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  1. >Right as Celestia begins to speak. You put on your horn. You had this, you'd use your magic to have her voice carry out throughout the world. And use illusionary magic to show visions of what she is talking about. Even with a weakened horn, this shouldn't be too hard. There wasn't any power to it, it's all just smoke and mirrors.
  2. >"My fellow Equestrians. Let me start by saying that I know why you are all here. The possible future of our world has frightened you, and put you all in despair. Please, do not fret. The prophecy of the windigos does not need to occur. Yet, at the same time. We find ourselves in a state that if we continue, then we will have no choice but to meet our fate."
  3. >The ponies down below started to panic. Using the voice amplifying magic you were using. Celestia and you could hear all their worries from up on the balcony.
  4. >"We're doomed!"
  5. >"Please Princess Celestia! Save us, forget those kings. Just use your magic like you always have!"
  6. >"Please save us Princess Celestia! We believe in you!"
  8. >Celestia could hear their cries, and knew that they did not understand yet. "I understand your fears, and I know you'd all would sleep better knowing I would handle this. But, there are things to consider. Windigos are creatures that feast on hatred and woe. If I were to handle it on my own, there would be a chance for failure. But consider this, consider the story of our beloved Hearth Warming. In it, the windigos brought a never ending winter upon the three kingdoms of old. And while their rulers would not see eye to eye. The servants of said rulers saw no reason to hate one another. And so, before they could perish in the icy maul of the windigos' power. They put their care into eachother, their love, their friendship. And this friendship, just from this one meeting, was powerful enough to circumvent and scare the windigos away. We have entered a state where love and compassion is nearly gone from our world. And I ask, why does it need to be? Are your lives truly better with things rather than eachother?"
  9. >"But these things make our lives easier!"
  10. >Yeah! and other times ponies get in the way!"
  11. >"Why walk when you can drive? Surely there must be an easier way!"
  12. >Good christ. The brothers got them good. Dammit Celestia, you can do it!
  13. >"I see, I would suppose those things do make things easier. But I must ask, do these "things" care about you? Do they keep you warm on those cold winter nights? Do they help you feel better after a bad day? Are they as bright as a foal's smile when they want to make you proud? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. Having things are fine, but they cannot replace the warmth of a hug or cuddle of a pony you care about. Please, look among yourselves. These are your neighbors, your coworkers, family, these are what you should care about. Even a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet."
  15. >Celestia looked down upon the ponies. Some seem embarrassed, others didn't know what to do. But then she noticed a portly pony with a rose for a cutie mark, and a skinny, flamboyant, big maned pony with a flower pot cutie mark. Both unicorns. They looked like they really hated eachother.
  16. >"..You two, with the flower based cutie marks. Why do you look to eachother with such disdain?" Celestia asks
  17. >They looked confused at first, did she mean them? They thought? She nodded, and that prompted them to answer.
  18. >The portly one spoke first, he had a sort of bronx accent "Oh, yah wanna know? Yah really wanna know? This mook over here is always giving me the rag because my yard ain't pretty. It's just grass sure, but the roses that sit right in the front of my house are like tomatoes, killer in a pizza. This pony never knows what he's talking about and it really grinds my gears, y'know?"
  19. >And then the tall skinny one spoke, he seemed very insulted by his words "And so the brute speaks as if he knows what he's talking about. Princess, since you must know about this slobbish fellow. His yard is indeed an eyesore, it drives our whole neighborhood down. And while I admit his roses are.....rather divine. He keeps them in a place nopony would really notice. Meanwhile I, Floral Magnificent, am charged with the shame of being next to this ruffian. My yard, a perfect design of flowers. Set in a way to dazzle the senses, is brought down by his...less than mediocre display"
  20. >Sheesh, this guy sounded like a ponce.
  21. >The portly pony turned to him, absolutely red in anger the instant he insulted him. "I don't know half the things you said, but I don't like it! How can you talk about "Perfect" design when your flowers are as good as my old cheese grater? Old and dull. That's what it is. You talk all this bologna about your designs and yet the flowers you use make me want to hurl my guts out. "
  23. >"Old and Dull?!" Oh, now he was getting pretty angry "You listen here you peabrained putz! My flowers are only average themselves due to the pollution that has plagued us recently. We all cannot have flowers as good as yours but what I lack in the quality of the paint, I make up for with the beauty of my canvas. You'll never understand that. "
  24. >The portly pony scoffs "Yeah? Well, I still got better flowers ya nimrod! Not all of us can be all fancy with our yard y'know. Besides, what's wrong with a plain yard anyway? It's still clean, ain't it? Sure, getting my flowers out there would be all nice and stuff. But I ain't got knack for it. But, the ways I see it? My flowers are better than yours...so deal with it! No design in Equestria is worth it's sauce without quality ingredients. Puh, two bit Ruffionian..or whatever ya said"
  25. >"Sir! I will fight you with my hooves if you dare mispronounce that remark again!" Oh boy. The fact that he looked like he was no match almost made it funny if it wasn't so sad.
