Anonymous Experience - BenBFranklin

Jul 19th, 2011
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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by: BenBFranklin (original paste here
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I am BenBFranklin, a businessfag, and this the story about Anonymous and me:
  7. I was following wikileaks and knowing already since some time that there are a lot of things going totally wrong with our governments. It was about the shutdown of the money flow for wikileaks where Anonymous got my attention and my respect for what they did, so that I decided to educate myself about them.
  9. The first time I connected to the IRC it was beginning of what happened in Tunisia. We were there just because of Wikileaks and the suppression of the press to report about it. We saw over the internet how the situation escalated and that meanwhile our media was silent. It was the time when the police started to beat and shot the people and we thought about what we could do more so far away.
  11. Beside Ddosing the government websites as a signal for the citizens, we spreaded information and videos about whats happening over social networks, secured the connections of people on site and created some guides.
  13. I started a pad with four lines in it and the basic idea to build up a riot guide to support the people in their struggle. I spreaded the pad in the channels of the Anonops-IRC and a lot of ppl worked it out and translated it also directly into arabic. The result of the pad just came around again a few days ago and made me fucking happy.
  17. Due to the time of Tunisa and Egypt I learned a lot about whats real and what the media tells us. I wanted the truth and I got it. I saw the good soul of Anon, which 404ed in our governments. I see what we are capable of and I don´t doubt a second in what I am doing here.
  19. Gentleman, it is a fucking honor to be with you
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