Celestia's Very Bad No Good Gang Bang

Jul 8th, 2014
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  1. >Celestia is resolved in her resistance. She will take back Equestria, and see her sister freed from the corruption of Nightmare Moon.
  2. >It's just... that minion her sister found somewhere is surprisingly formidable.
  3. >She is disgusted by the way the creature can wring pleasure from her body.
  4. >It's as if the harder she resists it, the stronger the ecstasy she ends up feeling.
  5. >She is worried... it's even getting harder to think straight in his presence anymore.
  6. >The mere scent of his alien beast-flesh now sends faint little shivers through her thighs.
  7. >His abuse has awakened something in her.
  8. >For a very long time now her liaisons have been few, and far between.
  9. >She had suppressed her physical desires to focus on leading Equestria.
  10. >Especially without Luna, she had felt the need to remove herself from the political complications consorts inevitably caused.
  11. >For the past two centuries, her most frequent lover has been her left hoof.
  12. >And not very frequent at that.
  13. >But now, her authority has been stripped from her. She is powerless.
  14. >Her mind loathes Luna's beast, but her body...
  15. >It's as if his abuse has unlocked a storm of pent up lust in her.
  16. >She spits defiance at him, but her eyes can't tear away from staring at his groin. The moment he starts to undress, her juices start trickling down her thighs.
  17. >When she's left alone, she tries to think of strategies for escape, ways of confounding Luna's beast, ways of rescuing Twilight.
  18. >But her mind quickly fills with thoughts of stallions and mares. Stallions' cocks slung erect beneath their bellies, mare's pussies wet and winking. Fantasies of them fucking each other, then fucking her.
  19. >And Luna has constrained her legs with magic chains in such a way that she can not reach herself to give herself relief.
  20. >Luna's creature comes to visit her. He tells her what an inept leader she's been. He tells her this is all her fault. Sometimes she is defiant. Sometimes she has no answer for him.
  21. >Sometimes she wonders if he's right.
  22. >He tells her Twilight failed because she didn't prepare her well enough. And in her heart, she fears her subtle approach had indeed been all wrong. But how else could she have freed her sister from Nightmare Moon?
  23. >Sometimes, to punish her for her failures, he forces himself upon her. She tries to resist her body's response every time, but if anything, such behavior only heightens her own pleasure in the act.
  24. >Not only does she have no say in what is done with her body, she cannot even stop her body from enjoying it.
  25. >She has no power, and she has grown more and more confused about what she should be doing.
  26. >But when Luna's beast accuses her of not caring about her little ponies, a spark of anger flares in her.
  27. >No pony cares for them more than she!
  28. “Oh Celestia, if only that were true, but I bet you don't even see your own Royal Guard as hu... umm... equine beings.”
  29. >The beast starts giggling for some reason.
  30. >“I assure you I do! Why, every year I personally honor them at the Banquet of the--”
  31. “Oh yes, some tiresome formal affair, and then you forget all about them until the next year, I'm sure.”
  32. >Celestia's face flushes red in a mixture of embarrassment and anger. He's wrong, but...
  33. “You don't love your little ponies; you see them as ornaments to your own glory. You know, we captured most all of your Royal Guard. Shall I go find one and ask about the last time you showed them any appreciation?”
  34. >“I DO care about them! I'm happy to show them my appreciation any time!”
  35. >She feels as if she's treading someplace dangerous, but damned if she'll abandon her guardsponies.
  36. “Oh, and just what can you do for them, Celestia?”
  37. >She pauses. Once more she sees the cold stone walls around her, once more she feels the chains of dark magic around her ankles, the ring sealing the power of her horn.
  38. >The repellant creature grins.
  39. “Oh that's right, Celestia, you can't do anything for them. You are utterly powerless. All the land depends upon us alone, and any good you might do your little ponies will be as a favor we grant them. Because you beg us. Because it amuses us to indulge you.
  40. “You have nothing, Celestia. Do you understand? Nothing.”
  41. >He is wrong, and this is why evil such as him is always destined to fail.
  42. >“I have my faith in them. My spirit belongs to them. I give them my spirit, and my heart, and my body—”
  43. >She breaks off. Why had she said that last thing.
  44. >Luna's beast looks at her as if not quite certain what he'd heard.
  45. >She feels the words surging up her throat, terrifyingly insistent.
  46. >“Yes, my body.”
  47. >The creature is clearly surprised.
  48. “Pardon me?”
  49. >She almost doesn't answer, but having spoken, there is no going back.
  50. >“My body. I have... that much at least. I can... offer them my... body.”
  51. >The beast grins.
  52. “And just what are you proposing here, Celestia?”
  53. >Her throat is dry. She can barely force the words out.
  54. >“I'll... prove to you I love them. My body... I'll let them... use me... f-for their... pleasure.”
  55. “Their pleasure? What do you mean, Celestia?”
  56. >He's teasing her now. She snaps at him.
