Tsunlestia 4

Dec 10th, 2015
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  1. "Morning Mrs. Skies!"
  2. >Sunny Skies, the second angriest little horse that you knew, just stared at you as you gave her a smile and a little wave for good measure
  3. >You didn't need to wave at her
  4. >Nor did you have to smile
  5. >You could have just sat there and gotten your food and eaten it
  6. >That would have been easier than trying to talk with the little servant horse that refused to speak with you no matter what you did
  7. >But you couldn't do that
  8. >Maybe you were an idiot or a moron or a dummy head but you figured, if you laid on the charm enough, she'd warm up to you
  9. >Maybe she'd say hello when you greeted her
  10. >Maybe she'd smile when you sat down at the counter and waved
  11. >Maybe, if you tried to be a gentlemen and ignore her cunty behavior, she wouldn't just glare at you like she was doing right now
  12. >Or at least not glare as hard
  13. >And maybe she could do more than say hmph and turn away from you maybe?
  14. >That'd be nice...
  15. >"Hmph!"
  16. >Spinning around, the little horse trotted away from you with her nose raised high in the air and her eyes closed
  17. >You watched her leave the kitchen, the smile sliding off of your face and turning into a frown
  18. >You watched as she left through the kitchen's main entrance, and continued to stare at the opening even after she left your sight
  19. >...You were going to throw that little horse out the window
  20. >You swear to Odin you were going to grab her by her little horse mane and tail, you were going to pick her up, you were going to bodily carry her through the halls, you were going to find a window and you were going to throw her out that window
  23. >If she's just say WHY she hated you you'd be fine with the glares and slamming your food onto the counter and all of that shit!
  24. >But every single day you come in here she just glares at you making dismissive horse noises!
  25. >Every
  26. >Single
  27. >Fucking
  28. >DAY!
  29. >IN SILENCE!
  32. >"You weren't kidding when you said she hated you, monkey."
  33. >You let your head fall onto the counter as Dante slid a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk over to you
  34. "...Are you sure that she just isn't a cunt to everyone?"
  35. >Adjusting his apron, Dante looked over toward the doorway
  36. >"Nah, from what I can tell she's only cunty to you," he said as you picked up your spoon half-heartedly
  37. >Grumbling, you shoved some cereal into your mouth
  38. >Fucking servant pony...
  39. >All you were trying to do was get some breakfast...
  40. >Is that a crime?
  41. >Was that really so bad?
  42. >Couldn't the giant green monkey enjoy the most important meal of the day without all of the hate?
  43. >Seeing that you were in a bit of a sour mood, Dante magicked over a stool and sat down beside you
  44. >"Sooo... Did Princess Luna ever find that stalker?"
  45. >You shook your head
  46. "Nope. Luna had the entire night guard combing through the gardens and they didn't find jack."
  47. >Though, to be honest, that wasn't very surprising
  48. >Both the Night and the Day guard really weren't known for their effectiveness
  49. >Or for their reliability
  50. >Or combat expertise
  51. >Or for their ability to do there jobs at all really
  52. >But there MUST have been like fifty of those little motherfuckers out there in that little ass garden
  53. >They SHOULD have found something...
  54. >Patting your back, Dante looked at you, a small smile starting to form on his face
  55. >"Well... Did you at least find that bush that's been 'stalking' you?"
  56. >...Oh fuck you little horse...
  57. "Fuck off Dante."
  58. >"So you didn't find it huh? Shame, I would have LOVED to have seen a bush that could move around on its own."
  59. "Hey, I know what I fucking saw! Don't you fucking patronize me you little furball!"
  60. >It seemed like whatever god that watched over this land had a sense of humor
  61. >That or he/she/it/gods don't exist doesn't like you very much
  62. >Because not only did you have to deal with a servant that didn't like you very much but you also had shrubbery following you
  63. >And you WISH you were making that shit up!
  64. >Every time you were outside you'd see a bush that wasn't there the other day
  65. >Every time you'd wander around the garden one would be just sitting there moving closer toward you every time you looked away
  66. >Hell, you were pretty sure you saw one shuffling through the halls when you were on your way to bed!
