"War of the chosen" god rules

Mar 15th, 2019
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  1. Fluff:
  2. "Two exiled gods are sent by the greater divines for one last quest to prove themselves and join eternity. Their mission takes them to a forsaken realm where civilization has just sprung. The gods must shape balance and harmony between the fantastical races of the realm, and show them the way of the eternal harmony... Yet they are soon to find out how ambitious, power hungry, and defying mortals may be..."
  3. You are one of the two gods of the realm, everyone worships you and are at your mercy.
  4. Your goal is to gain enough power and ascend to divination. However, to achieve this goal you must keep the harmony and the balance of the realm intact, and to make sure everyone worships you and build temples in your name...
  5. --
  6. Sheet:
  7. God's name: [How are you called by the mortals who follow you]
  8. Fluff: [Explain yourself, what made you an exiled god and what is your mantra and ambition]
  9. Virtues: [You start with 1 Virtue, choose from this list: ]
  10. Power: [You start with 0]
  11. --
  13. Rules:
  14. * You can either win the game by having 500 power along with the other god. Or by having 450 power and 2 followers with over 25 faith.
  15. * Before the game begins, mark 1 spot on the map and make it your "Holy land". The place is defended by an army of angels with 12,000 strength. If any nation conquers this tile, you become a fallen god (You lose).
  16. * Gain an amount of power according to the amount of your followers faith
  17. * Gain 10 power for every nation bordering your holy land tile
  18. * Inactive nations (quitters, if any) will not be accounted.
  19. * There are 3 actions you make at the end of each game round after all players finished their action. 1st is to fulfill a prayer, 2nd is to make a Commandment, last is to acquire a new virtue. You may gain additional actions when you acquire virtues.
  20. --
  22. Actions:
  23. [Action: Fulfilling a prayer]
  24. At the end of each game round, a list of prayers made by the nations will be presented to you. One of those prayers you can fulfill
  25. You will gain/lose power according to the strength of the prayer and the amount of faith the praying nation has
  26. Petty prayer = Gain 5 power + Nation's faith
  27. Wishful prayer = Gain power according to the Nation's faith
  28. Desperate prayer - Lose 5 power and Gain Nation's faith
  29. Great prayer - Lose 15 power and Gain Nation's faith
  30. *You can also choose to not fulfill any prayer
  32. [Action: Giving a commandment]
  33. the second action you make as a god is to give a commandment to one of your followers.
  34. You give one following nation of your choice an order, if they fulfill that order they gain 1 faith, if they fail to fulfill it - they lose 1 faith.
  35. * The order must be strict and without multiple interpretations.
  36. * The order must be within the possibilities of the nation, and must be fulfilled on the same turn it is given.
  38. [Action: Acquire another virtue]
  39. For the cost of 50 power, you can acquire another virtue from this list -
  40. Virtues give extra bonuses, actions, and abilities that expand your divine authority.
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