  57. >“Sexual pleasure! I would let my Royal Guard fuck me!”
  58. >She glares at him, breathing heavily. He erupts with laughter. He's rolling on the floor, howling with glee. After a long time, he pulls himself together.
  59. “We may be able to work something out."
  61. >She has been brought into a meeting hall. There is a well-lit stage at front, but the corners are in shadow, and most of the hall is dark. She can sense her sister's presence, and she turns toward it with a desperate look.
  62. >“Sister, can we not be reconciled? Please, Luna, talk to—”
  63. >Luna's beast hits her in the cheek, knocking her head aside.
  64. “Now, now, princess, you know her name is Nightmare Moon. And, I thought you came her to show your love for your Royal Guard. We can call that off if you'd rather put my Mistress in a bad mood, though.”
  65. >She looks into the shadows, where she is sure Luna is. Her cheek still stings a little.
  66. “I don't think that's a good idea.”
  67. >Luna's creature sounds as if he'd enjoy seeing whatever transpired nonetheless.
  68. >She looks back toward the stage. She notices a small table in the shadows of the leftmost corner, bearing a large silver tray with contents draped by a red silk cloth. She wonders if it might be sex toys. She hadn't thought to ask for sex toys.
  69. >She takes a step toward the stage.
  70. “Good girl. You have chosen well.”
  71. >She ignores the beast. She bears none of her regalia, nor the magic chains that usually constrain her movement. She only carries the magic-limiter ring on her horn. She feels naked.
  72. >She had tossed and turned her way through sleep, images and thoughts of this moment plaguing her mind. Her waking hours had been no less troubled. It had been a week since she had broached the idea, and Luna's beast had not molested her in all that time. She had imagined he must have been busy with Twilight and her friends. Guilt had troubled her at that thought, but also a shameful arousal.
  73. >She makes her way up onto the stage. Is she really going to do this? Invite her guard to use her? She feels a shiver sliding down her spine, and her tail hikes up involuntarily.
  74. >Fully a dozen stallions of the Royal Guard are ushered up on stage before her. Without their customary armor she is free to eye the smooth lines of their chests and the toned muscles of their haunches.
  75. >She hears something drip to the stage behind her, and realizes how incredibly wet she has become.
  76. >She isn't certain if she recognizes any of them. One is a skinny, young-looking stallion she thinks may have been in the new class of recruits that had been paraded before her a few months ago.
  77. >Another is a grizzled fellow whose steady glare unsettles her.
  78. >She suddenly wonders if she is disappointing them by doing this. Maybe they would prefer her on her pedestal.
  79. >But that can't be right. Starswirl himself had once told her three quarters of the stallions in the realm had fantasies of spending a night with her.
  80. >Luna's creature seems to be growing impatient.
  81. “You boys drew the lucky straws, now get on with it.”
  82. >The grizzled stallion seems almost angry, but he's the first to step forward.
  83. >“Fuck it, you assholes can have the sloppy seconds,” he says.
  84. >She can see his cock is a heavy thickness beneath him. Her mouth fills with saliva as he trots to her hindquarters.
  85. >He shoves his nose beneath her tail and inhales deeply and noisily.
  86. >“Well, she smells like a regular mare.”
  87. >She blushes hotly, suddenly feeling intensely embarrassed.
  88. >But she has chosen to prove her devotion to her ponies. She can endure.
  89. >And she knows a part of herself has always fantasized about doing something like this.
  90. >Then she feels his tongue slide up her wet slit, and shove abruptly into her folds.
  91. >Her knees go weak. The rush of sensation nearly sends her quivering to the floor in pleasure. She had no idea she was so horny, but she knows now she desperately wants more.
  92. >Her pussy is dripping like a faucet and clutching at his tongue.
  93. >His muzzle moves up, dragging a trail of her fluids all the way up to her anus.
  94. >She gasps as his tongue presses into her rectum.
  95. >“Th... that's my— ”
  96. >“You think I shouldn't get to plunder that hole too, Princess?”
  97. >She doesn't actually think that.
  98. >It's just that she thought they would work up to it bit by bit.
  99. >He rears up on her back, and the head of his cock punches up against her anus. She gasps at the sudden pressure.
  100. >Sudden panic. She's not ready to do this after all.
  101. >His cock penetrates ever so slightly. Without lubrication, the friction of it burns.
  102. >Celestia whimpers. Her ass tightens up against the intrusion.
  103. >The stallion laughs at her discomfort, but mercifully he pulls back.
  104. >“Why don't we save that one for later, Princess.”
  105. >He shifts his hips. The head of his cock brushes up against the lips of her vagina. They convulse, winking open in eagerness.
  106. >He drives his cock in savagely, hilting himself in the very first thrust. It nearly knocks the wind out of her, and her forelegs give way, spilling her to her knees. He holds up her haunches until she steadies her hind legs, and there she is, ass in the air, chest on the floor, and a look of shocked pleasure on her face.
