Famous Last Words

Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. ~Famous Last Words
  2. ~Famous Last Wods
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  5. Fate was unkind to Alyssa.
  7. More specifically, fate was a fickle bitch with a sadistic streak and an even shorter attention span.
  9. Drow weren’t known for their adventuring ways and until very recently they were known for not being able to communicate unless a knife was at someone’s throat. See, Alyssa was one of a growing movement of Drow who could see that her world was failing and needed reform - fast.
  11. But old habits and a harsh matriarchy didn’t exactly bend to the whim of the disaffected youth. So they did something completely unprecedented and in complete contrast to the culture that had surrounded them, the most cowardly, self-serving yet altruistic act they could think of.
  13. They simply walked away. Could they be blamed? Their world was ending. Alyssa had enough of it herself, and she was glad to be rid of it.
  15. Thousands marched through the echoing roads of the cavernous warrens that spanned beneath the sprawling cities of men and elves. Dwarf ruins, Drugar bandits, many perils were to be had. But a complacent drow was a dead drow in their own culture. Every threat met with force. It was safe, some tapered off during the march to pursue greener pastures, to find a home, a place they can settle.
  17. Slowly they dwindled as more drow found lives, away from the constructs that held up on a prayer and a lash.
  19. Eventually came time for Alyssa and her mother and little sister to find their own way.
  21. But fate was a fickle bitch.
  23. It wasn’t long that they were off the main path when a basilisk decided that the three of them were lunch. Alyssa was a cleric of some decent power and an equal measure of savvy, fortune favoured those who planned in advance, and Alyssa bought a dozen scrolls to protect from petrification for this very reason.
  25. The long story short, she enacted three of them and drew the serpent away from her family as bait as they managed to find safer passage. As the beast had reared its head between her and her family, she had to take a detour.
  27. She gazed for a time at the basilisk head she had dangling from her belt. Took her a good half hour to bludgeon the hungry bastard to death. What it meant though was that it might be days before they saw each other again. She consulted her map, there was a camp two days walk from where she was that they had agreed to rendezvous at should anything go wrong. It was in dwarf territory, but the proprietor of the inn was a drow who built his stake on his own back and had singlehandedly fostered a semblance of goodwill between drow and dwarf. It was a safe enough spot as far as she knew.
  29. But what that meant was crossing Dwarf checkpoints and customs and…
  31. She cursed, her mother had the purse strings. Alyssa needed her pockets for magical miscellanea. Her purse contained barely enough coins to get a decent meal, let alone across the border. She pondered as she walked, maybe, because this was a backroad, that it would be unguarded, or at least lightly guarded. The weeds and mosses caking the path told her that very few footfalls had come this way for some time. Even bandits and blackguards would have left some evidence of their passing.
  33. If she did get stopped, she hoped that maybe her clerical talents could get her by. Sometimes trade and skills are worth more than barter.
  35. So she walked, with these concerns weighing somewhat on her mind.
  37. For almost two days she walked, her catlike eyes adjusting to the varying levels of absolute darkness and bitch black nothing.
  39. She was absently pondering what meal she could expect when she arrived at that in, she rounded a corner with a tapered stream of torchlight petering in.
  41. Curiously, cautiously, she followed it. Gently edging forward until her eyes adjusted enough for her to see.
  43. Turned out her hopes were very wrong. The border was guarded. Two dwarves, military attire and bored expressions.
  45. She kept to the shadows for a moment, listening to their conversation.
  47. “Gods above and below, I was hoping that skittering was something we could kill,” whined the man.
  49. “Quit ye bitching!” snapped the woman, “if ye want to kill it that badly, then kill it!”
  51. “But it’s just a wee little ‘mousie’! He’s all honey coloured and looking at me with those begging eyes!”
  53. “Because the cheeky little fucker knows that those big eyes of his will make ye feed him.”
  55. “Come here little guy,” the man was clearly ignoring the woman by that point, “have some breadcrumbs!”
  57. There was a happy squeak as the mouse greedily gulped down a couple of the breadcrumbs before taking a small piece of the bread, roughly the size of its whole body, and scampering away with it to a nearby hidey-hole.
  59. “I have to admit, it was a cute mouse,” conceded the woman with a sigh, “So, did you bring ye playing cards?”
  61. “Ya, and I remembered to put the jokers back in this time.”
  63. “Elf, Dwarf or Human rules?”
