(CW) Gimmick [M. Griffon Cleric] MLPFEMTORPG 2.5

Jun 21st, 2020
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Name: Gimmick
Gender: Male
Race: Griffon
Class: Cleric
Hits/Wounds: 5/5
Trained Talent: Service with a Smile: passive; Working as a barista has taught Gimmick to weaponize his politeness and friendly disposition. Whenever an enemy fails an attack against Gimmick that would have succeeded at DC6, Gimmick's next action is rolled at +1, and cannot critfail. Any combat action that Gimmick makes that hits multiple targets cannot benefit from the critfail removal, however AoEs from enemies still can trigger the talent's activation.
Special Talent: Espresso Shot; instant automatic: Instantly brew up an espresso shot using futuristic coffee brewing technology, providing a +3 to your next noncombat roll this turn. All noncombat rolls roll at -1 for the rest of the mission, due to caffeine crash. This talent can be used more than once per mission, but the negative roll modifiers stack.
Free Racial: Griffon Flight: Griffons can fly and have a +1 bonus to melee divebombing attacks from high altitude. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
Racial: Griffon’s Glory: passive; The eagle and the lion are both known for their pride and majesty. Such awe should never be overshadowed by others and the notion of a griffon sitting in the side-lines is poisonous. If you dealt the most damage out of all your allies last turn, you have +1 to all actions this turn.
Class: Guilt Trip: passive; Whenever an enemy deals damage to you in anyway they are stricken with remorse, increasing the DC to all their actions by 1 for 2 turns. If the enemy targeted you specifically, their DC penalty is increased to 2.
Class: Mind Reader: ranged, spell; Discern the motives and thoughts of the target. On crit you fully read their mind for one specific topic that is said when casting. When used on a player character in combat, allows for the automatic dodging/blocking of their next successful attack against you. May also be used to block damage aimed at an ally from that target. Recharge 2 after the dodge/block happens. On crit, has no recharge.
Corporate Warfare
Corporation Bonus: Safety in Numbers: passive; SPAM hunters are used to operating and cooperating in large numbers. Attacks against a SPAM hunter are at DC+X where X is equal to the amount of SPAM hunters in the same Zone.
Expenditures Heavier Metal (-700)
Weapon: Two Handed Longsword: Great Weapon, Slash damage
Weapon Passive: Great Weapon: Great weapons always count 9+ as a critical hit, and 2- as a critical miss. A great weapon user can also use the Cleave skill to attack many enemies at once.
Weapon Upgrade: Heavier Metal: Makes a great weapon even heavier, providing a -1 to critrange.
Weapon Skill: Cleave: weapon; attack multiple targets within range that are close to each other. Every additional target increases the chance of a critical miss (attacking 2 targets crit fails on 2-; attacking 5 targets crit fails on 5-; etc)
Catalyst: Enchanted Name Badge: Basic Catalyst
Catalyst Passive: A basic catalyst is a simple catalyst that provides no use other than simply allowing you to cast spells.
Misc Inventory: Apron: Bit Bag (300 bits), Multitool, Bag of Wasabi Peas, Sewing Kit, Rags
Eye Color: Forest Green
Hair/Mane Color: Bottom half resembles a leopard cat, with front half of a northern lapwing. The tips of his crest are dyed purple.
Apparel: Brown Apron, White Button-Up Undershirt, Black Necktie, Nametag
Backstory: Gimmick is a SPAM-employed griffon coming from the PoneTech/STEM majority city of Techora. While he works as a simple barista in a cafe, Gimmick moonlights as an intelligence-gathering hunter for the Sharecropping Production Agricultural Magnate. Given the number of STEM and PoneTech scientists that stop by for a cup of coffee or tea in Techora and Gimmick's prowess in mind reading, he was given the task of steal corporate secrets nestled deep in rival territory. Even still, sometimes he will be pulled away from his job in order to put his expertise on the frontline, often having only enough time to get his massive sword from the breakroom before he needs to leave. While he usually can keep up the same smile and friendly customer-serving personality on missions, he does tend to get distracted by hunters that catch his eye.
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