  107. >His cock is like an iron rod inside her. It rubs into her folds mercilessly as he starts fucking her in deep, rough strokes.
  108. >She is so wet that droplets of her fluids go spraying out with each thrust. She is afraid she is going to cum in no time.
  109. >Luna's creature crouches beside her.
  110. “Well, you look like you're enjoying yourself, but is that what you came here for?”
  111. >Her eyes widen.
  112. >“N... no, I'm here for them.”
  113. >Her hips rock as the stallion slams into her. Her pussy clutches at his wonderful cock. Thrills of pleasure surge through her thighs.
  114. “Oh? And what do you want to do for them?”
  115. >Her voice is faint and embarrassed.
  116. >“P... pleasure them.”
  117. “Really? But there are so many ways to do that. You want to read them poetry?”
  118. >“No...”
  119. “Sing them a song?”
  120. >“No!”
  121. >His hand cups her chin and tilts her face to look at the remaining stallions, who are looking on awkwardly.
  122. “Tell them. Tell them what you want.”
  123. >Goaded one too many times, she shouts it out.
  124. >“I want your cocks! I want to pleasure your cocks!”
  125. >Luna's beast stands up and growls at the stallions.
  126. “You hear that? You made your Princess shame herself by begging. Quit hanging back you cowards!”
  127. >She thinks this is overly harsh, but she does want more than just the single stallion servicing her.
  128. >Hesitantly, the stallions come up toward her. She sees the skinny rookie, and gestures him forward. He looks almost terrified, but he approaches her anyway.
  129. >“Don't be afraid, I won't bite.”
  130. >He seems only slightly reassured. Meanwhile, the stallion mounting her grinds his hips into her and snorts. She shivers in anticipation as she feels the head of his cock flaring inside her. The rookie looks at him in alarm.
  131. >She wonders if he's scared from inexperience.
  132. >“Are you a virgin?”
  133. >He looks on the verge of tears. She hushes him gently, and urges him another few steps forward, putting his haunches by her face.
  134. >She slips her nose under his belly and lips at his sheath, disappointed that she'll have to coax his cock out. Still, she fills her lungs eagerly with his masculine scent. She starts licking at his sheath and gives his balls a kiss, which prompts him to start trembling.
  135. >But a moment later she loses track of everything because the stallion fucking her gives an unsteady grunt, and his cock kicks within her. She feels the first jet of his seed shoot into her with a powerful blast, and it tips her into her own ecstasy.
  136. >She moans, her cunt milking at his cock as he pours himself into her. She shudders and gasps and cums, right there, as the stallions look on; and knowing they're there, looking on, only makes her orgasm pulse through her more violently.
  137. >She pants and shivers, her fluids spilling out around the grizzled stallion's cock. Her release has filled her with a warm feeling, but she is far from satiated. If anything, being surrounded by the stallions has left her craving more.
  138. >The rookie's cock is out now, hardening swiftly after that show. It's unusually skinny and unusually long. She leans her muzzle up and eagerly sucks it into her mouth with an obscene slurp.
  139. >The taste is exquisite. She purrs as she sucks hungrily at him. His cock doesn't take long to fully harden as she slides her tongue along his meat and bobs her head on it.
  140. >The stallion on her back pulls loose, and a thick slime of his cream drips from her pussy lips. She shivers at the thought of how much more sperm she'll be packed with before she's through.
  141. >“We ain't done yet!” the stallion growls.
  142. >He is still pretty hard, but she isn't expecting it when he immediately shifts his hips and brings the head of his cock back to her anus.
  143. >She freezes around the rookie's cock. The stallion presses relentlessly at her anus, and this time his cock is well-lubricated with her pussy juices and his own cum.
  144. >It slides in, thick and unnatural. She tries to relax for it, but as it presses deeper, she can't help but clamp down around it. The stallion seems to like that even better.
  145. >She whines softly, and resumes sucking on the cock in her mouth. Before long, she can taste the sweet flavor of his precum leaking onto her tongue. She challenges herself with his length, sliding him down her throat as far as she can manage for as long as she can stand. She can feel it visibly bulging in her neck.
  146. >She carries on like this for a while, pricking up her ears as the rookie begins moaning. Her ass wrestles with the stallion's cock, but she cannot deny that she is finding the sensation both perverse and pleasurable. It is her pussy that is feeling neglected, craving another cock to fill it.
  147. >She has managed to deep throat the rookie's cock to its deepest point yet, when he gives a hoarse whinny. She feels it pulse in her lips, and the throb of his semen surging through it. Her tongue, pressed to the underside of his cock, vibrates as the torrents of his seed rush by. He's shooting his cum straight into her belly, and she can only feel it as a warmth puddling deep inside.
  148. >When she fears she's going to choke, she pulls free of him. He's already spent, and she isn't sure if there's the faintest trace of his sperm at the back of her throat or not. She feels a little cheated that she didn't even get to taste it.
