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  1. How To Sites- (building designs, website tutorials)
  2. Music Lessons- (video, guide, chords, etc)
  3. Graphics- (Photos, images, icons, designs, patterns)
  4. Games- (Flash, Online Games - beneficial if you use a timer to have the content locker jump mid game)
  5. Templates - (Word-press, Joomla, HTML,)
  6. Programming- (HTML,PHP,Scripts,)
  7. Game Cheats- (PS3,Xbox,PC game cheats)
  8. Ebooks-(How to, instructional, etc.)
  9. Alternative Check out- (Complete an offer to checkout)
  10. Doc. Files to PDF Files - (Have users complete an offer in order to have there files converted)
  11. YouTube to MP3- (allow users turn a YouTube video in MP3)
  12. Membership upgrades - (Allow users to complete offer to upgrade a forum membership)
  13. Quality Content- (Content lock blogs, quotes, etc.)
  14. Musicians- (Instead of charging $ for your music, have users complete an offer)
  15. Android/Apple Apps- Monetize your apps, with content locking to an upgrade, or allowing users to complete an offer to gain more in game chips/tokens)
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