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  1. A suicide crowned me
  2. the last death of the play
  3. when what I was looked at me
  4. and I didn’t look away
  5. fear rivuletted off my brow
  6. and pooled upon my heart
  7. to soak through the wooden blade
  8. that had cut my lines apart
  9. The End turned to me with famine
  10. and cradled me in its teeth
  11. my single lidless eye
  12. was bleached to ivory in the heat
  13. I had no choice when I desired
  14. to end the greatest game
  15. So I opened like a curtain
  16. and handed it my name
  17. With gentle jaws it carved a vow
  18. into what I had been
  19. It burrowed into my marrow
  20. And became my daily skin
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