Bully [Poorfag Trixie thread]

Aug 8th, 2019
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  1. > Trixie has been pushing you around since the mid school
  2. > Always picking on you anywhere you go
  3. > That skinny blue egoistic bitch
  4. > You hated her so fucking much
  5. > You wanted her to suffer
  6. > You wanted her dead
  7. > But a few years later, on a recent summer vacation, you've been working out and training is self confidence. Slowly becoming a true chad
  8. > Enter high school
  9. > You came prepared for that blue menace
  10. > And just for fun, even started pretending to be a pushover boi like you were before, when she started to bully you again
  11. > While waiting for that particular moment to showe her magic hat up her ass and publicly humiliate her
  12. > While all your friends kept asking, why you still allow her to push you around
  13. > Now you were much stronger and taller than her, but still she kept picking on you. In a way
  14. > Which, strangely, you started to see like a little game
  15. > Now every day you're looking forward for meeting her and pretending to be a wimp soyboy like you were before
  16. > Hell, she can do whatever she want
  17. > 0.0000% mad
  18. > All her bitching and semi-cruel little pranks was just nothing but cute. You've been playing her game with a smile on your face
  19. > "But just you wait, you goddamn sadistic witch, you're gonna beg your folks to change schools", you thought to yourself
  20. > Because recently you found that she's poor as fuck and can't even afford a new pair of socks
  21. > Another day, classes is almost over, and again she's locking your head in her grip
  22. > You look in her eyes, desperate to blackmail, humiliate, fight back at any moment. Ready to hurt her in any way imaginable
  23. > ...
  24. > But then you realized
  25. > Something really strange has happened, as you look closely at her frame, in her eyes. Feel her weak, skinny arms trying to hold you in place
  26. > It's been some time now, you thought to yourself
  27. > And... you don't want it
  28. > You don't want to mortify her
  29. > You don't want to hurt her
  30. > You don't even want to see her being hurt by anyone else
  31. > Wondering when all the hatred for her has disappeared
  32. > You haven't even noticed
  33. > And you wonder why you hated her at the first place
  34. > It's so stupid. You're so stupid
  35. > She's about the same age, but you felt like you were trying to hurt a little kid, really bad
  36. > Is she ever even wanted you to feel so angry about her?
  37. > Maybe that's just her character. Just who she is
  38. > ....
  39. > She's just so adorably immature, that is
  40. > And you feel like shit now
  41. > A complete shit
  42. > "And what are you gonna do now, huh?"
  43. "Hey, Trix..."
  44. > "Heh, what was that, little Nonny? "Trix"? Why, you feeling light headed alread... huh?"
  45. > You freed yourself from her grip with zero effort. For the first time ever.
  46. "Trixie. Have you ate anything today? At all?"
  47. > "I... huh? Wha-"
  48. "I noticed that you always.... you know. Can I just buy something for you?"
  51. > Her expression drops
  52. > The time has stopped. Seemed like some people around in cafeteria stopped talking as well
  53. > While you both is just staring motionlessly into each other's eyes
  54. > ...
  55. > "W-what?"
  56. > ...
  57. "Sigh... you know, I just figured, that... well, I don't see you actually buying food for yourself here, or bringing your own that often. Yeah, so..."
  58. > "Huh, and why is... ah, Trixie get it! You want to bribe Trixie so she could leave you alone! Hah, she don't even have to-"
  59. "Trixie..."
  60. > "- tell you herself. Why, you are so pathetic." - She said, pressing her pinkie finger at your chin - "But not so fast, Trixie will look at your behaviour. Did she hurt your feefees THAT much?"
  61. "You didn't."
  62. > "Aww, off coss she deed not'. Anon' eez a big boi, he can stand for..." - and now she's poking your addomen with her fist. Presumably surprised to feel some decent abs that you worked so hard on.
  63. > "...ahem. Why our lil' Nonny is so big and shtwomg now, no one can-" - she kept teasing, prodding your chest and trying your biceps with her hands.
  64. > "-and... a-and no one can dare... to..."
  65. "Quit it."
  66. > ...