  26. >"Really? Because I can break you in two. Probably use your hooves to make flower pots or somethin'. So if ya wanna go, then let's go!" "OH lordy, that guy really did look like he could snap him in two.
  27. >"My Ponies, please stop this!" Celestia beckons to them.
  28. >They point to eachother and both yell out "He started it!" Like little children.
  29. >"I see..." But you could tell. Celestia had a plan. "And I suppose bickering and fighting like children would help the situation...right?"
  30. >Like children? Hearing that, they both calmed down and looked down in shame.
  31. >"Well, I guess, if ya wanna put it that way" The portly one really sounded hurt by that
  32. >"...I perhaps took the situation too strongly" The skinny one sounded like his pride was demolished.
  33. >"Perhaps...But. How would you both like to have a beautiful yard? Something that you both could be proud of?" Celestia asked them
  35. >"Uhhhh, well yeah. That'd be fine. You can make that happen? Cause there's still that whole windigo thing.." The portly one seemed a little confused.
  36. >"I cannot" Celestia answers.
  37. >Now they were both really confused.
  38. >"But, You two can...by helping eachother. You, Floral Magnificent. Perhaps if you were to be kind to...hmm, I apologize" Celestia lets out a soft hearted giggle. "I don't know your name."
  39. >The portly one bows "The names "Rosy Cheeks". And don't laugh, pardon my rudeness and stuff. But I'll break yer royal nose if you laugh at it. Ma was a gentle soul, wanted us all to have nice names."
  40. >As expected. Celestia doesn't take any personal offense "Not to worry Mr.Cheeks. But to continue. If you were to be kind, be neighborly, and accept how Mr.Cheeks composes himself. Perhaps you could be friends with him. You not only might find that you both could have a lot in common, or share in things you otherwise may never try. But you could also ask him for advice on handling flowers. That way your plants can be as beautiful as the design you put them in."
  41. >"........that, seems...well.." Floral seemed so confused, hesitant. But...he did want prettier flowers "...I suppose, I could..as brutish as he is. His ability in the fine art of growing flowers is...well...as magnificent as my name."
  42. >"And Mr.Cheeks. Would you not feel better with a nicer yard? And a nice neighbor to share it with. Taking pride in the beautiful designs you would be capable of if you had a friend to show you the way?"
  43. >He shrugged "Hey, whatever works. Wouldn't mind the pinhead so much if he didn't get on my nerves. Seems pretty ok when he ain't complainin'. Besides, he's got the nicest patterns in the neighborhood. Ain't no doubt about it"
  44. >"You really think so?" Floral asks, he never heard a compliment like that come out of him.
  45. >"What, about the patterns or the pinhead thing?" Rosy asks
  47. >"....Let's just say both, ya big brute. Perhaps we can discuss things over some tea? Yes?" Floral was delighted. Even with the pinhead thing. He was going to learn the secret of good flowers. And, as it seemed. Make a good friend out of it in which he could chat about designs.
  48. >"Yeah sure, sounds good to me. But I'm bringing some pizza, Everything goes good with it and I never had nothing without it" He sure did like pizza.
  49. >And it looked like they became fast friends right then and there. But then the cries of ponies rang out.
  50. >"What does that have to do with anything?!"
  51. >"Flowers aren't going to protect us!"
  52. >"Please Princess! Stop joking around! This is serious!"
  53. >"I understand your concerns. But it seems you all don't understand what I mean yet. I've already explained a way to stop the windigos. But perhaps, a more visual representation is needed."
  54. >Finally, that was your cue.
  55. >You focus. And boy did you focus. You spread your magic thin enough to create a worldwide illusion of the Equestria you knew. Nothing was solid. But, you didn't need it to be.
  56. >What the ponies were thing were perfection. The sky was blue and clean, the air..it felt pure, there were ponies walking around, laughing, enjoying their time together, watching their children happily trot to school without worry of bandits, green grass everywhere. Beautiful trees. It was almost like being in your Equestria again.
  57. >The ponies reacted first with fright. But as they gazed upon the illusion. They were enamored at how much...nicer..and more friendly everything seemed.
  59. >"Nopony is yelling at eachother, what's going on?"
  60. >"Those little fillies, they seem really happy for some reason. That's...kinda weird...but kinda nice."
  61. >"Those construction workers, they ain't using all them fancy machines to do the work. They are just, using eachother..no...wait. They seem happy...are they using..teamwork? Woah, that seems cool!"
  62. >"Just look at everything. No pollution anywhere, and it feels so..safe to be outside.....I miss all the nice trees we had..."
  63. >Finally...progress...just..keep on focusing...
