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Radiophobia 3 Version 1.12 Changelog

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Dec 17th, 2023
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  1. # New Features
  2. - Completely replaced the weapon arsenal with BaS + selected weapons from Gunslinger and others.
  3. - Replaced the weather with CGIM 2 with dynamic weather managment.
  4. - Added new a-life and respawn managment system from DSH.
  5. - Added visible 1st person body.
  6. - Added shader-based 2D scopes.
  7. - Added Screen Space Shaders (SSR are resource intensive, can be toggled under "Wet surfaces" and "Pond reflections").
  8. - Added support for laser sights and alternate aim positions.
  9. - Implemented night vision scopes (regular NV can no longer be used while aiming through a scope).
  10. - Added a weapon inspect keybind (not all weapons have an animation available).
  11. - Added gunshot sound layering (different sounds for different distance ranges, JSRS style).
  12. - Added grenade and bolt model/animations from Gunslinger.
  13. - Replaced particle effects with HollywoodFX v3.1 (MinimalFX version - not too over the top + performance friendly).
  14. - Difficulty is now split into gameplay and economy difficulty (as in Anomaly), factors can be tweaked in gamedata\config\tuning\difficulty.ltx.
  15. - Added various new gameplay options to the menu.
  16. - Added around 100 new random messages from anonymous stalkers.
  17. - Replaced the included ReShade preset with a tweaked version of AtmosFILM.
  18. - Added knife and detector animation tweaks from Damien's Animation Compedium.
  19. - Updated OGSR Engine to 2.1.407.
  20. - Replaced the foliage with Aydins Grass Tweaks.
  21. - Added NPC anomaly evasion.
  22. - Add the "Mysterious sniper" quest from RMA (Mole was moved away from the tower to not interfere with the quest).
  23. - Replaced some interface, monster, footstep etc. sounds with sounds from Dark Signal.
  24. - New animations for the PDA by ky-ky123.
  25. - New animations for NV/torch toggle (by Celestrilia) and gasmask swipe (credits to OGSR mod for the scripts).
  26. - Replaced some item use animations and added special exoskeleton use animations from Gunslinger.
  27. - Added the ability for NPCs to attach weapon attachments if they have any (ogsr_addons_npc).
  28. - NPCs with masks will no longer eat, drink or play a harmonica through them (ogse_kamp_eating).
  29. - Added the option to auto-unload picked up weapons (ogsr_ammo_discharge), can be turned on in the game settings.
  31. # Balance Changes
  32. - Reduced the maximum number of companions from 3 to 2.
  33. - Player can no longer take items from a companion for free.
  34. - Player can now dismiss companions right after hiring them.
  35. - Reduced Echo detector price.
  36. - The chance for an exo outfit drop is now 5%, for novice outfits 15% and for the rest it is 10% (previous was 15% for all).
  37. - Some mutant health rebalancing and redistribution.
  38. - Increased chances for items such as artifact detectors and repair kits to drop on corpses (previously they basically never spawned).
  39. - Reduced spoiled food drop chances on corpses.
  40. - The geiger counter/anomaly detector can now spawn on corpses.
  41. - Reduced the price of sharpening stones.
  42. - Increased knife condition decrease rate.
  43. - Increased the probability of discovering stash coordinates.
  44. - Overhauled random stash contents.
  45. - Buffed slug and dart shell damage.
  46. - Decreased rat attack damage to a minimum.
  47. - Added extra damage resistance to certain quest NPCs that used to die too quickly.
  49. # Fixes
  50. - Fixed weapon models clipping with the near clip plane.
  51. - Allowed generic NPCs to sell artifacts (fixes Thompson not selling the Goldfish).
  52. - Set fixed HUD FOV for the 3D PDA.
  53. - Fixed the CNPP map.
  54. - Military will no longer attack the Cordon novice camp + other similar fixes.
  55. - Replaced the item use animation script. Should fix unbound key issues.
  56. - Added scope texture system from Anomaly. Scope textures will no longer get stretched at different aspect ratios.
  57. - Fixed companion mapspot hint text.
  58. - Replaced the random stash system, fixing a couple quirks with the old one.
  59. - Replaced the buggy scripted bloodsucker vampire attack with full CoP bloodsucker behavior.
  60. - Fixed a couple fetch quests requiring you to find non-existing items.
  61. - Sakharov no longer gives only a single antirad and money as a reward for nearly every quest.
  62. - Night vision info is now correctly shown in outfit descriptions.
  63. - Removed the (broken) option to let Screw open the merc container for you.
  64. - Hunters can no longer get zombified from a blowout.
  65. - Fixed campfires being permanently unlit.
  67. # Misc Changes
  68. - You now get a message informing you about getting cured from the Chernobyl plague.
  69. - Some arm model replacements.
  70. - Removed artifact containers, radioactive artifacts can now be held without taking radiation.
  71. - Removed stash notes.
  72. - Reduced the price of binoculars and added them to traders.
  73. - Slightly reworked the weapon description popup to be able to show the large amount of compatible BaS sights without overflow.
  74. - Added "Against The Ionized Odds" by Firelake to Sid's radio playlist and removed all earrape music from it.
  75. - Updated the script adjusting NPC vision during the night (ogse_night).
  76. - Decreased minimal NPC population for Bar.
  77. - Removed the cat spawn at the entrance to Garbage.
  78. - Removed the second controller spawn in Agroprom underground.
  79. - Disabled missing footstep animation warning spam in the console.
  80. - Removed voicelines played when player approaches a wounded stalker with a gun out.
  81. - Knife now gets automatically taken out for harvesting mutant parts if it is in slot + the animation is faster.
  82. - Added mapspots for Hunters.
  83. - Removed the half-broken dynamic campfire system, campfires are now always lit. New system might get added in the future.
  84. - The intensity of recoil effects now depends on if shooting from the hip or aiming.
  85. - The Cordon blockpost commander is now hostile and can be killed without consequences.
  86. - Replaced the harmonica songs played by NPCs with higher quality ones.
  87. - Swapped flashlight controls (press for toggle, hold for mode change).
  88. - Removed most scripted rat spawns.
  89. - The pseudogiant in X-18 now spawns as in vanilla.
  90. - Removed burer spawn at the freedom base.
  91. - Highlighted stash info in Seeker story entries.
  92. - Added new RP3 design.
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