  67. > And there she's thinking again, staring somewhere below your neck.
  68. "Trix?"
  69. > "Why, uh... ha, ok, Trixie already had her fun , she'll let you live for today." - she said, only to be met with a slight smirk from your side.
  70. "I can't believe it."
  71. > "It's your lucky day, green boy."
  72. "Yeah, I can't believe that you're still going on this."
  73. > "Going on WHAT?"
  74. "On all this. Trixie, we're in the high school now, If you haven't noticed. Almost adults, kinda. So don't you think that you... how do I put it..."
  75. > "Huh, what's that? Are you seriously asking for more? Do Trixie really has to increase the daily dosage of our-"
  76. "Go on. Do what you want, keep playing your little game, I don't care. You can't hurt me anymore."
  77. > Trixie is now staring at you like a deer in headlights.
  78. > "W-why, you!-" - Then suddenly she scrunched her face, grabbed the hold of your shirt and pulled yourself at her. But you didn't move.
  79. > Gently, but with some force behind, you hold on her wrist, pulled her hand away and she yanked herself free from your grip
  80. "Trixie, come one now, this is getting ridiculous. We're not kids anymore. Can you just leave it behind? Look, sorry If it was mean, but I have no bad intentions, really. And I'm not angry at you."
  81. > Seemingly not irritated anymore, she moved her gaze from her wrist and now she's looking into your eyes with a blank expression.
  82. "I know it's hard to believe, but... well, if you want, I'll play along from time to time, if it's still fun to you."
  83. > Why the cafeteria is so disturbingly quiet all of sudden?
  84. "I genuinely concerned, Trixie. You're becoming thinner and thinner each passing day and keep falling asleep all the time in your class. I'm not trying to butter you up, but... would you like some sandwich and the mashed potatoes salad? Anything you'd like. I'm just asking."
  85. > Shit, why can't everyone around act casual again?
  86. "You know, you can share some of your crackers in return. I bet it goes well with some tea."
  87. > ...
  88. "But, of course you don't have... uh... hello? Earth to Trix-"
  89. > *SLAP!*
  90. > "Trixie's troubles is non of your concern, you asshole!!!"
  92. > Enter after School
  93. > Be sitting on a bench in park
  94. > And thinking...
  95. > Thinking...
  96. > Shit
  97. > Why does it bothering you so much?
  98. > You offered her help, she slapped you in return, fuck her
  99. > Really, fuck her
  100. > Maybe now she'll finally stop this kindergarden retardation
  101. > Yeah, better being left alone with a red cheek than with this bitch in your face all the time
  102. > Abso-fucking-lutely
  103. > ...
  104. > Well, "bitch", you don't actually... do you really want her to stop her routine?
  105. > She never hits you that hard before
  106. > With all her might. And then running away.
  107. > You definitely don't want to talk to her about it
  108. > You don't
  109. > Because she's a bitch
  110. > And fuck her
  111. > But... you don't know for sure
  112. > Maybe
  113. > Maybe not
  114. > ...
  115. > Shit!
  116. > Thinking...
  117. > Thinking...
  118. > "...uuuuuuuuUUUDE!!!"
  119. > And... yeah, of course.
  121. "Fuck off, Norman."
  123. "Fucking end your life. Please."
  125. "Consider suicide. Drown in a fucking village shitter. Do it."
  127. "Pull the goddamn triigger alread... I don't know, ok? Don't know what's gotten into me. She was... she IS mean to me all the time, but now I'm taking her less seriously, you know?"
  129. "Stop shouting, you fucking psycho. I offered her help. I wanted to buy her something to eat. She wasn't really happy about this. There."
  130. > "...
  131. > "...what? You what? What? What did you... I don't get. What?"
  132. "Well, me neither."
  133. > And then he joins your dumbfounded pose. Sitting with his head lowered, squeezing his eyes shut and massaging temples
  134. > "Oohh, I'm sooo brainfucked right now."
  135. "Fucked in the head in general."
  136. > "Ok... so, from the start. She was...?"
  137. "Cuddling me standing and soft talking, as always.
  138. > "Uh-huh."