  65. “Elf uses four picture cards and jokers, seeing as how I have the full set…”
  67. Alyssa watched at the two dwarves nestled themselves behind a barrier at the checkpoint. The man started shuffling.
  69. Alyssa gazed around the checkpoint, there were no shadows she could sneak through and there were even less features in the way of cover. She sighed, she didn’t want to have to burn another scroll, but the dwarves seemed like they were spoiling for a fight, or at least something to take their attention off the drudgery of their post.
  71. She pulled a scroll of sanctuary, not an invisibility spell as such, but spell that rendered the recipient so unnoticed that they might as well have been.
  73. She cast the spell and crept, being careful not to make a sound. If she drew attention to herself, the spell would be rendered broken.
  75. Tiptoeing up, she was pressing her hands against anything that would rattle or chink when she walked. Getting closer, she felt her heart beat as the tension mounted. She was right at the barrier before long, neither dwarf looked up from their seat. The man had dealt the cards and they had their hands already. Alyssa took advantage of this and gingerly clambered over the low wooden wall that was erected. It was only waist high, but it felt insurmountable with all the equipment that the cleric had been lugging with her.
  77. As soon as her toe touched the ground on the other side of it however…
  79. The woman, without even looking up from her cards, grabbed her hammer and slammed it down had at the feet of Alyssa, causing the drow to gasp.
  81. “Ye not the first to try that trick,” she said without looking at Alyssa, “wall has runes carved in it, so long as we’re here we can feel any disturbance. Sorry, even if you were invisible, we would have had ya.”
  83. Alyssa was frozen, uncomfortable half perched on the wall.
  85. The man leant back on his elbows, giving her a slight grimace, “Ye could at least apologise to the poor lass, if it were me I would have shat myself a nice brick.”
  87. “Charming,” the woman barely replied to him, “Judging by the fact that you’re here on the backroad, you’re trying to get by unnoticed. Judging by the skulking, you’re either an outlaw or just broke,” she finally gave Alyssa sideways glance, her green eyes scanning the drow, taking in the clothes, the armaments, the basilisk skull, “Here’s the thing though, outlaws stopped using this road because basilisks kept eating the unwary ones, few drow come this way, outlaw or no and it’s been a very long time since I met a cleric who renounced her beliefs so hard that they turned to petty thievery.”
  89. Alyssa gave a very self-aware smile, an a flush of embarrassment to go with, “Well…”
  91. “You’re broke aren’t ye?”
  93. Alyssa nodded fiercely as she finished her clumsy attempt at clambering and touched down on the other side.
  95. “Well, lets take a look at ye…” The woman got up, immediately putting hands to her hips. She was average for a Dwarf, standing at about four and a half feet. Built like a hill herself, she was squat and stout and implacable. Ginger haired and covered in freckles, she embodied more than one stereotype of the race. Busty, wide-hipped and well toned, she was the kind of dwarf who could have any man she wanted down at the local pub, and probably beat the ever-loving piss out of them as well if they treated her badly. Alyssa found it rather intimidating that such a powerful woman was also wearing armour and had a hammer the size of her own torso.
  97. The man, who hadn’t even bothered standing up, was massive for a dwarf, at five feet in height and almost as broad. He had a rugged handsomeness about him, the way he smiled, the way his icy blue eyes seemed to convey a sense of gentleness. He didn’t have the massive beards and long braided hair like most, but short, well groomed black hair and a layer of perma-stubble. Other dwarves would have called him girly, or worse, elfin. Alyssa knew many of her drow friends would bed him in a heartbeat.
  99. The woman spent perhaps a little too long examining Alyssa, the drow wondered exactly what she was looking for… or looking at. The facts were rather simple, the woman had an… aesthetic appreciation for how shapely Alyssa was. The smokey grey skin had an exotic value to dwarves, but beyond that, Alyssa was quite well endowed herself and her smooth, hairless skin shined in the pale torchlight. The grey eyed, white haired drow felt rather self conscious for a time until the woman broke the ice.
  101. “The basilisk head is really something… kill it yourself?”
  103. “It would have eaten my family,” Alyssa said, almost pleadingly.
  105. The woman nodded, “and this family is…?”
  107. “We were separated because of the basilisk.”
  109. The woman kept nodding.
  111. “What do ye think Tharin?”
  113. “Well Milly, I think we could always use a third player.”
  115. “I…” Milly shot him a confused expression, “I meant the barrier. The office counts the passings and expects gold for it.”
  117. “Ye would think the basilisk head alone would let her pass…”
  119. “What signatory would come up here? Bloody hell, it’d be hours before they even bother and they’d make us sign a mountain of paperwork… fucking hell…”
  121. “I… Please, I need to pass to get back to my family!” urged Alyssa, “I’ll do anything!”
