7/20 Oathsworn for a True Friend

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  1. Garrick would listen intently to the discussion of local tensions and politics that was being thrown about upon the bench, humming with interest as he continued the process of sharpening his mithril blade upon the earthen whetstone. The drake often had his head in the clouds, and wasn't the best at keeping up with current events, but even he knew of the dread war on the horizon that threatened to overturn the order of things. It would be an era of chaos and discord for a time in the depths of warfare, a ladder to rise upon or fall.
  3. Raising his head towards Arkgvunde, Nephthys, and Saizo as he whistled to himself, he'd contemplate the issue at hand with curiosity. A single question always hung upon his mind, one that no doubt every great nation had mulled over at one point or another.
  5. "So, say one side or the other wins right? Some cities get burnt to ash and glassed, people shattered, the other side's enemies entirely extinguished. What happens then? Will old allies turn upon each other, or will there be an era of peace and growth?"
  7. (Garrick)
  8.  Saizo says, "There will be more battles to come after this."
  9. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "That's all dependent on what the leadership figures of every settlement do."
  10. Garrick says, "The classic struggle then."
  11. Garrick says, "Will the ideals of peace supercede the egos of individuals."
  12. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "That assumes peace isn't the best interest of the individual."
  13. Garrick asks, "That's the dream isn't it?"
  14. Garrick says, "Were it so easy, and people not so often fickle."
  15. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Perhaps."
  16.  Saizo says, "I shall departure to Levengard, to see how it is going."
  17. Nephthys Masry says, "I suppose peace would be... in a way, dull."
  18. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Keeping in mind that a physical peace doesn't mean a mental one..."
  19. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "...True peace rarely exists."
  20. Garrick says, "Indeed, the essence of individuality often defeats any genuine consensus."
  21. Nephthys Masry says, "But that in my eyes can solved by exploring the entire world and it's mysteries."
  22. Garrick says, "But perhaps each cycle of peace and conflict that progresses forward will one day lead to a final one that lasts."
  23. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "An object in motion tends to stay in motion."
  24.  Nephthys Masry says, "With an equal and opposite force to match it."
  25.  Lei Jin asks, "Hm...any of you seen a big purple fella' named Ark?"
  26. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I am that big monochrome fellow named Ark."
  27. Lei Jin asks, "....Did you do something with your hair?"
  28.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "...I got my Winter form healed up, so I could revert."
  29.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Mostly, anyway."
  30. Lei Jin says, "Ah! So you are...less demonic? Not the point. Anyways! I need your expertise with smithing if you can assist me."
  31. Arkgvunde Vel'heim asks, "I would oblige. What do you need?"
  32. Lei Jin asks, "Firstly, can you make me a suit of mythril armor? If so, how much would that cost and how many pieces of mythril? Secondly, I am looking into getting a little somethin' special made and it might take you a few years. Does that bit interest you?"
  33. Nephthys Masry says, "He has improved his green thumb, obviously."
  34. Nephthys Masry says, "And rather literally."
  35.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "First part - A full set of Mythril armor needs fifteen total Mythril. Material cost is, appropriately, one-thousand five-hundred coins."
  36. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Secondly... i'm listening."
  37. Lei Jin asks, "Hm, about how large a discount could I get for three mythril?"
  38. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "That'd knock it down to twelve-hundred in the materials cost."
  39. Lei Jin asks, "Twelve Hundred? Hm...what if I toss in this blue potion I picked up nearly seven years ago?"
  40. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I suggest holding onto your potions. Might come in handy one day."
  41. Lei Jin asks, "I've already verified it's not my thing. So you want it?"
  42. Arkgvunde Vel'heim asks, "Really?"
  43. Lei Jin says, "Affirmative."
  44. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "A booster will knock it down to one-thousand."
  45. Lei Jin says, "Bitchin'"
  46. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Aight."
  47. Nephthys Masry says, "Oh you know, the usual... wars, tension, they are just generally rude and... don't like us there for more than like fifteen minutes..."
  48.  After haggling the price down to something reasonable he began sorting through the goods and gathered the payment into a small sack. The Mana X was placed inside, followed by three mithril ore, and finally one thousand coins exactly.
  50. "Right, so the next thing I was lookin' into was getting a staff forged. Not just a simple staff mind ya but something especially amazing." the young man held out his current staff as he began talking about his desires.
  52. It was a particular goal that he get a decent weapon made and perhaps get some special enchantments placed upon it. Granted, he wasn't certain what a craftsman was capable of as he wasn't one.
