Jul 22nd, 2021
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  1. GUI_PREVIOUS: Anterior
  2. GUI_PREVIOUS_LORE: Ir a la página anterior.
  3. GUI_NEXT: Siguiente
  4. GUI_NEXT_LORE: Ir a la página siguiente.
  5. GUI_SEARCH: Buscar
  6. GUI_SEARCH_LORE: Haga clic para buscar
  7. GUI_BOSSES_LORE: Gestionar a los jefes
  8. GUI_AUTOSPAWNS_LORE: Gestionar las apariciones automáticas
  9. GUI_AUTOSPAWN_TELEPORT: Haz clic derecho para teletransportarte.
  10. GUI_AUTOSPAWN_SETLOC: Establece la ubicación de la aparición automática
  11. GUI_MAX_SPAWNABLE_BOSSES: MaxSpawnableBosses
  12. GUI_MAX_SPAWNABLE_BOSSES_LORE: §eAl establecer este límite, los jefes solo podrán aparecer desde la aparición automática
  13. GUI_MAX_SPAWNABLE_BOSSES_LORE2: §esolo si la cantidad de jefes generados será menor que este límite.
  14. GUI_MAX_SPAWNABLE_BOSSES_LORE3: §eSi no desea establecer este límite, configúrelo en 0.
  15. GUI_ENABLED: Habilitado
  16. GUI_DISABLED: Deshabilitado
  17. GUI_CLICKTO_ENABLE: §aClick to enable
  18. GUI_CLICKTO_DISABLE: §aClick to §cdisable
  19. GUI_SET_DISPLAYNAME: §aRight click to type in chat display name.
  20. GUI_HOLOGRAMPLUGIN_REQUIRED: §cTo display a name, you need to have HolographicDisplays!
  21. GUI_VAULT_REQUIRED: §cTo set money, you need to have Vault and an economy plugin!
  22. GUI_UNSET_DISPLAYNAME: §aPress Q to remove DisplayName.
  23. GUI_CREATE: Create
  24. GUI_CREATE_LORE: Create a new boss.
  25. GUI_CREATE_AUTOSPAWN_LORE: Create a new autospawn.
  26. GUI_RIGHT_CLICK_TOTYPE_SPAWNRATE: §aRight click to type in chat the secondsperspawn
  27. GUI_EQUIPMENT: Equipment
  28. GUI_EQUIPMENT_LORE: Manage the equipment of the boss.
  29. GUI_DROPS: Drops
  30. GUI_DROPS_LORE: Manage the drops of the boss.
  31. GUI_DROPPEDMONEY: Dropped money
  32. GUI_AVAIBLE: §cAvaible only in custom skills.
  33. GUI_UNAVAIBLE: §cUnavaible
  34. GUI_COMMAND_DROPS: Manage the command drops. Command drops are commands executed when the boss die.
  35. GUI_COMMAND_REPLACE: The word %killer% will be replaced by the name of the boss killer.
  36. GUI_SPAWN_CONDITIONS: SpawnConditions
  37. GUI_SPAWN_CONDITIONS_LORE: Manage the SpawnConditions of the boss.
  38. GUI_SPAWN_CONDITIONS_LORE2: If you add a spawn condition, the boss can spawn only if it respect the condition.
  39. GUI_SPAWN_CONDITIONS_LORE3: The /bm spawn command bypass the conditions.
  40. GUI_SKILL: Skills
  41. GUI_SKILL_LORE: Manage the skills of the boss.
  42. GUI_BOSSBAR_ENABLE: Left click to enable bossbar. (requires a server 1.13.2 or up)
  43. GUI_BOSSBAR_DISABLE: Left click to disable bossbar.
  44. GUI_CHANGE_BOSSBAR_COLOR: Right click to change color.
  45. GUI_CHANGE_BOSSBAR_STYLE: Press Q to change style.
  46. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER: DespawnAfter
  47. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER_VALUE: §eDespawnAfter %value% seconds.
  48. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER_LORE: This option allow you to set a countdown.
  49. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER_LORE2: When this countdown is finished, the boss despawn.
  50. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER_LORE3: If the boss gets damage, the countdown get resetted.