  64. >"This Equestria that you see before you is not our own. But instead an Equestria that two interdimensional travelers have come from. I'm sure you had heard about them last night. But don't understand their place of origin. Well, this is it. In this Equestria, they value the importance of the magic of friendship. Ponies work together instead of against each other to get things done. Foals of all kinds play together, have fun, and laugh with each other. The air is untainted, and the plant life plentiful. Why look.." Celestia points over yonder to Sweet Apple Acres "Why even the apples are pure. untreated with the filth the former kings put in to them. The gentle earth ponies toiling hard to bring their apples to us. With good will in their hearts. Or..." Celestia sees a cottage, with an adorable yellow horse taking care of a bear. "See there, a kind hearted mare taking care of what many would be afraid of. A gentle giant to her it seems. And she seems so happy, taking care of those who have trouble taking care of themselves. And..."
  65. >Celestia looks up, to see many rainbows across the sky "The pegasi are working hard to bring rainbows to the ponies below. It's beautiful, isn't it?...but..."
  66. >The illusion fades. Not due to your lack of magic. You were just following along. You had this, you watched enough cartoons to get this right.
  67. >"This is not our Equestria..." Celestia laments
  69. >"But...but..it was so beautiful!"
  70. >"Bring it back!"
  71. >"It looked so much better!"
  72. >"My little ponies, please understand. This Equestria is something I cannot bring back. Not alone, but together. All of us can work together to make it a reality. If we work together, learn to trust one another, and embrace in the good intentions I know everypony has. Together, we can prevent the windigos from coming. And bring back the Equestria we all knew. Everypony of Equestria, are you with me?!"
  73. >There was a loud cheer, everypony let out their feelings all at once in wanting the change. To make things better.
  74. >Celestia's mane, it was now completely back to normal, it was shining, waving, and clean. It had completely restored itself at this point. Celestia herself, a tear ran down her cheek "..Thank you all...for understanding. And please know, that if you should have any trouble. Then come to me, my adviser, my adviser's assistant, or even among yourselves. There should always be a pony out there for somepony else. I know we can all do it together if we believe in each other. My little ponies, this is all I have to say. I hope, you all heed my words."
  75. >Your horn shuts off after that on it's own. The speech must be done then. You probably tied the magic to her speech without actually realizing it...but then that meant.
  77. >You can see a green light hit a particular part of the castle as another one comes upon you, which starts to distort your vision.
  78. >Ahh crap...
  79. >"Anon...." Celestia didn't seem scared or alerted. She understood right when she saw it "It seems your Equestria is calling back to you"
  80. >It did. But you give her a smile, if you had to go. You'd do it with a smirk.
  81. "Yeah, seems so. But I ain't worried. I'm pretty sure you got this Princess."
  82. >Celestia giggles "I'd hope so, the ponies of old did it in less than a day. If I can't manage it in a week then I'd say we're doomed."
  83. >......
  85. >Celestia giggled "Sorry, it just seemed so fun to tease you. I just wanted to try it once. You needn't worry" Celestia winks at you "I got this shit"
  86. >.....ha....
  87. >...ha....ha..
  88. >You start laughing, that was fucking amazing.
  89. "That's great!...but don't use that language too much. trust me, just stick with normal pony words. Still, super awesome I get to hear you say that before I go. The Celestia of my world would never say it."
  90. >Celestia laughs along with you "I see, well. Seems like she needs to loosen up a little."
  91. "..Oh trust me, she's too loose sometimes if you ask me...well...things are getting super blurry. Seeya Princess Celestia. I'll never forget you, or Sunset, or anypony else. And don't worry about your sister. She'll be back soon, I sense it. Call it a cartoony sense.....Seeya!"
  93. >You wave goodbye to her as her giggling turns back to a warm smile. She waves to you as your vision finally goes out from this world. And back to your own.
  94. >And you drop alright. Your head slams right next to the town fountain beside town hall. Right into the dirt.
  95. "ARGH....d-dammit.....nnghh.."
  96. >You fall flat on your back
  97. "......course...always...every fucking time...ngh...wait.."
  98. >You look up at the sky..it was...night time.
  99. "Goddammit..enough time passed that it;s fucking night....theres still a little night though...urgh..and.....oh shit.."
  100. >You just rerealized something.
  101. "Fuck, I wonder how long Twilight has been freaking out about the whole classroom thing. I can't believe I still remember that. ...fuck....my day never fucking ends does it? Out of the frying pan and into the soup bowl I guess..."
  102. >You get up, and dust off your mane.
  103. "....Better make sure Twilight is ok before I go back home....dammit Discord, you could have at least been here when I got back. Y'know..say hello...progress report...something....sheesh."
  104. >You look up at the night sky though. contemplating on the world you left behind.
  105. "I hope everypony will be ok there. I hope Fluttershy,Applejack, Ponk, and everypony else gets together again. eh..they will...elements will happen. Luna will be back...the whole shebang....also gotta get Chrysalis her damn car. Oy.....busy busy busy"
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