  54. "You know I use sound magic, wind, crystal, holy, and the combo derived from two of those. So, I am looking for a staff that properly enhances my capabilities and some enchantments that'd boost it even further.
  56. Now this might be impossible! Hell, I don't really know what a craftsman can really do myself. However, I will assist in obtaining any materials you need and work on supplying you payment at the end of it all.
  58. So can you do it? Rather, are you interested in doing it?"
  59. (Lei Jin)
  60. Lei Jin says, "Also there is the payment for the suit of armor."
  61. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Alright."
  62. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Come, let us walk and talk."
  63. It was certainly interesting watching Ark handle the armor and yet he felt some concern over it's design. Yeah, he was pretty sure that Ark killed someone for this or he used to be a tinier individual. Regardless, the sight of the armor being reforged and refitted was quite impressive!
  65. Once it was finished he would channel holy energy through his palms and begin purifying the armor in front of him. As much as he didn't mind Ark due to his Gehennan association, dude was still a demon. So the armor in front of him was carefully purified of any remnant occult touches before finally being hefted into his sack.
  67. "Oof. That's some heavy stuff but i'll work on getting used to it later. Anyways, did you have any questions about that special project or were you not interested at all?"
  68. (Lei Jin)
  69. Garrick would dust his hands off with contentment after the forging of yet another successful adamantite scale piece, content in the experience each shaping of the individual components had granted him in his aims of achieving mastery in his craft. Glancing off into the distance, his molten eyes would hang upon noble Arkgvunde and the young sheng Jin that had been quite polite to him early in his aspirations. Flashing a toothy smile, he'd wave with his clawed hand before beginning to make his way across the plaza towards the two.
  71. Raising an eyebrow as he watched Jin seem to cleanse what already appeared to be rather shiny armor, the drake would cross his bulky arms over the scales of his dense, purple cuirass with a raised eyebrow in curiosity, nodding to Jin and Ark as he stood contently in place.
  73. "Heading to the warfront my sheng companion, or are you just working on a shinier aesthetic? Either's justifiable, never hurts to have a good set of armor with brigands plaguing the roads as they do."
  75. (Garrick) Arkgvunde is mostly unbothered by Garrick, offering them a side-nod as the Demon spoke primarily to Lei. After all, they'd just asked about something important...
  77. ...And Ark was amused over a potential Huangzhou-Regent-to-be wearing the Archon-fitted armor that it originally intended to.
  79. "I am actually interested in that, and I do have a question that'll be important for what I say next..."
  81. "Do you mean every magic you wield, or no?"
  82. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  83. Oh? A familiar voice caught his attention off to the right and turning he spotted the source. Hm, he couldn't quite recall who he was immediately but after scratching his chin it struck him.
  85. "Garrick! How wonderful to see you! Yes, I will be heading to the frontlines for a time before I am fully sworn in as Regent of Huangzhou." his voice echoing through the square as he cheerfully greeted the Drakan across from him.
  87. Sheng? Well, it wasn't inaccurate to call him that and yet he didn't hear that quite often. It was rather pleasant to be reminded of the homeland even if he himself had never set foot there.
  89. "I figured I will try getting used to this armor and see if it can't keep me breathing during the war. Will you also be joining the war against those vile individuals in Daw-Dusk?" however as he waited an answer he heard Ark off to the side.
  91. Lei Jin spun around almost immediately and it was evident that he was excited about the question. It was certainly a fair question and yet he wasn't certain himself.
  93. "I'm uncertain myself. Is it possible for all of them to be enhanced? If not, I suppose that sound or crystal would be preferable. Those are my two main methods of attack and so they'd be most viable."
  94. (Lei Jin)
  95. Garrick would raise an eyebrow in surprise as Jin spoke, flashing his sharp toothed, reptilian grin as he mulled over the possibility of the eccentric truly becoming the regent of Huang. Yet, as the drake glanced over the Sheng for a time with amusement, he would steadily nod in respect for the worthy ambition of the fellow young man, giving him a two fingered salute with a tap against his own forehead.
  97. "Don't get yourself cut into pieces then, I'm sure that city could use more driven people like you in leadership. You offered me luck in my smithing pursuits a long while ago, the least I can do is offer you the same. I am certain you will make a fine regent Jin, you've got a heart and a half decent head on your shoulders. Care for your people, and they'll do the same."