  51. GUI_DESPAWNAFTER_LORE4: If you don't want to enable this countdown, set his value to 0.
  52. GUI_CHANCES: Chances
  53. GUI_CHANCES_LORE: §aThe chances for the boss to execute one of his skills
  54. GUI_MAX_BOSSES_FOR_CHUNK: MaxBossesForChunk
  55. GUI_MAX_BOSSES_FOR_CHUNKLORE: Set how many bosses can spawn with randomSpawns in a chunk
  56. GUI_MAX_BOSSES_FOR_CHUNKLORE2: If you don't want to set a limit, type 0.
  60. GUI_BACK: Back
  61. GUI_CLICK_TO_CHANGE: Click to change.
  62. GUI_LEFT_CLICK_TO_CHANGE: Left click to change.
  63. GUI_CLICK_TO_CHOOSE: Click to choose type.
  65. GUI_ADD: Add
  66. GUI_DROP_ADD_LORE: Add a drop.
  67. GUI_SKILL_ADD_LORE: Add a skill.
  68. GUI_CLICK_TO_ADD: §aLeft click to add.
  69. GUI_CLICK_TO_REMOVE: §cRight click to remove.
  70. GUI_CLICK_TO_ADD_PERCENTAGE: §aLeft click to add percentage.
  71. GUI_CLICK_TO_REMOVE_PERCENTAGE: §cRight click to remove percentage.
  72. GUI_LEFT_CLICK_TOTYPE_RADIUS: §aLeft click to type in chat radius.
  73. GUI_RIGHT_CLICK_TOTYPE_TARGET: §aRight click to type in chat target.
  74. GUI_LEFT_CLICK_TOTYPE_VOLUME: §aLeft click to type in chat volume.
  75. GUI_RIGHT_CLICK_TOTYPE_PITCH: §aRight click to type in chat pitch.
  76. GUI_Press_Q_TO_REMOVE: §cPress Q to remove drop.
  77. GUI_Press_Q_TO_REMOVESKILL: §cPress Q to remove skill.
  78. GUI_Press_Q_TO_REMOVESOUND: §cPress Q to remove sound.
  79. GUI_PRESS_SHIFT_TO_MANAGE: §cPress Shift+Right Click/Shift+Left Click to manage conditions.
  80. GUI_Press_Q_TO_REMOVEBOSS: §cPress Q to remove boss.
  81. GUI_PRESSQ_TO_TYPE: §ePress Q to type in chat.
  82. GUI_LEFT_TO_TYPE: §eLeft click to type in chat the chance.
  83. GUI_RIGHT_TO_TYPE: Right click to type in chat the chance.
  84. GUI_GO_UPTOMAX: §eIf you want to set a value higher than %max%, modify the %value%
  85. GUI_GO_UPTOMAX2: §ein the spigot.yml file, and restart the server(not reload).
  86. GUI_LEFT_TO_TYPE_LEVEL: §eLeft click to type in chat the level.
  87. GUI_LEFT_TO_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE: §eLeft click to type in chat the attribute.
  88. GUI_RIGHT_CLICK_TO_DEFAULT: §eRight click to set default value.
  89. GUI_LEFT_TO_TYPE_QUANTITY: §eLeft click to type in chat the quantity.
  90. GUI_RIGHT_TO_TYPE_QUANTITY: §eRight click to type in chat the quantity.
  91. GUI_ENCHANTMENTS: §cPress Shift+Right Click/Shift+Left Click to manage enchantments.
  92. GUI_CLICK_ENCHANTMENTS: §cClick to manage enchantments.
  93. GUI_SETININVENTORY: §cIf this option is enabled, the drop will be directly added in the boss killer's inventory.
  94. GUI_ACTIONS: Click to manage the actions executed.
  95. GUI_ATTRIBUTES: Attributes
  96. GUI_HEALTH: §eHealth
  97. GUI_DAMAGE: §eDamage
  98. GUI_MOVEMENT_SPEED: §eMovement speed
  99. GUI_FOLLOW_RANGE: §eFollow range
  100. GUI_KNOCKBACK_RESISTANCE: §eKnockback resistance
  101. GUI_IMMUNE_TO_FIRE: §eImmune to fire
  102. GUI_IMMUNE_TO_EXPLOSIONS: §eImmune to explosions
  103. GUI_IMMUNE_TO_PROJECTILES: §eImmune to projectiles
  104. GUI_IMMUNE_TO_SWEEP: §eImmune to sweep attacks (Requires 1.12+)
  105. GUI_DAY_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only when is day.
  106. GUI_NIGHT_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only when is night.
  107. GUI_RAIN_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only when is raining.
  108. GUI_THUNDER_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only when is thundering.
  109. GUI_DAMAGE_FROM_PROJECTILE_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only if his last received damage was from an arrow.