  67. >You had tried bringing this shit up with the guards, and fucking Luna, but they didn't believe you
  68. >These magic horses, who had the power to manipulate the WEATHER and HEAVENLY BODIES scoffed at the thought of sentient plant life that may not may not be out to get you
  69. >...You weren't fucking crazy
  70. >You weren't...
  71. >You quickly finish your breakfast and bid farewell to chef pone
  72. >Now that breakfast and your lifting was out of the way now it was time to get some shit done with that other problem that you had
  73. >That big, white, alicorn-y problem
  74. >It had taken some string pulling, and you had done some things for a group of maids that you weren't exactly very proud of, but you had managed to get ahold of the Princess of Friendship herself, Twilot Snarkle
  75. >...Or something like that...
  76. >You were never good with pony names...
  77. >Anyhoo, you had explained your situation to the princess and asked for her advice
  78. >She was the ruler of all things friendship, so she should be able to fix this no problem between you and Celestia
  79. >...At least that's what you thought at first
  80. >After swapping letters back and forth for a few weeks you had come to the conclusion that Equestria's newest princess hadn't the foggiest idea on how to make an 'enemy' into a friend
  81. >Sure, she pointed out a few books for you to read and told you about some shit that she had gone through and all of that, but she couldn't properly EXPLAIN IT
  82. >You might be a giant green asshole that would sometimes get drunk and sing the Pokemon theme song in your underwear while you walked around the castle but even you knew that making friends was hard
  83. >Like really hard
  84. >You needed to get to know a person
  85. >You had to let a person IN
  86. >They had to see you at your barest and most vulnerable and they had to be able to accept that part of you
  87. >The two of you had to find common ground
  88. >You needed to be able to shed all of your masks and be YOU around that person
  89. >You had to be able to related and care for and laugh with each other through the good times and the bad times, through the bounties and the famines
  90. >A true, honest friend was a rarity in this world
  91. >And turning someone that genuinely hated you into someone that you wanted to be around, someone that you wanted to talk with, and talk to, and bare your soul around wasn't as simple as 'Just go up to her and ask her to be your friend silly!'
  92. >Making friends was difficult
  93. >Making friends was scary
  94. >And possibly heartbreaking if you opened yourself to the wrong person
  95. >...For fuck's sake...
  96. >...Princess of Friendship your fucking ass...
  97. >But even though she had no fucking idea what she was talking about, Tarkle at the very least gave you a few ideas on how to make Celestia warm up to you
  98. >You knew that she wouldn't trust anything that you baked her, so making her cake as a peace offering was a no-go
  99. >And she always blew up on you whenever she saw you which meant that talking to her like an adult face-to-face wasn't going to work either
  100. >But from what Quarkle told you the Princess of the Sun was very fond of friendship letters
  101. >She'd read'em no matter what with a smile on her face
  102. >So maybe you could write her a letter?
  103. >Something about you wanting to be her friend with a whole bunch of sappy shit in it?
  104. >It was that or you'd have to barge into the throne room in a clown suit juggling bowling balls
  105. >...Why the hell that was your plan B you didn't know but it was an option...
  106. >But there was just one problem with sending the princess a heartfelt, amazing letter
  107. >You couldn't write words good
  108. >Which was a real problem when one wanted to write a letter that would impress an eons old demigod
  109. >You must have written like twenty letters only to throw them away because you thought you could do a better job
  110. >It was kind of frustrating but with every letter you felt you were getting closer to writing a good one
  111. >Maybe even a great one
  112. >Maybe even the one that you'd send her
  113. >The library in Canterlot was quiet, and during this part of the day it was pretty much empty
  114. >The only ponies that were around were a few elderly scholarly stallions and an ancient looking librarian
  115. >The books that lined the old hard wood shelves had this... aura about them
  116. >Like if you listened hard enough you could hear the words in them
  117. >It was like that with everything in that massive house of knowledge and learning
  118. >The greatest of magicians to the magicless bozos like yourself had walked and continued to walk throughout these halls
  119. >Learning, teaching and even sleeping if the librarian didn't catch you
  120. >After wandering around the castle, searching high and low for a good place to write this letter, this place seemed like your best bet
  121. >Poets, Scientists and writers throughout the ages were here in this room just ready to give you some inspiration!
  122. >...You just needed to find it...