  99. (Garrick)Arkgvunde's only interacted with Lei a grand total of two times, and never spoken at length with Garrick. They don't have an obvious opinion on the current Fallen war either, and this lead to the Kaor failing to comment on the duo's topic of choice.
  101. Instead, Ark stared at Garrick, but talked about Lei's staff project instead. It's a little confusing to do things this way but Arkgvunde is trying their best.
  103. "Traditionally, staves can only accept one particular element - Or metaphysical alteration, or ethereal invocation. A stave with multiple effects and alignments is more like something you'd find on a rare expedition, or put together out of uncommon materials like Elemental Lodestones or pendants that are holy to a particular religion."
  104. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  105. "So it is possible yet difficult, yes? In that case, I don't care how long it takes but let's make a staff that'll help me protect my nation."
  107. A faint smile on the youth's face as he surrounded his right hand in holy energy before extending it towards the large Ark. It might not be creating the ultimate weapon but he wanted the best he could possibly get. Certainly obtaining the goods would be troublesome but he imagined that Ark could help him with that.
  109. "I'll try finding you help if you need it and you just need to tell me what materials you need. Fair?"
  110. (Lei Jin)
  111. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "So... Holy, Crystal, Sound..."
  113. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "...That's a pretty wide arrangement of magics."
  114. Lei Jin says, "Perhaps not all of them, Ark."
  115. Lei Jin asks, "What if we just did Crystal and Holy?"
  116. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Crystal and Holy..."
  117. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Crystal has its roots in Earth and Metaphysical magic, Holy is... Well, Holy... Hmm."
  118. [20:36] Garrick says, "Hmm."
  119. Lei Jin says, "Also Holy is kind of the opposite of your very existence, right? You might need help with that one..."
  120. Garrick asks, "Of your magics, which do you suppose is the most effective Jin?"
  121. Garrick asks, "Your crystals, or your light?"
  122.  Lei Jin says, "I use my holy magic to restore my vitality, sound and win hinder my enemy, and crystal is the offensive power."
  123. Lei Jin says, "They all have their uses."
  124. Garrick says, "Then perhaps something to aid your crystal sharpness would be most useful."
  126. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I'd say Holy is actually the easier route. If we enchanted your stave with Metaphysical power, that would cover both Crystal and Sound... We could solicit a Warden or a Divine Spirit for them to add a little more consecration for Holy powers."
  127.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "It's highly unlikely we'll bump into a Fomorian Spirit here."
  128. Lei Jin asks, "So we make the stave enchanted with metaphysical and I can have a spiritmancer infuse a holy spirit into it? Hm...alright! We'll go that route but what materials do you need?"
  129. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Well."
  130. Arkgvunde Vel'heim asks, "Did you want me to do this to your current stave, or hold off for something rarer?"
  131. Lei Jin says, "I want you to forge something unique to myself if you can. Something truly impressive."
  132. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "In order to do that, we'll have to go to the Spirit Realm anyways, and it would be more like a multi-part adventure all on its own."
  133. Lei Jin says, "That's fine. I didn't think it would be a one month job."
  134. Garrick says, "Spirit realm? Sounds ideal."
  135. Lei Jin asks, "Interested in tagging along Garrick?"
  136. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Contact me again when you work out the arrangements for such a trip."
  137. Garrick says, "I'd be a poor Ryujinite if I didn't seek to visit my divine father's domain."
  138. Lei Jin says, "Ha, I gotta find a wayfarer first but i'll definitely come find you two."
  139. Garrick says, "Danger is half the fun."
  140. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "You don't have to be a Wayfinder in order to visit the Spirit World... But okay."
  141. Lei Jin says, "I'd rather we not get trapped or defile the lifestream, Ark."
  142. Arkgvunde Vel'heim asks, "...No, I mean, haven't you accidentally stepped into the Spirit World already, if you're travelling around a fair bit?"
  143. Lei Jin asks, "I uh...don't think so?"
  144. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "The Spires of Agartha's residual Divinity passively blurs the line between the physical realm and the spirit world."
  145. Lei Jin says, "I never noticed really."
  146. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Hmmh."
  147. Lei Jin asks, "If that's the case...we might be able to return without a wayfarer?"
  148. Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Returning without a wayfarer is equally as simple as finding the original point we came in from, but it's a tad time-consuming."