  139. "I was excited, actually. No in that way. Excited to do something terrible to her. To fight back for real. To hurt her, in a way, and... fuck, I guess I did."
  140. > "You wanted to have your revenge, ok, but how did you know that she'll be mad if you did something nice?"
  141. "I didn't, you wormhole brainlet. I wasn't aiming to upset her. I exactly wanted to do something nice. Well, "nice", more like helping. She's starving, you know? At least that how it looks like. And she -did- said that she has some troubles."
  142. > "Well... ok, you lost me there."
  143. "Yeah, listen. So she's holding me, I looked in her eyes, and then... oh man, how do I put it?
  144. > "Ooooohhh..."
  145. "She's just... I felt like she's not deserving it.'
  146. > Oooooohhhh!"
  147. "Yeah, fuck off. You know, she always was a bitch to me, but now she's like that poor kid that just tries to have fun. And I don't want to hurt any kids.
  148. > "But in that village in Skyrim you tried for the whole fucking hour to-"
  149. "Well, then devs don't want either, lets leave it like that. She's not a threat or anything. She's not hurting or annoying me at all, no matter how hard she tries. Her picking on me like a T-rated cartoon villain is just... again, like a kid. Bitchy, bitchy, little kid."
  150. > "Aww. Roasting yo green ass was all the fun this poor girl ever had, and now you took away the last thing that brings joy in her life, you monster!"
  151. "Motherfucker."
  152. > "Heh. But I think I start to understand you. But... a kid? Dunno man. She's a little short and..."
  153. "Childish."
  154. > "Yes. Yes, she is. But still a massive bitch, besides being small."
  155. > "Do you like her?" - suddenly came from the side
  156. "AH!"
  157. > "Shit, Wally! When did you get here?"
  158. > "That stopped being funny years ago, you stupid."
  159. > "But I didn't noticed you... sitting there?"
  160. > She just gave him a tired look, then switched her attention back to you - "So, what happened next? What did she said? Uh..." - to be met with your face, frozen in cringing grimace.
  161. "Luv. In love. Yeah. Fucking. Really. Now?"
  162. > "Well, who knows? Maybe you have a taste for a -special- girls~"
  163. > "Taste? More like discovering a new really sick fetish." - they both giggled
  164. > Idiots
  165. > You pinched the bridge of your nose and slowly exhaled.
  166. "I need to talk to her."
  167. > "Hah! I knew it! And... eww!"
  168. > "Yeah. Ugh!"
  169. "Fuck off, Norman. I have my reasons. I just want to talk to her maybe one last time so she could finally fuck off till graduation and further."
  170. > "Yeah, sure..."
  171. "Don't know what's gotten into me, really. And in her. And that's what I want to figure out."
  172. > "Do you need our help?" - Wallflower asked, placing her hand on your shoulder
  173. > "What you want to do is fucking disgusting, Anon. On so many levels. But you can count on my ass too!" - he nudges you from his side.
  174. "Yeah, thanks, guys. But I don't know yet. Our "relationship", It's complicated."
  175. > "Oh no. Oh no, no, no! I'm taking it back! He's talking like one of them! He's turning!"
  176. > "You mean, the nOrMiEeEes?!"
  177. > "Shoot him! Shoot the fucker, I'll hold him!"
  178. "... Sigh... have you both seen her, anyway? Where is she now?"
  179. > "Well then. Yes. I kinda heard girls talking that someone heard her crying in the restroom."
  180. > "Fucking. What?"
  181. "Aww, man..."
  182. > "I never seen or heard her cry, dude. Not once. Holy shit."
  183. > "Yeah, me neither."
  184. > ...
  185. "I need to find her. I need to find her right now." - you said, standing up.
  186. > "Hey, hey, hey! Hold up, man, what are you gonna do? Do you have a plan?"
  187. "Fuck, don't know, I'll figure!"
  188. > You started fast walking back in the school's direction
  189. "You special eds going or what?"
  190. > "Shit, yes! I can't miss it!" - Norman said, grabbing Wallflower's wrist and pulling her on the way. - "C'mon, Wally!"
