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  2.     Research and Development for Dummies on Space Staion 13 (ss13)
  4.     -Start by gathering things from around the station
  6.            *Ask cargo to get the silver ore from the mining shuttle
  7.             room and make you silver.
  8.             *Get AI or Captain to let you into vault and grab gold.
  9.             *If you are RD ask AI to let you into upload to grab 2 cards. If you aren't RD ask them to
  10.              do it or captain if AI won't let you. I get PALADIN and T.Y.R.A.N.T.(These are materials 6 and get
  11.             you illegal 2)
  12.             *Go to tech storage and grab the AI intellicard.
  13.     -Time to go back to science and grab the last few bits.
  14.             *Get two sheets of plasma from xeno.
  15.             *Get three syringe guns and tasers from robotics.
  16.             *Take the two high power cells from RnD desk and also
  17.             an empty tool box and an analyzer.
  18.     -Okay deconstruct in this order
  19.             -two batteries
  20.             -toolbox
  21.             -analyzer
  22.             -syringe guns and tasers
  23.     -Now make the following items from the prolathe and deconstruct
  24.             *tracking beacon
  25.             *mining drill
  26.     -Go to circuit board and print out then deconstruct
  27.             *Telescience console machine board
  28.             *Durand weapons board
  29.   -Sync up run down to robotics and print out two super cells and wormhole generator
  30.     and deconstruct them.
  31.     -Back to gathered items to deconstruct
  33.             *deconstruct the intellicard
  34.             *deconstruct both plasma pieces
  35.     -Load the silver and gold into the prolathe
  36.     -Back to circuit board print out and deconstruct in order
  37.             *Telepad board
  38.             *Portable Chem board
  39.             *teleporter HUB board
  40.      -Finally deconstruct the two upload boards.
  42.    **If you couldn't get the upload boards: At this point upgrade your RnD equipment with what you got so
  43.     you can deconstruct more items without it failing.
  44.     -Print out a Super Bin and deconstruct.
  46.    **Levels should be Materials 7(it will only be at 6 with no upload boards), Engineering 6, Plasma 4, Bluespace 6
  47.     Data 5, Bio 5, Combat 5, EMP 5, and Illegal 1**
  49.     Now you need minerals BUT you can upgrade medbay at least for now.
  50.     Use high power lasers until minerals get there it will work.
  52.     If you can convince the captain or HOS to order you a combat
  53.     shotgun crate do that and use one to deconstruct to get level
  54.     6 for combat.
  59.     *Make an energy relay in robotics for Illegals to goto level
  60.     3.
  62.     Thats about as good as it gets.
  65.     Fun shit but rare shit:
  66.     Alien brain takes bio to level 7
  67.     Phazon anything will boost all your levels but I've nevercome
  68.     across one.
  70.     If you can talk someone into giving them your tele crystals get an EMP kit and two syndicate mini bombs. With the energy relays you'll be at level three so deconstruct the two minibombs then the empflashlight and waaa laa level 6 illegal. Also those items only cost 9 TC so sweet. Mind you if a power sink occurs ask them to bring it to you once its found its illegal level 5!
  73.     ***these instruction are prepared for Metastation Map to be used with NT or /tg/ stations***
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