  123. Milly and Tharin both turned to the drow.
  125. “Those are some… bad choice of words there miss…” said Tharin.
  127. “Famous last words honestly. I’m assuming you’re in a hurry?”
  129. Alyssa nodded.
  131. The dwarves sighed, “Payment has to be made, otherwise its our jobs,” their unison was almost rehearsed.
  133. “You have cards, how about a game to win my passage?”
  135. Both Milly and Tharin glanced at each other.
  137. Tharin scratched his head “Uhh…”
  139. Milly made a pained grimace, “Yeah…”
  141. “What!? What is is?” urged Alyssa
  143. Tharin bit his lip, “We… we don’t bring our money up here. Helps keep bandits from trying to pick us off…”
  145. “We… we get really bored up here…”
  147. Alyssa cocked her head, “What is it!?” she urged, “spit it out, please!”
  149. “It’s strip poker and afterwards we fuck like jackrabbits,” Milly finally said.
  151. Alyssa blinked, slowly and with great exaggeration, “Really. That’s the big deal?”
  153. Tharin leant forward, “Well… it beats playing chess for six hours. My last partner up here was a guy who made for really shitty company…”
  155. Alyssa’s shoulders drooped, “That’s… not helping me…”
  157. Milly’s eyes scanned Alyssa once more. They both knew what she was thinking.
  159. Alyssa was about to spit out a word of protest but quickly realised that this could be an opportunity of sorts. Tales of dwarven stamina were abound in her old home, the willingness of dwarven women was often held as an ideal among young drow. Alyssa considered the attractiveness of Milly for a time, before leaning slightly to look past Milly, and onto the gentle-faced Tharin.
  161. Alyssa unclipped her belt and backpack and tossed them aside.
  163. “I have to ask, do dwarves consider drow… attractive?”
  165. “Well, I don’t mean to be so forthcoming miss, but I’ve been picturing ye without ye clothes on all conversation,” said Milly.
  167. “It’d be better if we had a name though…” said Tharin.
  169. “Alyssa…” breathed the drow as her fingertips danced towards the hem of her shirt, “now which of you do I make call that name first?”
  171. With that, she pulled her shirt off and casually cast it aside, her breasts jiggling slightly in the motion.
  173. “Huh, would ye look at that. Ye owe me twelve bits.”
  175. Alyssa cocked her head as Milly approached, gingerly running her thumb over an exposed nipple, “We had a bet on the colour… I didn’t expect it to be blue-grey.”
  177. Alyssa raised an eyebrow, “Pardon me, this must be strange but… yours aren’t?”
  179. Milly laughed, and rapidly started tearing her armour and clothes off, “Ye never seen it before? Well, why don’t I just show ye!”
  181. Tharin was notably confused, “So… no poker?”
  183. “Didn’t ye hear the lass, she was in a hurry!”
  185. Tharin grudgingly got up and started undressing himself, “Gods damn, I had a full house in that hand too!”
  187. Alyssa chuckled, “I assure you,” she tried to be alluring, “I’ll be more fun than that card game…” and with that she slowly, tenderly, pinched the ends of her trousers and slipped them down her legs, with a sultry smile and a slight lick of the lips.
  189. Milly wolf whistled, “now that’s making me a little giddy…”
  191. Tharin however missed the point, “Not really, poker’s really good once you-” he was cut off when Milly stomped on his foot.
  193. Alyssa kicked aside the trousers in a swift, graceful motion. She swaggered towards Milly, who had finally torn all of the armour off and pulled her top off with it. Her hips swayed from side to side as she stroked the dwarf’s cheek, “I admit…” said Alyssa, gazing downward, “I didn’t expect pink…”
  195. Milly slid a hand up Alyssa’s inner thigh, sliding upwards and gently stroking her clit, “I didn’t expect blue-grey, but hey, ye learn something new everyday…”
  197. Alyssa gently nudged the hand aside and took the hem of Milly’s pants with her teeth and pulled it down to the knees. Alyssa found herself almost flat against the ground, realising that this worked far better on far taller people, she awkwardly looked up and pressed a single finger on Milly’s sternum, sternly directed the dwarf to the ground.
  199. Milly didn’t let Alyssa push her right away however, casting a gaze at Tharin who only just finished tearing his clothes off. The two women were in the presence of an incredibly well toned man with a cock that was easily nearing the eight inch mark.
  201. “My, you are a beautiful man…” Alyssa was transfixed.