  149. >The rookie's cock bobs before her face, still hard. He's catching his breath—just as she is, only he hasn't been choking down a phenomenally long cock. He stumbles back just as she is leaning forward to give his cock a kiss, and she gives a little moue of disappointment as her prize is snatched from her reach.
  150. >There's a desperate look in his eye.
  151. >“Princess, c-c-can I, can I make, um, can I h-have s...”
  152. >She smiles at him enigmatically. He's fucking adorable.
  153. >He gathers in his breath and squeezes his eyes shut.
  154. >“CanIhavesexwithyou!?”
  155. >She wants to burst out laughing. He opens his eyes and looks at her pleadingly.
  156. >She puts on her best sultry look. She feels like a high-class whore.
  157. >“Please do.”
  158. >But of course he can't, as the grizzled stallion is still mounted on her, grinding his hips into her rump and filling her ass with his thickness.
  159. >In fact, the sensation sends a fresh surge of desire through her. She presses back, strangely thrilled by the feel of his cock's ridges and veins rubbing into the sensitive flesh inside her anus. She's starting to pant. She can feel a long trail of her pussy juices making its way down her leg.
  160. >She looks to the rookie.
  161. >“I can swallow another load for you while you're waiting.”
  162. >His cock twitches at her offer, but there's a fearful look in his eyes.
  163. >“I don't want to miss my chance.”
  164. >Whatever he is trying to say is lost to her as her ass gives a tight clutch to the cock that is plundering her. She groans.
  165. >The stallion swears, and rams into her, as deeply as he can. His front legs are squeezing her, and he's making a long, strained grunting whinny. She feels his cock pulsing, and then the spurts of his cum deep in her ass. He grinds into her for a long moment, filling her with squirt after squirt.
  166. >Her pussy is quivering and winking, full of a sweet agony as it tries to grasp a dick that isn't there. The cock jetting into her ass is almost enough to make her cum again, but it can't quite bring her to ecstasy. She hears herself whine in frustration.
  167. >At last the stallion pulls wetly out of her, and stands panting. One of Luna's batpony guards strides toward him, but he snarls.
  168. >“I ain't finished!”
  169. >The batpony snickers, but he steps back into the shadows.
  170. >She looks at the rookie with desperation in her eyes.
  171. >“Hurry up, hurry up, stick it in meeee!”
  172. >She's shocked by her own words.
  173. >She knows she has chosen to set aside her inhibitions, and to be the plaything of these stallions.
  174. >Even so, to discover such a sluttish streak in herself coming to the fore so quickly is unnerving.
  175. >The rookie moves to her hindquarters, and stares transfixed at her marehood. She tries to egg him on by shifting her hips back and forth, her tail held high, diplaying herself lewdly.
  176. >She feels a little trickle of sperm leak from her anus and roll down its mound, and she blushes.
  177. >Meanwhile, the grizzled stallion straddles her face. His cock is wet with his sperm, and still partially erect.
  178. >He gives a little thrust and the head drags along her nose.
  179. >Is he serious? He can't be serious. That thing was just inside her butt!
  180. >“Come on Princess. Your body is so amazing that I want a taste of every hole. I figure I got enough juice for one last load.”
  181. >Luna's creature snickers.
  182. “Weren't you going to do everything you could to pleasure your precious Guard? Didn't you clean yourself up back there?
  183. >She shifts her gaze and glares at him. She HAD made sure she was clean, but even so...
  184. >Filled with righteous determination, she lifts her muzzle and plants a kiss on the sloppy head of the stallion's cock. Then, before she can think any more about where it had just been, she takes it into her mouth.
  185. >The flavor of his sperm is overpowering. It fills her mouth with a salty, intimate flavor; but somewhere beneath that she can also taste hints something pungently rank. For a moment she gags, but she will not be deterred. She sucks more into her mouth, and closes her eyes tightly.
  186. >At the same time, the rookie rears up and clutches her rump. He hunches forward, his cock prodding awkwardly at her. It bounces into her thighs a few times, then slides across the lips of her pussy without penetrating. The sensation makes her jolt in frustration. She shifts her haunches and whines, caught between disgust at the faint earthly taste in her mouth, and eager lust between her thighs.
  187. >The rookie prods again, and suddenly he is sliding into her liquescent depths. She shudders as the much-needed sensation of his long cock within sends pleasure surging through her. Suddenly the cock in her mouth is not so much disgusting as perverse, and indulging such perversion makes her heart pound in excitement.
  188. >She starts to suck in earnest, and the cock goes from semi-hard to fully erect. The stallion murmurs in appreciation as she slides her head up and down his shaft.
  189. >Celestia surrenders herself to the pleasure.
  190. >She quivers and clenches at the rookie's cock. It plunges so deeply into her she can scarcely believe it. He's nearly battering at her cervix.
  191. >He's a little rough still, but one day he'll be an incredible fuck.