  191. > "Who-oa~!"
  194. > Back in the school, you three has split and started searching for her. Norman being on the patrol around the territory, Wallflower checking all the girl restrooms and you've been running around like a madman, asking everyone if they have seen her. But with no such luck. And finally your phone vibrates
  195. > *Vvvvmmm!*
  196. "*pant* Wally?"
  197. > "It's Flowey. I checked everything, could'nt find her. Sorry."
  198. "Ah, dammit. Does anyone knows where she lives? Have you asked someone?"
  199. > "Um... no, but there's those bitchy friends of her's nearby. Was nearby. Seem like they're going-"
  200. "Good! Ask them her address! Or a phone number. Or whatever."
  201. > "... I... uh..."
  202. "Wally? ... "
  203. > ...
  204. "Oh, come one! Please? Tell them that she forgets her shit, or that she's your partner in... dunno, just ask! Wally?"
  205. > "... W-well, um..."
  206. "Sigh... I. Really. Need to talk to her. Please, I know that you're not communicating with anyone beside us. Well... mostly. But now I need you to do it, just this one time."
  207. > ...
  208. > "A-anon, like, do you really need... why do all of sudden-"
  209. "Wally!"
  210. > "I...! I doubt she owns a phone, anyway. Why-"
  211. "Ask. Just ask. I'll give you my N64 collection. Please!"
  212. > "Um, think... I think I lost them, s-sorry. Just now. I'm sorry-"
  213. "Fuck!"
  214. > With your shaking hand you hung up and started dialing the second number.
  215. > "Ey."
  216. "Well?!"
  217. > "Jeez. No, haven't seen her."
  218. "Aww, shit! Man, like, are you really sure?"
  219. > "What the hell? Of course, chill. I didn't see her, there's just her butt monkeys screwing around at the main entrance."
  220. "Oh! Good! You go and ask them for her directions! Quick!"
  221. > "Uh... aww, man, you know, Iike, can you do it? And I'll watch them for now?"
  222. "God. Dammit! Fucking. Useless sacks of sh-"
  223. > You just throw you phone back in you pocket and sprinted back in their direction."
  224. > And as you arrived in a few minutes, you saw them at the stairs both staring at their phones and giggling at something.
  225. "*pant* Heh- hey! Yo! What'cha doin'?"
  226. > "Ah!"
  227. > "A-anon? It's not our photos, w-we just bought them!"
  228. "Wha...? Dudes, listen. It's about Trixie. I really, really need to see her right now. Like, really bad. Do you have her address? Or a phone number?"
  229. > "W-why would you need her?"
  230. > "Ya, I thought you, like, hate each other and stuff."
  231. "Well... yes, and no. That's the reason, I need to say something important to her. And I won't say that it was you who told me. I know you're hanging around with her all the time, do you know where she lives?"
  232. > "Yeah, of course we know it!"
  233. > "Snails! A-anon, she keeps it a secret. She'll be really, REALLY mad if someone will find... I mean..."
  234. "Alright, alright. I think I can understand why. So do you have her number?"
  235. > "S-she don't own a phone. She never had one."
  236. "Awww, shit!"
  237. > "Yea, but she got one of those old stationary ones!"
  238. > "Snaiiils!"
  239. "Oh. That's fine. Do you have it?"
  240. > "I-I don't think she'll be happy if we gave it, either. She forbid giving it to anyone! Ever."
  241. > "Oh. She did?"
  242. > "Yes, Snails. Yes, she did!"
  243. > "Well, I don't 'membe it."
  244. "So... it that case."
  245. > While Snips was distracted angrily gesticulating something to his friend, you quickly yanked his phone and raised it in the air, so he couldn't reach it.
  246. > "Ah! Hey, give it back!"
  247. "Huh. Let's see..."
  248. > Holding his head with a free hand, you started browsing the gallery
  249. "Upskirt shots? Really?"
  250. > "Give it... hey, It's not ours! We just... downloded from the internet!"
  251. "Ah, really? But I think I recognize these frilly ones... and there's a statue on the background, and... should I show it to the principal?"