  123. >Taking a deep breath you find yourself an empty table (which wasn't too hard since not a single table was unoccupied) and you sat down
  124. >Since every table had a few sheets of blank parchment and some pots of ink and quills on them all you have to do is reach over and grab your tools so that you could begin
  125. >Popping open a tiny little pot of black ink you dipped your quill in it
  126. >Making sure to wipe off any excess ink off on the sides of the pot you lifted up the quill over a piece of paper and began your letter just like you started all of the other ones
  127. "Dear Princess Celestia..."
  128. >Though your handwriting wasn't the best in the world all of this recent practice had improved it a hell of a lot
  129. >You were even able to do some of those fancy swirls and flourishes like some of the little horses around here could do
  130. >Lifting away the quill you look at the three words that you had written, checking to see if everything was fine
  131. >You hadn't misspelled anything, which was good
  132. >You hadn't spilled any ink onto the paper, which was even better
  133. >The letters were evenly spaced
  134. >They were the same overall thickness
  135. >And the ink was a good so they weren't different shades of black
  136. >All in all you had written three solid words...
  137. >...Now what ELSE were you going to write?
  138. >With a quiet groan you slumped into your chair a little and just stared at the paper
  139. >The blank, blank piece of paper
  140. >Words needed to be written, sentences needed to be framed and paragraphs needed to be formed for this whole letter thing to work
  141. >But before all of that you needed to think up the words and sentences and paragraphs
  142. >You set your mouth into a thin line and pressed the quill against the parchment
  143. >Furrowing your brow you glare at it and willed your hand to start writing
  144. >...Any second now
  145. >ANY second you'd start writing words like a champ
  146. >You hand was just biding its time before--
  147. >"And what the hay are you doing here?"
  148. >If whoever was speaking had been a little louder you knew for a fact that you would have jumped and probably ruined this piece of parchment
  149. >As luck would have it though this was a library, and the demanding little horse in front of you adhered to it's rules and had whisper-shouted at you
  150. >Looking up you see Sunny Skies glaring at you with her snoozle scrunched up like it usually was when she was around you
  151. >Frowning slightly, you lifted your quill away and placed it back into the ink pot
  152. >Rolling your shoulders you lean on the slightly too small table toward the little horse
  153. >A sarcastic answer to her question ran through your mind but you disregarded it
  154. "I'm trying to write a letter."
  155. >The little servant blinked before taking a step forward and looked at your piece of paper
  156. >"A letter?" she said, disbelief thick in her voice. "What the hay are you writing a letter for?"
  157. >For lord knows how long this little horse as been working in the kitchens you've been trying to get her to talk to you
  158. >And now that she was in a chatty mood you couldn't help but admit that she had a pretty voice
  159. >Kinda like a mixture between a light, chimey tone and this scratchy, young voice
  160. >Though it probably would have sounded a lot better if she didn't sound so cunty right now
  161. >Covering your blank-ish piece of paper, you pushed it away from her
  162. "To talk to someone," you answered, doing your best to keep the irritation out of your voice
  163. >You might not have written all that many letters but you were pretty sure just up and staring at somebody's stuff was a rude thing to do
  164. >Servant horse was rude AND grouchy
  165. >A winning combo if you've ever seen one
  166. >Sunny's nose scrunched up even more, her eyes narrowing down to slits
  167. >"Who the hay are you trying to talk to?" she demanded, taking a step toward you
  168. >This little horse refused to talk to you for like a month and now she just popped up out of the blue making demands and asking questions that are none of her business?
  169. >And did she FOLLOW you here to see what you were doing?
  170. >Is that why she's so demanding right now?
  171. >Naha
  172. >You weren't playing that shit
  173. >You open your mouth to chew the little horse out when it just happened
  174. >Your muse popped up behind you with the creativity bat and had smacked you on the back of your head
  175. >Your eyes widened and you shut your mouth
  176. >Turning away from Sunny Skies, you fully sit in your chair, you get a good hold of your parchment and you grabbed your quill
  177. >And this time, with hardly any effort, you started writing your fucking socks off
  178. >Your eyes were glued to the paper as word after word after word popped out of your head and flowed through your hand
  179. >In what felt like no time at all you had written the first paragraph and were already half finished with the second one
  180. >This was going to be it!
  181. >This was the one that you were going to send to Celestia!
  182. >You could FEEL it!
