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Weaver Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Weaver arrives at the cool, fancy, all new Prodigy Center and is met at the gate by a robot security guard. It lets her onto the grounds after she checks in and directs her to a room set up for Gen Prime interviews! The Prodigy Center is pretty much complete and there's a fully automated report staff and even a few human employees on site. When Weaver arrives at the interview room Bom-Pom is leaning back in her chair and tapping away at a tablet. Behind her is a sophisticated robot who nudges the girl to get her attention. "Hm? Oh, yes. Come in and take a seat!"
  3. Fenel: It was a good thing that the white-clad girl had her helmet on, because it wouldn't have taken a genius to see how nervous she was moving through the Center. Were anyone to call her on this, she'd call them absurd, but mock-bravado was how she coped with that stuff. When she arrived at the interview room, she took a deep calming breath, becoming painfully aware of the crystalline appendages on her back. They retreated at a mental command, folding up in an attempt to look less intimidating. "Hello." She spoke, her voice sounding rather 'nerdy', but with a forced confidence to it. "I had an interview." She pointed out the obvious, wincing behind the helmet. Of course she knew that. She moved up to the desk, giving both Bom-Pom and the robot a polite nod.
  5. GeneralFreedom: "Umhm. Nice of you to stop by," Bom-Pom grins. "I'm Bom-Pom, Becky Neven, and this is Tutor. He's my co-leader for this project." She gestures back to the robot and it gives a quick bow. "Good evening! I hope you found your way here without incident."
  7. Fenel: "It's a pleasure to meet you Becky, Tutor. There was no issue in finding my way here - just followed the directions." She paused, briefly considering something. "I am Weaver - and I must disclose my actual identity as well, yes?" She inquired with only a small amount of caution.
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Only if you want to. As long as we have a way to reach you later, it's all good," Becky says dismissively. "We want our teammates to be comfortable," Tutor adds, a bit more serious than the cheerleader. "It's not necessary at this time, but you will be encouraged to register if you haven't already done so."
  11. Fenel: She looked between the two as they spoke, nodding as they spoke. "Of course. The, uh, number I contacted you on should be good. It's my work phone." She informed them before simply waiting for the interview to proceed, minor greeting formalities out of the way.
  13. GeneralFreedom: "Down to business then! So have you done much superhero work before or have you done anything that might prepare you for it," Becky asks. "Previous experience isn't a requirement, but it always helps," Tutor states.
  15. Fenel: "... Of a sort. My father was a villain in Massachusetts, so I have observed cape business in the past. While he never involved me prior to his incarceration, he did teach me a basic means to coping with powers." She speaks on it rather casually, after a moments thought. "His name was Nightbeat, in case you wish to check. I have no more association with him." She sounded calm, but the way she folded her hands behind her back were likely a tell to her nervous state, finger tapping against the other hand.
  17. GeneralFreedom: "Reeeally? A supervillain for a father... that must have been interesting," Becky muses. "Probably more interesting than having hero parents even. They tend to be more secretive. Or at least I think they do. I haven't experienced either, personally." Tutor nods, storing the name away for later. "Thank you, I will be sure to check. I'm glad you've decided to do something positive with your abilities."
  19. Fenel: "He was honest, but never intended to bring me into the business without my own consent. It was a... beneficial environment for me, considering my, uh, ability. Lots of practice, with all the colorful characters we were surrounded by. And thank you, Tutor. I will endeavor to use my abilities towards creating a safer future." She sounded far less on-edge towards the end there, showing some genuine conviction to be a hero.
  21. GeneralFreedom: Becky giggles. "Colorful is a good word for it. There's some real oddballs out there." Tutor moves on with the interview while Becky gives idle commentary. "Speaking of your powers and abilities, what can you do? I noticed the odd crystal... arms you had when you entered."
  23. Fenel: "Ah. They are quartz." She corrects before continuing. "In short, I have control over main land sand - the sorts you would find in the Sahara. A slightly more in depth explanation would be fine silicon manipulation, such so that I can even move and shape the likes of quartz and other substances made up of mostly silicon - glass included. But I avoid using that specific avenue. I crafted these legs as a means of distracting from the exact ability which controls them, and also to distract from what I consider my primary ability." She pauses once again, catching her breath after her little explanation, seeming far more confident in this matter. "I have a thinker ability, specialized superhuman intelligence in a specific area. I specialize in mutations, superhuman abilities and the likes. The ability allows me to understand potential applications, origins and weaknesses based on first hand observation. Second hand yields less fruitful results." She cleared her throat after that, bringing a hand to her helmet's mouthpiece. "I, uh, think keeping the details of powers is a powerful tool, when acting as a cape. It is why I chose the spider theme. Nothing to imply either ability."
  25. GeneralFreedom: "So, you control sand and know a lot about superpowers. Or at least that's what it boils down to. I guess that could be useful." Becky grins. "Just like my powers, my name isn't subtle. I do exactly what you'd think I do." Tutor sighs, "Knowledge is power. And it's an interesting choice of theme considering your abilities. Most heroes try to match their costume and name to their powers."
  27. Fenel: "Tend to, yes. But I am quite fond of the theme. I am a weaver of sorts..." She brings a hand to one of the edges of her armour, a small chunk seeming to come off with very little issue, as if the armour were made of foam. She holds it out to them on her palm to display its current state, encloses the other hand over it in a fist, and then raises her hand, opening the fist. A reflective, metal-like web is where the chunk once was. "Fine control. Large scale control - or rather, attempting large scale control gives me a 'power headache' for days." She encloses her hand back over the web, and then shows them it in its returned state. She places the white piece back where it belongs.
  29. GeneralFreedom: "Oh, that's pretty neat," Becky nods. "You seem to be pretty good at the small scale stuff at least." Tutor nods. "Well, hopefully during your time here you can work on advancing your powers. One of the goals of this team is to not just act as a super group but to give a safe place to learn and understand your powers better."
  30. "And I guess that leads into the final question... why did you apply for this team and what do you hope to get out of it?" Becky asks.
  32. Fenel: "It's... I did not wish to join just a super team, and as mentioned Gen Prime is more than just a super team. I could easily try to strike out on my own, but I do not think I am equipped to mentally or socially. I want to be a hero, but I recognize that my background has made me... indifferent to some things. I question how far I would get before turning into something that was not a hero. You offer an opportunity to learn with other, how to use my abilities for the best. I do not think I could do so on my own. The irony of having the power to understand powers, yet not knowing how to use my own is not lost on me."
  34. GeneralFreedom: "It's rather poetic in a way, isn't it?" Becky sighs. "Anyway... we'll definitely make sure you don't turn into a world conquering nutjob. Or even just one that robs banks. It would be way too embarrassing." Tutor shakes his head. "That you recognize your flaws and desire to improve shows that you already have a foot on the right path. I'm glad you've chosen Gen Prime." Becky reaches back and Tutor hands her a nifty Gen Prime card, which she slides over to Weaver. "We'll be in touch. We're going to be doing a tour of the building soon for the team so everyone can get acquainted with it."
  36. Fenel: She takes the card in hand, looking down at it for a moment and then back to the two. "Thank you." She bows her head to them for a few moments before moving back up right, clearing her throat. "Well! I will be ready for it. Still new in town - not much to do until I settle in, you see."
  38. GeneralFreedom: "That will definitely change now that you're with us," Becky snickers. "You'll see, it's going to be great."
  39. "Thank you for your time," Tutor says with another quick bow.
  41. Fenel: "I have no doubt. Thank you for having me." She gives them both a bow, mirroring Tutor's motion before turning to leave. The nervous edge to her movements was gone, finally.
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