Trixie Loves Blinkie

Dec 8th, 2013
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  1. >The tinny clang of metal on metal rang throughout the rocky plain, grabbing the attention of the few ponies that worked there. Out in the distance, three ponies showed up to the patio, an older colt and behind him two mares. They all sported dusty grey coats, but nonetheless wore a face of quiet contentment at the end of the work day.
  3. >The silver mane of the unicorn had similarities to that of the Pie family, but that is the only thing that was comparable. Her maya blue coat and braggart attitude directly contrasted with the Pies’ manifesto: “Humbleness and simplicity is the core of a good pony.” But she was a good worker and they saw that she was at least willing to work of wage.
  5. >”Dinner’s ready, everypony! Courtesy of the great and powerful Trixie!” Trixie announced, following after the three and tapping at the mare in front of her.
  7. >Blinkie looked back, her hazel eyes catching Trixie’s own violet orbs. She slowed her pace and nudged at Trixie. “You’re getting better at it.” Blinkie affirmed, her eyes lidding at the mare next to her. Trixie slowed her trot to a walk, and walking in tandem with Blinkie. “Well, I’ve been here for nearly two years. I should hope that I can be me without hurting the family in the process.” Trixie said in a whisper, leaning over and ruffling Blinkie’s mane. Blinkie giggled and ran her hoof over Trixie’s glamorous silver mane, her face brightening as she exclaimed, “Oh!”
  9. >Trixie looked over to her partner, curious as to what made her make that sound. “What is it, Blinkie?” She asked, stopping in her tracks to listen intently to what Blinkie had to say. Her tail flicked, the sound of commotion coming in pretty clear from where they stood.
  11. >”My sister, Pinkie, is coming in today!” Blinkie blurted, the thought escaping her until she heard the side door opening only moments earlier. She frowned, feeling bad that she had forgot to tell Trixie to prepare.
  13. >Trixie had frozen up, a cold sweat coming over her. She smiled glibly, masking the intense fear that she felt from hearing that name. “I-is that so?” She asked, starting to walk along again, her eyes darting everywhere as she mildly panicked.
  15. >”Yeah. I think that you’ll really like her.” Blinkie said, observing Trixie’s odd behavior. “She’s the one whom left the farm to pursue baking.” She mentioned casually, the pair reaching the dining room, where the cotton-candyesque pony was busy hugging everypony, trading stories and affection.
  17. >Trixie puffed out her chest and put on her old face again, not wanting the pink one to even know that she wasn’t whom she put herself out to be in Ponyville. “Does she know about us?” Trixie whispered, afraid that she might be outed.
  19. >”I planned to tell her today.” Blinkie stated coolly, her attitude a bit infectious as she saw Trixie’s frown transform into a small smile.
  21. >Pinkie zoomed over to give Blinkie a big hug, only stopping her tender vice grip on her sister by the sight of Trixie. Trixie put on her best stone face while Pinkie placed Blinkie down. “Who let YOU in here?! Are you a burglar? Have you come here to pilfer our special rocks? Or—“ Pinkie gasped, letting her imagination get to her. “You’re here to foalnap Blinkie and use her for her ransom!” Pinkie accused, Trixie’s face getting darker by the moment as she stays in place.
  23. >”Enough!” Trixie shouted at Pinkie, stomping her hoof on the wooden floor. “The great and powerful Trixie does NOT foalnap or resort to thievery!” Trixie defended, her nostrils flared from the increase of breaths that she took.
  25. >Clyde stepped in between the two, giving both of them a stern gaze apiece. Pinkie shrink while Trixie winced, looking away and trying to build herself up. “Now girls, I do not know what differences that you have, but both of you are grown mares. Act like such and talk them out.” Clyde lectured, Sue nodding in agreement in an attempt to soothe the situation.
  27. >“The great….er…I am working here.” Trixie admitted, looking over to Blinkie for support. Blinkie looked to her sister and stood close to Trixie. “And Trixie is the special somepony that I have been talking to you about.” Pinkie, lost for words, listened to what the illusionist had to say.
  29. >”I ended up coming here after being laughed out of every city that I went to. I dreaded the fact that I, the great and powerful Trixie, needed to do menial work for bits. But work I did. Clyde was gracious enough to even offer me a room once he learned that I was simply living behind the mill. Of course I refused. It was I, the great and powerful Trixie! I don’t need to be pitied. But then he told me, ‘Lady, it’s not a case of pity. It’s a case of generosity. My daughter taught me that despite her not having much, she gave the best thing that my wife, Sue and I have overlooked for so long: happiness. If I can help you get even a tenth of the happiness that Pinkie has given me, well, I’d be a pretty satisfied colt.’” She nodded to Clyde and he wiped a tear from his eye.
  31. >Blinkie took a step forward and continued the story from her perspective. “It wasn’t easy, working with Trixie. Not at first. She was cocky, thought she didn’t need help. After all, she was a unicorn with magic and we’re just earth ponies. But then she started panicking. Her work was slipping and Inkie and I had to pick up her slack. After two weeks, I found her next to the gravel pit sobbing. I asked her what was the matter and she said that she hated it here. That she had no purpose here. Actually, it reminded me a lot of you, sis, when you were still on the farm.” Pinkie gave a nervous laugh, a flush coming over her muzzle.
  33. >”And so I told her ‘If you can go an entire season without quitting, then I promise you that I’ll give you something to help you on your way.’ She took the challenge and actually befriended Inkie and me. It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Certainly you know that, Pink, but she made it to the end. I gave her my life savings and told her, ‘Do what you feel your calling is.’ I watched her strike it down the road and thought I wouldn’t have seen her again.” Blinkie exhaled and closed her eyes. “After the funny business in Ponyville, she came back. I was so excited! My friend came back to me! But things had changed with her. It seemed like she wasn’t so eager to talk about her travels. She worked on the farms for a bit, slowly opening to me.”
  35. >Trixie pressed her cheek against Blinkie and took her turn to talk. “Last year, I told Blinkie that I couldn’t be without her, but shows were what I was meant to do. Blinkie told me, ‘Then tour! I’ll even come to some. But our home will always be at the rock farm.’ And so I did…and I also found out that Blinkie did more than just make me hers.” She stood up on two, showing her pudgy front and outlining her womb. “Through her…our love, we’re awaiting a new addition to the Pie family.”
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