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Jan 7th, 2016
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  1. Isn't it incredible how as your life gets better you notice more and more sadness in the world around you? A few weeks ago on the bus headed home, a woman sitting on the only lone backwards seat got a phone call. Apparently it was something serious, because after that she was silently crying for the next few stops while i tried to muster up some courage to go over and try to talk to her.
  3. When I finally decided to go on the seat opposite to her and ask her if she was okay, she just said a weak "yes" and not to worry about her(I'm 6'2" at 188lbs so I don't know if I intimidated her or something). She got off a few stops after that, and I haven't been able to get her out of my head. I often wonder what made her so devastated with a single, short phone call.
  5. Thank you in advance for reading!
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