  252. > ...
  253. > "Sigh... w-write it down. But not a word!"
  254. "Of course. Not a word, heh."
  257. > *Riiiiing...*
  258. > *Riiiiing..."
  259. "Come one, come ooone!"
  260. > *Riii-*
  261. > "Aye?"
  262. > You didn't expect to hear a rough raspy voice from the other side. Must be her dad or granpa.
  263. "Uh... hello. Is Trixie home?"
  264. > "Motherf... eeyy! Phooone!"
  265. > You heard him dropping the phone handset on something solid, then after a few seconds you hear a soft steps coming, then finally you hear her responding:
  266. > "Couldn't you two imbeciles take a hint?! I said I'm not coming today!"
  267. "H-hello, Trixie. It's me."
  268. > ...
  269. > *Slam!*
  270. > *Beeep...*
  271. "Aww, shit, no! No, no, no!"
  272. > Fussily, you tapped on the previous number again. And why your heart is racing so fast?
  273. > *Riiii-*
  274. > Do you really need that? Why do you really care that much-
  275. > "Yes?!"
  276. "S-sorry, hi again. Is Trixie-"
  277. > "Ho-ly-shit! Who are you?"
  278. "I'm her classmate. I really need to talk-"
  279. > "Trixie! Get the fucking phone!"
  280. > *Slam!*
  281. > ...
  282. > "What?!"
  283. "Don't hang the phone, please! Trixie! Just listen to me, ok? I need to talk to you!"
  284. > "What do YOU want?!" - she hissed
  285. "Listen, it's... I know we've been on each other throat's all the time, but now I've changed. Things change, Trixie. I'm not mad at you, I just-"
  286. > "Oh! Oh-hoh-haw! YOU'RE not mad at Trixie! Wow. What a relief!"
  287. "Uh... w-what? Well, yeah, I'm not. Listen, If I hurt you by... well, whatever it was, I want to apologize. And discuss things between us."
  288. > "You do? Ok. Meet me in the park in one hour."
  289. "Oh, sh-h... r-really?"
  290. > "Um-m... no!"
  291. > *Slam!*
  292. > *Beeep...*
  293. "Ahhh!! Motherfucker! MOTHER! FUCKER! FUCK!"
  294. > "Whoa! Chill, dude!"
  295. "Fuck off, Norman!"
  297. > *Riiiiing..."
  298. > "Uh..."
  299. > *Riiiiing..."
  300. "Aww, c'moone!"
  301. > "What did she said?"
  302. "Hush!"
  303. > *Riiiii-*
  304. > "Who are you?!"
  305. "I'm Trixie's classmate. Sir, can you-"
  306. > "What's your name?!"
  307. "Just... one last time. Can I speak-"
  308. > "What's your fucking name?! Where you live?!"
  309. "Why the fuck would you care? Get her on the phone!"
  310. > "You fuck!! What's your name?!"
  311. > "Daaad! Just drop it!"
  312. > "Who is he?!"
  313. > "Drop the phone, dad! Please! *bump* *Slap!* Augh!"
  314. > "Go go hell, Trixie!"
  315. "Holy shit! Hey!"
  316. > "Bitch! Who is it?! I'll find you!!"
  317. > "Daaad, please, stop!"
  318. "Hey! Quit it! Holy shit!"
  319. > "*slap*"
  320. > "Ow-w! Dad, don't! Just hang the phone!"
  321. "FUCK!"
  322. > "Where are you, faggot?! Where are you?!"
  323. "No, where are YOU, you fucking scum?!"
  324. > "You! Deadmaaan!"
  325. > "Dad! Daaad!"
  326. "Don't fucking touch her! Don't fucking touch her, you psycho!"
  327. > "Faggot! Where are you?!"
  328. > "Daddy, just drop the *slap!* a-ah!"
  329. "Tell me your address!"
  330. > "I'll slice you up!"
  331. > "N-no-ho-hooo!"
  332. "Tell me your address! I'm coming for you!"
  333. > "1198 West Olympic! Trailer park!"