  203. “Nah, he’s really not. He has a pile driver between his legs and he uses the fucking thing like it’s a pillow.”
  205. “Coming from a woman who can bend steel with her thighs,” quipped Tharin.
  207. “Don’t worry, I won’t demonstrate on you…” Milly patted Alyssa’s head when she caught the drow’s worried expression.
  209. Alyssa pressed harder with her finger, and this time Milly complied. As the dwarven woman lied down, Alyssa pulled her pants all the way off and parted her legs. Alyssa then raised her own rear into the air as an invitation and winked at Tharin.
  211. Wordlessly, the man complied, striding over behind the drow and placing his hands on her hips.
  213. She felt his cock slide inside, her juices already made it slick enough for him to have easy passage. Slowly, he slid it in until he was as deep as he could manage, which pressed awkwardly inside Alyssa, but it felt too good for her to mind. She knew she was going to walk funny in the morning. She even let out a little gasp as he slid out and then back in. She ground up against him, giving him a rhythm to work with.
  215. It was then she felt something drip down her leg. She looked down to see what was unmistakably cum oozing from her pussy.
  217. “Umm, I thought dwarves had stamina…” she sounded disappointed.
  219. “What? I haven’t even started!” whined Tharin.
  221. Milly craned her neck to see, “They must be like humans Tharin, all in one big splurt at the end.”
  223. “Wait, what?” asked Alyssa
  225. “Oh yeah, dwarves do have that at the end too but… dwarf men pump out a lot of it as they go too.”
  227. “Oh… alright then…” Alyssa ground up against Tharin and finally got to what she wanted to do in the first place, she put her lips to Milly’s pussy and after a couple of tender kisses, stuck her tongue out. First she teased the clit, gently working under the hood, making sure to work as softly as possible. Milly moaned and herself started grinding as Alyssa got firmer with her tongue, caressing it with the tip.
  229. Many minutes passed as Milly’s grinding grew steadily faster, and Tharin’s pumping became firmer. Alyssa herself was having trouble keeping up with both paces, but she only had to manage a little longer as she noticed Milly’s breaths becoming more and more shuddered. She drew her tongue in swirling patterns, and Milly gasped, seeming to want to hold in whatever feeling she was having. A quick flick of the tongue broke that composure and Milly found herself letting out a noise that resembled a mouse squeak before drawing fast, heavy breaths, punctuated with moans and groans.
  231. Soon, Milly’s body seized and shuddered and Alyssa could taste the moisture as her pussy got wetter still. The drow immediately reached up and grabbed Milly under the knees and pulled them over her head, giving herself more access. Alyssa followed up by exploring with her tongue, gently teasing her way inside Milly’s pussy, lapping up all the juices.
  233. Milly’s chest heaved even faster, much to the delight of Tharin who was enjoying the show with a cheesy grin on his face, and even more to the delight of Alyssa.
  235. The drow penetrated with her tongue, darting it in hard and fast. Milly even reached down, clutching Alyssa by the back of the head and forcing her deeper, which the drow happily complied. Before long, Milly found herself screaming, her high pitches squeals echoing through the caverns.
  237. The dwarf’s body shuddered and Alyssa could feel a tightness on her tongue, so she pressed even harder. Milly lost all composure, and in an instant everything relaxed and was accompanied by the soundtrack of her pleasured moans.
  239. Alyssa pulled up, licking the juices off her lips,
  241. “That was easy… so much for dwarven endurance…”
  243. Milly however looked up however with an expression that told Alyssa that she wasn’t done yet.
  245. The dwarf got up and ushered Tharin out the way, who grudgingly complied.
  247. Milly repaid the favour, getting underneath Alyssa, who straightened up. She looked down at the dwarf, who was lying on her back, sucking out the cum that Tharin left behind.
  249. Alyssa invited Tharin over, and immediately placed his cock between her breasts and slowly moved them up and down, licking the head whenever she could reach. The steady stream of cum dribbled through her lips and down his shaft, running all over her tits.
  251. Quickly though, Milly gave up on what she was doing, pushing Alyssa off.
  253. “No, I’m not going to be staring at Thorin’s hair arse for this, not when he’s dribbling his cum in my eyes!”
  255. Tharin and Alyssa quickly sprang off as Milly wiped her face clean. Upon seeing the cum sprayed all over Alyssa’s tits however, she had a better idea. She tugged Tharin’s cock over and put it back in between Alyssa’s tits. Milly then danced her fingers downward, slipping them inside Alyssa and making ‘come hither’ motions as she suckled on one of the drow’s nipples. Tharin started pumping and Alyssa put her mouth over the tip once more. She let out a moan as she felt Milly’s finger stroke both her g-spot and her clit. She had to give the dwarf credit, she was practised.
