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  1. I'm lost in the woods. Don't know how long I've been out here. I was gathering reagents for my alchemy experiments. And by that I mean mixing random herbs and serums and the like that I find out here. The Order doesn't approve of them, so I have to go into mamono territory to find anything, and I can't find more than the most rudimentary texts on the field, all of which noticeably lack any mention of mamono.
  2. I've done good at avoiding predatory mamono, but now I have no idea where I am. I only know that I'm getting hungry, it's getting late, I'm getting cold, and something smells good. Really good. Following the smell, I eventually find a garden of giant flowers. They're so pretty; I've never seen anything like them. The smell from earlier is now joined - no, drowned by a cacophony of other, stronger smells.
  3. And then, before my eyes, one by one, the flowers start blooming. And within the beautiful petals, surounded by the hypnotically overpowering scents, the all-too-familiar voluptuous feminine form of mamono. I never got how other men were seduced so easily by this - large breasts and asses have never really appealed to me, and I never got the appeal of the "sexy" flirtatious personality, even in human girls.
  4. What stands out to me, though, is that one of them isn't blooming. So, partially on instinct and partially to avoid any supernatural influence that these flower girls may be exerting on me, I beeline towards it. And unsurprisingly, it blooms into another mamono. But she doesn't look like some weird seductress.
  5. She's shorter than the others, her breasts and hips are smaller, and I think she might even be wearing glasses. She's actually kinda cute.
  6. "If you don't want to be trapped by one of them, climb in here!" I'm snapped out of my reverie by her gentle voice. And, against my better judgment, I believe her. Climbing onto one of her petals, I notice the other flowers' smells stopped overwhelming me - as though being so close to her was enough to protect me from them. Now there's only one scent - her scent.
  7. "My name's Mita," she starts, with a gentle smile to match her voice. "The other alraunes always get more attention, so I've mostly given up on the whole husband thing."
  8. "Why? You're cuter than all of them!" I blurt, uncertain why I did so. "O-oh, and I'm Anon," sheepishly following with the realization that I hadn't even introduced myself before complimenting her. Expectedly, she blushes, the gentle reddish-pink making her pale-green face look even more adorable. Suddenly, she scoops up some of this strange liquid that pooled around her.
  9. "You're lost, right?" she asks, likely trying to change the subject, "Alraune nectar will help replenish you! You won't be hungry, and you won't be tired! A-and don't worry about the side effects! It'll just increase your existing - erm - desires."
  10. Existing desires? I don't know what she means, but that nectar was the smell I remember that drew me to the flowers. I sip her nectar from her cupped hands, and my fatigue fades away. I feel warm inside, a gentle, relaxing warmth.
  11. "Thanks, this is so tasty! I could eat this forever!" My words make her blush redder - I wonder why, but finish my meal.
  12. "H-hey, Mita?" I stammer, her blush and the warmth from her nectar leaving me flustered, "I don't know how to get out of the forest. Can I stay here with you until morning?" I don't know if this was my fear of the other mamono, my loneliness, whatever the nectar did to me, or some combination, but I felt safer by her side than I have as far back as I can remember.
  13. "Yeah!" she exclaims, her eyes and smile widening in pure joy, "It's been... um, I've never actually had company! But it's kinda uncomfortable with you sitting on my petal. You can come closer if you leave your clothes off to the side! Don't worry, my petals will keep them safe, you can have them back tomorrow!"
  14. She talked about me disrobing like it was nothing. Maybe I'm being baited into her mamono rape trap, but I really just want to spend more time with her, to learn about her, to be her friend. Leaving my clothes and bags in a neat pile by the side of her flower, I climb back in and submerge myself in the nectar next to her. It's sticky, but oddly comfortable, and her petal feels softer and firmer behind me now, almost like a bed.
  15. Before I realize, Mita snuggles up to my chest and the petals close around us. And in our gentle embrace, we drift to sleep. It was the best sleep of my life. And waking up with Mita still holding me feels even better. With a cute yawn, Mita smiles and looks up at me.
  16. "Good morning, Anon! Oh! You need breakfast, right?" Before I can respond, she reaches down into her nectar and pulls a handful out.
  17. "I liked it when you drank it from my hand, Anon! Could you do that again?" Sipping her nectar from her hand, I feel my heart flutter and my mind jump to awakeness. Her face bearing a bittersweet expression - something of a sad smile - I wonder what's wrong.
  18. "It's time for you to go, right?" As if by magic, she solved my confusion. "I could give you some nectar to remember me by!"
  19. "I think I can stay with you a bit longer," I remark, my words quickly punctuated by a cross between a tackle and a hug as the small alraune's bittersweet feeling is purified to sweetness. We spend the next hour or so cuddling, basking in the gentle midday sun.
  20. "So what do you do all day, usually?" I ask her, breaking the silence.
  21. "Aside from making nectar, I've got a few things!" As she speaks, she rifles through her leaves and petals and pulls out a tattered bag. "A few years back, some men in strange clothes tried hurting us. After a couple of them were seduced and incubized, the rest ran away! The mamono who married the strange men let me have their stuff - they didn't want it anymore!"
  22. She pulled out a deck of cards, a chess set, some strange miniature figurines, some dice, and books. The smaller of the books appeared to be rulebooks for various games. The larger were alchemy texts - the ones missing from my hometown.
  23. "Turns out those soldiers really liked games! I've had to play them with myself, though. Do you want to try playing them with me?" Her beaming smile and the way she excitedly cupped her hands against her chin push me to agreeing - although, it wasn't a far push. Using her petals as tables, we spend hours playing all manner of game, we even jot down notes for rules we think might them more fun later.
  24. As the sun sets, we both realize that it's too late for me to go back, and share a silent smile knowing that this night will be like the last. As my stomach grumbles in hunger, a question from earlier returns to my mind.