  183. >You could hear Sunny Skies trying to say something to you, glaring and frowning the whole while no doubt, but you ignored her
  184. >Nothing was going to distract you from this!
  185. >NOTHING!
  186. >Eventually the little earth pony stopped her yammering and stood next to you, waiting for you to finish
  187. >And finish you did
  188. >It might not have been the most elegant letter ever
  189. >It might not have been the neatest, or longest, or best letter that had ever been written
  190. >But it was good enough for this
  191. >More than good enough you think
  192. >Grinning, you finished the last sentence and tossed your quill away, picking up and blowing on the still wet ink so that it'd dry faster
  193. >Someone better pick up that quill
  194. >Cause that shit's on fir--
  195. >"Are you going to tell me who the heck you're writing to or are you going to keep acting like a crazy pony?"
  196. >...Oh right...
  197. >Sunny was still there...
  198. >You had almost forgotten...
  199. >You looked up to stare at the little mare when a thought came to your head
  200. "...Hey, Sunny? You serve princess Celestia right?"
  201. >Sunny looked surprised by the question
  202. >"O-Of course I do! W-Who do you think I am? Some sort of imposter?!"
  203. >...Alright
  204. >That was a little out of the blue but you'll roll with it...
  205. >Folding the letter you present it to her
  206. "Could you do me a favor and give this to her? It's kind of important."
  207. >Sunny's eyes narrowed but she took your letter anyway
  208. >"I'll give her royal highness this... letter," she said neutrally, eyeing you as she took a step backwards.
  209. >Sweet!
  210. >Hopefully she'd actually read it and consider what you wrote and not just throw it into her fireplace
  211. "Thanks, Sunny," you say, relieved. "I really owe you--"
  212. >You looked around and see that the white earth pony was gone
  213. >Almost as if she had... vanished...
  214. >...
  215. >...
  216. >...
  217. >Huh
  218. >She must have REALLY wanted to get that to the princess...
  219. >Say what you will about the little horse but it looked like she took letter-giving seriously
  220. >Maybe her mom or dad was a mail horse or something?
  221. >Yeah
  222. >That was probably it...
  223. >With a significant weight off your shoulders you get up, slide in your chair and make your way out of the library
  224. >It's all out of your hands now
  225. >You had went and offered an olive branch
  226. >You had met Celestia halfway
  227. >Now it was up to her to step up and try this whole friendship thing out
  229. >Canterlot castle was ancient by even your terms
  230. >It had been built long before the tribes had unified by a very rich unicorn duke who had served a long dead king
  231. >Over the years it had traded hooves numerous times before coming into your possession
  232. >From merchants to kings to tyrants to gods had called this place home
  233. >And ever since it was dumped into your hooves you had taken it upon yourself to get to know every inch of the place
  234. >Like most castles, this one had its fair share of secret corridors, rooms and the like-- some of which you had put in yourself and some that the castle's previous owners had put it-- but since you were a mare with an eternity on her hooves you had learned every single one
  235. >You knew every twist, turn, nook and cranny like the back of your hoof
  236. >In fact there was a good chance that you knew this castle better than any now living
  237. >Which made sneaking through the castle a heck of alot easier
  238. >You hadn't bothered to drop your illusion spell when that... BUTT had hooved you his letter, simply opting to teleport out of the room and into a long forgotten servants passageway next to the library
  239. >With the fiend's 'letter' still in your mouth you had then taken off as fast as your hooves could take you
  240. >This was it!
  241. >This was going to be the proof that you had been looking for for MONTHS!
  242. >All of that time trailing that dummy through the castle
  243. >Watching him eat his dumb breakfast
  244. >Watching as he talked to your sister
  245. >Listening to him sleep as you hid in his closet and messed with his clothes
  246. >All of that was leading up to this moment!
  247. >And he had just given it to you!
  248. >No! Even better! He had asked you to "bring it to princess Celestia please'
  249. >Pfff
  250. >You heard the mocking tone in his voice when he said please
  251. >That dumb look in his sparkling eyes as he looked at you with that dumb white smile of his...
  252. >Cackling to yourself, you raced around the corner, quietly wondering what the letter said
  253. >Probably a thinly-veiled threat if you had to guess
  254. >Or maybe a proclamation mocking you and yours?