  192. >She coos and moans around the cock in her mouth while another stallion joins in, nuzzling at her wings and flanks and sending further shivers of delight through her body.
  193. >She slathers her tongue against it and sucks at the sweet dribbles of pre he lets loose.
  194. >She is in heaven.
  195. >The rookie groans, and buries his face in her back. She feels his cock shudder and the jets of his cum shooting into her, filling her with his warm seed.
  196. >Astoundingly, he doesn't even slow down.
  197. >He keeps thrusting through his orgasm, dollops of his cream spurting out around the base of his cock and spilling down from the bottom of her pussy as he slams back into her.
  198. >Celestia gasps and cums herself, fireworks of ecstasy shooting through her thighs.
  199. >Even as the last spurts leave him, the rookie keeps humping into her, going for another round without even a moment's break.
  200. >Meanwhile, the stallion in her mouth tenses up, and a moment later his hot semen shoots across her tongue.
  201. >The musky taste fills her mouth and sends a warm jolt of pleasure through her.
  202. >She swallows it down greedily, pulse after pulse sliding thickly down her throat as the grizzled stallion sighs and quivers in his release.
  203. >At last he stumbles back, his cock sliding free of her lips, utterly drained. Celestia laps at the foam of semen and saliva on her lips.
  204. >Almost immediately another stallion takes his place, cock hard and dripping with need. She leans toward it avidly and inhales his masculine scent. She parts her lips and sucks his shaft into her mouth, savoring his taste.
  205. >She closes her eyes and hums around the delicious cock while the rookie ploughs her cunt relentlessly, drops of his sweat splashing onto her back. She shivers as he starts spurting into her again, and still he does not slow down.
  206. >She revels in the sensations, oblivious to her audience. Even her sister, caught in madness, and the vile beast that serves her does not trouble Celestia. Her only focus is the pleasure she feels and her desire to return the same pleasure to these stallions.
  207. >Yes, perhaps the sight of her selfless devotion here will even prove to be the key to freeing her sister from her nightmare.
  208. >At first she merely flicks an ear toward the sound of liquid spattering at the far end of the stage. She only opens her eyes because she can sense the stallion in her mouth is close to erupting, and she wants to see his balls quivering before her as he shoots in her mouth.
  209. >She hears a strained sound from across the stage, the soft grunt that forces it's way from the thoat of a being too proud to make a noise even when subjected to unendurable torment. She glances between the legs of the stallion she is servicing, to the far end of the stage. Something red is dripping.
  210. >It takes her a moment to understand what she is seeing.
  211. >The grizzled stallion from before is being held reared up in the grips of Nightmare Moon's magic. His eyes are clenched shut, and every tendon in his neck is standing out. She can almost hear his teeth grinding together.
  212. >His nethers are clearly exposed. There is a clean slice along his scrotum, which itself seems slackly misshapen on one side. She sees a disturbing silver instrument also in the grips of her sister's magic, probing within the wound. It pulls free the stallion's remaining testicle, exposing the pale ovoid mass to the air, and with a faint snip cuts it free.
  213. >The ruined organ falls to the silver tray she had wondered about earlier, to rest beside it's partner testacle, already discarded there.
  214. >The cock in her mouth is spurting, but Celestia is oblivious to it. She scrambles from beneath the stallion, heedless of the long string of thick sperm that shoots across her neck and chest, or the following spurts that spray against her right leg, dripping down to her hoof.
  215. >Nor does she pay heed to the rookie, still clinging tightly to her rump and lost in his own world of pleasure, though even now his long thrusts draw little thrills from her.
  216. >“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
  217. >Luna's creature looks at her with a farcically astonished look.
  218. >It's clearly mockery.
  219. “Why, Princess, isn't it obvious? For a mere guard to assault your august personage and sully your royal body with his filthy seed is a very serious offense. Of course they must be punished for it!”
  220. >She shakes her head violently, in horror.
  222. “Now Celestia, you know as well as anyone that some things are simply impermissible under any circumstances. What will happen to pony society if a princess can be defiled and the perpetrators remain unpunished?”
  223. >Fury grips her.
  224. >“I notice you are still intact, beast.”
  225. >Her sister's icy laughter fills the chamber.
  226. >“But there you have it, Celestia. He is but a beast. One does not hold mere beasts morally responsible for trying to follow their base instincts, does one? Rather, any fault must lie with she who permits the beast to indulge itself with her, don't you agree?”
  227. >Celestia blinks back tears of humiliation.
  228. >“Stop this now!”
  229. >She looks toward the newly gelded stallion. His eyes are still tightly shut. He pants through gritted teeth. Her sister is neatly suturing shut the incision, manipulating a needle and thread with her magic.
  230. >Luna's creature rubs its chin, thoughtfully.
  231. “Of course we can end this session right now, if you wish, only... it does seem rather coldhearted of you.”
  232. >“Of ME? What?”
