Fallout 4 Ultimate Speedrun Route

Nov 19th, 2015
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  1. FALLOUT 4 SPEEDRUN ROUTE NOTES, created by BubblesDelFuego with help from many others
  3. I recommend turning off the dialogue camera in the options
  4. Start with 10 in Endurance and Agility, 4 in intelligence.
  5. #
  6. Timer starts when you begin movement, which is 3.5 seconds after hitting OK on character creation
  7. If you don't get a Biometric Scanner at the store, farm one from the turret on the way to decoding the chip.
  8. #
  9. Do vault 111
  10. Clip to electric room
  11. Grab Gun and rounds
  12. Clip to skip Pip-Boy
  13. Setup the slide and do the slide upon exiting the vault(style varies)
  14. #
  15. Grab the museum FT(Fast Travel) point
  16. Grab pistols for item clipping, minutemen outfit if possible
  17. Look for Jet/Buffout inside within coolers
  18. Kill the raiders inside, talk to Preston (get some coffee cups for ceramic)
  19. Go outside, get the Power Armor and Minigun
  20. Fight the raiders outside
  21. kill everyone else, Get Action Boy
  22. FT to the Museum
  23. #
  24. Talk to Preston again, cover slide to Greenetech with Power Armor
  25. Leave the power armor there
  26. Clip in the sewer with menu warp
  27. #
  28. Walk to Goodneighbor
  29. Discover Mass Fusion on the way
  30. General Store Vendor for armor, meds, biometric scanner(bonus: guns, buffout, nc quantum, jet, fatigues, baseball outfit)
  31. Steal Fat Man and Mini Nuke
  32. Equip/Bind everything, level up for Solar Powered
  33. Discover Park Street Station
  34. Clip into DC then leave
  35. #
  36. Run to Virgil's Cave
  37. Set up coverslide on the way
  38. Make a hard save file outside of the cave
  39. FT to Greenetech, get Power Armor
  40. Slide from Vault 111 to Fort Hagan
  41. #
  42. Clip to Kellogg and kill Kellogg with Fat Man
  43. Get the military grade circuit board
  44. Get the quest in the terminal
  45. Quicksave and Load Warp to Sewer
  46. #
  47. FT to Park Street Station
  48. Clip all the way to Nick and save him
  49. Quicksave after getting the memories quest
  50. Load warp to Sewer
  51. #
  52. FT to Goodneighbor
  53. While Nick is being looked at, grab the Jet upstairs on the middle mirror-table if you need it
  54. Leave building after memories
  55. Leave and FT to Virgil's cave
  56. Get the courser quest
  57. #
  58. FT to Greenetech Genetics
  59. Kill courser with Fat Man, get the chip
  60. Quicksave and warp to Sewer
  61. #
  62. FT to Mass Fusion
  63. Walk to the Old North Church, go inside, head to Railroad HQ
  64. Make a save file at the door to the HQ inside
  65. Decode the chip with Tinker Tom
  66. Quicksave and Wrong Warp to Virgil's Cave
  67. Talk to Virgil, leave, level up pickpocket perk twice
  68. #
  69. FT to Sanctuary
  70. Pickpocket Sturges and get the settler quest
  71. FT to the museum
  72. Walk to the settlers and kill them
  73. Tell Preston about the settlers, get the teleporter quest
  74. FT to Sanctuary
  75. Do everything you have to do to build the teleporter (Preston, sturges, build, sturges, build, sturges)
  76. Teleport into Institute
  77. #
  78. Warp to Institute
  79. Relay the Minutemen inside, get the reactor bomb from Preston
  80. Make a save file by the door near the elevator
  81. Chair clip and jet jump OoB into Advance Science
  82. Load the reactor core with the bomb
  83. Quicksave and Load Warp to the teleporter room
  84. Go to the teleporter, get Desdemona's quest
  85. Quicksave and Load Warp to Railroad HQ
  86. #
  87. See Tinker Tom, get the quest
  88. Quicksave and Load Warp back to Institute
  89. Enter the teleporter, flip the button
  90. Timer ends when the HUD goes away before the cutscene
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