  110. GUI_MELEE_DAMAGE_CONDITION: If enabled, the boss can do this only if his last received damage was melee.
  111. GUI_TARGET_TYPE: §eTarget type
  112. GUI_RANDOMSPAWN: RandomSpawn
  113. GUI_RANDOMSPAWN_LORE: Manage the automatic spawn of the boss around the world.
  114. GUI_CHANCE: Set the chance with which the boss can spawn in the world.
  115. GUI_ALLOWED_WORLD: Allowed worlds
  116. GUI_ALLOWED_WORLD_LORE: Set the worlds with which the boss is allowed to spawn.
  117. GUI_ALLOWED_BIOMES: Allowed biomes
  118. GUI_ALLOWED_BIOMES_LORE: Set the biomes with which the boss is allowed to spawn in the worlds.
  119. GUI_ALL_BIOMES_ALLOWED: AllBiomesAllowed
  120. GUI_ALL_BIOMES_ALLOWED_LORE: If this option is enabled, the boss will be allowed to spawn in all biomes.
  121. GUI_UNAVAILABLE: §cUnavailable for this mob.
  122. GUI_ISBABY: §eIsBaby
  123. GUI_PREVENTSPLIT: §ePreventSplit
  124. GUI_PREVENTSUNBURN: §ePreventSunBurn
  125. GUI_PREVENTTELEPORT: §ePreventTeleport
  126. GUI_GLOWING: §eGlowing (Requires 1.9+)
  127. GUI_DISABLE_SOUNDS: §eDisable default sounds (Requires 1.10+)
  128. GUI_DISABLE_SOUNDS_LORE: This option allows you to disable default sounds of the mob.
  129. GUI_SOUNDS: Sounds
  130. GUI_ONSPAWNSOUNDS: OnSpawnSounds
  131. GUI_ONDAMAGESOUNDS: OnDamageSounds
  133. GUI_ONDEATHSOUNDS: OnDeathSounds
  134. GUI_SOUNDS_LORE: Manage sounds made by the boss.
  135. GUI_SOUNDSONSPAWN: Manage sounds made by the boss when it spawns.
  136. GUI_SOUNDSONDEATH: Manage sounds made by the boss when it deaths.
  137. GUI_SOUNDSONDAMAGE: Manage sounds made by the boss when it receive damage.
  138. GUI_SOUNDSONEXECUTE: Manage sounds made by the boss when it executes a skill.
  139. GUI_MIGRATION: Import Data
  140. GUI_MIGRATION_LORE: §aFrom the plugin %plugin%
  141. GUI_MIGRATION_LORE2: Your bosses will be removed and the server will shutdown!
  142. GUI_MIGRATION_LORE3: After done that, please remove the plugin %plugin%
  143. CONSOLE_CANNOT_USE: §cConsole cannot use this command!
  144. NO_PERMISSION: §cYou don't have permission to perform this action!
  145. COMMAND_INVALID_ARGS: §cInvalid Arguments!
  146. COMMAND_NOTFOUND: §cCommand not found!
  147. COMMAND_HINT_HELP: §7Type in chat /bossmania to see all commands.
  148. BOSS_ALREADY_EXISTS: §cA boss with this name already exists!
  149. BOSS_DOESNT_EXISTS: §cA boss with this name doesn't exists!
  150. BOSS_SKILL_DOESNTEXISTS: §cA skill with this name doesn't exists!
  151. BOSS_ADDED_SKILL: §aSuccessfully added skill to the boss %boss% with target %target%
  152. AUTOSPAWN_ALREADY_EXISTS: §cA autospawn with this name already exists!
  153. AUTOSPAWN_DOESNT_EXISTS: §cA autospawn with this name doesn't exists!
  154. TYPE_DOESNT_EXISTS: §cThis type of mob doesn't exists!
  155. CHANCE_0: §cThe chance cannot be 0!
  156. CHANCE_100: §cThe chance cannot be more than 100%!
  157. SIZE_REQUIRED: §cTo create a boss with the mob type %mob%, you need to specify the size.
  158. SIZE_TOO_BIG: §cThe size cannot be more than 22!
  159. CREATED_BOSS: §aSuccessfully created the boss §e%boss%
  160. CREATED_AUTOSPAWN: §aSuccessfully created the autospawn §e%autospawn%
  161. BOSS_SPAWNED: §aSuccessfully spawned the boss §e%boss%
  162. KILLED_ALL_BOSSES: §aSuccessfully killed all the bosses.
  163. KILLED_ALL_BOSSES_OF: §aSuccessfully killed all the bosses of the type §e%type%.
  164. INVALID_NUMBER: §cInvalid number!
  165. INVALID_AUTOSPAWN: §cInvalid location or entities! Please, verify the autospawn and try again.
  166. INVALID_TYPE: §cInvalid type!
  167. INVALID_TARGET: §cInvalid target!
  168. TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED: §cWARNING The entity §7%entitytype% §cis not allowed in a server §7%version%§c.
  169. SETTED_HEALTH: §aSuccessfully imposted health %health% to the boss %boss%
  170. SETTED_DAMAGE: §aSuccessfully imposted damage %damage% to the boss %boss%
  171. REMOVED_AUTOSPAWN: §aSe eliminó con éxito el autospawn de §e%autospawn%
  172. PLUGIN_RELOADED: §aPlugin recargado correctamente!
  173. REMOVED_BOSS: §aEliminó con éxito al jefe §e%boss%
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