  233. “Well, you do understand the concept of collective responsibility, right? All of these fellows are going to have to be gelded, you know, for the misbehavior of their compatriots. And to think, most of them haven't even had an opportunity to... enjoy their equipment one last time... But we can stop now, of course. Whatever you wish, Celestia.”
  234. >She bites her lip, miserably. Then her head jerks up, as she feels her pussy give an unexpected clench around the rookie's cock.
  235. >She mumbles something inaudible.
  236. “What was that, Celestia? I couldn't hear you. Quit now?”
  237. “N... no. Don't... don't stop.”
  238. >She tells herself she is doing it for the stallions. That the least she can do is allow them one last time with a mare.
  239. >But a part of her is filled with shame. Because she is doing it for her own pleasure as well. She can't bear to bring this to an end while the rookie's cock is doing such wonderful things to her cunt.
  240. >She nuzzles apologetically at the side of the stallion who had sprayed all over her. He gives her a reproachful look, and she lowers her front end back down to the floor so she can get her mouth back on his cock and try to make up for abandoning him at his peak of pleasure.
  241. >She can still feel the wetness of his sperm soaking into her coat where he had splashed her.
  242. >Her position leaves her rump shoved up in the air, and she can't help but rock back into the rookie as he slams into her, shifting her legs a little farther apart. He's a vocal one, gasping and moaning, utterly blind to anything but the pleasure of fucking her. He is covered in sweat, his body eel-slick.
  243. >The other stallion draws back, and she whines as his cock recedes. He dips his head to her.
  244. “Don't blame yourself, Princess. We know this isn't your fault.”
  245. >He kisses her then, and her lips melt into his. She opens up to his tongue, welcoming it into her mouth even as the tears spill from her eyes.
  246. >Because this is her fault. It's entirely her fault.
  247. >Still, she lets him kiss her for a long time, while the rookie's thrusts become increasingly uncontrolled. At last the rookie squeals in ecstasy, and she very nearly is dragged into another orgasm herself. She feels his twitching spurts within her, though not nearly so much as he had spilled before.
  248. >With a final gasp, he slides from her back and collapses to the floor.
  249. >She breaks from her kiss and looks back in alarm.
  250. >The rookie has fainted. He has fucked himself insensible.
  251. >His long cock spills loosely across his thigh and onto the floor, glistening with her fluids and his own. She feels a sizable dollop of sperm ooze from her pussy and drip down to join the spreading mess of fluids on the stage.
  252. >The other stallion looks toward her rump, and then down at her face with an apologetic urgency to his features.
  253. >“Princess, I... would it be all right if I...”
  254. >Asking permission? In these circumstances?
  255. >“Please satisfy yourself any way you desire.”
  256. >A whorish little thrill runs through her as she says the words.
  257. >He nods and steps over the rookie, circling behind and mounting her in one smooth motion. His cock slides into her, causing the sperm that already fills her to squirt out around its thickness. He lacks the rookie's phenomenal length, but he is thicker, and the feel of him sliding into her sends more shivers of delight through her thighs.
  258. >Her sister's magic gathers up the rookie, drawing him to the far end of the stage. A horrified little moan escapes her mouth.
  259. >The stallion on her back leans down to whisper in her ear.
  260. >“Don't look, princess.”
  261. >She can't not look. She owes it to these stallions to stand as a witness.
  262. >She watches in horrified fascination as a scalpel held in her sister's magic slices into the rookie's scrotum. Blood drips, and another instrument probes into the wound, and draws out one testicle. The rookie twitches, but remains mercifully unconscious.
  263. >She watches as it is cut free. It drops to the silver tray to join the pair from the previous stallion with a wet sound that makes her entire body clench.
  264. >Celestia realizes in horror that she is cumming. She has been close to begin with, and now the strokes of the stallion on her back are enough to bring her over the edge at the worst possible moment. Her juices start spurting around the stallion's cock as her pussy savagely clamps down on it. The other testicle drops onto the tray and she moans, her whole body quivering in ecstasy.
  265. >She looks at the rookie as the shivers of pleasure work their way through her. He had filled her cunt with with the last of his seed. The very last semen he would ever produce had been spent on her. That marvelous cock would go wasted hereafter. For that matter, had he been a virgin indeed? Was she his first and only mare?
  266. >Another orgasm hits her, catching her by surprise with its suddenness, hard on the heels of her previous eruption. Her eyes roll back and she gasps.
  267. >More stallions join in. When the good-natured stallion finishes in her pussy, he comes around to her front again, hoping for more of her oral pleasuring. His cock is soaked in her fluids, and drops of his semen still ooze from the tip. She eagerly slurps him into her mouth and tastes her own sweet juices mixing with the tang of sperm.
  268. >As she sucks away, another stallion settles to the floor beside her, his stiff cock adjacent to her right hoof.
  269. “S... stroke my cock?”