  25. "Hey, Mita, I'm getting pretty hungry. How do you make your nectar?" Her face flushes fast, and she rises up and bears her lower lips at me. Her body looks so inviting, so lovely, so perfect, and I can't help but stare.
  26. Wordlessly, she spreads her slit, twiddles her finger against her clit, and lets a stream of nectar start pouring out. Looking me up and down as she touches herself, she builds in intensity quickly, and eventually convulses in orgasmic pleasure; nectar spraying from between her fingers and dripping from her mouth like drool.
  27. Cupping some of the nectar fresh from her hole and quivering, she puts her hand to my mouth. Nervously, I sip. And then I sip. And I keep sipping, even going so far as to lick her hand clean. Somehow, this fresh fluid from her masturbation was even better than before.
  28. "Enjoy the show?" Mita lilts, playfully posing in caricature of the other alraunes. I nod, still overwhelmed by it all. She realizes my flustered state, and nuzzles up to me, giving me a gentle, slightly sticky kiss on the cheek. She obviously knew the answer - I was hard as a rock, and in her current position, her cute little rear was brushing against it.
  29. "Can you keep doing that?" I ask, putting a hand against her hip to indicate to her. A gentle smirk adorns her face as she turns to wrap her rump around my rod. And with both grace and eagerness, she starts sliding along my shaft, her sticky nectar somehow also working well to lubricate us. I don't know how long I lasted, but shortly after I finish, Mita almost instinctually starts licking up my cum.
  30. "Now we've fed each other!" she says, a little bit of cum-nectar mix dripping from her lip. Any of her nectar containing my cum, she drinks up eagerly - my fluid seems to have the same effect on her as hers does on me. Content with our sexual meal, we snuggle as we did last night, Mita closes her petals around us, and we drift to sleep together once more.
  31. I awaken to see the plantgirl happily nuzzling in my arms; awake, but content to be cuddled. With morning greetings, she gives me another kiss on the cheek, and asks how I'd like my breakfast. The question filled my mind with lewd thoughts and my face with a deep flush.
  32. "You're still tired, aren't you? Let me feed you!" And with those words, she quickly turns around and lowers her hips onto my face, her pussy pressed directly on my mouth. I open up, my tongue eliciting a moan of pleasure as it slides against her, and she begins to stream nectar into my mouth. The fact that it seemed like she was peeing, degenerate as it may be, turned me on even more. The sticky-sweet substance trickled down into me and left me mostly satisfied - aside from a throbbing that she already noticed.
  33. Still holding her pussy pressed against my face, I feel her mouth engulf my member. This sends a shudder of pleasure through me - leading me to moan into her. She wiggles her hips in happiness, and starts sucking, while my tongue moves in time against the little knob of nerves at the top of her slit. The way she works my cock makes her seem like she's done this countless times, to the point of mastery, but the giddiness and genuine passion seem to convey otherwise.
  34. As my shaft starts throbbing and pulsing and nearing its release, I pull her head down, taking it all the way into her mouth, letting her finish me off with the expert movements of her tongue. Meanwhile, I can tell from the taste of her nectar and her thighs clenching down on me that she's nearing her climax as well. And, at the mercy of one another's licks, we flooded each other's mouth with our lust.
  35. Licking my lips clean, my lewd little friend climbs up and snuggles next to me. She seems to have enjoyed our breakfast as much as I did, and before the melancholy of my having to leave sets in, I speak up.
  36. "You don't like it here, right Mita? Come with me." Her eyes grow wide, and her hands clasp mine in excitement.
  37. "Didn't I just do that?" she says with a giggle. "Like, move to your home with you? Please?" I nod, not sure if I had been tainted, but not caring at this point. Storing my bags with hers, my clothes conspicuously left behind, Mita uproots herself and begins to carry us out of the forest. Most mamono leave us peacefully, aside from honeybees. It is pretty hot seeing the bee-girls lick and touch all over her. I get some thoughts about a threesome, but clear my head.
  38. Reaching the edge of the forest, night was near to fall again. Feeding me nectar from her hand like the night we met, we watch the sunset, holding hands. Mita falls asleep laying on my lap, and I fall asleep patting her hair.
  39. As the town comes into view, she stops in fear.
  40. "I can't go there. That crest on the walls and flags is the same as the men who attacked our forest. But it's your home! But I don't want to lose you!"
  41. "You're my home! I'm not leaving you, Mita! I don't care if you incubize me or rape me or any of that! I just know I want to be with you!" In the heat of the moment, the heart can say things the mind hasn't realized yet.
  42. And, with her former home visible to one side of us, and mine to the other, our legs entwine and our bodies truly unite. The walls of her pussy felt like nothing I had ever dreamed; it felt like they were desperately trying to pull every bit of cum out of me. Our lips meet as well - our tongues dance, and she drinks my saliva as eagerly as I suck her nectar from her mouth.
  43. The petals close around us as the flower seems to flood with nectar from an unknown source. But I can breathe in it, and see in it, and despite how dense and sticky it is, move freely in it. We embrace in our love and lust - I cum time and time again, but never need to recover. Her womb looks bloated a little, which we giggle at. We try dozens of positions, fucking for what must have been hours.
  44. The only words uttered, both throughout the act and once as we kissed each other good night, were a stream of "I love you"s between the two of us. And I awake to a nectar-filled kiss on the mouth and a greeting of "Good morning, husband!" that feels so right.
  45. Still, one more issue remains - where do we go? My old home won't welcome us, and her old home won't satisfy us. Suddenly, an answer comes to mind. Examining the side of her glasses, I find the name of a mamono-sympathetic town nearby. I hurriedly pull out my atlas. Thus began our journey to our new home and our new life together.
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