  149. Lei Jin says, "Well, I have a doorway for us but I don't know if the door can stay open."
  151. Garrick would cross his right, bulky arm over the adamantite scales of his breastplate with a flash of his toothy grin, nodding with enthusiasm to Jin as his molten eyes hung upon the sheng regent aspirant. The two young men had different dreams to be sure, but they were both lofty and likely to be filled with vast trials. If their efforts could coincide in the name of good, manly fun, then all the better.
  153. The fire drake would also nod in salute to good Ark, who had been kind enough to attempt to multi-task in the conversation upon Garrick's unannounced approach. Cracking his knuckles and back with an idle gesture, the fire drakan would bark out in jovial cheer as he gave good Lei Jin and Arkgvunde both thumbs up of ambient support and valor.
  155. "Then so it is sworn. I, Garrick the drake, will join you in your dangerous, foolhardy adventures to realms beyond for the sake of glorious adventure. May Lord Ryujin smile upon us as we carry ourselves with pride through the danger as dragons. And cool tree demons too."
  157. (Garrick)
  158. "Hey, what about human spirit?" chuckling as he walked over towards Garrick and pat the Drakan upon the back. It was good that he had such a reliable ally and with Ark potentially accompanying them it should be great.
  160. However, the problem was whether or not they could enter the spiritual realm and return without much issue. Certainly he had a doorway via Ohtli and yet returning was purely up to his end. If they failed to find an exit it was possible that they might end up trapped for eternity.
  162. "I can get us into the Spiritual Realm, Ark. However, if I do this I need you to know exactly the materials we need and you both have to swear you're ready for the risks. Fact of the matter is the doorway isn't going to stay open and so we'll need to find another exit once we arrive."
  164. Jin's gaze briefly passing across both of them as he gauged their reactions or well in the case of Ark he tried. It was kind of hard to read his opinion on things and so he figured Ark would just speak up.
  166. Certainly the risk was most likely worth it and yet it was possible that they might die miserable deaths. It was obvious that even he was gauging whether it was worth the risk or if they should just throw it out the window.
  168. Fuck it.
  170. If they didn't take the risks they'd never gain anything and so he decided that it was acceptable as anything.
  172. "You two still in? If so, tell me what we are going for Ark and i'll make sure I speak with my doorway."
  173. (Lei Jin)
  174.  Understandably, it is impossible for Ark to appropriately emote back to Lei.
  176. What do drake faces do?
  178. Instead, Arkgvunde summed it up as,
  180. "When we get in there... We need something called a Spirit Shard. Only strong Spirits - Or Nethradin, if you'd prefer to cull them instead - Can potentially hold those. Then, we need to find a way into one of the Divine Spirits' many temples scattered across the Spirit World and ask one of their avatars to consecrate it - Then we leave and assemble the raw pieces."
  182. The Demon took a breath before finishing with,
  184. "...Just one issue though. I can't go to Huangzhou directly, for obvious reasons, so we'll have to arrange a good spot to meet up beforehand."
  185. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  186. Garrick would snort with amusement at Jin's inquiry, waving it off without another thought as he crossed his arms once more against his dense, purple scaled cuirass. If the drake feared the danger or risk of plunging into the unknown depths of uncharted territories, he'd have a cozy position as an innkeep in a mountain far, far away from the conflict of the world. No, if the drakan was going to achieve his aspirations, he would need to pursue his desires in life without fear.
  188. "I plan to become a dragon, good Jin. I cannot do so by fearing the possibility of demise. My lord father Ryujin's domain is that of the spirits, I have nothing to fear from the threat of perishing. More so, a true dragon must be fearless and unmoved by any threat, or they are but a newt wearing scales too large for their frail heart. I have given you my word, and that is my bond."
  190. (Garrick)
  191.  "Alright! Ark, we'll meet up by Ohtli's tower. Do you know where that is and can you reach it without issue?"
  193. The young man made some mental notes on what was required when they arrived before turning towards Garrick. Okay, well he had the dream of being Regent but this man wanted to be a Dragon. Wait, didn't he want to just be a damn good blacksmith previously?
  195. Fuck it. Not important!
  197. "I'm sure if it's possible you'll become a dragon, Garrick!" giving the other youth a thumbs up before he turned in the direction of Huangzhou. It was about time he get back in order to prep for the war and see about gathering more allies for the excursion.
  199. "I'm heading back to Huangzhou and i'll inform you of when our little excursion if happening. Okay?"
  200. (Lei Jin)
  201.  Garrick says, "Divinespeed to you Jin, and good tidings."
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