Radical Inquisitor

Oct 20th, 2013
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  1. (As seen on Wikichan way back in the day.)
  3. The Inquisitor lifted the heavy latch then, pressing his shoulder against the cold metal, leaned forward. The dungeon's door groaned as it swung inward. A single light shown down upon a wide dais where it awaited restrained. He strode toward the prostrated Warp entity.
  5. As the Inquisitor approached, the daemonic entity glowered. Inky voids fixed on him, damning his soul to the Immaterium. With each hate-filled breath and vicious bark, its full bosom swayed. The Inquisitor bowed to it, mimicking the blue-skinned daemonette's bound posture. Running a knuckle along the ribbed horn sweeping back from its brow, he smiled.
  7. "Greetings, Slaaneshi whore," he jeered as his fingertips traced the daemonette's jaw line. "Such a pl-" his words distorted to a startled yelp as the daemon's mouth began to contort. He recoiled, but its muscular tongue snaked about his wrist. It constricted and wrenched, drawing the Inquisitor closer to its grotesque, toothy maw.
  9. Feeling his footing leave him, he panicked against its strength. The Inquisitor groped for the baton in his belt. Frantically, he thumbed the switch and jabbed the cylinder into the daemonette's delicate neck. It seized and relented, falling slack onto the slight podium beneath it. In fury and embarrassment, the Inquisitor struck the monster.
  11. Cautiously, he circled the dais with special attention paid to the creature's restraints. Thick, weighted shackles about its distorted ankles chained the lesser daemon's legs. The daemonette's clawed forearms were each bound in sanctified stone and bolted to the dais. Only rising to the waist, these stones secured the daemonette bowed and exposed.
  13. Such a delicious view, the daemonette's round bottom presented as it was. He dared lay hand on it, rousing the monster from its daze and provoking a harsh rasp followed by a threatening hiss. The warmth of its firm flesh as it filled his palm proved startlingly seductive. As his hand started in a slow, tight circle over its buttock, the daemonette glared back at him. Its cheek displayed the fresh, violet blemish. A low, blood-thirsty growl rumbled from the daemon's throat.
  15. His touch fell upon the cobalt spots that graced the small of its back. Light as a feather, his fingers tickled along the dotted path arcing along the monster's ample hips. The Inquisitor stepped forward, running greedy, anxious hands over the daemonette's tensed belly. Reveling in the feel of their squishy, warm weight, he breathed into its pointed ear as he cupped the daemon's heaving breasts. A hiss quickly submerged to a bitter snarl.
  17. The Inquisitor's lips brushed the indigo droplets wrapped about the daemonette's slender shoulder. His tongue slathered a slimy trail from drop to drop. Its heated flesh was salty, but not at all unpleasant. He kneaded the heavy, pliant handfuls tenderly. The weight in his grasp was exhilarating. Alternating between stroke and fondle, the caress bewitched the daemonette little by little. The Inquisitor felt its nipples stiffen under his strumming fingers. Its snarl choked into a whimper.
  19. This "interrogation" continued with rubbing and pinching, massaging and squeezing. Its breath came in shaky rasps broken by timid squeaks as his fingertips altered their dance. The daemonette's hips shifted, rocking into place over his leading thigh. When he would grope, the daemon would grind. This daemonette was sly, eliciting a groan from the fevered Inquisitor with such enticing friction. His pulse pounded in his ears.
  21. Surrendering his hold on its bust, his attention turned to the plump cleft between the daemonette's shapely thighs. He petted the daemonette gently, adoring the timid sighs and lavender flush. Finger tips dabbed at moist lips before probing inside; first one than two, snugly. They delved inward and stirred about the permeating warmth in search of calcified structures, impediments, and the like. The daemonette squirmed and whined at this carnal touch.
  23. Its backside wiggled hypnotically. The Inquisitor swelled against the front of his trousers; he yearned to experience this sensual fiend. His hand explored the deamonette's sizzling wetness until it trembled...until he trembled. The temptation was too much, the call too strong. His fingers slipped away with a dewy strand. Embracing the daemonette from behind, the Inquisitor freed his engorged organ.
  25. Pressing the head against the beast's glistening entrance, the Inquisitor's hot breath found the daemonette's ear once again. "Coitus more ferarum," he whispered wickedly as his hips surged forward sinking him deep inside its slick channel. The elegant aberration cried out and clamped down amidst the clatter of chains. Within, its molten body enveloped his senses and weakened his knees. A tense moment subsided. Its flesh yielded to the intrusion.
  27. He nuzzled the singe on its neck during his torturous withdrawal. The daemonette grunted as he rushed forward only to recede then plunge boldly once again. Running the tip of his tongue along its ear, the Inquisitor hastened their congress. The daemonette's breasts bobbed in cadence with their fornication. His hips crashed against its womanly body adding yet another instrument to the coital cacophony.
  29. The daemonette watched him from over its shoulder, panting; its dark, pointed tongue hanging over teeth and lips and a trail of saliva seeping from the corner of its mouth. It met every fervent, juicy thrust with a thrust of its own. He could not last under such divine traction. The inquisitor bore his weight down onto the daemonette's body, pinning it to the pedestal beneath as he pistoned into its velvety depths.
  31. It howled in hedonistic bliss. The daemonette's body contracted around him, clenching rhythmically and assuring the Inquisitor would go no longer. The climax rolled through his body swiftly culminating at its peak. He buried himself one final time as the spasm rippled from base to tip, spilling his seed in an intoxicating eruption.
  33. The Inquisitor clutched the seat-soaked daemonette tightly as he throbbed and spurted inside. Its pliant canal milked him savagely as the fiend's own orgasm resounded through its body. It seem to stretch on for eternity. The pleasure swirled about his mind and drowned his senses. But no, this was unusual. The Inquisitors body refused to relax. Though drained, the spasms lingered, convulsing in time with the daemonette's body. He rejected the beast of Chaos.
  35. Uncoupling, he pulled himself away from the exhausted Slaaneshi form, but the pull of his orgasm persisted. The Inquisitor back-pedaled, but when such sadistic pleasure amplified, he startled and tumbled from the dais. Sitting spread-eagle on the cold, stone floor, the source became horrifyingly evident.
  37. A fleshy sheath reminiscent of a closed lily wrapped itself about the Inquisitor’s manhood. Another orgasmic paroxysm rocked his body. In disbelief, he watched as a fist-sized bulb pumped from the sheath and through a thin tentacle to disappear inside the daemonette’s soaking crevice. Another bulb, then another, and another. The daemon giggled softly as the Inquisitor felt his strength slowly drained away.
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