  270. >She gives him a questioning look—is that all he wants? But she can't actually ask him about it with her mouth full of stallion cock. Her saliva drips down her chin.
  271. >She reaches over and touches his shaft, sliding her hoof along its veiny length.
  272. >The stallion gives a soft moan at her touch. His pre bubbles up from the tip, and she rubs her hoof over it, lubricating him with his own juices.
  273. >Behind her another guard rears up and clutches at her haunches. His cock prods into her rump awkwardly, and she shifts, trying to line it up with her pussy. His hips twitch again and suddenly it sinks into her.
  274. >She moans in thick pleasure around the cock in her mouth as the stallion plunges into her cunt with several rough thrusts, but then he pulls wetly free of her.
  275. >She holds her breath as she feels his cock shoving up higher under her tail. It kisses at her anus wetly, and then he is shoving his length into her.
  276. >She squeals as he fills her ass, her wetness spattering from her slick pussy as he pushes into her other hole. It clutches around him, fighting in vain against his entrance, but his dark cock slides into her all the same, forcing the pink ring of her anus to stretch around him. The flare of his cockhead scrapes at her insides with an intimacy that makes her gasp. She could... come to enjoy this.
  277. >The stallion beside her pants and watches avidly as her hoof strokes up and down his cock. His pre dribbles steadily, and her hoof glistens with his wetness. His shaft is warm, and throbs to her touch. She reaches down and cups his balls, and then suddenly wonders if her touch there isn't simply torment, knowing what will be done to him.
  278. >But he gives an eager moan, so she continues to massage his orbs before returning to her stroking.
  279. >Her hoofjob ministrations are made awkward as the stallion she is sucking starts to thrust his own hips, shoving his cock into her mouth in quick jerks. Her eyes widen at the facefucking, and she feels him flaring against her tongue.
  280. >She struggles to pleasure the three stallions. A foam of saliva and pre collects on her lips as the stallion pumps at her face. She varies the speed she strokes at the stallion's cock beside her. And she squeezes and hunches her ass back into the stallion who presses his thighs tight to her rump.
  281. >The shaft in her mouth starts giving erratic twitches, and if anything the stallion speeds up, rocking her head back with the force of his thrusts.
  282. >The next moment, a thick torrent of his cum is shooting onto her tongue. The musky, rank taste fills her mouth, and she can't help but shiver and moan at his flavor. He keeps thrusting, and though she tries to keep her lips sealed around his flesh and swallow, his semen leaks out the corners of her lips and spills messily down her jaw.
  283. >She guzzles it down as best she can, but when he pulls free, a thick cord of sperm draws taut between her tongue and his cock. When it snaps, it spatters down her chin.
  284. >She pants. Her breath stinks of semen.
  285. >Behind her, the stallion fucking her ass changes his pace, from his little humping thrusts pressed as tightly to her rump as he can hold himself to long, slow strokes that pull almost entirely free of her before driving relentlessly back into her depths. It makes her gasp and quiver.
  286. >The stallion beside her lifts a hind leg to expose himself even more to her and her stroking hoof, and grinds himself into her touch.
  287. >“P... Princess, please, hit me in the balls!”
  288. >What? She can't do that! She stares at him in shock, questioning whether she heard him right.
  289. >He looks at her beseechingly.
  290. >“I'm gonna cum! Please, I'm begging you! It's okay, hit 'em!”
  291. >She nods, uncertainly.
  292. >She only intends to give them a little tap. But at that moment, a new stallion joins in, slips his head between the sweaty thighs of the stallion ploughing her anus, and tongues her neglected pussy.
  293. >She gasps in surprise, and she tries to shift her hind legs wider, spreading herself to invite him deeper into her sloppy pussy. But in shifting her footing, she hoof slides on the slick mess of juices that have spilled onstage, and suddenly her hindhooves are scrabbling to prevent her hind end from crashing to the stage. She throws out a forehoof to try to stabilize herself, and what had been intended as a light tap to the stallion's balls becomes a wild kick.
  294. >It looks exquisitely painful. His face goes pale, and his hooves scrabble at the air while his body curls up and convulses. His eyes roll up and his mouth opens in a soundless scream.
  295. >And his cock erupts. Thick ropes of his cum go spraying out onto the stage, and several jets of it hit Celestia in the face, spilling hot trails across her muzzle and up into her mane.
  296. >She watches, appalled, as his breath keens in a high pitch whistle. After a minute of recovery, he weakly raises his head and grins at her.
  297. >“F... fantastic, Princess. D... do it again?”
  298. >His cock is still pulsing slowly, a dribble of semen dangling from the tip.
  299. >Celestia reaches out uncertainly, and starts stroking him once more.
  300. >She is shivering and cooing as one stallion buries his nose and tongue in her cum-slimed cunt and another works his cock in her ass.
  301. >At the far end of the stage she sees the stallion who had just filled her mouth. He is held in her sister's magic, and he is struggling as she spreads his legs wide. He is crying and begging, snot running down his nose.