  334. "If you touch her again, I swear to fucking-"
  335. > "1198 West Olymp-"
  336. "I got that! I'm coming right now!"
  337. > "To pieces! Deadmaaan! ... Get to your- *flump*
  338. > "A-ah! Ai-ie! *slap* A-a-ah!"
  339. > "-fucking room! No food!"
  340. "Trixie! Trixiiie!"
  341. > "Anon, no!"
  342. > "I'm waiting! Come here! 1198 West Olympic! Trailer-"
  343. > *Beeep...*
  344. > You wiped the sweat from your forehead, sitting on the nearby bench and throwing your head back
  345. > Thinking...
  346. > ...
  347. "I'm calling police."
  349. > Immediately, Norman has stopped fast walking in circles with his hands behind his head and froze in place
  350. > "P-police? Whoa, man, hold on for a sec!"
  351. "Dude, there's no holding back now. This schizophrenic asshole is abusing her."
  352. > With your shaking hand you started dialing the number
  353. > "Dude, seriously, stop this white knighting bullshit. Listen!"
  354. "You can go now."
  355. > "No, man! Like, trust me, there's no use calling them!"
  356. "What the fuck are you talking-"
  357. > And just like that, Wallflower has appeared out of nowhere and snatched the phone from your hand
  358. "- abo... hey!"
  359. > She gave an apologetic look and hid the phone behind her back
  360. > "Sorry, Anon, but he's right."
  361. > "Yeah, chill, dude."
  362. "Oh, what the F-... ugh!"
  363. > Slowly inhaling and exhaling through your nose, you put your arms on your knees and closed your eyes
  364. "Ok. You have ten fucking seconds to explain yourselves, or I'm taking this in my hands."
  365. > "Listen, edgelord, every cop in town pretty much already knows her place by now."
  366. > "Why, h-haven't you heard about it?" - said Wallflower, sitting beside you and placing your phone in your hand - "It's like, every time he keeps getting away with it. Trixie would never tell on him, no matter how bad it gets."
  367. > ...
  368. "Holy shit, since when?"
  369. > "S-since her father got fired from his job last year, I think."
  370. > "Yeah, something about... heavy drinking and stealing shit or something."
  371. > You kept staring at the ground, clasping your knuckles so hard that they already turned white
  372. > "Dude, dunno what he said or did to her, but bitch's brainwashed. You're only gonna get her in more trouble. Like, don't even think about going there only by yourself."
  373. > "And all the people who know her still tries to figure out what is going on. But every time she gets really mad and would never tell anything, that's... at least that what I've heard."
  374. > ...
  375. "Fuck. This."
  376. > Almost one minute of uncomfortable silence passed, while you're lost in your thoughts. Nervously, Wallflower nudged on your shoulder and placed her hand on your palm.
  377. > "Anon, she'll be fine, really. Trust me."
  378. > "This is not the first time this shit has happened."
  379. "Does it supposed to make me feel any better? I still don't see a problem just calling police."
  380. > Norman shrugs
  381. > "You're just wasting your time, man."
  382. > That is so confusing. You used to hate her, now you can't allow anyone to pick on her. And why is that?
  383. > "Let's just go home and play some Tekken, eh?"
  384. > She made it clear that she doesn't give a shit about you. She hates you. You hated her. You don't give a shit about her. There. It was fine. It was perfect. Graduation wasn't that far, but still...
  385. > "Oh, I'm gonna kick your asses so hard! I've been labbing the shit out of your scrabby ass chars!"
  386. > "Yeah, you wish!"
  387. > It's like she's stuck at her freshman's. She's stuck in your head.
  388. > "Just try me, gal. Now there's a new dlc-"
  389. > *Vvvvmmm!*
  390. > You immediately picked up the phone from your pocket and glued to the screen
  391. > It can't be
  392. > "A-anon?"
  393. > *Vvvvmmm!*
  394. > "Dude, is that's...? Wait, what are we gonna do?"
  395. > "I-is that him?"
  396. > *Vvvvmmm!*
  397. "Fuck it."
  399. "Yes?"
  400. > "A-anon?"
  401. "Trixie?!"
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