  255. >Ohhhh!
  256. >The anticipation was killing you!
  257. >Turning a few more corners and pushing a few pressure buttons to create some holes in a few walls you found yourself back in your room
  258. >Running over to your door you lock it
  259. >With a grin on your face you walk over and plop down on your royal bean bag chair
  260. "Alright, Anonymous, let's see what foul things you have written..."
  261. >Without further ado you unfold the letter and began to read:
  262. Dear Princess Celestia,
  264. I know that you don't like me very much, princess. I don't know why but I'm sure that you have your reasons. I've tried to think of a way to fix that, tried to think of a way to get you to warm up to me a little bit, but I honestly can't think of a way to do it. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, and I'm sure as hell not that great with the whole making friends thing. And maybe you have a really good reason to just hate my guts and I can't change anything; maybe I stink or maybe I do something that you just can't stand.
  266. >Your eyes narrowed
  267. >What the hay was this?
  268. "What is your game here, Anonymous?..."
  269. >Leaning forward, you continued to read
  271. But I figured that I'd at least try. You and your sister helped me when I had nothing else, princess. You gave me a place to stay and a roof over my head and food for me to eat. If it wasn't for you guys I'd probably either be dead or in some zoo or worse. Even though every time we see each other the meeting isn't always... pleasant I know that you're a really great pony, Celestia. You're a great pony with a great big heart.
  273. >Though you don't realize it, a small smile works its way into your face
  275. I want to get to know the mare that saved my life. I want to talk to her and tell her what a great mare she is. And I'd be honored if the two of us could be friends.
  277. I know that this all probably sounds really dumb and a lot of it seems sappy and even a little cringy to you, if you just didn't go and throw this letter away, but I just wanted you to know that I wanted to be your friend, Celestia.
  279. "Y-You're not wrong s-saying that this is a d-dumb letter," you mutter with a ruffle of your feathers. "I-It's a dumb l-letter written b-by a dummy dumb head..."
  280. >Wiggling around on your bean bag chair, and trying to ignore the emotion welling in your chest, you moved on to the last few sentences
  281. I'm not saying that we'd be the best of friends. We might not have anything in common, you might still hate me even after we get to know each other. But where's the harm in trying?
  283. Making a friend is one of the hardest things to do in the world. It's scary and nerve-wracking and awkward, and like I said I'm not very good at it. But I want to try, with all of my heart, and I hope, after reading this, IF you're reading this, you might want to try too.
  285. Sorry for the penmanship, and I hope that you have a wonderful day,
  287. Anonymous~
  289. PS, PLS respond
  291. >You don't know how long you just sat there staring at the letter
  292. >Reading it over and over again, trying to find some hidden meaning
  293. >Trying to find a threat or an insult Or SOMETHING that you expected
  294. >...But you didn't find any of that
  295. >It was just a heartfelt letter about somepony that wanted to be your friend
  296. >It wasn't a very good letter by any means
  297. >But it was still a letter...
  298. >A letter about something that you did your best to cultivate in everypony that you met
  299. >Friendship
  300. >Even though you called him names, even though did your best to slander his image wherever you went, he still wanted to be your friend
  301. >Your... Friend...
  302. >And he still thought that you were a great mare to boot...
  303. >You don't...
  304. don't know how to feel about this...
  305. >Biting your lip, you look away from the letter
  306. >Your horn glows, and the letter was encased in your magic
  307. "He just wants to be my friend..." you murmur, a pang in your chest as you levitated the letter over to your table and carefully sat it down
  308. >...
  309. >...
  310. >...
  311. >No...
  312. >This was a trick!
  313. >He was trying to lull you into a false sense of security!
  314. >Yeah! That was it!
  315. >And he almost had you the sneaky little devil!
  316. >Rising to your hooves, you start to made your way over toward the door
  317. >Anonymous wanted to play?
  318. >He wanted to toy your emotions and try to use friendship to get to you with his vileness?
  319. >Fine
  320. >Then you'd bucking play!
  321. >You'll find out what he was ACTUALLY up to AND you'll make him SMITTEN with you to boot
  322. >He'll think that you're such a good friend that his bucking socks will explode off his weird hairless body!
  323. >You'll friendship the BUCK out of him!
  324. >Yeah!
  325. >YEAH!!!
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