  302. >She remembers how he had calmly reassured her that this wasn't any of her fault.
  303. >How he has crumbled!
  304. >She has vowed to bear witness with compassion and sorrow.
  305. >But part of her finds his histrionics... shameful and unseemly.
  306. >The scalpel slashes, just as the tongue slurping at her cunt drives her into shivering ecstasy. Her mare-juices spray out, and the stallion with his lips to her pussy struggles to swallow down her squirts, even as they spill down his throat and chest.
  307. >She gasps and shudders as two more testicles land upon the silver tray. She is... vexed and ashamed that her own peaks of pleasure keep aligning with the mutilation of her guards.
  308. >But deep inside, something is coiling darkly around her soul.
  309. >When the bizarre stallion who is enjoying her hoof once again nears orgasm, some perverse impulse takes her, and she does not hold back. She punches him hard in the balls. His cum shoots halfway across the stage, and he passes out writhing, a beatific smile on his face.
  310. >The stallion on her back whines, and she feels his cock twitching deep in her anus, jetting her full of his thick seed.
  311. >She falls into a daze. Other stallions join in, and she becomes lost in the pleasure of orgasm upon orgasm, of sucking and licking and stallions filling her cunt until their cream runs down her thighs, of the luscious taste of sperm filling her cheeks.
  312. >And, here and there, a scream or a sob as a stallion is gelded. Somehow she always cums then. One of them begs for the sake of his marefriend, for the happy family and the foals he was going to give her, and she her eyes tear up to hear him—but when the wicked instruments pull his testicles from his body, she erupts into her fiercest orgasm yet.
  313. >At one point she is laying sprawled on her side, sandwiched between two stallions who ravage her pussy and ass as they lean across her shoulder and kiss one another passionately.
  314. >At another, a stallion has her sprawled upon her back as he stands over her, thrusting into her brutally as he curses “You whore, you bitch, how could you do this to us?” His tears drip onto her chest like drops of fire, and every thrust makes her wail with pleasure. When he explodes inside her, his own seed joining the stew of semen that fills her sloppy pussy, she clutches at his haunches with her hind legs and squirts her own hot jets of orgasm up into his balls.
  315. >Eventually, there is only one stallion left. He hunches upon her back, trying to force himself on, though her cunt has milked him three times already.
  316. >She is feeling exhausted. Her coat is matted with sweat and sperm, and her tongue hangs from her mouth, semen-tainted saliva dripping to the floor.
  317. >She feels his cock softening in her, utterly spent. He hunches on nonetheless, pretending to go on, putting off the inevitable. It's ridiculous. He isn't even moving in her at this point; just accordioning with each thrust.
  318. >A wave of disgust washes over her, and she shifts her hips and squeezes his flaccid member out. Still he keeps thrusting, trying to fool the observers.
  319. >But his ruse is obvious, and two batponies haul him off her back.
  320. >”I can still keep going!” he screams, but his cock is so limp it is retracting into his sheath.
  321. >Celestia sways, and collapses to the soaked boards of the stage. A froth of cum sprays from her pussy as she lands.
  322. >She watches as the last stallion, wailing and hollering, is put to the knife. As his testes slip from his scrotum, another warm throb of delight pulses through her loins, and another drizzle of semen spills from her damp cunt.
  323. >Luna's creature picks up the tray, laden with the fresh testicles of a dozen stallions, and sets it before her. The overpowering stench of raw meat fills her nose.
  324. >She can't help but fill her lungs, repelled yet strangely fascinated.
  326. >Later they dump her in her cell, still unwashed. She lays on the floor and weeps. She had never intended her gesture to end like this.
  327. >She can still feel it, her pussy filled with their semen.
  328. >The last semen they would ever spurt, and they had given it to her.
  329. >At least, she consoles herself, they had the solace of satisfying their desires fully.
  330. >Imagine if they had only been allowed a single ejaculation. The cries of despair if they shot off prematurely, or if they wanted to try her mouth before her pussy, but could not resist the power of her tongue.
  331. >If one of them did cum in her mouth, would he slide free of her and look at her with a desperate hope she would keep his indiscretion a secret? What would it be like to give him a reassuring wink?
  332. >And then what would it be like to turn her face to Luna's beast and open wide her jaw, showing off the slime of sperm coating the inside of her mouth?
  333. >She feels a horrible little thrill as she turns the idea over in her mind.
  334. >Suppose she only allowed eleven of the twelve to ejaculate? Would one of them make the noble sacrifice for the others? Or would they fight one another for their turn with her?
  335. >Fighting over her. Fighting so that the last fuck of their lives is with her.
  336. >She falls in and out of an exhausted sleep as the ideas chase their way through her mind.
  337. >Next time... what will the next time be like...?
  338. >She is horrified by her thoughts.
  339. >She is horrified by this feeling.
  340. >This feeling of anticipation.
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