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May 19th, 2014
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  1. imblyings's RnD Guide:
  3. >people posting these guides
  4. >dumber people follow these guides like a bible and get pissy when you do something different in game or tell them they're wrong
  6. I can understand people following guides but true space men check the code/experiment.
  8. This guide is also completely possible for a roboticist to follow and it's kind of catered towards them because unlike other guides, it asks robotics to print off the bare minimum from their fabs. It's a pretty cheap guide. You also don't need to break apart any machine nor deconstruct something valuable like hand teles. At most you'll need to run to tech storage to get the intellicard or break into the rd's office to get his.
  10. this is from memory so it might be a bit rusty
  12. >get toolbox
  13. >deconstruct analyzer, gives you electromag 2, pretty sure it gives you engineering 2
  14. >make stun prod and flamethrower using two rods, a welder and wirecutters and cable cuffs, no tank needed for the flamethrower
  15. >decon the flamethrower then stun prod. Gives you combat 2 and plasma 2, then combat 3
  16. >chuck in a micro manipulator, this gives you materials 2 and data 2
  17. >chuck in a tracking beacon for bluespace 2
  18. >chuck in two high cap cells for power 2 then 3
  19. >make mesons for engineering 3
  20. >make pAI for data theory 3
  21. >make mining drill for materials 3 and power 4
  22. >print off an exosuit fab board, decon it for data 4 and engineering 4
  23. >make advanced matter bin and decon for materials 4
  24. >steal the rd's intellicard because he's a nerd or break into tech storage and take the intellicard and gloves if they're there
  25. >decon that for materials 5 and data 5
  26. >sync to robotics
  28. at this point you can make pico manipulators and super matter bins and hipower lasers
  30. upgrade all your shit
  32. >ask robotics for ONE syringe gun, ONE mech taser, TWO super caps, ONE grav catapult
  33. >you don't literally need anything else for your first request.
  35. >decon taser for weapons 4
  36. >get durand/gygax board for weapons 5
  37. >bribe cargo with upgrade parts or something for a combat shotgun for combat 6 for xray lasers
  38. >decon two super caps for power 5 then power 6
  39. >decon grav catapult for bluespace 3 and electro 4
  40. >decon syringe gun for electro 5
  41. sync with robotics, ask them for a wormhole gen, decon that for bluespace 4
  43. >make SMES board, two of them, for engineering 5 then engineering 6. Not sure if you can skip deconning two super caps before making SMES boards to do power and engineering in one go but guides are shit mine included so the best thing for you to do here is to find out a more efficient way yourself.
  45. >steal/lie/cheat your way into the ai upload for the freeform core and paladin core modules. Decon both for materials 7 because >mining >ever working
  47. if mining ever shows up
  49. >make boh, decon for bluespace 5
  50. >make hypercap cell from robotics for power 7
  52. for med research there are a few ways you can go about things
  53. >if robotics is having a slow day, just take all their shitty normal mmis, decon all of them for med 4. That's okay because if you've done the rest of your research, you can then make radio enabled mmis for robotics and they can make them too on their fabs.
  54. >if robotics are using them, snag a health analyzer from somewhere. Decon that for med 2. Make a medhud for med 3. Make a mmi for med 4 (might need to upgrade your deconstructive analyzer or use a fab-made mmi). Make a radio enabled mmi or just use a mech syringe gun for med 5. You can also just spam used slime cores which is real neato because assuming xenobio is working, they throw out used slime cores by the dozen.
  56. I'm pretty sure illegal tech is useless but if you like seeing larger numbers, just spam energy relays when mining comes by with minerals
  58. I have a feeling fully upgraded deconstructive analyzers can also analyze ultra-power micro lasers/phasic sensors, which means you can get electro 6.
  60. edit I forgot about plasma research. Once you've done the flamethrower you have plasma 2. Chuck in a sheet of plasma for plasma 3. Chuck in a PACMAN board for plasma 4.
  62. Should you ever reach a point where you've upgraded everything, consider sharing the love. RD now has a ton of useful things to do. Give out advanced mesons, upgrade medbay, upgrade the cargo autolathe, set up additional cloners, set up RDconsole/protolathe setups in cargo/brig ecetera.
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