  257. One thing that she did notice that made her wetter though, was that when some of the cum dribbled down her breast, Milly licked it up in the most sultry way she could.
  259. Alyssa leant down as far as her neck would allow and got as much of a mouthful of the cum as she could and tapped Milly to get her to look up. As soon as she did, Alyssa planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss on the dwarf, who quickly worked out what was going on and lapped up the sticky mess, starting with licking it straight out of the Drow’s mouth and swallowing it straight down. Alyssa repaid the favour by licking up the mess that Milly left, picking it up off her face and neck, and when Milly presented them, Alyssa licked the cum off her tits as well, being sure to suckle each for a time as she did.
  261. It wasn’t long before, Milly started working her fingers harder and firmer, and Alyssa was letting out faster and breathier moans. Maybe it was the way Milly played patterns with her clit, maybe it was just how strong her fingers were inside, but something was pulling Alyssa into a spasming ecstasy. Pretty soon, Alyssa found herself letting out a squeal as she came, her juices flowing freely over Milly’s firm, stroking hands.
  263. When Alyssa finally stopped grinding against her hands, Milly started licking the drow’s juices off of them.
  265. Milly then planted a long kiss on the drow’s lips.
  267. Alyssa was taken aback, but returned the kiss in kind. When they finally parted, she saw that Milly had been stroking Tharin’s cock the whole time.
  269. “I know what will make this better…”
  271. With that, she took one side of the shaft, licking it up and down, kissing his balls and stroking his head. Alyssa took this as an invitation, taking the other side.
  273. “Woah ladies… I’m not going to last too long like that…”
  275. “We were good to each other, like a lady should be to her peers…” Milly gave Alyssa a hearty wink, “Don’t need you to last that long…”
  277. And with that Milly licked the head in one great, big stroke before putting her lips on it, sliding up and down the shaft. In a move that could only be said to be ‘show-offish’, she slipped forward, taking the whole thing to the base and holding it there, before going back to the previous motion as if nothing had happened.
  279. Alyssa pulled Milly off the cock gently, “Aren’t you forgetting that I’m the one selling my body here? Let me…”
  281. With that, Alyssa planted her lips on the head, working it with her tongue as her head bobbed up and down the shaft.
  283. “Hey ladies… mind if I… uhh… came on your tits?” Tharin didn’t know how to broach the question.
  285. Alyssa returned the show-offish gesture by taking the cock right to its base before coming back up for air, “Are you close?” teased Alyssa, stroking the shaft.
  287. “About to blow actually…”
  289. Milly shuffled in, putting one arm around Alyssa, fondling her breast with that hand, “Lets share this Sweetie. Now Tharin… Don’t miss…” she urged as she reached up and stroked the head.
  291. Tharin held as tightly as he could, his balls receded and his toes curled, but eventually there was no holding it in. A great big blast of cum shot out in a stream, spraying them both in the chest, on the face, into their open, waiting mouths.
  293. As his cock launched the last of its many spurts, Milly leant forward and started giving the cock a thorough cleaning with her tongue, while Alyssa had a similar idea when she lapped up the spray from Milly’s tummy and worked her way up to her breast, where she latched on and suckled for a time.
  295. “You know…” said Tharin, “Now that I think of it, a couple of Drow did come through one of the other checkpoints a day ago. They’re staying at the inn just five minutes away.”
  297. “That town’s our home…” assured Milly as she turned to Alyssa, wiping a string of cum off the drow’s cheek and slipping it straight into her mouth, “What were their names again Tharin?”
  299. “Syani and Moranna?” said Tharin.
  301. Alyssa immediately locked eyes with Tharin, “Little, skinny, scraggly one with short hair and tall busty matronly one?”
  303. “That sounds like them,” assured Milly, “The things I’d do to the both of them if they gave half an ounce of interest my way…”
  305. Alyssa smiled, “I can tell you now, those two are my family!” she straightened up and Milly immediately started lapping cum up off her tits, “give me five minutes alone with the two of them and I might be able to have that arranged.”
  307. “I like how sure of yourself you are…” said Milly with a grin.
  309. Tharin smiled as he stroked his shaft, “Well, I for one am looking forward to this…”
  311. “Wanna hang around for some more… ‘border entry payment’ before you reunite?”
  313. Alyssa pondered, “They’ll wait for me a little while longer…”
  315. Milly grinned, “So, tell me about the little one…”
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