CRC Midway Update

Nov 15th, 2015
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  1. CRC #2 Midway Update
  3. Hi guys, cha0s and I wanted to reach out to you all regarding your progress as a team. We have a few general questions for the teams. If you could review the pastebin, talk amongst your teams briefly, then make a reply pastebin with your answers under each question, that would be great. Just message us on Twitter or Twitch.
  5. 1. Generally, how has your team's experience preparing the game? Reflections on the game would be great, including difficulty, glitch potential (you don't have to tell us any specifics), etc. Also any notes about how your team has delegated duties or responsibilities would be helpful. Be honest too, we know people may put off routing until the final weeks.
  7. 2. Does your team expect to be able to perform a full game race of this, or do you think that a mid-game category would be more appropriate for the game? Keep in mind that we tentatively scheduled the race for December 12th, which is roughly 4 weeks away from this point.
  9. 3. Any other reflections?
  11. Thanks, and feel free to contact either of us.
  12. - tonic
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