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  1. IM powere rankings.
  2. this is all bullshit and most of it will probably be wrong cause its pre-week 1 matches
  4. 1. Six Paths
  5. Air, Caps, Alexandros, Rio, Bowl, Reyylin
  6. They almost got into invite but will have their revenge on all of intermediate
  8. 2. Methodic(if they play their mains)
  9. Bo4r, Kev777, Ether, Speedy, Kevito, Mirrorman
  10. they will probably play their mains for playoffs
  12. 3. Ping Disadvantage
  13. Lights, Uber, Christie, Alex.exe, dingo, Plaidinum
  14. wtf is dingo doing here
  16. 4. HRteam
  17. Dev, Wish, Bumbo, Tony, Lizar, Toy
  18. solid team, top 4 last season and they're staying together
  20. 5. Team HOW
  21. Esper, Branslam, Cin, Fygg, Cukei, Lolguy
  22. weaboo power. branslam will unleash his power
  24. 6. Papaya Poppas
  25. Dippidy, Tatuwah, Han, Nazara, Tasheem, BIG CAT
  26. BIG CAT
  28. 7. Descent(higher if they scrimmed/aren't washed up)
  29. Br0nze, Pharaoh, Tagg, Ma3la, Bdonski, TheFragile
  30. honestly probably wont even make playoffs but i like to be optimistic
  32. 8. EVIL
  33. Reflecto, Link, Donovin, Fabulous, Faust, Tsar
  34. could potentially do really well if they settle into the offclasses
  36. other potential playoffs teams:
  37. Krunch Realm
  38. Mensa Gaming
  39. Goblin Zone BLACK
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