues to the Trees. We then take samples of oneself, studying blood and the 'coding' utilized in oneself to find the traits used for Hybrid Spiritual Energy and how the Jagan Eye works before using Living Technology and the Geneforge to craft a wooden version to place inside each tree. With this, the Trees also have absolute mastery of their own energies along with the ability to absorb different versions, allowing for modifications to the Wells or the Garden. Virus Creator will ensure we can download new viruses into the Trees to impart new abilities as needed.
  62. Now to finally imbue our waters, we need to go to World of Warcraft and collect water from the following:
  64. -Sunwell (ignited after the Shattered Sun Offensive)
  65. -Moonwell Water (various places across Night Elf lands)
  66. -Well of Eternity (a vial from Vashj and Kael'thas, a larger amount from the Caverns of Time instance of the same name)
  67. -Second Well of Eternity (from the Well under Nordrassil)
  68. -Felwell water (corrupted water in Felwood)
  69. -Well of Lost Souls (font underneath the Black Temple)
  71. The Sunwell water and the two Vials shall be placed in one Well. The Moonwell Water and water from the Second Well of Eternity shall be in the second Well. The Felwell and Well of Lost Souls shall be used for the third Well, and the water from the Caverns of Time instance shall provide the fourth and purest Well. Water from both Wells of Eternity will be used to ignite the Spirit Well underneath Yggdrasil, to ensure an abundance of spiritual energy.
  73. Whatever happens from there, happens.
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